The Best Sex Dolls in Every Category: Find the Perfect Love Doll Tailored Exactly for You

Long gone are the days of awkward, unpleasant, inflatable dolls.

These sex dolls look real, feel incredible, and come with extra features that can enhance your experience.

Take a look at some of the best sex dolls from the leading companies in the industry.

Don’t Sleep on These Girls – The Best of the Best Sex Dolls

With so many options at your fingertips, it’s easy to lose track of the dolls that are actually worth your time.

To make your search earlier, check out some of our buying guides for these leading ladies and male sex dolls.

Premium-Quality Sex Dolls With Features That Keep You Coming for More

You might be wondering what makes a sex doll better than the others.

It comes down to a mix of quality, features, price, and how well it satisfies a buyer’s needs.

With those factors in mind, check out the best sex dolls for each category to find your perfect partner.

Most Realistic Sex Doll – Eva Elfie

eva elfie sex doll
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There’s no question that a lot of sex dolls are starting to make it difficult to tell them apart from real people.

That’s a great improvement because it makes having sex with a doll a lot more immersive.

You have to rely less on your imagination and can appreciate and enjoy the doll based on her appearance.

It can help fuel new fantasies or make your existing ones more satisfying.

If you’re looking for a realistic sex doll, then you should take a look at Eva Elfie from Silicon Wives.

Eva Elfie is a real person.

She’s an actress with a strong following that allowed Silicon Wives to make a doll version of herself.

The manufacturers went into great detail to capture her likeness down to the last detail.

Even her belly button and freckles are carefully captured.

While the wig could use a bit of work, the build quality and paint job are incredible.

There are a few other benefits that she offers, too.

She’s made from TPE which further makes her more realistic.

TPE is very similar to real skin in that it’s porous.

Touching it feels like real skin, and it has the ability to become warm.

Touching her can feel as though you’re touching a real person.

There are also customization and premium features that you can add to the doll.

You’re able to change her hair, for example, if the wig isn’t quite doing it for you.

Her premium features enable her to moan when you touch certain parts of her.

You can also upgrade her to make her breathe if you want in-depth realism.

Including a built-in heater can also ensure that she stays warm and feels real to you.

Eva Elfie is a great choice for someone looking for a realistic sex doll.

For other dolls that strive to break the wall between fabrication and reality, check out our buying guide here.

MILF Sex Doll – Marlin

milf sex doll
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Now, if you want a sex doll that is going to take care of all your needs and provide some unconditional love, then you should consider Marlin.

Sex Doll Genie’s Marlin has tons to offer MILF lovers out there.

For one, she has a slightly mature appearance that can feed into those sorts of fantasies.

Her real claim to fame is her bust size.

She boasts an incredible N-Cup bust.

You’re going to become lost in those breasts.

Like any good MILF, she has the body to match, too.

It’s easy to spend hours exploring her figure and all her delights.

She’s also quite a tall doll standing at 5’5”.

For immersion’s sake, that can make her feel like the real deal, too.

She also comes from a high-quality material, TPE.

Touching her makes it easy to forget that she isn’t real.

It also offers some jiggle physics.

A lot of detail goes into her breasts, too.

Besides just being large, they look great, too.

Her nipples look realistic, and you can always switch them out, too.

There’s a healthy amount of customization options that allow you to alter her into becoming the perfect MILF for you.

Marlin is a MILF just ready to take care of you.

You can check out other horny MILF dolls through our buying guide here.

BBW Sex Doll – Marvella

BBW Sex Doll Marvella
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Let’s be honest here, BBWs are just a lot more fun.

If you’re of the same mind, then you’ll probably love Marvella from Sex Doll Genie.

Marvella is one of the company’s smart dolls.

She’s an AI robot that is capable of learning about you.

You’re able to communicate with her, and the AI coded into her brain responds.

The more that you talk to her, the smarter she becomes.

She’s able to remember what you said and learn about your hobbies and dislikes.

She’s even capable of expressing emotions.

Marvella might give you a wink or smile as you’re talking.

There are other aspects about her that make her real, too.

She has moaning technology built into her.

When you touch her in certain places, she responds with a moan.

She even has breathing technology that makes it look as though she’s actually breathing.

Now, all those features may sound incredible, but you might be wondering what makes her a BBW.

That all comes down to her bust size.

Marvella has a remarkable K-Cup bust size.

That offers plenty to hold and love on.

Now, if the rest of her body type isn’t quite doing it for you, then you should check out the other gorgeous BBW sex dolls through our buying guide.

Male Sex Doll – William

mature male sex doll
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A common problem in the sex doll industry is that while there are tons of female dolls made, not a lot of attention goes toward male sex dolls.

It can be difficult to find a high-quality male doll that has as many features as some female dolls.

William, from Sex Doll Genie, should likely scratch your itch.

He’s a DILF.

With his rugged appearance and salt-and-pepper hair, he’s ready to show anyone a good time.

The sculpting of this doll is truly incredible.

He has defined abs, and you can see the musculature in his arms and legs.

He also stands at 5’7” which is taller than most dolls.

It can make certain fantasies a lot easier to realize.

He also boasts a couple of different penis inserts that you can switch out.

Whether you want to go big or small, he’s ready to serve.

You’re also able to change a few aspects about him with some customization options.

William is a great choice for those who want to explore what a male sex doll has to offer.

There are also other male sex dolls worth checking out in our buying guide here.

Shemale Sex Doll – Marie

Now, if you want the best of both worlds, then you need to look at some trans sex dolls.

They allow you to have oral, anal, and vaginal sex with them while also providing vaginal or anal sex for you.

That’s because these dolls come with penis inserts.

Marie from Sex Doll Genie is a doll specifically built as a trans female.

She has a huge penis, too.

You’ll be able to appreciate her large D cups while you also enjoy her 9.8-inch cock.

Now, if that size is a bit too much for you, then the good news is that you can switch it.

She comes with a few other inserts that you can go through as needed.

Not every doll is capable of oral and anal, but Marie is.

You’re also able to customize different aspects about her to make her the perfect shemale for your needs.

While Marie is an actual trans doll, there are quite a few other dolls that you can make trans by buying penis inserts for them.

Check those girls out here.

Teenage Sex Doll – Lia

It can be difficult to find the perfect teenage sex doll.

Most companies tend to make their dolls look older.

Sex Doll Genie has a beautiful teenage doll in Lia.

She has a cute face and build that puts her in the category of a teen.

She’s also on the bustier side of teens with a B-Cup.

To immerse yourself even further, her height also makes her lean into the teen category.

She only stands at 5’0”, so that might help fuel certain fantasies, too.

Now, if there are some elements of Lia that you don’t like, then you can also customize her.

One downside is that she doesn’t come with too many premium features.

At most, you’re able to buy a heating wand to help her feel warm and alive.

That said, Lia is a great pick for guys looking for a teen sex doll.

There are other gorgeous teens out there, too.

You can check out all our teen sex dolls in our buying guide here.

Petite Sex Doll – Glinda

Whether you need a smaller doll for storage purposes or you just like them, Glinda is a great petite sex doll.

You’re able to get a ton out of her despite her petite size.

Glinda also comes from Sex Doll Genie, and she’s another one of the company’s AI sex dolls.

She’s also capable of learning about you and performing facial expressions.

When you touch her, she’ll even moan for you which can make the experience more satisfying.

The reason she’s an ideal petite doll is due to her height and weight.

Glinda only stands at 5’1” which makes her on the shorter side of dolls.

She also only weighs around 76 pounds despite having a large G-Cup bust.

That puts her on the lighter side, especially with the computer in her head.

Glinda is a great pick for someone who wants a petite doll packed with features.

If you’re looking for someone even smaller, then check out our buying guide here.

Anime Sex Doll – Adelina

When it comes to anime sex dolls, a lot of companies don’t put a lot of effort into it.

That isn’t the case with Sex Doll Genie.

Adelina is a remarkable anime sex doll because of just how fun she is.

She’s sculpted after a succubus and features many of the stereotypical hallmarks of a succubus.

You can even buy horns and pointy ears for her.

Her sculpting and paint job also make her stand out from other dolls.

There’s plenty to love about her, too.

She has E-Cup breasts, and only stands at 4’9”.

For those who love futa, you’re also able to buy a penis insert for her to transform her into one.

She also has premium features that you can upgrade her with like moaning, breathing, and internal heating.

Despite all that she has to offer, she only weighs around 49 pounds.

That makes her lightweight compared to other dolls.

Adelina has a lot to offer anime fans.

Click here to check out our anime sex doll buyer’s guide for even more options.

Pregnant Sex Doll – Clarie

Having sex with a pregnant woman can be pretty hot.

If you want to enjoy that experience all the time, then you should take a look at Clarie from Sex Doll Genie.

One look at her, and you can immediately tell she’s pregnant.

She has a huge, pregnant, belly and a set of I-Cup breasts to match.

This is a doll that’s ready to burst at any moment.

You’ll notice that her sculpting is highly detailed, too.

One of the great things about Clarie is that you can make her even more perfect by customizing her.

Add in some premium upgrades to really bring her to life.

Clarie is a great pick for guys looking for a pregnant sex doll.

If you love pregnant sex dolls, then you’ll find even more options in our buyer’s guide here.

Elf and Fantasy Sex Doll – Takano Rie

If typical sex dolls aren’t doing it for you, then you should consider elf or fantasy sex dolls.

They can add some spark to your bedroom by offering something different.

The best fantasy sex doll is Takano Rie from Sex Doll Genie.

She looks far different from a standard sex doll.

Her incredible eyes will leave you enraptured for hours.

She also has the hallmarks of an elf.

She has fun pointy ears and a facial sculpt that makes her unique.

Her breasts are quite sizable, too, with a C-Cup, and she only stands at 4’9”.

There are also tons of different options if you want to customize her.

One of the most exciting features she has is a textured vagina.

Most sex dolls just have a smooth vagina.

The fact that Takano uses a texture only further puts her in the fantasy category.

You can expand your horizons by trying out Takano and seeing what she offers.

For more fantasy and elven sex dolls, check out our buyer’s guide here.

3 Companies That Make Realistic, Smart, and High-Quality Dolls That Will Make You Addicted

Sex dolls are rarely cheap.

If you want the best dolls, then you’re probably going to want to shop from either RealDoll, Sex Doll Genie, or Silicon Wives.

Let’s see how the three differ from each other.

RealDoll – Focusing on Quality and VR Tech

realdoll homepage

If you’re looking for premium sex dolls, then RealDoll should be your first stop.

The company produces highly detailed, realistic, dolls, and we thing they’re worth it.

These are the type of dolls that keep you second-guessing as to whether they’re real or not.

From the sculpting and printing to the paint job, there are few details that the company overlooks.

Aside from quality, RealDoll also has a line of AI dolls.

realdoll x banner

These are dolls that come equipped with a computer in their heads.

Through the various RealDoll apps, like RealDollX, you’re able to communicate with the doll.

It can hold an actual conversation with you.

That’s because it uses AI to understand and generate text.

It speaks to you and learns about you.

RealDollX also lets you create a virtual avatar for your doll.

It allows your doll to take on a personality.

You’re even able to speak with it outside the home.

This allows you to form a closer bond with it which might enhance your experience.

Another interesting piece of tech that RealDoll uses is its SenseX Bluetooth insert.

This vaginal insert gives you the ability to make your doll orgasm.

It’s able to sense your touch and transition from arousal to climax.

Your doll will even moan and react to you.

RealDoll, as its name might suggest, focuses on making dolls that are as alive as possible.

That said, because of its premium features, you can expect to pay a pretty penny for its products.

These dolls tend to cost anywhere from $3,000 to over $10,000.

The more you customize your doll, the higher the price climbs, too.

RealDoll is a great choice for someone looking to splurge on a premium toy.

Find out more about RealDoll by checking out our guide here.

Sex Doll Genie – Variety and AI Tech at Lower Prices

sex doll genie homepage banner

Now, if you love the idea of talking to your doll but don’t have a lot of money to spend on it, then you might want to take a look at Sex Doll Genie.

This company offers far more variety than RealDoll.

RealDoll tries to keep its body types realistic.

That’s great for people looking for realistic dolls, but if you want something like a BBW doll, a MILF, or even a fantasy doll, then you’re not going to find it there.

Instead, you need to take a look at Sex Doll Genie.

It has dolls focused on anime all the way to BBWs.

It even has a great selection of male sex dolls.

If you want the same sort of interaction that RealDoll provides, then Sex Doll Genie has a line of AI dolls, too.

You might find that these dolls are even more immersive than the ones from RealDoll.

They’re able to wink and smile at you.

They also have sensors that make them moan when you touch them.

Except their sensors run throughout their body instead of just being in the vaginal insert.

They also have a breathing apparatus within them that makes them appear as though they’re breathing.

Finally, each has an internal heating system that makes them feel warm to the touch.

Sex Doll Genie has tons of features, dolls, and customization options to help you find the perfect doll.

Learn more about the company by checking out our guide here.

Silicon Wives – Variety and Cheap Prices

silicon wives homepage

Not everyone needs a whole lot of fancy technology to have a good time.

If you just want a high-quality doll, then you might want to check out Silicon Wives.

It focuses on selling premium dolls without a lot of bells and whistles.

You won’t find any AI here, but there are some premium upgrades that can make the doll more immersive.

Some dolls come with moaning or heating upgrades, for example.

Like Sex Doll Genie, Silicon Wives also has a large variety.

Its male sex doll selection isn’t as top-tier as Sex Doll Genie’s collection, but it does offer some.

Most of its variety comes with categories like MILF, teen, anime, and BBW.

The company also allows you to customize certain aspects of the dolls, too.

You’re able to receive quite an experience without having to pay tons of money to do so.

Silicon Wives is a great choice for bargain hunters or first-time sex doll buyers.

Find out more about the company and what it has to offer by checking out our guide here.

New to Sex Dolls? Check out These Tips to Become a Pro

If you’ve never bought a premium doll before, then you might be unsure where to even begin.

Without proper information, you might not make a decision that actually satisfies you.

Consider the following to make a perfect choice.

These Pieces of Tech Can Make Your Doll Something Special

Anyone can own a sex doll.

Not everyone has a doll that also speaks to them or can orgasm.

Technology can completely transform your experience, and it has made these products super easy to use.

It’s worth determining if you want to pay a little extra to make your doll smarter and more interactive.

Both RealDoll and Sex Doll Genie have AI dolls that use deep-learning technology.

It enables the doll to remember you and the conversations that you share.

Sex Doll Genie has slightly more immersive dolls since they can also wink and smile.

RealDoll’s AI toys can turn their heads, but that’s about it.

Both companies also use moaning technology.

RealDoll uses SenseX to allow you to give your doll orgasms.

Sex Doll Genie places sensors throughout the doll.

It allows you to enjoy both foreplay and the act, itself.

One advantage RealDoll has over Sex Doll Genie is its RealDollX app.

You can’t always take your sex doll with you everywhere you go.

The app enables you to do so by creating an avatar for it.

Even if you’re at work, you can open the app and speak with your doll.

It can help strengthen the emotional bond you share with the doll.

Technology can transform your experience, but it’s up to you to determine just how immersive you want your experience to be.

How Much is a Sex Doll?

Another important question to keep in mind is just how much you should budget to buy a premium sex doll.

The price tends to vary based on whether you’re customizing it, its size and weight, and whether it has any special features like tech.

You can find dolls as cheap as $1,500 to as expensive as over $8,000.

Customizing the doll can easily add a few hundred or even a few thousand dollars to the price.

There are ways to save money, however.

Buying the doll as-is can keep the price from creeping upwards.

You can also look for older models of the same doll.

They tend to be a bit cheaper than the latest model.

Companies also often run deals or sales that can drop even as much as $1,000 off the price.

Find out more about how much a doll costs and how to save money by checking out our guide here.

How to Clean a Sex Doll?

Regular maintenance of your sex doll will ensure it lasts a long time.

Considering how much investment you’re putting into the doll, it’s a good idea to take care of it.

Otherwise, your doll can become moldy.

Depending on the type of doll you have, there may or may not be certain steps you need to take to keep it clean.

Silicone dolls are the easiest to take care of.

You only need to take a microfiber cloth, some water, and antibacterial soap to clean it.

Drying the doll with a fan, and not a hairdryer, can help ensure it dries fast and prohibits mold growth.

TPE dolls require the same steps except you also need to powder them after they’re dry.

TPE tends to leak oil over time.

By applying powder, you can help the material maintain itself.

Powdering should occur any time you wash the doll as well as every 14 days.

Storing is also important.

You’ll need to hang or carefully position your doll to keep it from falling over.

Dolls with removable vaginal inserts are the easiest to clean.

You can simply pull the insert out and clean it in the sink.

You should never submerge the doll in water as that can damage it and lead to mold growth.

For a more thorough examination of how to clean your sex doll and what to avoid doing, check out our guide here.

Where to Buy Sex Dolls?

There are a few stores where you can buy sex dolls.

However, if you’re looking for premium dolls, then the best places to buy them are RealDoll, Sex Doll Genie, and Silicon Wives.

Sex Doll Genie is one of the better picks of the three.

It has a large variety of different dolls from which to choose.

Many of those dolls also come with customization options that allow you to personalize them even further.

If you want to treat yourself, then you can even find AI robots.

It gets better from there.

Sex Doll Genie manages to provide high-quality dolls at cheaper prices than those at RealDoll.

Even if you were to customize or add certain features to some of its dolls, it’d still end up slightly more affordable than RealDoll in most cases.

Find out more about how each sex doll store differs from each other by reading our guide here.

What Do Sex Dolls Feel Like?

If you’ve never used a sex doll before, then you might worry that it feels like a balloon or a Barbie doll.

That isn’t the case.

Silicone sex dolls tend to feel a bit stiffer than TPE dolls.

They’re non-porous, so they feel smooth to the touch.

TPE dolls, on the other hand, feel closer to skin.

They’re porous, so when you run your fingers over them, you can feel a slightly rough texture similar to skin.

There’s also a pliancy to TPE dolls.

If you were to press or jiggle the doll, then you might notice that the material has a bit of give to it.

TPE is also great at holding onto warmth.

Dolls made from TPE tend to feel a bit more closer to real life than silicone dolls.

Take a look at more differences between TPE and silicone dolls by checking out our guide here.

Which Dolls are the Most Expensive?

RealDoll and AI dolls tend to be the most expensive sex dolls on the market.

Even RealDoll’s basic dolls tend to be higher in price than other stores like Sex Doll Genie.

You can expect to pay around $3,000 to over $10,000 for some of the company’s dolls.

AI dolls, in particular, are on the expensive side.

Buying one from RealDoll also means that you’re going to need to pay for a monthly subscription to access the app and its features.

Sex Doll Genie’s dolls are a bit less expensive, but you can make them more expensive through customization.

The more customized the doll is, the bigger the price tag is going to be.

TPE dolls also tend to be a bit more expensive than silicone dolls.

You can plan your budget accordingly by checking out our guide here for which dolls are the most expensive.

Make Finding Your Ideal Doll Easier

A lot of thought should go into what sex doll you want to buy.

From budget to appearance to extra features, there are so many options from which to choose.

This buying guide can be a great launching point for you to finally find the perfect doll for your needs.

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