Is it Legal to Buy an Adult Sex Doll? A Global Overview on Sex Toy Laws

You may have your eye on a beautiful sex doll, but will buying one land you in jail?

Not every country, or even state, allows you to buy sex toys.

Take a look to see which countries, and states, prohibit the buying and selling of sex dolls.

Is Buying an Adult Sex Doll Legal?

Yes, it is legal to buy an adult sex doll in most countries and states.

There are, however, exceptions.

Here are the countries where you can legally buy a sex doll.

The United States Allows the Sale of Most Sex Toys

The free market is strong in the United States.

In most cases, you can buy a sex doll and enjoy it in your own home.

There are, however, exceptions.

The state of Alabama actually prohibits the sale of all sex toys.

You cannot buy or sell sex toys in the state.

As such, you would be unable to buy a sex doll in that state, too.

You can, however, buy the doll from another state and transport it into Alabama.

You just can’t purchase the doll while you’re within the state.

The other states in the country have varying degrees of legality.

Most allow the sale of sex toys, so you’re able to buy a doll, too.

Now, that said, the type of sex doll you buy does have its limits.

Some states do not allow the sale of a doll that is under a certain height.

The state considers these dolls as “childlike.”

The concern is that it might promote child abuse.

As such, while you can typically buy a doll in most states, you have to be aware of your local state laws to ensure you’re not buying something that the state does not allow.

The United Kingdom Has Similar Laws

You’ll find similar laws throughout the United Kingdom.

The nation, as a whole, allows you to buy and sell sex toys.

That includes being able to buy dolls.

However, some countries take their protections a step further.

They won’t allow you to buy a doll that’s under a certain height.

They’re also concerned that it might promote child abuse.

As long as the doll meets their standards, you can buy it while within the United Kingdom.

Canada Mirrors the Laws of the United Kingdom

Since Canada has a strong connection to the United Kingdom, it adopts similar laws.

If you’re traveling through Canada and want to buy a sex doll, then you can.

Canada also has strict laws about doll height.

The country considers dolls under a certain height–typically 100cm–to be illegal.

It sees such dolls as partaking in underage pornography.

As such, it makes the buying and selling of such dolls illegal.

Even if your doll looks like an adult but is under that height, then Canada will seize it at the border.

Japan Has Few Limitations on Sex Dolls

You can buy sex dolls of all types of different varieties in Japan.

The country has a reputation for producing hentai or sexually-focused anime.

Some of its hentai even feature young girls and boys or adults who act that young.

Youth seems to be an integral part of its culture.

Even adults in some of its anime dress in clothes a young person might wear.

Because of its looser sexuality laws, you can buy dolls at small heights in Japan.

There is very little that’s illegal in regard to dolls in the country.

Korea Recently Changed its Laws to Allow Sex Doll Purchases

It wasn’t always the case that you could buy sex dolls in Korea.

South Korea, specifically, has changed its laws to allow the purchase of dolls.

That said, they’re not quite so free with their laws as Japan.

They also keep with the West and prohibit the sale of small or childlike dolls.

As such, you can buy dolls in South Korea, but only if they’re adult ones.

Where is Buying Adult Sex Dolls Illegal?

While buying an adult sex doll is legal in most countries, there are some that prohibit its sale.

Check out the following places to ensure you don’t lose your doll or end up in jail for buying one.

Most Middle-Eastern Countries Don’t Allow the Sale of Sex Dolls

Whether you’re going to Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, or other Middle-Eastern countries, you shouldn’t expect to bring your sex doll.

These countries prohibit the sale of dolls.

They’re seen as obscene, and as such, they’re prohibited in the country.

If you travel into the country with a sex doll, then you face the risk of border control confiscating it.

You’ll likely never see it again, and you may even face legal charges.

You’re also unable to buy or sell the dolls in these countries.

If you want to enjoy a sex doll, then you’ll need to take a vacation out of the country.

India Sees Sex Dolls as Obscene

The Middle East isn’t the only collection of countries that see sex dolls as profane.

India also recognizes sex dolls as obscene objects.

Since the nation believes that it will promote adultery and other sinful acts, it does not allow the sale of sex dolls.

You’re also going to need to travel out of the country if you want to enjoy a doll.

Norway Has Strict Laws Regarding Doll Height

While most European countries allow sex dolls, Norway has strict protections in place.

To prevent child abuse, it prohibits the sale of sex dolls under a certain height.

If you’re passing through the country with your doll, then you’ll want to ensure that it meets its height requirements.

Alabama Prohibits the Buying and Selling of All Sex Toys

While the greater part of the United States allows you to buy and own a sex doll, Alabama does not.

Specifically, it does not allow you to buy or sell any sex toy within the state.

You can, however, leave the state and buy one elsewhere, then take it into the state.

There have been a few attempts to remove this ban over the years, but they have been unsuccessful.

This also includes being unable to order a sex doll online and have it delivered to you from out of state.

You’re still technically buying the doll within Alabama, so you’re breaking the law.

If you’re in Alabama and you want a toy of any kind, then you need to do so outside of the state.

Don’t Break the Law and Make Finding Your Doll Easy

States and countries differ when it comes to making certain sex toys legal.

It’s worth checking your local laws to determine if it’s legal to buy a sex doll.

If it is, then be sure to check out our top 10 sex dolls to make your decision a bit easier.

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