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Welcome to XRatedTech, the premier online destination for in-depth reviews and research on the latest technology in sex toys and gadgets.

We are passionate about exploring the intersection of technology and sexuality, and are committed to providing our readers with trustworthy and unbiased information on the latest products in the market.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower our readers to make informed decisions about their sexual health and pleasure by providing accurate and up-to-date information on the latest sex toy technology. We believe that everyone has the right to explore their sexuality in a safe, consensual, and fun way, and we are dedicated to helping our readers achieve that.

Our Methodology

We take our research very seriously at XRatedTech. We spend countless hours evaluating the latest sex toys and gadgets, and only recommend products that meet our high standards of quality and safety. We use a combination of objective criteria and personal experience to provide our readers with fair and honest reviews.

Product Review Process

At XRatedTech, we only review products that we feel are worth buying. We have no incentive to rate products in any specific way, and our reviews can be trusted to provide honest and accurate information. We take pride in our ability to provide unbiased and trustworthy information, and our readers can rely on us to provide them with the most reliable and accurate information on the latest sex toy technology. Learn more about this process here.

Our Standards

At XRatedTech, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of honesty, impartiality, and respect for all individuals. We believe that everyone has the right to explore their sexuality in a safe, consensual, and non-judgmental way, and we strive to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all of our readers.


Sara Trimble


A perfect blend of nostalgia and novelty, Sara Trimble identifies as a Xennial. She harnesses the vibrancy of her inner siren, strongly asserting the importance of a sex-positive attitude for holistic health.

Her personal mission is to dismantle societal taboos surrounding sexuality, advocating for pleasurable and safe sexual discovery, underpinned by professional advice and knowledge.

Embodying the spirit of a modern Renaissance woman, Sara is adept in an array of fields. These include home decoration and enhancement, pet care, parenting, horticulture, interpersonal relationships, psychology, mindfulness, culinary arts, crafting, fashion and design, freelancing, remote working practices, and event planning. Visit her blog here.

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Will Butterworth


Holding a degree in Human Genomics from Michigan State University, William’s passion steered away from the conventional lab work to discussions about gene therapy and other subjects involving DNA, thereby laying the foundation of his writing career.

With an interest in health, technology, and various lifestyle themes, William is committed to distilling intricate knowledge into accessible and comprehensible notions for his readers.

Beyond the realm of writing, William’s hobbies encompass an array of geeky games, whether they’re digital or board games. He is a frequent visitor of Renaissance Faires, and proudly considers himself a living repository of all things nerdy.

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Billy Ayiera


Introducing Billy Ayiera, a trailblazer at the intersection of adult content and software development.

Self-identifying as a tech aficionado, Billy’s journey leads him to the frontier of developments in sexual wellness devices and gadgets. With a sharp wit and his trusty keyboard, he navigates the forefront of technological advancements in pleasure, offering entertaining and insightful revelations about this burgeoning field.

Beyond his digital engagements, Billy fuels his innate curiosity and love for exploration as an enthusiastic globetrotter.

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Joe Elvin


Educated in multi-media journalism at Bournemouth University, Joe Elvin swiftly developed a penchant for digital composition, frequently delving into the latest technological offerings among other subjects.

In the wake of a 2013 break-up, he embarked on a journey of understanding the intricate dynamics of dating and relationships, eventually establishing himself as a specialist in the area.

This led him to amalgamate his abilities, launching his career as a freelance writer specializing in dating and relationships in 2017. His insightful works have been featured in well-regarded platforms like AskMen, TSB Magazine, and The Good Men Project, to name a few.

Joe eagerly anticipates merging his technological enthusiasm with his expertise in relationships to craft engaging content for XRatedTech.com.

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MEET OUR Contributors

Lisa Lawless


Lisa Lawless, Ph.D., is the CEO and founder of the sexual wellness company Holistic Wisdom, Inc. She is a seasoned clinical psychotherapist and sexual health expert. Renowned for her pioneering insights into the intricacies of intimacy and sexual wellness, her influence radiates through interviews and articles worldwide, providing accessibility and empowerment for all.

She is also the founder of The National Association for the Advancement of Science & Art in Sexuality: NAASAS, where her Safe Sexual Products Campaign and sex toy education resources provide internationally recognized guidelines for professionals in the adult novelty sector.

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XRatedTech is my go-to source for information on the latest sex toy technology. I appreciate their unbiased and thorough reviews, and have discovered some amazing products thanks to their recommendations.

– Jenny, 28

I love how XRatedTech combines technology and sex in a way that’s both informative and fun. Their articles are always well-researched and engaging, and I always learn something new.

– Mike, 35

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