Sex Doll Genie: The Company That Makes Love Dolls as Close to Real as Possible

Standard sex dolls can sometimes come off as creepy with their unseeing eyes and rigid posture.

Sex Doll Genie has made it its mission to make dolls way more realistic.

Although the company sells standard dolls, let’s dive into its AI dolls and see what they have to offer.

Beginners Beware – Prepare to Feel Overwhelmed With all the Stunning Choices and Options

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Here’s the problem with sex doll companies.

They often don’t have much variability, or customization options, or their dolls just seem lifeless.

Sex Doll Genie has a ton of different types of dolls.

You can improve on those dolls even further with an assortment of different customization options.

Its AI dolls, in particular, are some of the most lifelike models in the industry.

If you have a particular taste or visual for your fantasy woman, then Sex Doll Genie probably has a doll for you.

They have everything from anime models to fantasy characters and even more down-to-earth models like MILFs or BBWs.

Now, if you’re looking for something a bit more standard, then Sex Doll Genie might not be the company to use.

Its toys are definitely for the more advanced customer.

It relies on you having some experience with sex dolls beforehand.

That’s particularly true of its AI models.

While beginners certainly can still shop from the company, you might find the experience a bit overwhelming.

You might instead be better of shopping at Silicone Wives since it offers basic dolls with fewer options.

It’s a better company for those who just want to dip their toes into the kink without spending a lot of money.

Buying a sex doll is a big investment, so it’s worth considering a few factors to ensure you’re making the right decision.

Make a Budget and Stick to it

It is so easy to go over budget when shopping for models.

It starts with simply seeing one doll that attracts your attention, and then suddenly finding yourself sucked in with all the choices.

Before you know it, you’ve completely customized the toy and you’re looking at nearly $10,000.

The best dolls do not come cheap.

It’s worth knowing your budget initially to ensure you stick around that number.

If you end up paying too much and discover you don’t like having sex with dolls, then you’ll face quite a bit of buyer’s remorse.

Stick to your budget to ensure you remain happy.

Some Dolls Offer More Than Just Stroking – Know Your Preferences

The most common use for a sex doll is to have vaginal sex with it.

It uses a stroker which provides friction.

If that’s all you need to get off, then any toy will do.

However, if that seems stale, then you might want to look for dolls that have vibration inserts.

It can really liven up the experience.

Because of the high price of some dolls, it’s worth knowing what actually gets you off.

Then find a doll that offers that sort of experience.

Once you do so, you’ll end up with a doll that you won’t want to stop using.

Interactive Options Can Make Dull Toys a lot More Enjoyable

Now, I don’t know about you, but I find standard sex dolls pretty boring.

It’s difficult for me to become immersed in the fantasy.

Sex dolls that have AI capabilities though?

Now that’s something that is exciting to me.

You might find yourself in the same boat.

Having a doll that interacts with you is exciting.

They respond to your touch or questions.

It makes sex a lot more enjoyable since they’re able to share in the experience.

To an extent, at least, since the technology is still in development.

Now, if you don’t feel that way, then any doll will do for you.

If you’re like me, however, then you may want to look for dolls that come with interactive options.

Maintenance Keeps Your Doll Clean and in Good Condition – Don’t be Lazy

Like any other toy, you need to care for your sex doll.

If anything, considering the money you’re spending, it’s more important than ever to take care of your doll.

While dolls tend to be tough, they’re still fragile to an extent.

Pull, bend, or use the doll too roughly, and you’ll likely see some tearing.

You also need to know how to clean the toy.

Different materials sometimes come with different cleaning requirements.

You’ll also need to consider cleaning its hair and clothes.

If this amount of maintenance isn’t something you want to involve yourself in, then a doll might not be a good pick for you.

If you don’t mind caring for your doll, then this shouldn’t be a problem.

Take Time to Look at all Your Options

When you first look at a company’s catalog, you’re going to see a lot of attractive dolls.

You may not even know where to begin.

Attraction is vital.

Take the time to carefully examine each doll and determine if it’s one you could find yourself attracted to for a long time.

Considering the investment you need to make, you’re probably not going to be buying a new doll every day.

Taking the time to find the one that really speaks to you is vital.

It ensures that even years later, you’re still using it.

Attraction to your doll is vital for happiness.

Sex Doll Genie Blurs the Line Between Virtual Fantasy and Reality

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Sex Doll Genie works its magic by providing realistic sex dolls and making them even more lifelike with AI technology.

It also completely releases the brakes on customization.

There’s very little that you can’t customize with its dolls.

Although the company makes realistic dolls, one of the market leaders, RealDoll, actually makes even more realistic dolls.

Its sculpting tends to be a bit better than Sex Doll Genie’s sculpting.

It also has a ton of customization options.

You can even switch the face off one doll and put it in another body if it’s compatible.

That said, RealDoll doesn’t go deep into making its dolls realistic like providing warming technology.

As such, those who want premium, lifelike, dolls might find RealDoll more up their alley.

However, if you want a doll that is as close to a living, breathing, virtual girlfriend or boyfriend as possible, then you’ll want to explore Sex Doll Genie.

The company offers a lot with its dolls, but it isn’t perfect.

Here’s a quick look at what it does well and where it still needs some work.


  • AI dolls blur the line between fantasy and reality.
  • Offers tons of male doll options instead of only a handful.
  • Hybrid options ensure you have the perfect head and body.
  • TPE material becomes warm to your touch and simulates physics.
  • Tons of customization options to make the perfect doll.


  • High price can make getting into AI dolls difficult.
  • AI dolls are unable to perform oral when active due to safety concerns.
  • Can take a bit to sync up AI and get everything going.

Tons of Options and Deep-Learning Software Makes These Dolls the Lover of Your Dreams

You might be wondering what it is about Sex Doll Genie that makes its dolls worth the price.

Certain features make the dolls stand out from the competition.

Take a look at the following features of the company’s models to see if they fit your needs.

Tons of Body Types Helps You Find the Perfect Woman to Cuddle at Night

If there’s one thing that Sex Doll Genie does right it’s its body type selection.

There are tons of options for almost any kind of kink.

You love big breasts?

They have dolls in droves ready to come home with you.

Perhaps you like dolls a bit more compact or with more realistic proportions.

They have options for you, too.

No matter what you’re into, the company is likely going to have a doll.

Stasia, for example, is a great pick for guys who love big breasts.

sex doll with large breasts
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Her N cup can provide a lot of fun.

The sheer amount of options ensures you’ll likely find something that catches your eye.

Exchangeable Heads Help You Make the Perfect Doll

Not every company will let you remove the head of one doll and put it on the body of another doll.

Sex Doll Genie does.

As long the head and body are compatible, you’re able to mix and match as you please.

You might love the body of one doll but not find yourself as attracted to the head on it.

The company can switch it out for something that does interest you.

This sort of customer service isn’t something many doll companies emulate.

TPE Makes Your Doll Feel Great and Realistic

When you touch a doll, you don’t always want to feel as though you’re touching a doll.

You want to feel skin.

TPE helps keep you immersed.

It’s a rubbery material that mimics some of the properties that skin has.

When you grip it, for example, it has some give to it.

When you move the doll, TPE can simulate some physics.

The material also becomes warm the more you touch it.

It makes the entire experience just that much more authentic and enjoyable.

Since Sex Doll Genie uses TPE in most, if not all, of its toys, you’re going to have an experience that’s as close to the real thing as possible.

The Sheer Amount of Customization Options Lets You Create Some Unique Dolls

Now, when I say Sex Doll Genie gives you a ton of customization options, I mean it.

Here’s a quick list of just some of the options you can change:

  • Head
  • Breast conformation
  • Removable vagina versus fixed vagina
  • Toenail color
  • Feet type
  • Fingernail type
  • Skin tone
  • Hairstyle
  • Eye color
  • Storage case

Some dolls offer even more options and that doesn’t even go into options for male sex dolls or fantasy sex dolls.

Essentially, you’re able to create the girlfriend of your dreams.

Have a favorite character from a book, game, or movie?

Then you can recreate her pretty closely through all these custom options.

It completely unlocks your creativity.

Love Sex With Virgins? Purchase the Hymen Addition

Now, if you enjoy the tight squeeze of virginal sex, then Sex Doll Genie has the toys for you.

Some of its models, like the Laika doll, has an additional option.

sex doll with a hymen
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You can choose to have it made with a hymen.

This indicates just how immersive the company wants to make its dolls.

You can have virginal sex with your doll and make your first time with it an even more special affair.

While it does cost extra to include a hymen, if you love the idea of taking your doll’s virginity, then it may be well worth the additional fee.

More importantly, this demonstrates the company’s focus on small details.

It wants to make you the perfect doll.

Removable Vaginas Make Cleaning Your Doll Easier

There’s a fine line between realism and convenience.

In some cases, you have to lean towards convenience just to make life a bit easier.

Yet, if realism is important to you, then you might be fine with putting in the extra effort.

Sex Doll Genie gives the option of making life easier or harder for yourself by offering removable vaginas.

This is a custom option that you’ll need to pay for, however.

The default option is to have a fixed vagina.

The problem with fixed vaginas is that they can be difficult to clean.

A removable vagina lets you pull out the stroker and clean it separately from the doll.

This can make cleaning your toy just a bit easier.

When you buy from the company, you’re basically able to choose what you want.

This is another feature that can make owning a sex doll a bit easier to manage.

AI Sex Dolls Offer Top-Tier Immersion

One of the most exciting collections that Sex Doll Genie has is its AI dolls.

You might be wondering just how smart or lifelike these dolls are.

Let’s just say that the line between virtual sex and real sex has never been so thin.

That’s because these models are capable of learning about you.

They use deep learning technology to learn about your likes and dislikes and can even respond to you.

The company is even looking at installing cameras and facial recognition technology.

Besides communicating with you, the doll can also perform some facial expressions.

She can wink and smile at what you say.

An AI robot like Robbyn, for example, also comes with sensitive areas.

ai sex doll
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When you touch them, she moans and responds positively.

She’s also capable of becoming warm on her own.

She has an internal warming heater that makes her feel like a typical human rather than a cold, plastic, doll.

If you want a doll that actually has some life to them, then these are the models to consider.

AI Learning, Warming Tech, and Touch Sensation is the Tech Driving These Dolls into the Future

The world of sex robots is inevitable, and the AI dolls from Sex Doll Genie are a major step in that direction.

It uses several different pieces of technology to make its dolls responsive, lifelike, and alive.

Check out the tech below to see how these dolls come to life.

Deep-Learning Software Helps Your Doll Learn About You

One of the key pieces of tech that the company uses is deep learning.

This is a type of learning that seeks to simulate the human brain.

It’s often used to train and operate AI applications.

For sex dolls, it basically helps them learn about you and remember you.

At some point, they’ll remember your favorite meal or movie.

Engaging with your doll will be a lot more enjoyable and satisfying because it’ll be similar to talking to a real person.

As the company continues to hone its deep-learning software, your doll will become smarter and more responsive.

Facial Mimicry Makes the Doll More Relatable

Besides the deep-learning software helping your doll respond to you better, it also tells the doll when to express certain emotions.

Currently, the range of facial mimicry is minimal.

The doll can move their eyes, wink, and smile.

It’s also capable of moving its mouth in time with its words.

As the technology develops, it will likely be able to express even more emotions through facial mimicry.

When a doll winks or smiles, it makes it a bit more relatable and authentic.

While it may be jarring at first, as the tech becomes better, pretty soon you’ll find talking to your responsive doll completely natural.

It makes those conversations more enjoyable since it feels more like you’re talking to an actual person.

Internal Heating Makes Your Doll Feel Human

Now, I don’t know about you, but touching a cold, plastic, toy makes me feel like what I’m engaging with is artificial.

It isn’t real.

That really breaks the fantasy for me.

If the same problem happens to you, then you’re going to love the heating tech inside of Sex Doll Genie’s models.

They use an internal heating mechanism that makes its body warm.

When you touch the doll, they feel more like a real person.

It also makes having sex with them a lot more enjoyable.

No one wants to enter a cold vagina–unless you’re into that sort of thing.

With its internal heating tech, the doll feels real and pleasurable.

It completely changes the experience of having sex with it.

Touch Sensors Make Your Doll Responsive and Feel Pleasure

A common problem with dolls is that they just lay there.

If you’re a giving lover, then this can cause some distraught.

The game completely changes when the toy has touch sensors.

Sex Doll Genie uses sensing technology to give its dolls the ability to feel you.

When you touch a certain area, the doll moans and responds to you.

It makes having sex a lot more enjoyable since it seems as though the doll is actually enjoying what you’re doing to it.

I, personally, can’t wait to see how this tech develops even further.

Shipping Problems are the Biggest Concerns for Buyers but Excellent Customer Service Saves the Day

If there’s one thing past customers love about Sex Doll Genie it’s the company’s customer service.

Whenever they had a question or a problem, the customer service was quick to answer them.

Some even had cases where customer service went above and beyond to fix a problem or answer a question.

When you’re buying an expensive product like a sex doll, then having great customer service can really put some concerns to rest.

They also enjoyed how realistic the dolls were.

From the texture of their skin to their jiggle physics, they found them lifelike.

Because of the extensive range of different models and body types, many people also found dolls through the company that they were unable to find anywhere else.

While most of the reviews were positive, the main problem that people had with this company was shipping.

Some experienced ripped boxes while others actually had damaged dolls.

Thankfully, with the company’s great customer service, those problems received satisfying solutions.

Break the Bank or Stay on Budget With These High-Quality Alternatives

Sex Doll Genie is a great company for people who are either looking for a particular doll to satisfy their kink, or for people who have dabbled with sex dolls before and are looking for the next best thing.

The company isn’t the most ideal choice for those on a budget, beginners, or those looking for ultimate sculpting.

The following alternatives may be better options for those looking for those features.

RealDoll Offers Premium Dolls at Premium Prices

realdoll homepage
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RealDoll also dabbles in AI with its RealDoll apps.

Through the apps, you can design a virtual girlfriend, then sync your doll to it.

You’re basically able to give your doll a personality and help it understand you better.

RealDoll also features some of the best sculpting in the industry.

These models look real.

There’s also a large range of different skin tones and appearances.

It isn’t just the same model with slightly different hair or eyes.

Now, the bad thing about RealDoll is its price.

It tends to be on the higher end of price points in the industry.

If you want to use one of those apps, then you’re likely also going to need to pay a subscription price.

RealDoll isn’t cheap, but if you want premium, then it’s the best option.

Here’s a look at how RealDoll and Sex Doll Genie compare.

Features RealDoll Sex Doll Genie
Material Used Silicone TPE and Silicone
Body Type Variability Medium Tons
Customized Options Extremely Advanced Advanced
Male Sex Doll Options Some Tons
Average Price $6,500 $3,000

Check out all their models here to find the lover of your dreams.

Silicone Wives Offer Budget Options Without AI

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Now, you may want a high-quality sex doll without breaking the bank.

You may not even have an interest in AI or dolls that learn about you.

In that case, you should consider the models from Silicone Wives.

They feature high-quality, realistic, dolls without the AI.

They look great and have a surprisingly large number of fun models that fit in anime, fantasy, and other categories.

You can even find some dolls that are replicates of porn stars or characters from comics and TV shows.

The downside is that Silicone Wives doesn’t use AI.

You’re buying a basic doll that won’t learn about you or interact with you.

Here’s how the two companies compare to each other.

Features Silicone Wives Sex Doll Genie
Materials Used TPE and Silicone TPE and Silicone
Body Type Variability Large Extra Large
Customized Options Basic Advanced
Male Sex Doll Options Moderate Tons
Average Price $2,000 $3,000

If you’re a beginner or someone looking for a budget-friendly, high-quality, doll, then you might want to consider Silicone Wives.

Take a look at all their dolls here.

Make Your Dream Lover a Reality With Sex Doll Genie

Sex dolls can feel pretty lifeless, dull, and even too alien for some people to enjoy.

Sex Doll Genie makes its dolls more lifelike and realistic by including pieces of tech like deep learning, touch sensing, facial expressions, and internal heating.

With tons of customizable options, body types, male sex dolls, and other features, you can easily make the doll of your dreams.

Include the AI, and you have your dream lover.

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