Understanding the Safety of Sex Dolls: Allergic Reactions and Precautions

One of the worst things that can happen is heading to the ER because of some sex-related problem.

Because some dolls use silicone and TPE, you may discover that you have an allergy.

Take a look to see if sex dolls are safe for human contact.

Are Sex Dolls Safe for Human Contact?

Yes, sex dolls are safe for human contact unless you happen to have a specific allergy to the material.

Those without allergies can use sex dolls without any problems.

Silicone allergies are rare compared to latex allergies.

However, they do exist, so it’s worth determining if you have one before using a silicone sex doll.

Besides allergies, another risk a sex doll might pose is stabbing.

Poor-quality dolls may have wires poking out from the skin.

These are dolls that are not made well.

The skin is typically too thin to properly cover the wires.

If you push the skin in a certain way, then it might cause the wire that makes up the doll’s skeleton to poke through.

You may not notice it until you accidentally grab it or brush up against it.

You might stab or scratch yourself as a result.

As such, it’s always a good idea to perform a visual inspection of your doll before using it.

Signs You Have an Allergy to Silicone

Let’s say you’ve never tested to see if you have a silicone allergy.

After using a sex doll, you might notice some odd things on your skin.

It might make you wonder whether you have an allergy or not.

To help you stay safe, here are a few signs that you’re having an allergic reaction to your silicone sex doll.

Your Skin Feels Itchy Where You Made Contact

One of the most obvious signs you have an allergy is itchy skin.

You might even notice that the skin in that area is slightly broken or rough from your itching.

Itching is one of the first indications that you’re experiencing inflammation.

The skin becomes irritated and tries to warn you about it through itching.

Silicone tends to be a contact allergy.

So, you may only notice the itching in areas where you touched the doll.

If you’re naked and using the doll, then most of your body may be itching.

As your skin becomes inflamed, then you might also feel itchy in other parts of your body, too.

Look for Red and Irritated Skin to Determine Allergy Status

If you don’t experience any itching, then you should perform a visual inspection of your body.

It may be that you have a very mild allergy to silicone.

You’ll notice that your skin has become red and irritated-looking if you have an allergy.

The pores of your skin, for example, might look red.

It may even appear as a rash with several red dots close together.

The rash typically occurs in places where you’ve touched the silicone.

It can spread if the inflammation is bad enough.

Large Bumps or Hives Indicate an Allergy

A more severe allergy will often lead to hives.

These are bumpy areas that stand up against your skin.

They can sometimes resemble bee stings or bug bites.

Hives tend to be itchy, and it’s possible to make them bleed if you scratch them enough.

These also occur in areas where you’ve touched silicone.

Hives can also spread beyond the initial contact area.

Silicone Allergies Might Lead to Swelling

More serious allergies will often involve swelling.

Your hands, legs, and other body parts might look puffy if you have a silicone allergy and face exposure.

Depending on just how allergic you are, the swelling may require you to visit the hospital immediately.

If you’re unsure whether you have a silicone allergy, then it’s a good idea to check your hands and legs before using the doll.

Ensure that nothing is swollen or odd-looking before you start playing with it.

Then check afterward to see if you notice swelling.

Swelling can also take some time to form.

Keep an eye on yourself for the next few hours just in case.

Red and Watery Eyes Come From Fumes

When you first open up a sex doll, you’re likely going to experience some fumes.

Those fumes can irritate your eyes.

You might notice that they become watery or red any time you’re close to the doll.

While some redness or watery eyes might be normal for anyone upon first opening up the doll’s box, it shouldn’t persist.

If you notice that your eyes become red or watery any time you’re close to the doll, then it could mean you’re suffering from an allergy.

Feeling Sick? You Might Have an Allergy

More severe allergies can also lead to feelings of nausea.

If you start to feel sick either during or after your use of the sex doll, then it may be the silicone causing it.

Nausea doesn’t always mean you vomit.

It generally describes a feeling of unwellness.

If you do vomit, however, then this is a big red flag.

It’s worth getting yourself tested for a silicone allergy.

Difficulty Breathing and Asthma are Crucial Signs of an Allergy

A final sign to watch out for is swelling of the airways.

When you breathe in silicone fumes, if you’re allergic, then your airways become inflamed.

This results in swelling.

If your airways are swollen, then it can be extremely difficult to breathe.

It can also make your lungs become inflamed, so you experience symptoms of asthma.

These signs indicate a severe allergy to silicone.

How to Reduce Silicone Allergy Symptoms

If you bought a silicone sex doll and discovered you have an allergy to it, then you may wonder if you wasted your money.

Depending on the severity of your allergy, it is possible to still use the doll.

One of the first things you should do is use gloves and a mask to handle the doll.

You’ll want to wash it to remove some of the particles and dust still clinging to its skin.

Any time you use the doll, you’ll also want to wash your skin.

If you’re experiencing irritated skin, then you should also use some moisturizer.

It can help reduce the inflammation which might make the rash clear up faster.

Finally, you can wear protective clothing and other items to make sex with the doll far more enjoyable.

You can wear a condom, clothes, and ensure your doll is also wearing clothing.

By covering up the doll, you can still use it without worrying about coming into contact with its skin.

Find TPE Dolls and Other Materials to Avoid Allergies

If you know you have an allergy to silicone or TPE, you’re still in luck.

There are plenty of sex dolls that use other materials.

Check them out through our buyer’s guide here to find the perfect one for you.

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