RealDoll Lets You Give Sex Dolls Actual Orgasms

Sex dolls can make masturbation a lot more enjoyable, but they often feel lifeless.

RealDoll wants to create intimate experiences with sex dolls by making premium models with incredible interactivity.

Let’s pull back the curtain and see how RealDoll is making its models into the best virtual companions.

Prepare for Date Night – Realistic, Interactive, Sex Dolls are Here

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A major problem with sex dolls is that they’re a bit uncanny.

Either they don’t look realistic or the experience comes off as unenjoyable because the doll doesn’t react.

It can sometimes feel as though you’re having sex with a lifeless body which is a big ick factor.

RealDoll has finally found a way to make sex dolls far more appealing.

Through the use of its apps and some software, its dolls are more robotic than mere toys.

The apps allow you to give your doll a personality, a virtual appearance, and even a voice.

Syncing the two together basically brings your toy to life.

She’s able to interact with you and react to you.

RealDoll also does a great job of making its models.

Each one uses silicone to craft extremely detailed and realistic faces and bodies.

Combine interactivity and premium sculpting together, and it’s almost easy to forget that the doll isn’t real.

That makes RealDoll’s models a great pick for people who want realistic, authentic, and lifelike experiences with their toys.

Now, not everyone is an ideal fit for these dolls.

If the idea of your doll responding to you freaks you out, then you might need a standard doll.

If you want something with a wildly disproportionate body type, then RealDoll might also not be for you.

You’ll probably be better off with RealDoll’s torsos or even the dolls from Silicone Wives.

Before you start shopping, it’s worth considering a few things to ensure you buy the right doll.

Determine if You Have an Allergy to Silicone BEFORE You Buy a Doll

Because RealDoll uses silicone, it’s vital to know if you have an allergy to the material.

The last thing you want to experience is a whole-body rash after having sex with the toy.

Some allergies can have even worse symptoms.

The best step you can take is to undergo allergy testing.

It will reveal all the materials and substances that you’re allergic to.

If you don’t want to go through that process, then you can always buy a cheaper silicone toy and see how you react to it.

If all seems well, then you should be able to buy a RealDoll without any concerns.

Know What Really Gets You Off to Buy the Best Doll

All dolls use a stroker in the vaginal cavity.

RealDoll tries to make the vaginas of its dolls extremely realistic.

If you like friction, then this might be enough for you.

However, if friction alone isn’t something that gets you off, then you might need to shop around.

For example, you might need to look for a doll that allows the insertion of vibrators.

Others might enjoy pegging in addition to friction.

Some of the dolls come with a strap-on or the ability to become a trans female.

If you’re someone who needs to connect before sex, then using RealDoll’s apps might help.

Once you know what you need to experience intense orgasms, look for dolls that support those needs.

Determine How Important Interactivity is to You

Now, if you’re someone like me, then a connection is important.

It’s difficult to enjoy yourself without that bond.

RealDoll allows you to nurture that bond through its various apps.

When you touch or speak to your doll, she’s able to respond through the app.

That might make the experience more immersive, realistic, and satisfying for you.

On the other hand, you might find the idea of your doll responding to you terrifying.

It might completely take you out of the fantasy.

In this case, you might prefer one of RealDoll’s models that aren’t interactable.

The last thing you should do is give yourself a nasty surprise.

Determine how important interaction is for you, then find a doll that supports your needs.

Know if You Need a Beginner Doll or a Veteran Doll

You might be wondering what the difference is between a doll for beginners and a doll for experienced users.

Beginner dolls tend to keep things very basic.

You don’t have many customization options and the doll doesn’t do much.

It typically isn’t inter-actable.

The goal of a beginner doll is to help someone new to the world of sex dolls understand what they like and don’t like about them.

They’re also a bit more affordable.

A veteran sex doll is usually a premium, high-quality, doll that comes with tons of customizable options.

You can change certain aspects like skin tone, hairstyle, hair color, eye color, whether it has pubic hair or not, nail color, and many other features.

They also sometimes have interactive features.

Beginner dolls try to make the experience as stress-free as possible.

Veteran dolls allow you to make the partner of your dreams.

If you’re new to the world of sex dolls, then it’s worth starting out with a beginner-friendly model.

If you’ve dabbled before, then it may be time to upgrade your experience and start customizing.

Knowing which level you’re at can help you know if you have enough experience to level up in the sex doll world.

RealDoll Focuses on High-Detailed Customization Options and Immersion

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Here’s the deal with RealDoll’s toys compared to the models of other companies.

RealDoll makes highly customizable, lifelike, premium sex dolls with the potential for immersive interaction.

Not all of its dolls are compatible with the RealDoll apps.

Only those that are part of its RealDollX collection.

However, all of its models feature lifelike details with tons of customization options.

You’re even able to switch out faces.

All these features together basically allow you to have realistic sex that is eerily close to the real thing.

Some guys might even be totally fine relying on their dolls instead of actual people for their pleasure.

When you purchase a RealDoll, you basically receive the doll in a large, storage, crate.

If you buy a RealDollX, then you’re also able to download the X-Mode app which allows you to control the doll.

The doll usually comes wearing some sort of outfit or lingerie.

These are all great features, but you might wonder how it compares to one of the market leaders, Sex Doll Genie.

Sex Doll Genie is similar to RealDoll in its focus on ultra-detail, realistic, dolls.

However, it has more options when it comes to body type than RealDoll.

For example, Sex Doll Genie has anime body types, MILF body types, and even a good number of male dolls.

It also has its own tech which makes its dolls interactive and lifelike.

They can simulate breathing, produce facial expressions, moan, and even have a warming function to make them feel real.

Sex Doll Genie doesn’t have quite as many customization options as RealDoll, however.

While it does provide plenty of options, RealDoll has just a few more.

As such, Sex Doll Genie is a great pick for those who want to feel as though their doll is a real, living, person, or someone who has an interest in more fantasy body types.

It’s not for people who want to focus on realism or who want a lot of selection when it comes to customizing one’s model.

Let’s take a look at what RealDoll excels at and where it has some shortcomings.


  • Tons of different sex dolls to suit most needs.
  • Apps and interactivity are just the beginning of some incredible tech.
  • Silicone is an easy material to clean and is quite durable.
  • Tons of customizable options to make the doll of your dreams.
  • Company accepts dolls made from scratch but you need to contact them.


  • Very high prices can be prohibitive.
  • Tech relies on apps rather than coming from the doll, itself.
  • Silicone can be an allergy.

Unlimited Customization and Powerful Apps Make These Sex Dolls a Standard of Their Own

Now, there are some features of RealDoll models that are pretty exciting.

If you’re still on the fence as to whether or not a sex doll is right for you, then check out the following features you can find in a RealDoll model.

Handcrafted and High-Tier Sculpting Creates Lifelike Dolls

One of the aspects that might turn you off from dolls is how unrealistic they look.

You might immediately think of blowup dolls with their ridiculous lips and balloon hair.

RealDoll toys completely blow them out of the water.

The company uses modeling software to create each new face and body.

Then each doll is carefully assembled, painted, and given other details entirely by hand.

This explains the premium quality that you see in the company’s dolls.

The end result is a model that looks almost exactly like a living human.

Don’t Like the Face? Change It!

You’ve likely had a few fantasy or celebrity crushes where you found yourself wishing you could take the face of one individual and put it on the body of another individual.

RealDoll lets you do that.

You might notice that there’s a face that you absolutely adore on one model, but you might not be as crazy about its body.

The company lets you switch that face and put it on the body you want as long as it’s compatible.

This opportunity just further demonstrates how much control you have over the appearance of your doll.

Add Breast and Butt Implants for More Jiggle Action

If you’re a breast or butt guy, then RealDoll has a special feature for you.

If a certain doll doesn’t have as much meat to it as you’d like, then you can always opt for implants.

You can choose between the type of implants that you want.

You might want firmer implants or more jiggly implants that simulate physics.

It’s even possible to get away with some disproportionate dolls as a result.

The ability to add implants to your doll helps you create the body type you appreciate the most.

Tons of Body Types Means You’re Sure to Find the Perfect Doll

While RealDoll focuses on realistic body types, it still has a pretty healthy collection of different body types.

That’s because real people have tons of different body types.

You might like a more average build, for example, like Quinn.

quinn from realdoll
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She has a slim body with an average bust size.

Or, if you prefer someone with large breasts, then you might enjoy Tanya.

tanya from realdoll
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She features a large bust size with a realistic body shape.

Even those who prefer small breasts have a few selections like Willow.

willow from realdoll
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Because the company has so many different body types, it’s easier to find a shape that you find pleasing.

There’s basically something for everyone.

Tons of Skin Tones Provide Inclusivity

It isn’t just body types that RealDoll has a large number of either.

It also has a ton of skin tones from which to choose.

No matter what type of skin tone you want, RealDoll can likely make it happen for you.

It has an inclusive selection of basic skin tones.

You can even make your own skin tones by contacting them.

For example, if you want to make your own green-skinned orc goddess, then RealDoll might be able to help you out.

At its very basic, the company keeps everyone in mind with its range of available skin tones.

It’s Easy to Become Lost in all the Customization Options

One aspect that RealDoll does better than most is its customization options.

When buying a doll, you have the option of buying it as you see it or customizing it.

Keep in mind that the more customization you do to a doll, the more expensive it becomes.

With that in mind, RealDoll really removes any restrictions.

You can customize the hair on your doll, for example.

Hair color and hairstyle are switchable with other options.

The size, color, and shape of the doll’s nipples are also something you can change.

If you don’t like the eye color, then you can switch that out, too.

Even something as detailed as the color of their nails is something you can change.

If you’re a fan of pubic hair, then you can also choose how it looks or remove it entirely.

Makeup, freckles, and other details are all things you can play with, too.

Then there are the big changes.

You can switch out the bodies or heads until you have the perfect doll.

RealDoll makes it possible to make your dream lover.

SenseX Allows Your Doll to React to You

An option you may see when customizing your doll is to switch out the vagina with a Bluetooth SenseX vagina.

This vagina basically lets your doll feel you.

When you move, the doll is able to react in kind.

You’ll get the most out of this if the SenseX vagina is in a RealDollX model.

If you’re like me and love immersion and connection, then including the SenseX vagina in your doll can make a real difference.

RealDoll Apps Break the Barrier Between Toy and Lover

There are three apps that RealDoll offers that allow you to get to know your doll and interact with it.

The X-Mode App is a free app that comes with your doll when you purchase it.

It basically lets you control the doll.

It doesn’t do much in regard to interactivity or immersion, but it does help you control the robot’s functions.

The RealGirl app allows you to create a virtual girlfriend.

virtual girlfriend app
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It’s available on the Google Play store.

With the RealGirl app, you can design a virtual girlfriend, speak to her, and have her get to know you, too.

There are some sexual modes you can explore, but the virtual girlfriend doesn’t connect to your doll.

You’ll want to use the RealDollX app for that sort of connectivity.

The RealDollX app connects the app to your doll.

You’re still able to create a profile for her and design her appearance.

When you sync the app to the doll, the two become connected.

You can talk to your doll even if you’re out of the house on your phone.

You can also engage in foreplay mode and sex mode.

The RealDollX app takes your doll and makes it as close to a real person as possible.

Sensory and Communication Tech Lets You Give Your Doll Real Orgasms

Some of the most exciting aspects of these dolls stem from the technology used in them.

This technology makes them more realistic, enjoyable, and can offer up new experiences for those who have dabbled with sex dolls before.

Here’s a look at some of the exciting tech used in the dolls at RealDoll.

RealDollX App Brings Life to Your Doll

A common complaint I have with dolls is that they’re just that–a doll.

They look like a person and sometimes even feel like a person, but it’s easy for me to remember that they are not a person.

They’re just a toy.

The RealDollX app makes it a bit more difficult for me to remember that.

The app lets you create a profile for your doll.

You can change the virtual character’s appearance to match your doll.

You can also determine its starting personality.

From there, after you sync the app to your doll, it starts to take life.

You can speak with the doll and have it learn about you.

Before you know it, you end up growing closer and forming an emotional bond with it.

You can even turn up the heat with foreplay and sex mode.

Although the app only supports three positions so far, the company is looking at adding more in the future.

You can buy gifts for your doll through the app.

With other modes like VR and AR in development, the line between real and artificial is going to become even blurrier.

SenseX Lets You Give Your Doll Real Orgasms

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One of the most exciting pieces of tech that RealDoll provides is SenseX.

It’s a vaginal insert that you can choose to have put in your doll.

It comes with a wireless Bluetooth adapter and charger.

All along the shaft are sensors.

When you press into it, the sensors send information back to the app.

The app then tells the doll to react in certain ways.

If you’re using a RealDollX robot, then it will moan and form pleasurable expressions.

Even if you’re not using a RealDollX robot, the doll can still interact with you via the app.

You can use either the X-Mode app which is free or the RealDollX app.

The insert goes from aroused to orgasm over time.

The more you stimulate your doll, the faster you can make her orgasm.

Want to give your doll an orgasm?

The tech behind the SenseX insert lets you do just that.

RealDollX Robots Move and Simulate Expressions

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If you want real immersion, then you need to check out the tech behind the RealDollX robots.

Once synced to an app, the doll can start simulating human expressions.

She can blink, smile, and move her head.

When you have her synced to an app and SenseX insert, she’ll even moan and orgasm.

This is only the beginning.

It’s only a matter of time before these dolls are capable of moving and riding you.

Premium Quality More Than Makes Up for Slightly Buggy AI

Quality, quality, quality is what buyers are saying about the models from RealDoll.

They’re blown away by the premium quality of the dolls.

The texture feels good and lifelike.

They’re gorgeous and the customization options allow them to make the perfect girl.

They also experienced great customer service for any problems that did arise.

At most, the biggest problem they encountered was with the AI.

They noticed that it had a few bugs and glitches, but that it was still useable.

Despite the high price of the dolls, customers felt satisfied with their purchases.

Having a Smart Sex Doll Doesn’t Need to Cost a Fortune – Check Out These Alternatives

Now, the high price of RealDoll toys might make you uncomfortable.

You might wonder if there are other options out there that let you enjoy AI or robotic dolls without such a high price.

You might even wonder if there are beginner dolls available.

Check out these alternatives for some dolls that might be in a more comfortable price range for you.

Sex Doll Genie Offers Immersive Dolls Without the High Price

sex doll genie homepage
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If you love the idea of being able to interact with your doll but don’t have the nearly $10,000 amount for a RealDoll toy, then you might want to consider Sex Doll Genie instead.

This company doesn’t use a series of apps to make its dolls come to life.

It’s all right there in the doll instead.

The doll is capable of speech and uses deep-learning technology to learn about you.

It’s also capable of simulating expressions and moaning.

It has touch sensors that make it react to your movements and touch.

It even has an internal heater to make it feel warm to the touch and lifelike.

Despite all these features, it’s still cheaper than RealDoll.

That said, Sex Doll Genie doesn’t have quite as many customization options as RealDoll.

It does have a wider list of different body types, however, including anime, MILF, and other body types.

Here’s how the two companies compare to one another.

Features RealDoll Sex Doll Genie
Materials Used Silicone TPE and Silicone
Body Type Variability Medium Tons
Customized Options Extremely Advanced Advanced
Male Sex Doll Options Some Tons
Average Price $6,500 $3,000

You can check out the more affordable, interactive, dolls at Sex Doll Genie here.

For other options, be sure to check out our sex doll guide.

Silicone Wives Offers Affordable Dolls for Beginners

silicon wives homepage
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The sheer amount of customization options at RealDoll can be overwhelming to those new to sex dolls.

It’s easy to get your first pick wrong if you don’t know what you enjoy yet.

Instead of blowing over $6,000 on a doll that doesn’t quite match your needs, you might want to start simply instead.

That’s where Silicone Wives can help.

Silicone Wives focuses on producing high-quality sex dolls without all the AI, tech, or tons of different options.

It does have a wide selection of dolls and some even lean into kinks like anime and fantasy.

Because the company keeps things simple, its prices are also a lot more affordable.

If you don’t know where to begin, then Silicone Wives is a good start.

Here’s how the two companies compare to each other.

Features Silicone Wives RealDoll
Materials Used TPE and Silicone Silicone
Body Type Variability Large Medium
Customized Options Basic Advanced
Male Sex Doll Options Yes Yes
Average Price $2,000 $6,500

Check out all the dolls Silicone Wives has to offer here to see if any fit your needs.

You can see even more options with our sex doll guide here.

Start Your Path to More Immersive Sex With Your Sex Doll

Having sex with a doll doesn’t have to be disappointing.

RealDoll brings your sex dolls to life through its interactive apps.

Couple that with its incredible, handcrafted, build quality, and you have some of the best dolls on the market.

Build a relationship with your doll, have more immersive experiences, and see what it’s like to actually have a toy that orgasms with you.

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