The Best Interactive Sex Toys for Men and Women: Merging Technology and Pleasure

Playing alone can feel pretty stale, even routine, after a while.

You might be wondering if you’re cursed to play alone for the rest of your life…

Well, I’ve got some good news!

Thanks to interactive sex toys, your solo masturbation methods are about to become far more intense and less lonely.

Give the following high tech sex toys a look, and see which one complements your style of play.

Our Top Pick
Keon from Kiiroo

The Keon is our top pick when it comes to male sex toys. If you're interested in the most high tech toy on the market, this is it! We recommend that you visit Kiiroo's offcial website for the best price and discreet shipping.

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5 High Tech Toys to Help You Sync Your Orgasm

Keon & Feel Stoker – Best Overall

kiiroo keon
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Here’s the deal with most feel strokers.

They suck.

If you’ve used any typical stroker like me, then you’ve likely noticed that they feel fake.

I don’t know about you, but I like a little bit of realism when it comes to playing.

The Keon & Feel Stroker satisfies that need.

It’s a two-in-one sex toy that gives you as realistic of an experience as possible.

Part of its success comes from the stroker’s material.

It uses TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) which is an extremely flexible rubber.

Because it’s so flexible, the stroker has a bit of give to it that makes it feel like an authentic pussy.

All you need to do is add a little lube, and that realism you want so badly is actually attainable.

But that isn’t the Keon & Feel Stroker’s only secret…

Keon is capable of providing up to 230 strokes per minute when you set it on its highest mode. That’s an intense rush that you likely won’t be able to replicate on your own.

It’s a guaranteed orgasm setting.

I know how difficult it can be to sometimes get off from a toy.

This beast makes it easy.

It’s just as easy to use, too.

You simply insert the stroker into the Keon base, then lock it into place.

Put it on your desired setting, sync with your favorite webcam girl or VTubers, and then let the toy do the rest of the work.

Here are some quick pros and cons of the Keon & Feel Stroker toy.


  • Connects to Kiiroo and FeelTechnology toys for interactive sex.
  • Connects to 2D and virtual reality compatible apps for interactive sex.
  • 230 strokes per minute for intense orgasms.
  • Ergonomic grip makes positioning the Keon extremely easy and comfortable.
  • Up to 2 hours of battery life.


  • Requires both Keon and feel stroker for full, orgasmic, effect.
  • Highest stroke speed only lasts for 30 minutes.
  • Double the products means double the cleaning.

Onyx+ – Best Vibrating Stroker for Quiet Masturbation

kiiroo onyx plus
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Now, if you’re like me, then there’s nothing quite like feeling your partner orgasm around you.

It’s intense both physically and emotionally.

The physical stimulation of their contractions can even provide some edging.

A problem some interactive sex toys have is that while they capture certain movements correctly, they don’t do much for contractions.

The Onyx+ from Kiiroo completely changes the game.

This is the third generation of Onyx that the company has made, and it has only further upped the ante.

The Onyx+ is easily its best version yet thanks to its ability to provide both 140 strokes per minute and contraction stimulation.

Using this toy is extremely realistic.

The best aspect about it is that you can also sync it with other toys from Kiiroo.

The Keon Sex Machine, for example, is a great choice for couples who live apart or are temporarily in different locations.

You don’t have to use it with your partner either.

Onyx+ can also sync with devices used with compatible webcam girls and those who use FeelTechnology devices.

You’ll feel every stroke they give, and when they orgasm?

You feel it, too.

The Onyx+ does an incredible job of enhancing both physical pleasure and intimacy. A final feature that makes the Onyx+ a worthy purchase is its quiet motor.

When it delivers 140 strokes a minute, you might think that the toy runs loud.

It doesn’t.

Kiiroo has managed to quiet down the Onyx from its previous versions.

Whether you need to keep things quiet or just don’t like the sound of a motor, the quiet operation of the Onyx+ is likely ideal for you.

Need a quick breakdown?

Then check out these pros and cons of the Onyx+.


  • 140 strokes per minute for intense play.
  • Interactivity with other KIIROO or FeelTouch products.
  • Contraction stimulation for realistic orgasm sensation.
  • Quiet motor for discrete play.


  • Only 1 hour of play despite requiring 4 hours of charging.
  • Syncing to certain websites or toys can be a bit of a hassle.
  • Sleeve can sometimes pull out from the case.

Pulse Solo Interactive – Best Hands-Free Male Vibrator

Pulse Solo Interactive
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Using toys can be frustrating when you need your hands free to do other things. Having only two hands is a design flaw, in my opinion.

Thankfully, Kiiroo recognized that when it comes to masturbation, not having to use your hands is one of the best features it can offer.

Enter the Pulse Solo Interactive.

You might be wondering what makes Pulse Solo Interactive so great.

How about the fact that you just need to put it on, and it does all the work for you?

Pulse Solo Interactive is the next generation of the Pulse line of toys from Hot Octopuss. Hot Octopuss even won an award for its original Pulse toy.

Who doesn’t want to use an award-winning sex toy?

It does everything you’d expect from the previous incredible male vibrator, yet it also introduces interactivity.

You’re able to sync the Pulse to other Kiiroo toys as well as over 4,000 videos.

Whenever a webcam girl uses a toy or orgasms, you feel it, too.

This is where the hands-free bit comes into play:

Because the video, or your partner, is doing all the work, you’re able to sit back and just feel the sensations they’re sending to you.

Add in a blindfold for some sensation play, and you have an intense, unique, experience. Let’s break down all the great and not-so-great things about Pulse Solo Interactive.


  • Next iteration of an award-winning toy.
  • Completely hands-free masturbation.
  • 5 vibration modes with customized frequency settings.
  • 8+ turbo speed settings for rapid orgasms.
  • Interactive capabilities with toy and video syncing.
  • Extremely easy to clean.


  • Only 1 hour of use per 3 hours of charging.
  • Does require some testing and adjusting to find the perfect spot.
  • Highest turbo settings kill the battery quickly.

Keon Sex Machine – Best Interactive Sex Machine for Women or Prostate Play

keon sex machine
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Do you want to make your playtime a bit more thrilling?

Then you might want to consider using the Keon Sex Machine.

It’s a sex machine that syncs with other toys and videos.

You can allow your partner to have complete control over just how much stimulation you receive.

The best part is you have no idea what your partner has in mind.

It adds some anticipation to the experience which can add just enough spice to keep things interesting.

Another great feature of the Keon Sex Machine is that it’s easy to use.

A common problem that sex machines have is that they’re burdensome and difficult to assemble.

That isn’t the case with this toy.

All you need to do is remove the dildo from its storage location, then lock it into place on the other side of the Keon.

It’s ready for use.

It’s also far smaller and lighter than other sex machines.

That makes storing the toy easy and simple.

Finally, if you have problems pushing the toy away while using it, then Kiiroo has a solution.

You can buy a table clamp separately and attach it to your Keon Sex Machine.

The clamp holds the toy securely in place, so you don’t have to worry about holding onto it.

There’s a lot to love about the Keon Sex Machine, but here are some quick hits and quick misses.


  • Vacuum-lock dildo offers security and ease of use.
  • Interactive capabilities allow you to sync with your partner for two-way pleasure.
  • Easy to switch out the dildo with other styles for more experimentation.
  • Attachable clamp for hands-free play.


  • Highest setting only runs for 30 minutes.
  • 4 hours of charging can ruin the mood.
  • No plug-in capabilities, only runs on battery.
  • Buttons aren’t in ideal locations.

TITAN – Best for Easy Interactive Syncing

kiiroo titan
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Now, if you’re like me, then you don’t want to jump through hoops trying to sync your interactive toys to videos or your partner’s toys.

Fighting technology just to use a toy can completely kill the mood.

That’s what makes the TITAN sex toy great.

It makes syncing with other toys and compatible videos extremely easy.

All you need to do is press a few buttons, sign up for a straightforward subscription, and then you’re able to open up the box to a whole new world of sensation and pleasure.

TITAN is a straightforward vibrator for men.

Despite being simple, it doesn’t let down in terms of vibration power.

It houses nine bullet vibrators that run throughout the toy.

A common problem vibrators have is that they put the vibrating device in one area.

That isn’t the case with TITAN.

It has bullet vibrators all along the shaft to ensure every inch is receiving stimulation.

You can also easily switch between the different vibrational strengths to increase your pleasure or edge yourself.

When you’re ready to turn up the heat, you can sync TITAN to your partner’s toy or choose one of over 4,000 videos from FeelMe.

The toy will start to vibrate according to what your partner is doing or what the person in the video is doing.

It brings mutual masturbation to a whole different level.

You might be wondering what the best takes and mistakes of TITAN include. Take a look:


  • 9 bullet vibrators for whole-vibration sensations.
  • Ability to easily switch between different vibrational intensities.
  • Easy to sync to your partner’s or video toys.
  • VR-compatible for interactive play.


  • Only offers 30-40 minutes of use.
  • Requires 3-4 hours of charging.
  • Not compatible with Keon.

Syncing Capabilities Ensure You Never Have to Masturbate Alone Again

keon interactive banner
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Long gone are the days when you had to use mere tubes of plastic to orgasm. The digital age has introduced a new way to masturbate.

It’s even found a way to allow long-distance couples or couples briefly separated to keep their love lives active and satisfying.

It’s all about syncing between toys and videos.

These interactive sex toys from Kiiroo all have one thing in common:

You can sync them with other toys that allow you to feel the sensation of the other person.

When they increase the pace or intensity of their toy, then you feel it, too.

It basically makes you feel as though you’re having sex with them even though you’re miles apart.

How does it accomplish this feat?

Interactive sex toys use the same sort of technology found in smart devices and smartphones. They use WIFI and Bluetooth to emit and receive a signal from the device it’s syncing with.

Depending on the toy in question, it might require a subscription plan which uses other technology, like Cloud streaming, to enable long-distance syncing.

The end result is the ability to sync your toy with your partner’s who might be hundreds, if not thousands, of miles away from you.

Even if you’re playing solo, you can sync your toy to a number of videos that use FeelMe technology from Kiiroo.

Interactive sex toys represent the very best use of syncing technology, and these initial iterations of interactive toys are only the beginning.

Stop Boring Masturbation and Start Having Memorable Experiences

keon watcher feature
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Let’s be honest, masturbation is boring and unmemorable.

In most cases, your top ten orgasms likely came from a partner and not your hand or fingers.

The harsh truth is that your partner isn’t always available for sex, and that’s something you need to respect.

The even harsher truth is that it may be a long time before you end up with another partner.

In both cases, you shouldn’t let yourself down further by engaging in boring, standard, masturbation.

Interactive sex toys can completely change how you masturbate.

It becomes far less ritualistic or even routine.

Instead, it can create memorable experiences.

That’s because you’re sharing your masturbation with another person.

Not sure where you should begin when it comes to interactive sex toys? Here’s a helpful guide to get you started.

Determine if You Want to Share Experiences With a Partner or With Videos

You can certainly have it both ways.

Interactive sex toys are great for use with partners and for solo play. However, some interactive sex toys are better for one situation than the other.

For example, the Pulse Solo Interactive sex toy is perfect for use online.

While you can sync it with your partner’s toy, its true strength rests in syncing it with videos both 2D and virtual.

For something more partner-focused, you might want to consider the TITAN or Keon Sex Machine.

Both sync well with your partner’s toy and can create incredible experiences.

Knowing how you primarily want to use your sex toy can help ensure you choose the right one.

Worried About Waking the Neighborhood?

Being discrete may be a real concern for you.

The problem with most sex toys is that they run a bit loud.

If your apartment has thin walls or you don’t want your family to know you’re having some fun, then using a quiet interactive sex toy is key.

In this case, you can do no better than the Onyx+.

It has a far quieter motor than its predecessors which allows you to enjoy interactive play without waking the neighbors.

Instead, you’ll have to focus on keeping yourself quiet after experiencing the sort of memorable pleasure the toy can offer.

Ease of Use Removes Frustration

Here’s the deal with many sex toys.

They can be a hassle to set up or even use.

By the time you have everything ready, your mood may have completely disappeared. That’s why picking an easy-to-use interactive sex toy is key.

In this case, both the Keon & Feel Stroker and the TITAN are the go-to choices.

The Keon & Feel Stroker is an ideal choice because it’s easy to set up and use.

You just insert the stroker into the Keon, lock it in place, then use the grips for added help with positioning.

You don’t have to worry about the toy bouncing all over the place.

The TITAN is another great pick for its ease of use in terms of syncing with other toys or devices.

It’s just as easy to increase or decrease the amount of vibration you’re receiving.

Choosing an interactive sex toy that is easy to use means you spend less time fighting with it and more time enjoying it.

Remove the Callous Feeling of Using a Limp and Boring Masturbator by Using a Memorable Interactive Sex Toy

Masturbation doesn’t have to be boring.

In fact, masturbation shouldn’t be boring.

By using any of the toys listed above, you can completely change how you masturbate and how much pleasure you receive from it.

The Keon & Feel Stroker is the best choice for intense play while interacting with your partner or virtually.

feelme and keon
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Its ability to sync to over 4,000 videos through a FeelMe subscription means you have no shortage of experiences to try.

You can also sync it to live girls for an even more intimate experience.

Watching your partner or a webcam girl is a passive experience that can feel stale after a while.

Actually being able to feel your partner’s pleasure and movements, or physically participating with a webcam girl, can make your masturbation sessions more significant.

You’ll probably never want to touch your boring stroker or use your hand again.

Start having memorable experiences when you masturbate by trying out the following products:

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Interactive Toys at Kiiroo

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