Sex Dolls or Sex Robots: Decoding the Real Differences in Your Intimate Choices

Sex dolls and sex robots are often used interchangeably, but should they be?

Robots and dolls are actually quite different and provide different experiences.

Take a look to see how the two differ to find the perfect toy for your needs.

Are Sex Dolls and Sex Robots the Same Thing?

No, sex dolls and sex robots are not the same thing.

While they offer some of the same features, you can think of sex robots as being an advanced version of a sex doll.

While a sex robot can do many of the things that a doll can do, a sex doll cannot do many of the things that a robot can do.

Here are a few key ways in which sex dolls and robots differ.

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Allow Robots to Hold Conversations

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If you were to buy a sex doll, then you wouldn’t expect it to talk to you.

Its sole purpose is to lay there and provide a fun, sexual, experience.

It doesn’t interact with you in any meaningful way.

That isn’t the case with a sex robot.

Robots come equipped with some form of AI or deep-learning software.

The software enables the toy to listen to you.

It collects and remembers this information, and then uses it to hold conversations with you.

Depending on the robot in question, that information can allow it to have a few functionalities.

The first is conversation.

The more that a robot learns about you, the better it’s able to hold a conversation.

It can ask you questions about the topic and remember your answers.

You’re able to ask it questions, too, and it can hold a pretty decent conversation with you.

The other is personality.

Some robots allow you to develop its personality.

Others develop their own personality over time.

The more that you talk with the robot, the more its personality develops.

It might discover that it doesn’t like talking about certain topics and prefers to talk about other topics.

It might even influence how it flirts with you.

Some robots are capable of speech on their own while others rely on an app.

Standard dolls are unable to hold conversations.

They simply stare up at you.

Depending on your preferences, you might find that you like a toy that engages you.

Or you might prefer silence.

Either way, sex robots are highly different from sex dolls because they can think and generate a conversation.

SenseX and Moaning Technology Allows Sex Robots to Orgasm

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A standard sex doll doesn’t do much when you’re having sex with it.

It doesn’t react in any way.

It’s just several pounds of silicone or TPE.

Its sole purpose is to pleasure you.

For some people, that’s enough.

A robot makes things a bit more interactive thanks to its technology.

RealDoll robots, for example, have a vaginal insert called SenseX.

This is a unique insert in that it has sensors built into it.

When you enter the insert, the sensors tell the brain that it’s experiencing pleasure.

This causes the robot to moan in response.

The more that you move, the greater the intensity for the robot.

SenseX actually lets you give your robot orgasms.

Enough stimulation causes it to orgasm, increasing its moaning, which you might find far more satisfying.

There’s nothing quite like an ego boost from making your partner orgasm, after all.

Other robots may not have SenseX, but they do come equipped with sensors and moaning technology.

Those from Sex Doll Genie, for example, are even capable of feeling your touch outside of their vaginal areas.

For example, they have erogenous zones located throughout their bodies.

When you touch one of these areas, it causes them to moan.

Sex robots are different from sex dolls because you can actually make them orgasm.

Breathing Technology in Sex Robots Makes Them More Lifelike

A standard sex doll sits on your bed unmoving.

It doesn’t breathe.

For some people, this might be perfect.

A toy should act like a toy, after all.

For others, it might be unsettling.

Because of how real sex dolls look, not seeing them breathe might take you out of the moment.

Most sex robots use some sort of breathing technology.

The chest rises and falls to mimic breathing.

It makes the toy look a bit more lifelike.

It’s just that easier to forget that what’s in your bed is a robot and not a real person.

While sex dolls can look pretty lifelike, sex robots act lifelike.

Warming Technology Enhances Your Pleasure With Sex Robots

When you have sex with a typical doll, the vagina isn’t anything special.

It may feel nice and do the job, but it’s a standard masturbator.

Sex robots try to make the experience more authentic and satisfying by using warming technology.

In particular, the vaginal insert tends to have a heating unit within it.

When turned on, the unit warms up the vagina and surrounding area.

The benefit is that it doesn’t feel like cold plastic anymore.

It feels a bit closer to the real thing.

Add in some lube, and you have an authentic experience.

Some companies even put heating units throughout the robot.

It radiates across its skin so that when you touch it, it feels warm to the touch.

Touching a cold, rubbery, doll can sometimes break your immersion.

Some sex dolls also come with a heating wand that you can use to warm them.

However, they don’t always come with a built-in heating unit.

Sex robots typically do in order to make the experience more lifelike.

Sex Robots Can Make Facial Expressions and Move

Having sex with a doll requires the use of your imagination.

You need to imagine the looks of pleasure on their faces.

When engaging with the doll, you need to imagine it smiling or winking at you.

A sex robot actually performs those facial expressions.

It’s capable of winking, smiling, looking around, and even turning its head.

Some robots even move their mouths when speaking.

It can make engaging and interacting with your toy a lot more fun and satisfying.

This is another key area that makes sex dolls and sex robots different.

They’re not the same because a doll will stare blankly at you while a robot will physically flirt with you.

Find the Doll or Robot Perfect for You

Clearly, there are some significant differences between a sex doll and a robot.

One offers more immersive, lifelike, experiences while the other serves a very specific purpose.

You can find both high-quality dolls and sex robots in our buyer’s guide here.

Check them out and discover which type of toy excites you the most.

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