Tantaly Candice: The Most Lifelike Torso Sex Doll With Extremely Realistic Proportions

Full size sex dolls are great, but they can be a lot of hassle.

Yes they provide the most realistic sex toy experience, but…

They’re very heavy.

Require a lot of maintenance.

And are super expensive.

But what if there was a sex toy that could provide the realism of a life-size doll without the inconveniences?

I think I’ve found that.

In this review, I’ll reveal everything about the Tantaly Candice, and explain why it’s the most realistic torso sex doll.

You’ll discover how Candice goes the extra mile to provide an authentic experience and all the fun you can have with her.

Where to Buy
Tantaly.com | The Official Site

We recommend that you only shop at the official Tantaly website. Do not buy from 3rd party websites. Tantaly will offer discreet shipping and the best customer service and return policy.

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Why You’ll Love Tantaly Candice

If you’re looking for a step up from a traditional fleshlight but you’re not quite ready for a full-size sex doll, Candice might be perfect for you.

tantaly candice with bikini
Screenshot taken from Tantaly.com

It’s a torso sex doll complete with a lifelike vagina, anus and huge breasts.

This is the largest torso sex doll in the Tantaly range. In fact, it was designed to mimic the size of an average woman with the perfect boobs-to-ass ratio.

A lot of users point out that Candice is very heavy. She weighs 19.5 kilograms. However, many find that this weight adds to the realism and makes it easier to go to town on her.

Candice has no head and no limbs, which might weird some people out. Others might be pleased with how much more convenient this makes it to play with her.

Tantaly has done such a great job recreating the feel of a real woman with Candice. When you’re done fucking her, she’s big and soft enough to enjoy a cuddle with too. That’s why I rate her as the perfect pit-stop between a fleshlight and a full-size sex doll.

Candice is the Biggest Heaviest Tantaly Torso Sex Doll

Candice is 58 centimetres long and weighs 19.5 kilos (41.8 lbs). That’s about the same weight as a traditional office chair.

tantaly candice sizes
Screenshot taken from Tantaly.com

She’s the largest of the Tantaly family of torso sex dolls. Her skin is made from soft TPE, which is the most lifelike material for sex dolls.

You can fuck her in the vagina, anus or in between her huge lifelike boobs.

Since she’s the size of an average woman, you might enjoy dressing her up in lingerie or whatever outfits turn you on.

She’s available with various accessories including:

  • Tantaly USB Heating Rod
  • Tantaly Water Lube
  • Tantaly Deluxe Sex Doll Care Kit
  • Tantaly Renewal Powder
  • Tantaly Absorbent Sticks

These will all improve your experience with Candice and ensure she remains well-maintained.

However, they’re all optional add-ons, which you can choose not to receive if you’re looking to save money. Perhaps you’ll find cheaper alternatives for these accessories elsewhere, or maybe you’ve already bought them to use with your other sex toys.


  • Mimics the size, weight and touch of a real human torso.
  • The vagina and ass look and feel as real as I’ve experienced.
  • Competitively priced.
  • Available with several useful accessories.
  • Tantaly offers discreet packaging and speedy customer service.


  • Candice is a bit heavy for some people.
  • She has no head and no limbs; it can take some getting used to fucking her.
  • She’s cold to touch.
  • Not everyone is into TPE sex toys. It’s porous which can cause some hygiene concerns.

What Separates Tantaly’s Candice from Other Sex Dolls?

Allow me to highlight the main features that make her one of the best sex dolls some guys have ever used.

Candice has the Perfect Size and Shape to Fulfil Your Fantasies

tantaly candice full body
Screenshot taken from Tantaly.com

Candice’s torso is designed to mimic the dimensions of a young woman with perfect natural titties. This realistic size and weight make it more fun and immersive to re-enact whatever sexual fantasy you wish.

If this is not your thing and you want oversized proportions, consider checking out Tantaly Monica.

You can dress her up in size S lingerie to make the experience feel even more real.

Her arched back and juicy butt means she’s shaped perfectly to be rammed doggy-style. You can play with her bouncy tits as you fuck her in missionary, or watch them jiggle as you lie on your back and place her in the cowgirl position.

Yes, she’s heavy but this adds to the realism, and she’s nowhere near as difficult to move or store as a full-size sex doll.

TPE Skin is the Closest You’ll Get to the Real Thing

TPE (or thermoplastic elastomer) is a mix of plastic and soft rubber.

Its strength and elasticity make it the perfect choice for a love doll. It can be stretched by up to five times its original length, and this contributes to its softness and suppleness.

It has great chemical resistance, heat resistance and aging resistance. It’s less likely to tear than silicone.

It’s cheaper to produce than silicone too, which explains why Tantaly provides such cost-effective torso toys.

Most importantly, it feels more like human skin than silicone. It is a much better choice for breasts in particular. The elasticity of TPE is what helps to make them bounce just like real boobs as you thrust into your doll.

The biggest downside of TPE is that it’s porous. Its ability to retain water means it’s more susceptible to mold growth if it’s not cleaned properly, especially if stored in humid environments.

It’s not as easy to clean as silicone either, so you should take extra time and care when doing so. With that said, it might only take a couple of minutes more than a silicone equivalent.

Tantaly has gone the extra mile with Candice by adding tiny goosebumps for extra realism. The only major tell (apart from the lack of head and limbs) is her temperature. Of course, she’s cold. I’d recommend wrapping her up in a warm blanket if you want to recreate the body heat of a real human woman.

It Feels Amazing to Fuck Her in the Ass or Pussy

tantaly candice anus
Screenshot taken from Tantaly.com

The ‘tunnels’ to insert your penis into Candice’s anus or vagina are uniquely pleasurable. They are filled with ridges and nodules which increase friction for extra stimulation.

It’s worth mentioning here that Tantaly uses different textures for each of their doll’s vaginas. You’ll have to fuck them all to find your personal favorite.

tantaly candice vagina
Screenshot taken from Tantaly.com

Candice’s vagina is 5.98 inches deep and she has a 5.12-inch deep anus, although her stretchy TPE skin means that she’s perfect for any penis size.

I recommend you add water-based lubricants and maybe make use of Tantaly’s USB heating stick to recreate the heaven of a real warm and wet vagina.

Trust me, you’ll have a great time. This is 10x better than a normal masturbator.

You’ll never want to jerk it with your hands again.

Customers Love Candice’s Dimensions – Although Some Struggle With Her Weight

At the time of writing, Candice has received 133 reviews on the official Tantaly website. This includes 110 five-star reviews and a further 17 four-star reviews.

A lot of these reviews mention the realistic proportions and how amazing she feels.

Many satisfied users love sharing photos of Candice wearing the sexy outfits they chose for her.

“Great for missionary and doggy, and if you really like dressing up making it even better! Really worth the price!”

“It definitely blurs your mind between reality and fantasy. I fucked this thing with everything I had in me and I don’t think I’ve come that hard.

“The weight took a little while to get used to but once you do, it’s amazing.”

Tantaly’s Selection of Torso Sex Dolls Offers Something for Everyone So You Can Match Your Budget and Size Requests Perfectly

There are four smaller and cheaper ‘sister’ products available for guys interested in a Tantaly torso sex toy.

Allow me to briefly summarize some other Tantaly torso sex toys and how they compare to Candice.

Tantaly Britney

Tantaly Britney with underwear
Screenshot taken from Tantaly.com

Tantaly Britney weighs 13.5 kgs (29.76 lbs). She’s 48.5 centimetres tall. That’s still big enough to make for a great cuddle companion, although clearly not large enough to mimic sex with a real woman.

Britney and Candice have a similar boobs-to-ass ratio. Britney has silicone implants though. This makes her boobs jiggle more, although Candice’s are more realistic to touch.

Britney also has a deeper vagina (7”) and anus (6.22”).

Britney is available in two skin tones (fair or wheat). She’s available for $359.99 on the Tantaly website.

Tantaly Scarlett

tantaly scarlett
Screenshot taken from Tantaly.com

Scarlett weighs a tiny 6.5 kg (14.3 lb). That’s one third of the weight of Candice and less than half of Britney. She’s just 41 centimetres tall.

You’ll have fewer issues with the size and weight of this torso toy. Scarlett might perhaps be seen as less of an intimidating upgrade from a fleshlight for this reason.

With that said, she’s perhaps too small to provide as realistic an experience as the Candice or Britney dolls. She’s only available with the ‘fair’ skin tone.

You can get a significant discount compared to her bigger sisters though. She’s available to buy for just $219.99.

Tantaly Candice Solves Your Sex Doll Complications

The idea of a full-size sex doll might sound appealing until you realise the complications with moving it, storing it and maintaining it.

Tantaly Candice does a lot to remove these complications, while still providing one of the most lifelike sex toy experiences ever experienced.

Where to Buy
Tantaly.com | The Official Site

We recommend that you only shop at the official Tantaly website. Do not buy from 3rd party websites. Tantaly will offer discreet shipping and the best customer service and return policy.

Visit The Official Website
We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
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