Life in Plastic? It’s Fantastic With RealDoll!

You may know that you want a sex doll, but you may not be sure where to actually buy one.

While there are a few choices out there, RealDoll remains a top choice among experienced buyers.

Yet, it isn’t for everyone, so take a look to see if RealDolls are worth it for you.

Are RealDolls Worth Buying?

Yes, RealDolls are worth buying.

They’re not a cheap purchase, however, so you need to make sure that the doll you want to buy is worth the price.

You might find that other stores offer similar quality but for a cheaper price.

That said, here are a few reasons why RealDolls are worth buying.

Lifelike Sculpting and Paint Jobs Make Them Eerily Real

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As its name might suggest, RealDoll focuses on realism when it comes to making its dolls.

You won’t find dolls with unnaturally large breasts or body types at this store.

A lot of thought goes into the sculpting of each model.

The designers will often do a bit of research into the body type and ethnicity that they want to recreate.

Once they’re pleased with the design, they’ll set up some molds and start pouring.

Certain details like ribs, sharp collarbones, and even musculature are all aspects that they consider.

Even something as small as veins on a doll’s hands is carefully constructed.

Once they’re done with the body, the designers will start painting it.

This is the other half of the process that makes the company’s dolls something special.

The flesh tones are authentic to real life.

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Even when the light or shade hits them, they look like real people.

That also comes down to the small details like veins, freckles, and beauty marks.

The final factor is makeup.

RealDoll uses a real team of expert makeup artists.

They’ll use high-quality paints to add that last bit of life to the doll.

The end result is a gorgeous sex doll that looks basically like a real person.

It’s difficult for other companies to match this amount of detail and realism.

If having a doll that could practically double as a real person is what you want, then RealDoll is likely worth the purchase.

High-Quality Materials Ensure RealDolls Last a Long Time

Considering that RealDoll’s products are on the expensive side, you likely wonder if you’re making a good investment.

The last thing you want is to pay a lot of money only for the toy to deteriorate within a year.

The good news is that RealDoll uses premium quality materials to make its dolls.

The company focuses on premium silicone which is a high-end product.

Silicone has its share of benefits.

It’s extremely durable, so it isn’t easy to rip, tear, or dent.

You can be a bit rough with your doll and not have to worry about it.

Another important aspect is that it’s non-porous.

This means that it doesn’t absorb anything into the material.

This is an important feature because it means the material is going to last a lot longer.

When a material is porous, like TPE, it can absorb germs, dirt, and other fluids.

Over time, mold can start to grow.

It especially likes organic material to eat.

Before you know it, mold is growing on your doll, and you have no way to wipe it off or clean it.

That’s because the source of the mold is within the material.

Silicone doesn’t have that problem.

As long as you clean it after use, the risk of mold growth is slim.

That makes silicone dolls a lot more sanitary.

RealDolls are worth it because they use premium materials which allow them to last longer.

Don’t Like Something About a Doll? RealDoll Lets You Change Almost Everything

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While browsing through the different sex dolls on RealDoll, you might discover one that catches your eye.

Yet, there may be a few problems with it.

You might not like its hair color, its body type, or even its face.

RealDoll allows you to change all those aspects on most of its dolls.

It uses a certain type of facial technology that lets it slip faces off of the dolls easily.

You can match the head you want with the body type that you want.

You can even customize the head further.

You’re able to switch out eyes for a different color.

If you don’t like the wig, then you can switch that out, too.

There are also tons of upgrades that you can use to make your doll perfect.

For example, if you want her to be more jiggly, then you can opt for that upgrade.

The sky is the limit when it comes to customizing your doll at RealDoll.

The company gives you the power of making a doll that you find attractive.

Ready to Upgrade? RealDoll Has Sex Robots

While the dolls at RealDoll are remarkable, it’s the company’s RealDollX line that stands out.

It’s a line of sex robots.

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It uses AI and VR technology to bring you closer to your doll.

It’s capable of speaking with you, moaning, and even orgasms.

The VR version of the doll lets you bring its personality with you everywhere on your phone.

When you return home to your doll, you can continue the conversation.

The doll is also able to turn its head, move its mouth, and make very basic facial expressions like moaning.

Experienced sex doll owners might find this particular upgrade worth the investment.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy RealDolls

Now, while RealDoll is a great choice for experienced sex doll owners, it isn’t for everyone.

The prices, alone, can really make it difficult for someone to buy their first RealDoll.

A better option might be Silicon Wives.

It offers some of the cheapest prices on dolls that are still of great quality.

Another problem is that RealDoll doesn’t have a lot of variety.

It keeps itself to realistic proportions which is great for those who want that realism.

If you’re looking for elven, fantasy, BBW, or even pregnant dolls, then you’re not going to find them at RealDoll.

Your better off looking at Sex Doll Genie.

It has tons of different variants with an impressive selection of male sex dolls, too.

You’ll also find that these dolls are typically cheaper than those at RealDoll.

If you don’t have the budget for RealDoll or you want something niche, then take a look at Silicon Wives and Sex Doll Genie.

Learn More About RealDoll to Find Your Perfect Doll

RealDoll is a great choice for those looking for realistic dolls that last a long time.

You can find out more about RealDoll, and other sex dolls, by checking out our buyer’s guide here.

You’re sure to find the perfect doll that matches your needs.

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