Exploring the Value of Silicon Wives Dolls: Quality, Variety, and Affordability Unveiled

One look at a sex doll’s price tag, and you might feel a heart attack approaching.

Many companies charge high prices for their dolls, but Silicon Wives manages to keep its dolls affordable.

Because of its cheaper prices, you might wonder if the dolls on its marketplace are worth purchasing.

Are Silicon Wives Dolls Worth Buying?

Yes, the dolls from Silicon Wives are worth buying.

While Silicon Wives produces some of its own dolls, it’s also a marketplace where other companies can sell their dolls.

By keeping production costs low, it’s able to keep its prices affordable.

Take a look at some of the reasons why you should invest in a doll from Silicon Wives.

Don’t Break the Bank While Buying Something You’ll Love

When comparing Silicon Wives to other stores, you’ll notice that it consistently keeps its prices lower.

While there are a handful of dolls that reach mid-tier budgets, by and large, the company’s dolls are affordable.

You don’t have to worry about going broke just to buy yourself a high-quality sex doll.

This also means you have more money to customize your doll.

Customizations and upgrades cost extra.

While some companies might offer a deal or a free upgrade, in most cases, you’re going to be paying more to change certain aspects of the doll.

If the doll is already on the cheaper end, then you have more money available to customize the doll until it’s exactly how you want it.

You don’t have to settle for anything just because you don’t have extra funds.

Even if you don’t want to customize your doll, you’ll have excess funds to buy other toys or maybe even another doll.

Silicon Wives is worth purchasing from because you’re able to stretch your dollar a bit more.

You’ll Find High-Quality and Low-Quality Dolls in Bulk

There’s no question that some of the dolls at Silicon Wives aren’t worth buying.

They may not last long or they just don’t look great.

Some of the male sex dolls, for example, don’t look realistic or even sexy.

The good news is that the company does have a large number of high-quality dolls.

As long as you know what to avoid, you’re sure to find one that looks great and performs well.

Even though Silicon Wives is affordable, that doesn’t mean its dolls feel or look cheap.

They have some dolls that you can find at more expensive marketplaces.

The difference is that you’re typically able to buy them a bit cheaper at Silicon Wives.

If you want to score a deal on a high-quality sex doll, then shopping at Silicon Wives is worth it.

Silicon Wives Have Tons of Body Types and Varieties

When shopping for a doll, you’re going to quickly discover that many of them have the same body type.

They tend to be slim with moderate breasts.

Not everyone wants an average human female as a sexual partner.

At Silicon Wives, you’ll find that you have much more variety.

The company sells dolls with large proportions, realistic proportions, and even fun or strange proportions.

For example, it has its share of anime dolls, pregnancy dolls, and even BBW dolls.

You can also find a range of ages.

So, whether you like teen sex dolls or MILFs, you’re sure to find someone you like.

This makes shopping at Silicon Wives worth it because you have a wider selection.

You don’t have to sacrifice any fantasies you have just because the store doesn’t have a doll that fits that fantasy.

You may even discover new fantasies when looking at the large selection of dolls the company has in stock.

There’s something for everyone at Silicon Wives.

Lack of Smart Features and AI Make the Dolls Ideal for Beginners

If you’re new to the world of sex dolls, then you may not know where to start.

Silicon Wives tries to make it easy for new people to get started with sex dolls.

It accomplishes this by keeping its dolls simple.

You won’t find anything too high-tech at this store.

At most, you might be able to enjoy some moaning and breathing technology.

However, you don’t have to worry about charging up your doll, ensuring its software is up to date, or installing the software initially.

You simply pull it out of the box and it’s ready to go.

As you become more comfortable with dolls, you can always upgrade to more sophisticated toys later.

Silicon Wives makes its dolls perfect for beginners.

Why Aren’t Silicon Wives Dolls Worth Buying?

Now, while there are many benefits of buying a doll from Silicon Wives, there are a few problems.

As mentioned earlier, while Silicon Wives does have a good selection of high-quality dolls, it also has its share of low-quality ones.

These are dolls that aren’t built well or just don’t look great.

Many of its male sex dolls, for example, don’t look all that realistic.

Without proper research, you might end up with a doll that deteriorates quickly.

This is due to the fact that Silicon Wives doesn’t make all of its dolls.

It’s a marketplace for other companies.

Some companies are better than others.

If you want premium quality, then you might want to consider buying from RealDoll.

RealDoll makes all of its dolls.

While it lacks variety, it doesn’t skimp out on quality.

Some of the most realistic dolls are at RealDoll.

Now, because RealDoll has premium dolls, you can expect that the price tag is going to be higher.

That’s the trade-off.

Another unfortunate aspect of Silicon Wives is that the customization options it has aren’t anything great.

While you can customize certain features like hair color, eye color, and other appearance preferences, there isn’t anything that makes the doll special.

It’s just a standard sex doll.

At most, you may be able to include some moaning or breathing, but it doesn’t quite put that much spark into it.

If you want something a bit more advanced, then you’re going to want to shop at Sex Doll Genie.

Sex Doll Genie also has a wide selection of different models.

It also has a line of AI sex robots.

These robots can interact with you, smile, talk, and even moan when you touch them.

They’re much more lively and can create new experiences.

Naturally, they’re also more expensive.

Silicon Wives is a great choice for those looking for cheap dolls, but some others might be ready for more advanced dolls from RealDoll and Sex Doll Genie.

Take a Look for Some Great Beginner Bargains

Silicon Wives is definitely a sex doll marketplace for those new to the sex doll world.

While it certainly has dolls for experienced doll owners, too, it lacks certain features that make the dolls exciting.

To help you find a high-quality doll at Silicon Wives, check out our buyer’s guide here.

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