Navigating the Realism: A Comprehensive Guide on Engaging Intimately With Your Sex Doll

Sex dolls can be intimidating.

After getting over the shock of its size, beauty, and complexity, learning how to use it properly can help you have incredible experiences with it.

Consider these tips on how to have sex with a sex doll to ensure you’re getting the most out of your toy.

How to Have Sex With a Sex Doll – Best Practices and Usage Tips

At first, it may seem pretty straightforward how to use a sex doll.

When you first open its box, however, its sheer size and realism might throw you off.

It’s no standard sex toy.

Follow these steps to use your doll properly.

Choose the Right Clothing to Make Her Enticing

Before you even think about having sex, you need to dress up your doll.

Half the fun of owning a sex doll is being able to dress her in sexy clothes that you love.

Now, you shouldn’t purchase just any clothes for your toy.

Certain colors can actually damage it.

Stay away from dark dyes and certain types of fabrics like denim.

Neutral colors carry the least risk of staining the doll’s skin.

However, if you don’t mind a bit of color on its skin, then you can choose whatever type of clothes drives you wild.

You might find dressing your doll a bit difficult on its own.

They’re heavy, and new dolls tend to be a bit stiff until you work their skeletons a bit.

You can use pillows and other props to help position her while you dress her.

Once you have the perfect outfit for her, she’s dressed and ready to tease.

Don’t Neglect Your Own Foreplay

A lot of men leave an experience with a doll unsatisfied because they didn’t work themselves up properly.

It’s easy to forget that dolls aren’t real.

Most aren’t going to moan for you or help you get in the mood.

Looking at them might make you feel a certain way, but it doesn’t do much to set the scene.

If you want a great experience, then you need to let yourself do a bit of foreplay beforehand.

This is an easy step to skip because your doll doesn’t require it.

It’s ready for sex right out of the box.

You may not even be in the habit of performing foreplay for yourself.

Foreplay can come in several shades.

You might find that watching porn beforehand works well for you.

Others might need to read erotic fiction or simply sit in bed and dwell in their imagination for a time.

You might even find preparing a meal and eating with your doll can help set the mood.

The goal is to make the environment, yourself, and your doll arousing.

If you need to do a few extra things to feel some connection to your doll, then do it.

That connection can make your experience so much more satisfying.

Prepare Pillows for Proper Positioning

Now that you’re in the proper mood, it’s time to put your doll in the position you want to try.

Most sex dolls are not light.

A doll complete with legs and arms tends to weigh anywhere from 60 pounds to over 100 pounds.

It’s basically like lifting dead weight.

Depending on the distance, you may need to carry your doll for some time.

To make this process easier, you’ll want to invest in some sort of rolling cart.

You can put the doll on the cart, then roll it wherever you need it.

That can help you save your energy which you’ll need to have sex with your doll.

Once your doll is on the right surface, it’s time to position her.

Most dolls have steel skeletons.

Not everyone has movable joints either.

If she does, then you can simply ease her limbs into the position you want it.

If your doll doesn’t, then you can still put her in an ideal position with some sex pillows and other items.

Once you have her secure, it’s time to prepare her for sex.

Choose a Lubricant You Enjoy and Won’t Stain the Doll

If you want to have great sex with your doll, then you’re going to need some lubricant.

There’s no shortage of different types of lubricant.

Some come with extra properties like the ability to provide cooling or warming sensations.

Others have a particular scent, texture, or flavor.

The best lubricant you can use with a sex doll is a colorless, odorless, one.

The warming and cooling sensations might provide a bit more fun, and they’re safe to use with a doll.

Colorful lubricants, however, might stain the doll, especially if it leaks out onto its skin.

Lubricants with odor might also make your doll smell odd over time.

Applying lube depends on the type of vaginal insert your doll has.

If it’s fixed, then you’re going to want to use a tool like a vaginal irrigator or even a turkey baster to insert it.

You can also just squirt the lube in, but it increases the risk of making your doll messy.

Removable vaginal inserts are a lot easier.

Remove the vagina from the doll, then apply the lube.

Since it’s outside the doll, you can squirt it right in without worrying about getting it on your doll’s skin.

With lubricant now in your doll, you’re ready for the fun part.

Be Mindful of Tearing When Having Sex With Your Sex Doll

The great thing about sex dolls is how lifelike they are.

Most dolls are capable of anal, vaginal, and oral sex.

Even male dolls are typically capable of penetrative sex along with anal and oral.

That said, if you don’t have any experience with sex, then you might not be sure where to start.

The answer is clear.

Start with what turns you on the most.

If you want to try a bit of physical foreplay with a blowjob, then go for oral sex.

If you just want to have sex, then go for its vagina or anus.

You slide right in like you would a real person.

The key thing to be aware of is force.

Sex dolls are pretty tough, but they are more fragile than the average human.

Too much force could cause you to rip either the vaginal insert or the doll, itself.

For example, TPE dolls are quite soft.

If you pull on them a certain way, then you might cause the skeleton to poke through its skin.

It’s a good idea to keep its hands to the side where it won’t experience friction.

Otherwise, be aware of the strain you’re causing the insert, and have fun.

Experiment With More Features for Even More Fun

Basic sex dolls provide great experiences.

However, more advanced dolls, like sex robots, can make sex even more enjoyable.

Check out our list of the top 10 sex dolls to learn more about these toys.

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