Where to Buy a Sex Doll: Top 3 Vendors You Can Trust

You won’t be able to buy a high-quality sex doll that speaks to you or moans just anywhere.

To buy the best dolls on the market, you need to know who’s making them.

Take a look at the three top sex doll companies to find the doll perfect for you.

Where to Buy a Sex Doll That’s Perfect for Your Needs

The best companies selling sex dolls include RealDoll, Sex Doll Genie, and Silicon Wives.

Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, so it’s worth checking them all to see which one aligns with your needs.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what you can expect from each company.

RealDoll Focuses on Expensive and Realistic Dolls With AI Additions

If you like dolls that look like real people, then you’ll probably love the toys from RealDoll.

The company focuses on producing dolls that look almost indistinguishable from real humans.

From their incredible sculpting to their detailed paint jobs, RealDoll puts a lot of effort into its products.

Silicone is the primary material used to make the company’s dolls.

This might make people with silicone allergies unable to buy its products.

Those who don’t have an allergy might want to consider the incredible features that RealDoll’s products possess.

For one, RealDoll has a line of dolls equipped with AI technology.

The computer is able to recognize what you’re saying and respond to you accordingly.

There is a number of apps that RealDoll has that allows you to communicate with your doll.

Its most advanced app is the RealDollX app.

This app allows you to create a virtual avatar for your doll.

You’re then able to have conversations with it, and it responds and moves in tandem with the avatar.

For example, if the avatar on your phone turns its head to the left, then your doll will, too.

While the doll can’t perform expressions yet, that’s likely a feature coming in the future.

RealDoll is also working on sensors for the toy’s eyes, so it can recognize you when speaking to you.

The app enables the doll to form a personality.

It’s basically possible to form an emotional bond with your toy on top of a physical one.

Another incredible feature of RealDoll’s toys is that you’re able to customize them.

Most of its products come with tons of customization options.

You’re even able to switch heads around to fit the bodies you desire.

Then you have smaller details you can change like hair color, the color of their nails, and even what type of breast they have.

The technology becomes even more advanced from there.

RealDoll has a SenseX Bluetooth insert that most of its dolls can use.

You may need to upgrade a doll with it, but it’s worth the extra money.

The SenseX insert allows your doll to know when you’re inside it.

It causes the doll to moan.

It’s even able to go from an aroused state to an orgasmic one.

While SenseX can enhance your experience, it’s up to you whether you want to invest in that upgrade or not.

Now, that brings us to the negative aspect of RealDoll.

It’s an expensive store.

Most of its dolls begin at around $3,000 and only increase from there.

If you want an AI doll, then you’re looking between the $6,000 and $8,000 range.

That doesn’t even include the extra charges for customization.

RealDoll is an expensive place to buy a sex doll, but with its wealth of customization options, AI, and focus on realistic sculpting, you might find it worth the price.

Sex Doll Genie Offers AI Smarts at Reduced Prices

Now, maybe you love the idea of having a sex doll that speaks to you and learns about you.

But maybe those RealDoll prices have you shaking your head.

A better option for you is Sex Doll Genie.

You can find dolls of similar quality at this company.

However, instead of selling only silicone dolls, they also have their share of TPE dolls, too.

If you have allergies to silicone, then you still have options with Sex Doll Genie.

In many ways, TPE is superior to silicone in that it feels more like human skin.

The material is porous, like skin, which means it has more give and absorbency to it.

If realism and immersion are important to you, then a TPE doll may be up your alley.

Sex Doll Genie also has plenty of options compared to RealDoll.

While RealDoll focuses on realism, Sex Doll Genie isn’t afraid to have some weird dolls.

You’ll find MILFs with huge breasts, fantasy elves with pointy ears, and even a healthy collection of male sex dolls.

You don’t have to sacrifice AI for variety either.

Sex Doll Genie has AI robots of its own.

In some ways, its AI dolls are a bit more realistic than those from RealDoll.

For one, the doll actually expresses emotion.

She can wink and smile at you while she’s talking.

She also listens and learns.

You can have a meaningful conversation with her.

Now, the realism doesn’t end there either.

Most of Sex Doll Genie’s AI robots also come with touch sensors and breathing systems.

When you touch the doll in certain areas, she responds by moaning.

It isn’t just her vagina.

She has erogenous zones throughout her body.

The breathing system also makes her look as though she’s actually breathing.

Finally, they have an internal heating system.

She feels warm to the touch and alive rather than like a cold, Barbie, doll.

Now, whether you want an AI doll or a standard one, you may wonder how customized you’re able to get with it.

Sex Doll Genie also has a large number of customization options.

Not every doll is customizable, but you should be able to switch out a few things on most of them.

You can even add in some premium features to make your doll even more lifelike.

It gets better from there.

Sex Doll Genie’s products are significantly cheaper than RealDoll’s products.

Even most of its AI dolls are cheaper than the AI dolls at RealDoll.

You’re able to have a smart, realistic, doll without breaking the bank.

Sex Doll Genie is a great pick for the individual who wants the best sex dolls can offer while still sticking to a budget.

Silicon Wives Lacks AI Features But it Doesn’t Shy on Quality

The final place to buy sex dolls is Silicon Wives.

At Silicon Wives, one of the first things you’ll notice is its cheap prices.

Compared to Sex Doll Genie and RealDoll, Silicon Wives has some of the cheapest options.

The main reason it keeps its prices cheap is because it doesn’t have any AI dolls.

None of the dolls at Silicon Wives are capable of speech or recognizing you.

Now, while the company may lack AI technology, it does offer some premium features for some of its dolls.

You can sometimes add a breathing system, a moaning device, or an internal heating system to dolls.

You’ll have to pay extra for these features, but they are available to you.

Some of its features are also quite unique.

For example, one upgrade switches out the default vagina for one that has the ability to suck on your penis when moving.

It’s a unique experience that aims to make sex with the doll more realistic.

Silicon Wives also has a big inventory of dolls from different categories.

Whether you’re into anime, MILFs, teens, guys, or fantasy, they likely have a doll for you.

Like the other companies, you’re also able to customize your doll further.

Even if you find a doll that’s perfect for your needs, the fact that you can upgrade or change certain aspects about it just ensures you’re receiving something you actually enjoy.

Silicon Wives also has its share of silicone and TPE dolls.

Whether you prefer TPE for realism or silicone for ease of cleaning, you have tons of options from which to choose.

The obvious drawback of Silicon Wives is that their dolls aren’t anything too special.

They’re standard dolls that won’t add to the experience beyond their appearance.

If that’s all you’re looking for, then Silicon Wives may be the perfect choice for you.

Which Sex Doll Company is Right for You?

RealDoll, Sex Doll Genie, and Silicon Wives are great picks for just about anyone.

However, they all have a certain audience in mind.

RealDoll is an ideal choice for people looking for ultra-realistic sex dolls.

Those who want to speak with their doll via an app outside the bedroom might also appreciate the RealDollX app.

If you like AI but want more variety, then you might want to consider Sex Doll Genie.

The company has some powerful AI features but manages to keep its prices cheaper.

Finally, if you just want a high-quality sex doll without smart features but still some premium upgrade options, then you should consider Silicon Wives.

It has a wide selection of different dolls that you can customize to your heart’s content.

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