Why Allowing Your Partner a Sex Doll Might Benefit Your Relationship

If your partner asks for a sex doll, then it might halt you in your tracks.

You might have a few reservations about them and wonder if your partner should have one.

Letting your partner have a sex doll isn’t the end of the world, and it may actually provide you both with some benefits.

So, Ready to Green-Light Your Partner’s Sex Doll Adventure?..

We think you should let your partner have a sex doll.

While it may seem intimidating or worrying to have a large toy around that looks like a real person, a doll is actually a beneficial sex toy.

You may discover that you enjoy the doll just as much as they do.

Here are a few reasons why you should let your partner have a sex doll.

Sex Dolls Mitigate Sex Drive Problems in the Bedroom

A common problem between couples is the sex drive.

One partner might have a higher sex drive than the other.

While, at first, you might be able to compromise or match each other’s drives, it’s likely going to become an even worse problem down the line.

When a partner’s needs aren’t met, and there’s no compromise in sight, it might drive them to take certain acts to meet those needs, themselves.

Another problem with sex drives is that they change with time.

You may have no sex drive when you first start dating, but after a few years, your drive might suddenly come to life.

The opposite might also be true.

If you and your partner have already established what is acceptable in the bedroom, then you might feel the need to find others or something else to help alleviate your needs.

This is why a doll is a great addition to the bedroom.

Dolls are not people.

They don’t have feelings or goals.

They’re just there to help pleasure you.

It isn’t cheating to sleep with a sex doll.

Instead, your partner can use the doll when you’re not in the mood for sex.

It’s a great compromise because they’re able to act out their needs, and you don’t have to worry about them cheating.

If the sex drive in your relationship doesn’t match, then a doll can be a huge help.

Partner Not Amazing in Bed? A Sex Doll Can Help

Let’s be honest here.

Not everyone is a rockstar when it comes to sex.

It takes time and experience to become good at it.

Everyone is also different.

What’s true for one person isn’t necessarily going to be the same for others.

Everyone has different kinks, erogenous zones, and boundaries.

As a result, you have to re-learn sex with each partner.

If your partner is struggling to please you in bed, then giving them a sex doll may be a great idea.

Sex dolls are typically built similar to a real person.

They come with vaginas, anuses, and sometimes even clits.

If your partner just doesn’t know what they’re doing, then a bit of practice with a doll might help them.

They can spend time learning about female or male anatomy and how to manipulate it.

As a result, you might discover that your partner becomes a better lover.

Sex Dolls are Heavy and Help Build Strength and Stamina

If you’ve never moved a sex doll around before, then you don’t realize how heavy they actually are.

The average weight of a sex doll is between 65 pounds and 100 pounds.

The bigger the doll is, the heavier it’s going to weigh.

The type of material the doll uses can also influence its weight.

Now, if your partner buys a sex doll, then they’re going to need to lift and carry it around.

It’s unlikely you want the doll in the bed all the time, after all.

This means that your partner is going to be lifting a heavy toy each time they use it.

Cleaning dolls is also a very involved process.

Your partner will need to carry, position, and wipe the toy down thoroughly.

Clearly, throughout this process, it’s going to help them exercise.

You don’t lift a 75-pound doll around often and not receive some sort of physical benefit from that.

This means that your partner might end up a bit more in shape as a result.

The other highlight of using a doll is that it can increase their stamina.

Stamina boosts will come from increased physical fitness and frequent sex.

The more that your partner uses the doll, the more they’re able to learn about their own bodies.

When they understand themselves more, they’re able to regulate their performance.

As a result, you might discover that they last longer in bed.

Sex dolls can help your partner keep some level of fitness.

Not Into Feet Stuff? Dolls are!

There are probably a few kinks that your partner has that just don’t do it for you.

You might feel bad that you’re not willing to help your partner explore that kink or fetish.

It’s likely that your partner feels frustrated or unsatisfied, too.

Having a sex doll around is a great way to let your partner explore their kinks in a safe way.

It doesn’t involve bringing someone else in, so there’s less risk of cheating or hurt feelings.

The partner can explore their kinks as much as they want with the doll.

Since the doll doesn’t have any preferences, they’re basically up for anything.

Your partner will feel some satisfaction about being able to explore this aspect of themselves, and you can feel comfortable about not partaking.

Sex dolls let your partner explore new avenues of themselves safely.

Sex Dolls Can be a Lot of Fun for Everyone

Just because your partner wanted a doll doesn’t mean you can’t play with it, too.

Sex dolls can be a fun way for couples to explore new things together.

Even choosing the doll can be a fun, bonding, experience.

When the doll arrives, you both can play with it separately or together.

You might even discover new things about yourself.

Sex dolls can unlock new adventures for couples.

Let Your Partner Have Their Fun With a Sex Doll

Since dolls are harmless, you shouldn’t control what kind of toy your partner buys.

There are many benefits that sex dolls can provide for couples, and it’s worth exploring them yourself, too.

To find the perfect doll that your partner, or yourself, will love, check out our buyer’s guide to get a headstart.

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