Tantaly Monica Review: The Perfect Choice for Those Who Crave Bigger and Better Proportions

When it comes to sex, we always want more.

And for some of us, bigger is always better.

Now, if you have an interest in sex dolls, then you know that most dolls don’t have a lot of plump.

But, Tantaly Monica completely changes the game by providing oversized proportions.

You can enjoy more intense orgasms with her unique vaginal and anal tunnel patterns, find comfort in her oversized breasts, and indulge in all your Hentai fantasies with her extended nipples and large butt.

Let’s break down what makes Monica from Tantaly a dream come true for Hentai lovers and guys who love oversized proportions.

Monica isn’t Built for Everyone: Is She Right for You?

Monica is a sex doll with oversized proportions which makes her a great choice for those who love unrealistic breast sizes and butt sizes.

Tantaly Monica with clothes
Screenshot taken from Tantaly.com

You might be wondering what makes Monica different from the other sex dolls from Tantaly. Monica is the go-to choice for guys who love breasts and butts.

A lot of problems that other love dolls have is that they’re not juicy.

Monica provides the best of both worlds with a large bust and butt size.

She’s the queen of both worlds if you will.

Candice is the largest doll that Tantaly offers, however Monica’s upper breast size alone is 33.4 inches big.

That provides plenty of grab action and the ability to easily use her breasts for pleasure.

A common complaint with other sex dolls is that there isn’t enough depth between the breasts. It can make the experience unsatisfying.

Monica won’t disappoint in that regard, so if you enjoy using breasts for pleasure, then she’s an ideal choice.

It gets better from there.

If you’re a butt guy, then you’ll love Monica’s juicy butt, too.

The circumference of her waist is a meaty 31.4 inches.

That provides you with big, realistic, cheeks to grab and use for your needs.

Clearly, there’s a lot that Monica offers, but she isn’t for everyone.

Here’s the deal:

Monica, is a “Hentai-focused” sex doll.

She features unrealistic proportions and oversized nipples.

If you love Hentai and unrealistic proportions, then she’s your wet dream.

Tantaly monica's boobs upclose
Screenshot taken from Tantaly.com

Men and women who prefer more realistic proportions might find her a bit jarring.

You might find it a bit difficult to enjoy yourself when you keep wondering how the heck her nipples became so long compared to the rest of her body.

If odd proportions aren’t your thing, then you might want to consider Aurora from Tantaly instead. She has proportions that make more sense while maintaining an incredible body.

Monica is a Hentai-inspired sex doll perfect for guys and ladies looking to fulfill their Hentai fantasies.

Bigger and Better? Monica is the Hentai-Inspired Wet Dream of Anime Fans Everywhere

Monica allows you to live out your fantasies of having sex with a woman whose breasts and butt are bigger than they really should be.

If that’s your kink, then Monica is exactly what you need.

She’s basically the oversized version of the Jennifer or Monroe sex dolls from Tantaly.

dimensions of tantaly monica
Screenshot taken from Tantaly.com

The kicker is that Monica is also smaller than those two sex dolls which make her ideal for smaller homes.

If you tried the Jennifer or Monroe sex dolls and found their breasts and butts too small, then Monica may be more your speed.

If you love how the girls look in popular Hentai media, then you’ll probably also enjoy Monica’s appearance.

Whether it’s nuzzling into her oversized breasts or admiring her extended nipples, Monica offers what every Hentai lover needs.

Now, Monica isn’t just for anyone.

Due to her oversized proportions, she’s better suited for guys and girls who want big butts and big breasts.

If you’re not into oversized proportions, then Monica might take you out of your fantasies and even ruin the mood.

So, what’s the bottom line? Monica has the following pros and cons:


  • Huge breast and butt size.
  • Lengthy nipples for nipple-play.
  • Extremely easy to clean.
  • Short height for easy storage.
  • Unique vaginal and anal tunnels.


  • Unrealistic proportions aren’t for everyone.
  • Heavy weight at over 40 pounds.
  • Unique tunnels might make cleaning a bit more difficult.
  • Skin can stain when wearing dark-colored clothes.
  • Packaging problems can damage the nipples.

Our Tantaly Monica Review Dives Deep: Best Features

While the Monica sex doll from Tantaly clearly has its benefits, you might be wondering what it is she exactly offers.

The features she offers can spice up the bedroom scene and satisfy certain fantasies. Let’s dive a little deeper into our Tantaly Monica review.

Oversized Breast and Butt Proportions Bring More Fun

There’s a saying that less is more.

That isn’t the case when it comes to Monica.

Monica features a unique blend of a tight and attractive abdomen without losing breast or butt size in the process.

tantaly monica's breasts
Screenshot taken from Tantaly.com

As anyone who works out knows, when you focus on trimming fat, then your breast and butt sizes tend to decrease.

For guys who love large breasts and butts, that can be a huge letdown.

Monica allows you to enjoy large breast and butt sizes without sacrificing other, aesthetic, pleasures.

Due to her 33.4-inch bust and 31.4-inch waist, you have tons to play with.

Realistic Jiggle Physics Makes the Experience Believable

Some guys find believable experiences to be more enjoyable.

It’s easier for them to lose themselves within the fantasy.

Monica helps make the experience more believable by having realistic jiggle physics. Part of the reason her physics are so realistic is her oversized proportions.

Her breasts and butt are so large that any kind of impact will make them jiggle.

This also plays into the Hentai fantasy.

If you watch Hentai, then you know how common jiggle physics occurs.

You can recreate that experience with Monica which can enhance your enjoyment. The doll’s use of TPE also helps make her skin more pliable.

With each impact, you’ll notice her skin dimples and reacts.

Goosebumps Provide Further Immersion

A problem some guys have with sex dolls is that touching them can feel alien. The skin is often too smooth or too hard.

Here’s the deal with Monica.

Her skin is one of the most realistic textures Tantaly has made to date.

Tantaly improved Monica’s skin texture by applying realistic goosebumps along her flesh.

When you touch her, she feels more natural.

Her skin is also soft and can dimple when you apply pressure.

This results in a realistic experience that can allow you to fully immerse yourself in your fantasy.

No longer will you suddenly find yourself forced out of the moment by touching something that feels like a Barbie doll.

State-Of-The-Art Vagina That Increases Satisfaction

One look at Monica’s vagina will quickly cause you some surprise.

It looks almost exactly like the real thing.

closeup of Tantaly Monica vagina
Screenshot taken from Tantaly.com

Tantaly has spent a lot of time enhancing its sculpting ability.

The company’s skill in recreating human partners is best displayed in its ability to sculpt vaginas.

Monica’s pussy has the same silken appearance as the average pussy. It even includes a clitoral hood.

It gets even better from there.

Monica also has different tunnel patterns inside her pussy.

This means that there are different ridges, pockets, and other patterns that can offer a new experience.

It isn’t the standard, smooth, tunnel most sex dolls provide.

Because the pattern is different, your pleasure becomes enhanced.

It’s specifically designed to apply pressure and friction to the most sensitive parts of the penis. There are even unique areas devoted solely to a suctioning function.

Altogether, Monica’s pussy can enhance your pleasure far more than the standard sex doll.

Easy Clean-Up Procedures for Future Play

Now, as anyone who has used a sex doll knows, the clean-up process can be one of the most annoying aspects of using one.

Monica changes that experience.

Tantaly has a cleaner specifically designed to clean its sex dolls.

All you have to do is insert the cleaner into the tunnel, then squeeze the bulb.

The water will leak out of the numerous holes and clean out the doll for you.

It also comes with a drying stick to ensure your doll doesn’t become moldy.

Want to know the best part?

By making it easier to clean your sex doll, you have more time to spend enjoying it. It also means there’s less risk of tearing or damaging the sex doll.

Monica makes cleaning sex dolls faster and easier than ever.

The Science Behind What Makes Monica Drive Hentai Lovers Crazy

You might be wondering how Tantaly is able to make Monica as realistic as she is. The answer is in the technology that Tantaly brings to the table.

TPE Gives Monica her Realistic Curves

TPE stands for thermoplastic elastomer.

Tantaly uses thermoplastic elastomer in place of silicone.

Thermoplastic elastomer is superior to silicone in a few ways.

It’s made out of both rubber and plastic which means it’s more elastic.

This means you’re able to dimple Monica’s flesh a lot easier.

It’s more pliable beneath your hand.

TPE is also softer.

It’s very porous in nature which gives Monica’s skin that soft feeling which makes her so realistic.

Despite being soft, TPE is still rigid enough that you can move Monica into position and she’ll remain in that position.

You no longer have to fight the doll just to keep her in place.

Finally, because TPE is more elastic, it also means Monica is more flexible. You don’t have to pull a muscle just to put her in the position you want her in.

Unique Tunneling Offers One-Of-A-Kind Pleasurable Experiences

Tantaly also brings its technology to Monica in the form of its unique tunneling technology. This is crazy because it provides a unique, sexual, experience with Monica.

Having sex with Monica is very different from having sex with another of Tantaly’s sex dolls.

Each doll has its own, unique, tunnel.

Tantaly forms the tunnels during the production process.

The design of the tunnel also takes some thought and prototyping.

The company isn’t concerned with just stimulation.

It also wants suction capabilities and penetration pleasure all while ensuring the doll remains easy to clean.

The design and technology that goes into Monica’s tunnels are what make her stand out from the rest.

Heating Rod Provides Additional Realism and Pleasure

Monica comes compatible with the use of Tantaly’s UV heating rod.

The heating rod serves two purposes.

The first is to use UV heat and light to destroy any germs lurking in your sex doll.

The second is to warm up Monica’s tunnels.

By being warm, the experience becomes far more realistic.

Tantaly uses UV technology, which is what the sun uses to warm the earth, to safely heat Monica.

Using more of Tantaly’s technology can enhance your experience while also making Monica sanitary.

What are Monica Lovers Saying?

Now, while we have our own feelings for our Tantaly Monica review, it’s worth hearing it from those who have recently bought her, too.

With over 70 5-star reviews, most customers enjoyed Monica for her realistic jiggle physics.

Many also applauded the unique tunnels and the different experiences they offer based on positioning.

Her legs are another feature that many users enjoyed.

The ability to easily move them rather than having them feel stiff made positioning easier and more natural.

Being able to easily clean the doll was another great benefit that users loved. Of course, not every customer had a great experience with Monica.

Some customers noticed that there was a bit of damage from the packaging. Her nipples were either pushed down or pointing at odd angles.

Others noticed that Monica was leaking oil or that powder had discolored her skin. Some also had problems with vaginal tearing after a few uses.

These reports were significantly fewer than positive reports.

By and large, customers found Monica to be the exact sex doll of their dreams.

Who to Choose if Monica is too Much to Handle

Here’s the thing with Monica. She’s not ideal for everyone.

If you’re not into oversized proportions or living out Hentai fantasies, then you might find other Tantaly sex dolls up your alley instead.

Take a look at these ladies to find one that better suits your specific needs.

The Aurora 2.0 Brings Realism Back to the Bedroom

Tantaly aurora
Screenshot taken from Tantaly.com

If the oversized proportions of Monica threw you off, then you might enjoy Aurora 2.0 instead. Aurora keeps things realistic with her 33.4-inch bust size and 23.6-inch under-bust size.

It’s the under-bust size that makes her different from Monica.

It offers a more realistic breast proportion while still being quite large and attractive.

She’s also quite trim with a taught body and slim hip circumference of 35 inches. Aurora also features gel-based breasts which offer more bounce and realistic physics. To compare:

Hip Size: Aurora: 23.6 inches / Monica: 31.4 inches

Breast Technology: Aurora: Gel-based / Monica: TPE-fusion

Anatomy-Accurate: Aurora: Yes / Monica: No

Weight: Aurora: 54 Pounds / Monica: 40 Pounds

Height: Aurora: 33 inches / Monica: 28.3 inches

Dita’s Small Size Makes her More Portable

Screenshot taken from Tantaly.com

A problem you might have with your Monica sex doll is that she’s heavy. It isn’t always feasible to put her in a suitcase for travel.

That can limit your opportunities for fun.

Dita solves that problem.

Dita is one of the smallest sex dolls that Tantaly offers.

Despite being smaller in size, she still has the same quality build as the other sex dolls.

You’ll still enjoy unique tunnels in both her pussy and anal cavity.

She still has realistic skin and a very tight fit.

Because of her smaller size, Dita is ideal for when you want to bring your sex doll with you on a trip.

She can easily fit in a suitcase.

Additionally, her lighter weight allows you to carry more items in your suitcase if you’re planning on flying.

To compare:

Breast Size: Dita: 20.08 inches / Monica: 33.4 inches

Hip Circumference: Dita: 22.83 inches / Monica: 31.4 inches

Height: Dita: 13.39 inches / Monica: 28.3 inches

Weight: Dita: 9.26 pounds / Monica: 40 pounds

Monica Provides More Body to Enjoy So You Get Exactly What You Fantasize

When regular breast and butt sizes aren’t exciting you anymore, Monica is there to provide you something more.

You can bury yourself in her breasts or butt and fulfill any Hentai-inspired fantasies you have. She isn’t meant for those looking for vanilla experiences.

With her unique vaginal and anal tunnels, life-like skin texture, realistic jiggle physics, and oversized proportions, she’s the perfect experience for someone who just wants a bit more to love and appreciate.

If you want to try out her oversized proportions for yourself, then visit the official Tantaly website to learn more about Monica and live out your Hentai fantasy.

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