Tantaly Britney: The Top-Rated Torso Sex Doll With Large Breasts and Unmatched Realism

You’re not a beginner when it comes to sex toys.

You’ve probably invested in a pocket pussy when they were all the rage.

Well imagine finding a toy that’s way more realistic.

Big breasts.

An ass that jiggles.

Endless realistic pleasure.

Toss that pocket pussy aside and broaden your sexual horizons with a torso male masturbator.

Here, we want to give you an inside look at the Tantaly Britney. A sex toy that will make you forget about your hand, and your pocket pussy, and change how you think about adult toys.

Jiggle & Bounce: What to Consider Before Purchasing?

Masturbation is great, but it can feel mundane and boring when you only use your hand or pocket pussy time and time again.

Before buying the Tantaly Britney, think about whether you want to continue using your pocket pussy, or use a lifelike toy that jiggles and bounces the way you want a real woman to.

tantaly britney
Screenshot taken from Tantaly.com

Why settle for any old stroker when you can use a torso male masturbator? Seriously!

Do you want to keep pretending you’re satisfied with your tiny stroker? Or, do you want to slide into Britney and grab hold of her busty top half while you take care of business?

She offers a super real experience that you won’t soon forget. She gives you the control and pleasure you seek when masturbating. You can’t wrap your hands around gel breasts with a pocket pussy.

However, keep in mind that she’s not discrete or inexpensive. You’ll need room to store her and be willing to invest in your sexual pleasure.

If you’re ready to take masturbation to the next level, read on…

A Highly Rated Torso Male Masturbator: Tantaly Britney

The Tantaly Britney is a male masturbator that changes the game when it comes to sex dolls.

Unlike other mid-size sex dolls, it’s not too light or too heavy. Combined with its size and realistic material, she makes it easy to use as a stroker, or if you prefer, as the receiver of your plowing.

tantaly britney full body
Screenshot taken from Tantaly.com

She’ll work great for you if you’re looking to create a more realistic, sensual experience. This product comes as close to simulating the real thing as you can get.

At the same time, this won’t work for you if you’re looking for a full-sized sex doll.

Keep in mind that routine cleaning is needed, so if you’re not game for that, you’ll probably want to pass.

Here are a few pros and cons:


  • Breasts and butt jiggle.
  • Can wear real lingerie.
  • Weighted, not heavy.
  • Two skin tones available.


  • High cost.
  • Not discrete.
  • Cleaning kit sold separately.
  • Cleanup is needed after each use.

Let’s Take a Peek Inside

Now that I’ve convinced you to learn more about this doll, let’s take a deep dive.

I’ll focus on three main areas of this product:

  • The Features
  • The Benefits
  • The Technology

What are the Features?

Britney has three main features that make you fall in love with her.

  • Realistic Gel Breasts
  • Detailed Pussy
  • Stable Skeleton

These three features make her unique when compared to other male sex toys on the market.

Realistic Gel Breasts

When purchasing a sex doll, you want it to feel real. You want to be able to close your eyes and imagine you’re doing the real thing. That’s what she brings to the bedroom.

Known as Tantabosom, Tantaly offers a unique gel breast formula that will make you want to grab hold and never let go. Besides grabbing, Tantabosom makes titty-fucking feel just like the real thing.

With this gel formula, you can also expect it to jiggle the way you want it to. Take in more than just the feeling of them, and watch her tits bounce thanks to your hard work.

Detailed Pussy

tantaly britney vagina
Screenshot taken from Tantaly.com

A solo masturbator isn’t worth it if it doesn’t come close to replicating the real thing. You’re paying for the experience.

Thankfully, Tantaly Britney doesn’t disappoint when it comes to the most important part of the sex doll. Users can expect the outer labia to be soft to the touch, with a wrinkled texture to mimic a real pussy.

Inside, the magic happens. She features an inside tunnel filled with bumps and ridges that provides a life-like experience for users.

Stable Skeleton

tantaly britney from behind
Screenshot taken from Tantaly.com

There’s nothing worse than spending a ton of money on a sex doll and worrying that you’re going to break it because it’s not sturdy enough. Or worse, grabbing onto it feels fake.

Tantaly had those two concerns in mind when developing their dolls. The doll itself is durable and sturdy. Perfect for various positions. Perfect for grabbing hold and plowing away.

To make it more realistic, she has back dimples, goosebumps, and human-like skin. With her, you’re getting the real deal when it comes to recreating the experience of having sex with another person.

What are the Benefits?

Once you’ve decided it’s time to break up with your hand and find a new way of masturbating, Tantaly Britney has a lot of benefits to offer you.

It gives you a realistic experience that makes you think you’re fucking the real deal. There’s nothing worse than watching porn and trying to pretend that your hand is something it’s not.

There are non-sexual benefits too. You can cuddle with her. Don’t discard her after you’re done. Make a night of it. Also, consider dressing her up. She can wear lingerie, making her even more visually stunning than she already is.

What is the Technology Behind Tantaly Sex Dolls?

Tantaly Britney is limited in its technology as most of its design centers around creating the most realistic experience for its users.

With realistic skin, vagina, and breasts, users should still expect to have an orgasmic time, even if it’s lacking in the tech department.

Couples Love Her Too: Reviews of Tantaly Britney

Are you worried or unsure about buying this particular doll? Well, let’s take a look at what others are saying.

Overall, reviews are great for this product. Those who have purchased a sex doll before prefer her over the others. They say the weight is perfect for a stroker or for penetration. The “jiggle and bounce” are realistic–and a turn-on.

This toy isn’t just used as a solo male masturbator either. Couples are purchasing and loving her too.

Imagine watching your man pleasure himself with a busty sex doll. Now, that’s sexy.

Now couples can have a threesome without worrying about jealousy ruining the mood.

3 Male Masturbators That Won’t Make You Miss Britney

If Tantaly Britney isn’t quite what you’re looking for, here are three alternatives.

  • Fuck Me Silly 2 Mega Masturbator Torso
  • Princess Realistic Torso
  • Eve The Girl Next Door Sex Torso

Fuck Me Silly 2 Mega Masturbator Torso

Fuck Me Silly sex doll
Screenshot taken from AdamEve.com

This masturbator toy from Pipedream Extreme Toyz is a perfect beginner sex doll. At a lower cost than most other masturbators, it allows users to try out a sex doll before investing a high dollar amount.

Princess Realistic Torso

Princess Realistic Torso
Screenshot taken from AdamEve.com

This masturbator toy from Adam and Eve is a perfect stroking toy as it only weighs eleven pounds. Much like Tantaly Britney, the Princess Realistic Torso has realistic breasts that can wrap around your dick, perfect for titty-fucking. It also features a textured tunnel to insert your dick into. With all those great features, this is a great beginner toy for someone wanting to try a sex doll before investing a high amount.

Eve The Girl Next Door Sex Torso

Eve The Girl Next Door Sex Torso
Screenshot taken from AdamEve.com

This masturbator toy from Adam and Eve goes all out in creating the most pleasurable pussy for its users. The vaginal tunnel features ribs, teasers, ticklers, and other stimulators intended to work your shaft perfectly. At around $200, this masturbator is a great step up from more basic sex doll torsos. If you’re ready to spend a little more money, but still hesitant to fully splurge on a sex toy, this is the best pick for you.

She’s a Good Time: What We Think About Britney

tantaly britney bikini
Screenshot taken from Tantaly.com

Masturbating with your hand is so old school.

It’s time to step up your game and use the cutting-edge toys available to you to make your sex life better. Otherwise, you’ll miss out on all the benefits and pleasures that Tantaly Britney provides.

Overall, she will make you look at masturbating differently.

You’ll feel pleasured.

You’ll feel in control.

You’ll feel happy.

Think about those breasts bouncing.

Think about the ridged tunnel in the vagina.

Think about the various positions you can now masturbate in.

Let me tell you, the “sitting the in the chair with your laptop open” position gets boring after a while. She won’t ever let you feel bored again.

Where to Buy
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