How to Clean a Sex Doll: The Complete Step By Step Guide

Failing to clean your sex doll properly can lead to mold growth.

Knowing the proper way to clean your doll can ensure it lasts a long time.

We’ll show you which tools and materials to use to keep your sex doll sanitary and in good condition.

Clean Your Love Doll Without Damaging it

Now, anyone can clean a sex toy, but few can do so in a way that doesn’t end up damaging the toy.

Considering how expensive your sex doll likely was, you’ll want it to last for as long as possible.

Follow these steps to ensure you’re performing the best practices to keep your toy in good shape.

Always Prewash New Clothing to Avoid Stains

A common problem sex doll owners face is stains.

They’re excited to get their hands on their new toy and immediately put them in some new lingerie.

Bad move.

Certain colors and fabrics can stain your doll’s skin.

To avoid unpleasant blotches of color, you should always prewash any clothes you want to put on your doll.

The best method is to continue cleaning those clothes until you don’t see any color in the water.

You may need to put them through the washer for a few rounds, then handwash them to check for color.

Once the water is clear, you’re good to put the dry clothes on your doll.

Use Diluted Antibacterial Soap and Water to Safely Clean Your Doll

A microfiber cloth, preferably one that’s neutral in color, is going to be your best friend here.

You’ll also want to take some antibacterial soap and dilute it with water.

Moisten the cloth with water, then dip it into a bucket or cup of the diluted antibacterial soap.

Gently dab away at the doll where it’s dirty.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is not to scrub.

It may be natural to scrub at something you think is dirty, but this will only damage the doll.

Dab and lightly run your cloth along the doll’s skin to clean it.

Once the exterior of the doll is clean, you’re ready to move on to the more difficult parts to clean.

Fixed Vaginas Require a Vaginal Irrigator for Thorough Cleaning

You might be wondering how the heck you’re going to clean a vagina that’s fixed inside your doll.

The answer is with a vaginal irrigator.

This is a type of device that is able to insert into the vagina and spray water.

It’s basically like a turkey baster that squirts soapy water into the vagina to clean it.

Now, if you don’t have a vaginal irrigator, then you can try and use a shower head instead.

Refrain from bringing your entire doll into the shower or bath with you if you can.

They’re not meant for submerging, especially if you have a doll that stands.

This method works best if you have a shower head that you can detach from the wall and maneuver around.

You’re able to angle it down to the vagina insert and clean it out that way.

This can be a pretty wet and messy way to clean the doll, however, so using an irrigator is still the best method.

Removable Vaginas Require a Simple Toy Cleaner to Clean

If your doll comes with a removable vagina, then you’re in luck.

It’s a lot easier to clean a removable vagina than a fixed one.

You’re able to remove the vagina from the doll and safely clean it away from the doll.

You won’t expose the doll to anything that might damage it.

Standard toy cleaner works great for removable vaginas.

Once you take it from your doll, you can spray it down, then rinse, and wipe it dry.

If you want to make your life easier when cleaning your doll, then opt for a removable vagina insert when choosing your toy.

Dry Your Doll to Prevent Mold Growth

A common mistake doll owners make is not properly drying their dolls before their next use.

If you don’t give your doll time to dry, then you’re only feeding the mold.

There are a few ways you can dry your doll.

The first is to simply hang up the doll and let it air dry.

This method takes the longest, especially if you put the doll in a dark, airless, space.

The best method is to use a dry microfiber cloth and pat the doll dry.

Again, you don’t want to scrub the doll to dry it.

You’ll quickly take away its skin if you use that method.

If you have a fan, then you can aim it at the doll to help dry it faster.

TPE Dolls Require Powdering to Avoid Leakage

If you have a silicone doll, then you’re basically done cleaning at this point.

Those that have a doll made from TPE have one extra step.

TPE is a great material, but it does have a few problems.

It tends to leak oil over time.

That can make the doll feel sticky, especially after cleaning it.

You might notice that dust and lint start to stick to the doll which defeats the purpose of cleaning it.

To avoid stickiness and oil leakage, you need to use powder.

Some people use baby powder which is an effective means of keeping it in good condition.

Others use a powder directly sold by the doll’s manufacturer.

Powdering the doll right after it’s dry and clean can help it last a lot longer.

Keep Your Doll From Tearing and Becoming Stained with These Methods

Sex dolls may look tough and durable, but they’re actually fragile.

One wrong move can spell disaster for a doll that cost you a grand or more.

Follow these tips to keep your doll in great shape.

Avoid Using Boiling Water to Clean Your Doll

A common mistake doll owners make is heating up the water too much.

It makes sense in a way since boiling water kills bacteria.

Unfortunately, it can also cause serious damage to your doll.

Cold water is the best for cleaning your doll.

Lukewarm water can make existing mold thrive.

Stick With Antibacterial Soap and Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Harsh chemicals are not great for your skin or your doll’s skin.

Certain chemicals like bleach, rubbing alcohol, and even dishwasher soap can damage your doll.

The safest cleaning solution to use is simple antibacterial soap that you dilute with water.

Anything stronger than that could either stain your doll or dissolve its skin.

Stick with Neutral and Light-Colored Clothing

Black can be a pretty sexy color, but it can also stain your doll’s skin.

You can wash lingerie and clothing over and over to try and keep it from staining.

Sometimes the best method, however, is to just avoid it in the first place.

If you want to dress up your doll, then you should look for light-colored clothing or something that matches their skin tone.

You’ll be able to avoid possible staining which can save you from frustration.

Don’t Use a Hairdryer to Dry Your Doll

Hairdryers are effective tools for drying hair in a short amount of time.

It may seem like a no-brainer to use it to dry your doll fast.

Unfortunately, using a hairdryer on your doll might melt it to a certain degree or damage the skin.

The intense heat is not good for it.

Instead, just use a fan and microfiber cloth.

Bringing Your Doll Into the Shower Can Cause it to Rust

Having your doll join you in the shower or bath for a romantic encounter may be one of your fantasies.

However, putting your doll in an environment like that can ruin it.

The problem stems from its skeleton.

Most dolls use a steel skeleton that becomes rusty when submerged in water.

Dolls that can stand will face the worst of this problem.

They typically have holes in their feet.

Water is able to access the skeleton through those holes and start to make the steel rust.

Before you know it, your doll might start falling apart.

Set your fantasies of shower and bath fun to the side for now.

How Often is Often Enough? When to Clean Your Sex Doll

If you’re only cleaning your doll after you use it, then you’re not cleaning your doll often enough.

After each use is the bare minimum.

If you frequently use your doll, then you should be cleaning them every 14 days on top of after using the doll.

This also includes reapplying powder for TPE dolls.

Every two weeks is an ideal time because it helps ensure that you’re killing any mold that may have started growing since its last cleaning session.

Now, if you’re not using your doll as often, then you can usually get away with cleaning it once a month.

That’s also on top of cleaning it after use.

The reason you’re able to stretch out the time a bit more is that you’re not exposing it to organic material and water as often.

There’s less of a chance for mold to grow.

One exception is those who live in humid environments.

Even if you’re not using your doll as often, you should still consider powdering TPE dolls every 14 days.

The humid environment might cause it to leak more often.

Keep Your Dolls Clean to Enjoy Them for Years

A high-quality sex doll is a big investment.

To ensure you’re able to enjoy your investment for as long as possible, knowing how to clean them is vital.

By using the tools and methods above, you can keep your doll clean and enjoy it for years to come.

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