Discreetly Buying a Sex Doll: The Ultimate Guide to Keeping it Private

You shouldn’t feel embarrassed about buying a sex doll.

However, sometimes, you don’t want to make the world aware that you own one.

Follow these tips to discretely buy and have a sex doll sent to your home.

How to Secretly Purchase a Sex Doll (Without a Neighbor or Anyone Knowing)

The good news about buying a doll from a sex store is that they typically ship discretely.

Most sex toy stores know that you don’t want to advertise to the world that you’re buying adult toys.

They’ll help you out by sending the toy to your home in a plain box.

It won’t have graphic images on the outside.

Now, if you open that box, then you might find another box inside that has all the sexual labeling.

As such, even if the store promises discrete shipping, it may be worth knowing a few extra trips to keep your purchase secret.

Set Up Signature Requirements to Ensure Only You Open the Box

In most cases, you don’t need to sign for a sex toy when it comes to your house.

Expensive purchases, however, might sometimes require a signature.

A sex doll can be very expensive, so it’s possible that the store requires you to sign for it automatically.

If it doesn’t, then you might want to suggest requiring a signature.

This helps you in a few ways.

The first is that it ensures no one steals your package.

Sex dolls are large, and the big box might attract the wrong attraction.

The delivery company cannot leave your package at your door if it requires a signature.

The company can only hand the package over to a person who is capable of signing for it.

This can help prevent theft.

Secondly, it also means that your neighbors won’t be able to get a look at it either.

Since you have to sign for the package, it means you need to be home to accept it.

You’ll be able to put that box inside your home fast.

Your neighbor won’t have enough time to take a good look at the box to determine what could be inside it.

Having a required signature can help prevent a lot of people from knowing what’s inside the box.

Know the Date of Delivery so You Can be Home

Now, if you don’t want to sign for your package but you still want to accept it as soon as possible, then you should consider taking time off from work.

Most companies use excellent tracking programs.

They can give you a good idea as to when you can expect your doll.

It’s a good plan to take three days off if you can.

You’ll want to take the day before, of, and after off based on the delivery date.

For example, if the tracking says the package will arrive on August 10th, then you want to take August 9th, 10th, and 11th off.

This is because there are always variables that might make the package arrive a day early or late.

When you’re there to accept the package, it also ensures that no one but you gets a look at it.

This is also helpful if you’re trying to keep the purchase a secret from your parents.

Since you’re there and able to grab the box, you can take it right to your room before anyone notices.

Being there on the delivery day helps you secretly purchase and accept a sex doll.

Contact Customer Service or the Delivery Company to Make Special Delivery Instructions

Most customer service companies want to ensure their clients are as happy as possible.

That’s especially true of delivery companies.

Since competition is high between them, delivery companies want to provide high-quality service.

That’s why they’re usually happy to help you sort out the best shipping service possible for you.

That might mean that they need to delay delivery to meet you at your home when you’re there.

If you want them to put the package in a specific place at your home, then they’re also usually happy to do that, too, provided it’s accessible and safe.

This is a great way to keep your purchase secret.

You can tell the delivery driver to put the package somewhere that neighbors can’t easily see it.

You can leave your garage open, for example, or have them put the box at the side of the house.

It can stay hidden until you arrive home to bring it into your room.

Use Your Own Credit Card or Use Alternative Means of Payment to Buy Sex Dolls

If you live with your parents or share a credit card with someone, then you should not use that to purchase a sex doll.

They’ll be able to see the charge on their account.

If you don’t have a credit card, then you should consider activating a debit card.

As long as you have your own checking account, you can tie the card to that account and make payments without anyone knowing.

If debit and credit cards are out of the question, then the good news is that most sex toy companies accept other forms of payment.

PayPal is a common form of payment.

This is another great way to buy toys because as long as the account is your own, no one will know what you’ve bought.

You can keep your purchase of a sex doll secret by using your own payment methods.

Lower Suspicions by Buying Large Items Beforehand

A final way to secretly purchase a sex doll is to have some decoy boxes.

It may seem strange to a neighbor to see you accepting a large box.

You can make them less suspicious by buying other large items at the same time.

The neighbor will become familiar with the large boxes at your place.

When your sex doll arrives, they won’t think twice about it.

This also works for parents.

They might initially ask about the large box, but as more come in over the days, they might stop asking.

It’s no longer a novelty.

This allows you to sneak a sex doll in right under their noses.

Purchase Your Secret Sex Doll with Peace of Mind

Once you have the logistics planned out on how to best secretly purchase, accept, and store your doll, it’s time to find that secret doll.

With so many different variations out there, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and choose the wrong one.

Take a look at our buyer’s guide to help you find the doll that actually serves your needs.

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