How Much is a Sex Doll?

Here’s the thing with sex dolls, they can sometimes cost somewhere in the $5,000 range.

Expensive sex dolls usually offer new features, like AI learning and orgasms, that can enhance your experience.

Take a look at how much sex dolls tend to cost, and why they’re so expensive, to ensure you’re receiving the best deal.

How Much Will a Love Doll Cost?

A sex doll can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $8,000.

Some of the cheap dolls might even only cost a few hundred dollars.

High-quality sex dolls, on the other hand, are going to cost you a few thousand dollars.

The more advanced a doll is or the more features it has, the higher the cost of production is.

Since companies need to cover their costs and generate a profit, you can expect some expensive price tags.

What Makes a Sex Doll Expensive?

You might be wondering how a sex doll can cost so much money.

It’s just an adult version of a Barbie or Ken doll, after all.

It all has to do with how advanced the doll is.

These aren’t dolls that you just blow up with air and use.

They use high-quality materials and extra features to make the experience something worthwhile.

Let’s take a look at some of the features driving up the price of sex dolls.

Smart Features Make Your Dolls Interactive

A standard doll doesn’t do anything.

It just lies there for you to use it.

That can become pretty boring after a while.

Some companies, like RealDoll and Sex Doll Genie, have started putting AI computers into their toys.

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The AI is capable of learning about you.

Through conversation, you’re able to teach your doll certain aspects about you.

It remembers and then can refer to those topics.

The conversations also help it develop and maintain a personality.

In the case of RealDoll, you’re even able to use an app that lets you create a virtual avatar of your doll.

You’re then able to bring its mind with you everywhere.

The doll stops becoming a mere sex toy and instead transforms into a virtual companion.

Obviously, that sort of technology can become pretty expensive.

It also increases the value of the product.

Some of the most expensive dolls are technically robots.

App Subscriptions Add to the Total Cost of Owning a Doll

Now, if a doll that is able to have conversations with you sounds too good to be true, then that’s because it is.

Besides just being an expensive doll to buy, you’re also going to have ongoing costs.

RealDoll, for example, has a monthly subscription for the RealDollX app.

This app is necessary to unlock the full AI features of your doll.

While the subscription is on the cheaper side compared to other programs, it’s still something you’re going to be paying extra each month.

As toys and more features become released, it wouldn’t be surprising if your subscription becomes more expensive.

Sex dolls are expensive because some come with monthly subscriptions.

Premium Features Make Your Doll Come to Life

Who wants a standard sex doll when you can have one that breathes, moans, and feels warm to your touch?

That’s what dolls with certain premium features offer.

Some dolls from RealDoll, Sex Doll Genie, and even Silicon Wives are capable of receiving premium upgrades.

RealDoll, for example, has its incredible SenseX Bluetooth insert.

It’s a vagina insert that has sensors lined within it.

The sensors are able to tell when you’re inside the doll and moving.

It then tells the doll that it’s receiving pleasure.

The doll doesn’t just moan either.

It’s actually able to move from an aroused state to an orgasm.

You can make your doll orgasm.

Breathing and feeling warm are also premium features.

Some dolls come with an apparatus that makes it look as though they’re breathing.

Others have an internal heating system that makes your doll feel warm and alive.

It’s these added extra features that can enhance your experience.

It’s easier to become immersed in the scene or narrative running through your head.

Unfortunately, those added features take extra work and production time.

They increase the cost of the doll as a result.

High-Quality Materials Make Dolls Feel Alive but at a Cost

Here’s the deal with sex dolls, they tend to use two main materials.

Either they’re made from silicone or TPE.

Some will use a TPE body and a silicone head.

Basic silicone tends to be less expensive than TPE.

There are certain degrees of silicone, like platinum silicone, that might be a bit more expensive.

However, usually, if a doll uses silicone, then it tends to be on the cheaper side compared to TPE.

TPE, which stands for thermoplastic elastomer, is a bit more expensive to use.

It’s a premium material.

That’s because it feels similar to real skin.

When you touch it, spank it, or just pinch it, you’ll notice that it has some give and elasticity to it like real skin.

Another great feature of TPE is its ability to become warm.

When you hold a certain area of your doll for a period of time, it soaks in your heat.

It feels warm.

Add in a warming device, and your doll can feel alive.

Now, most sex dolls are pretty big.

Whether it’s huge breasts or even just a 5’5” standing height, they’re sizable.

That means that companies have to use a lot of silicone or TPE to cover their skeletons.

That can make production costs pretty high, especially if they’re using high-quality materials.

There’s a Reason Your Dolls Look Lifelike – Attention To Detail

At first glance, you might mistake a doll for a real person.

That’s because the level of detail that these companies put into their dolls is astounding.

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Everything from makeup to how the shadows bounce off their contours is carefully considered.

Some even come with freckles or have veins in their hands and arms painted.

Others have gorgeous eyes that look lifelike.

Even the sculpting has a lot of thought put into it.

You can easily trace the doll’s musculature and bone structure.

These are dolls that look real.

Naturally, such attention to detail comes with a cost.

The more work that a company does on a doll, the higher the production cost climbs.

To offset costs and make a profit, those companies have to sell at higher prices.

The more real your doll looks, the more expensive it’s going to be.

Want To Make Your Doll Even More Expensive? Add in Custom Details

Now, high-quality sex dolls are already expensive.

You can drive those prices even higher by customizing certain aspects of it.

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The advantage of many dolls is that you can often switch certain features around.

For example, if you love the body of one doll but aren’t in love with the head, then you can usually choose another head.

Some companies even allow you to go into great detail to customize aspects of your doll.

From nail color to freckles, there’s very little you can’t change.

The downside is that all these extra changes are going to cost you money.

Your doll might start off at $1,500, but after you customize certain features, you’re looking at another $500 added on top of it.

Premium features are likely to cost even more.

If you want to make your sex doll more expensive, then customizing it is the best path to take.

Don’t Break the Bank – How to Save Money on Sex Dolls

Not everyone has a grand, or even over a grand, just laying around to spend on sex toys.

Yet, there are methods you can use to score deals on a high-quality sex doll.

Try these methods to buy a doll you love without breaking the bank.

Keep an Eye on Sales and Promotions

A lot of sex doll companies run frequent sales or promotions for their dolls.

You can get a certain percentage off of a toy or even score some free extras.

It can be difficult to know when a company is running a sale if you don’t visit its website often.

A great way to ensure you never miss a sale or promotion is to sign up for the store’s newsletter.

The company will usually send out a newsletter informing you about current or upcoming sales.

Strike when the deal is hot to score a great product for a cheap price.

Buy Default Dolls and Refrain From Customizing

When you see a doll comes with customization options, you might feel compelled to change aspects of it.

Resist that urge.

You can make your doll a lot cheaper by just buying the default version that you see in the store.

Search for Earlier Models of the Same Doll

Companies like to modify, rebuild, or redo certain dolls.

You might sometimes see a “2.0” or even a “3.0” next to the doll’s name.

This indicates that this is a new version, or model, of the same doll.

It’s time to go hunting.

You’ll want to find the “1.0” or “2.0” version of the same doll.

It’s likely discounted since a newer model is out now.

Buy older models to save money.

Sex Dolls May Be Expensive But They’re Worth the Price

It’s no question that high-quality dolls are on the expensive side when it comes to sex toys.

However, because expensive sex dolls often come with AI or premium features, they also offer better experiences.

Keep in mind the tips above for finding a great doll at a lower price and check out our sex doll buying guide to find the perfect doll for your needs.

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