The Best Male Sex Toys in Every Category: Complete Buying Guides and Expert Product Recommendations

With all the incredible, high-tech sex toys out there, it isn’t easy keeping track of them all.

Knowing the best sex toys for men that feature some of the latest technology can make your sex life far more interesting.

We’ve put together a list of the best of the best to make your browsing that much simpler.

Don’t Waste Time and Grab Your Best Orgasm-Inducing Toy Today

Our buying guides can help fill you in on what’s worth your time and what’s just a waste.

For a quick look, consider some of the best toys from their respective categories below.

Amp Up Your Toy Chest With The Best of The Best Sex Toys

Even the best of the best may not be perfect for you since sex toys are highly personal.

As such, it’s always a good idea to understand what the sex toy offers, so you can determine if it fits your needs.

Listed below are the top sex toy categories and their related buying guide to help you find the toy of your dreams.

Interactive Sex Toys

banner showing interactive content with high tech sex toys

Here’s the deal with interactive sex toys.

They’re one of the most exciting, innovative, branches of sex toys on the market.

They offer brand new experiences to the average bedroom.

Interactive sex toys enable you to link the toy to other devices.

Those devices might be other toys or someone’s phone.

The other person is then able to take control of your toy and do all manner of unspeakable things to you.

Some of the toys even sync to VR and online content.

The toy ends up copying what’s going on in the video which makes you feel as though you’re part of the action.

These sex toys are great for long-distance couples, couples looking to spice things up, and even for soloplay.

The reason they should be on your shopping list is due to the incredible technology used in them.

Bluetooth and app-syncing are behind what makes these toys successful.

The toy uses Bluetooth to sync your toy with another device.

Connecting the device to an app also lets you sync up to online content.

You can even use it with compatible cam girls and OnlyFans models.

To see all the top interactive sex toys, be sure to check out our guide here.

Out Top Pick
Keon & Feel Stroker

Now, there is one toy that sort of blows the others out of the water when it comes to interactive play.

It’s the Keon & Feel Stroker.

Once you try this toy out, you’re going to have a difficult time using any other toy again. We recommend you visit Kiiroo's official website for the best sales price.

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The Keon has up to 230 strokes per minute, and it will take you for a wild ride.

Beyond its incredible stroking power, it also syncs with KIIROO’s apps.

The FeelMe Connect app allows you to sync your Keon with other KIIROO toys or your partner’s phone.

Your partner is able to drive you wild with just a few flicks of their fingers.

The FeelMe AI app allows you to connect to online content.

Whether it’s watching porn videos or connecting via VR, you can make masturbation so much more immersive.

The Keon & Feel Stroker offers a whole different way to masturbate. Read our full review here.

Prostate Massagers

Aneros Helix Syn Trident Silicone Prostate Massager
Screenshot taken from

There’s always a lot of discussion about a woman’s G-spot.

Men have their very own secret spot that can drive them crazy with pleasure called the P-spot.

Prostate massaging is a method used to stimulate that area which can lead to some pretty explosive orgasms.

The safest and easiest way to massage your P-spot is with a prostate massager.

These toys often feature some sort of refined anal plug that’s designed to reach your P-spot.

Some toys tend to offer better performances than others.

Now, if you’ve never played around with your P-spot before, then you may be feeling a little anxious.

The great thing about prostate massagers is that they’re pretty easy to use.

The hardest part is finding your P-spot initially.

While some toys are mere glorified anal plugs, others actually pack a bit of technology into them.

Some prostate massagers can actually sync to an app.

With the app, a partner, lover, or total stranger can take control of your massager.

It makes the experience even more exciting because you have no idea what’s going to happen next.

Others use vibrational technology to tease and pleasure your P-spot.

If you’re curious about the world of prostate massaging, then be sure to check out our guide to the best prostate massagers.

Our Top Pick
The Edge 2

The Edge 2 from Lovense offers some pretty amazing features for a simple prostate massager.

It has dual-vibration technology that stimulates both your P-spot and your perineum.

You might find it pretty difficult to hold onto your control when your partner uses both against you. Check the link for the best price at

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What’s also great about this toy is the overall design.

Its neck isn’t firm or rigid which means you’re able to adjust it.

Adjustment is vital since not everyone’s shape is the same.

It helps you find the perfect angle you need to hit that P-spot.

It gets even better from there.

The Edge 2 is also interactive.

Through the Lovense app, you can give control of your toy over to someone else.

They’re then able to set how intense the vibrations become and the pattern of those vibrations.

The Edge 2 is also ideal for soloplay since you can control the toy through the app, too.

You can sync it to music, come up with your own patterns, or use the patterns that people have uploaded.

Blowjob Toys

tenga onacup
Screenshot taken from

Here’s the problem with blowjob toys.

A lot of them suck and not in a good way.

They often lack the right suction or realism that makes blowjobs enjoyable.

Instead, they often feel like a limp piece of plastic just hanging around your penis.

We worked hard to find the best blowjob toys that break all expectations.

Blowjob toys essentially seek to mimic the type of pleasure and experience you have from traditional blowjobs.

Some toys do this by making a literal mouth out of plastic complete with tongue and teeth.

Others focus on technology that provides realistic experiences.

Suction is another key factor that makes a successful blowjob toy.

One might even say that suction is the key part of incredible oral sex.

Toys that use technology tend to offer some of the most satisfying experiences.

Some examples are toys that use Bluetooth to sync to other toys or apps.

They basically allow you to receive a long-distance blowjob.

Others feature warming technology that makes the toy feel like it actually belongs to a living person.

It makes the experience far more realistic and immersive.

Others use contracting technology to simulate the feeling of a deep-throated blowjob.

They do so by using motors that use vertical motion rather than horizontal motion.

Not every toy does a great job of delivering results.

You can miss out on some duds by going over our review to find the best blowjob toy for your needs.

Our Top Pick
Kiiroo Onyx+

If realism is important to you, then you're going to find that the Onyx+ is worth the hype.

It has so many incredible features. At its heart is its contracting technology. It uses quiet motors that move up and down to simulate oral sex.

We think it's the best blowjob toy on the market. Visit the official website to find the best sales price.

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Of course, since it’s capable of reaching up to 140 strokes per minute, this isn’t oral sex like you’ve ever experienced.

While the Onyx+ is a great choice on its own, you can also sync it to online content through the FeelMe Connect and FeelMe AI apps.

Both allow you to receive online blowjobs from porn actresses, OnlyFans models, and your own partner.

The experience becomes far more immersive when you don’t just see, but feel, the person on the screen performing on you.

Check out the full Onyx+ review if you want to feed your blowjob addiction.

Cock Rings

Lelo cock ring
Screenshot taken from

Men who love orgasm denial, edging, or who just want to stay harder for longer will love cock rings.

Cock rings help regulate the blood flow to your penis.

It basically keeps the blood from returning to the rest of your body.

The result is that your penis stays harder for a longer period of time.

It can also make it difficult for some men to orgasm.

If the idea of climbing and climbing to that peak without flying off it is appealing to you, then a cock ring may be just what you need.

Like with most sex toys, there are tons of different rings.

Some are simplistic and offer basic experiences.

Others are a bit more advanced and offer something different or even better than the usual experience.

Cock rings with technology, for example, offer some of the most memorable experiences.

A ring that syncs to an app for long-distance fun, for example, can help bring couples closer together.

These rings usually vibrate, and they allow the person in control of the app to change the intensity of the vibrations at a whim.

Guys who are into BDSM might find that these particular rings are a worthy investment.

Other rings double as strap-ons to offer new heights of pleasure for both partners.

There are even some that double as a P-spot massager.

Whether you want a basic cock ring or an advanced one, check out our guide to help you find the perfect one.

Our Top Pick
We-Vibe Bond Vibrating Cock Ring

Guys who are looking to take their cock ring to the next level should try out the We-Vibe Bond Vibrating Cock Ring.

This ring offers so much fun.

We recommend you check for a sales price and shop at with this link.

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On its own, it’s a great ring that has its own Custom-Fit link that makes it wearable for most men.

It also offers three different ways to play.

You can use the ring, and the app, on your own for some intense masturbation sessions.

It also has a remote that your partner can use with a range of up to three meters.

Then it has a long-distance mode where you can sync to the app and have others take control of it.

You can lay back and let someone else tease you until you can’t take it anymore.

The ring is also rechargeable, so you don’t have to worry about batteries.

You simply recharge the battery, then get back in the hot seat for endless hours of teasing fun.

Penis Extenders & Sleeves

penis sleeve kit
Screenshot taken from

As a guy, you’re sort of stuck with the equipment you were born with.

At least, that used to be the case.

Thanks to penis extenders and sleeves, you can offer your partner new and fun experiences.

They’re also great for guys who may be a little too sensitive.

Penis extenders, as their name might suggest, basically extend the length of your penis.

You slip yourself inside the toy, and then the toy extends your length by a few inches.

You can find some pretty incredible extenders that can make you as big as seven or eight inches.

If your partner wants to experience a deep stretch, then you can find an extender that will offer that experience.

Sleeves are basically the same thing as extenders, but they also sometimes offer different features.

Some might be for guys who need to reduce their sensation.

It helps you last longer.

Others can offer new textures that can stimulate your partner even more than a basic penis.

A lot of fun can be had by trying out different extenders and sleeves.

It keeps things in the bedroom more interesting.

The technology in some extenders and sleeves also makes them interesting.

Now, you might be wondering what kind of tech can fit into an extender and sleeve.

Most tend to use vibration and remote control technology.

They’re no longer mere extensions.

They’re also a toy used to bring your partner as much pleasure as possible.

Remote extenders or sleeves also provide plenty of pleasure for you, too.

Because you’re encased in it, when your partner controls the vibration, you’re going to feel it all around your penis.

It can lead to some pretty enjoyable moments between you and your partner.

Vibration technology makes penis extenders and sleeves a whole different ballgame.

If you’re curious about bringing some new sensations and fun to the bedroom, then check out our buying guide on penis extenders and sleeves.

Our Top Pick
Vixen VixSkin Colossus

If you want both girth, length, and realism, then you need to look no further than the Vixen VixSkin Colossus 7-Inch Extender.

It’s truly a colossus.

The extender itself is seven inches, so depending on your current size, it could add a few inches to your total length. Check the link to find the best price at

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Its VixSkin material also makes it soft and comfortable for you and your partner.

Perhaps one of its best features is its textured exterior.

It features realistic veins and bumps that can delight your partner.

Thanks to its ball strap, it’s also easy to put on and use.

The Vixen Colossus 7-inch Extender isn’t for the faint-hearted, but it can add some length and girth to your penis.

Check out the Vixen penis extender here to see if it’s right for you.

Male Vibrators

Pulse Solo Interactive
Screenshot taken from

You might be wondering what a male vibrator even looks like.

A male vibrator is different from a woman vibrator although it may use some of the same technology.

The best male vibrators offer unique experiences, interactive capabilities, and intense vibrations.

A problem with a lot of male vibrators is that they don’t put the vibrating bullets in the best locations.

The penis only has a few areas where it’s extremely sensitive.

Putting a vibrator against the side of the shaft, for example, isn’t going to do a whole lot.

Vibrators centered around the tip of a penis or near the scrotum, on the other hand, are going to have satisfactory results.

The best vibrators enhance other types of stimulation like stroking or contraction.

Combined, you’re likely going to feel some weakness in the knees from all the orgasms you’re experiencing.

Vibrators that use technology are also incredible.

Vibrational technology is obviously at the heart of this sex toy.

However, there are some toys that add other tech, too.

Some make vibrators interactive, for example.

They enable you to have someone else use the toy on you.

That someone else might be your partner or someone miles away from you.

It may even be a porn star.

Technology can make using male vibrators even more satisfying.

You can check out our buying guide to see some of the best male vibrators that you won’t want to stop using.

Our Top Pick
Pulse Solo Interactive

Nothing will make you orgasm quite like the Pulse Solo Interactive toy.

It’s based on an award-winning vibrator that Kiiroo has made even better. And it’s interactive.

We recommend you shop at Kiiroo's official site. Check the link for the best price.

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You can now sync the toy to FeelMe Connect and FeelMe AI.

This means that you’re able to put the vibrator on, then sit back and enjoy the ride while the videos, or your partner, do all the work.

This toy was literally made to be hands-free.

You can just lay back and let someone else do all the hard work.

If you really want to have some fun, then you can even have someone tie your hands in place.

You’re at their mercy as well as the mercy of the toy.

The Pulse Solo Interactive has a series of vibrators that run along the bottom of the toy.

It vibrates one of the most sensitive areas on most penises.

To learn more about Pulse Solo Interactive and just what it can do for you, be sure to check it out here.

Penis Pumps

Bathmate HYDROMAX 7
Screenshot taken from

Sometimes you just want to last longer and be bigger.

Penis pumps can be a way to temporarily extend your length.

They’re useful for a bit of preparation before a hot date in the bedroom.

There are also different types of pumps.

Some of the most common is hand pumps.

They tend to be on the cheaper side but can sometimes offer results.

Automatic pumps are a high-tech version of hand pumps.

You hold them in place and press a button to turn on the toy.

There are also water pumps that use water pressure instead of air pressure to extend your penis.

Pumps, when used with a cock ring, can keep you harder and increase your size for a period of time.

Common technology in pumps relies on data analytics.

Some will track certain variables like pressure, growth, and length of time.

You can then use that information to recreate the ideal situation every time you pump.

To find the pump that will work best for you, it’s a good idea to check out our buying guide here.

Our Top Pick
Tracey Cox EDGE

You can make penis pumping a whole lot easier with the Tracey Cox EDGE Automatic Suction Rechargeable Penis Pump.

As an automatic suction pump, you just need to hold it in place while it does the rest of the work. Based on value for money, we fill this is the best pick. Find a sales price at through this link.

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It comes with some settings that you can adjust based on your needs.

For example, if you want to ease yourself into it, then you can set it to low suction.

It also comes with a donut that you can attach to the bottom of the pump for when you’re ready to orgasm.

If you’re new to penis pumping, then this toy also has a guide that can help you understand how to use it to achieve your best results.


mia malkova fleshlight poster
Screenshot taken from

Not all fleshlights are the same.

They may share the same design and concept, but those from Fleshlight are actually quite different from each other.

That’s because each takes its design from a specific porn actress or model.

The toy features unique tunneling textures based on the actress’s personality or experience.

It’s the textures, themselves, that really make these toys stand out.

Rubbing into something that lacks texture isn’t very exciting.

Nor is it realistic.

No one is exactly smooth.

While the Fleshlight textures may exaggerate, they also make using them far more enjoyable.

You can experience pockets of intense pleasure or teasing tunnels that keep you coming for more.

The skin is also quite soft and pliant which only further adds to the realism of a Fleshlight toy.

They’re all strokers, but they add unique features that set them apart from traditional strokers.

The technology behind the toys’ tunnel textures and skin material are just two of the main ways Fleshlight accomplishes this feat.

The company puts a lot of thought into the tunnel texture for each toy.

It uses 3D modeling, software design, and finally manufacture to create the molds.

The material is another great feat from Fleshlight.

It uses a patented material called SuperSkin to make it feel as close to the real thing as possible.

There are tons of different models from which to choose, so be sure to find out who’s among the best by checking out our buyer’s guide.

Our Top Pick
Mia Malkova Fleshlight

There’s one Fleshlight that takes top place compared to the other toys. It’s based on the super popular actress Mia Malkova.

This selection comes with a Fleshlight based both on her pussy and her anus. We recommend you buy directly from Check the link for the best price.

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They’re literally designed to offer realistic anal and pussy pleasure.

That’s in part due to its wave-like design.

When you use it, it feels as though the toy is contracting around you.

You’ll also find that the chambers go from tight to super tight the deeper that you explore.

Mia Malkova has quite the experience to offer, so be sure to check her out here.

Pocket Pussies

Thrust pro mini carina pocket pussy
Screenshot taken from

Here’s the deal with pocket pussies.

They’re like the comfort food you eat whenever you visit your parents at home.

They’re reliable, indulgent, and always enjoyable to come back to.

Pocket pussies are basically strokers.

Some feature vaginas while others focus on anal or oral pleasure.

The material of the toy can range from silicone to super realistic sensations like ULTRASKYN.

A few have even gone high-tech by becoming interactive.

Speaking of technology, you can find some innovations in pocket pussies.

For one, many use tunneling textures that make the toys very enjoyable.

Others focus on providing realistic skin materials like ULTRASKYN.

It’s pliant and even warms to your touch to make using the toy even more realistic.

Others allow you to sync the stroker to online content or with other devices.

They use Bluetooth to allow other people to take control of the stroker and drive you to such heights of pleasure.

There’s a lot of variability with pocket pussies, so check out our buyer’s guide to find the perfect one for you.

Our Top Pick
THRUST Pro Ultra

If you want to go right for the best of the best, then you should consider the THRUST Pro Ultra (4 Piece).

The THURST Pro Ultra is incredible because it literally gives you a series of great toys.

Whether you’re in the mood for vaginal, oral, or anal sex, this kit has you covered. Find the best price at through this link.

Check Best Price
We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Whether you’re in the mood for vaginal, oral, or anal sex, this kit has you covered.

Each one has unique textures, too, so they actually feel different from each other.

If things become a little boring or stale, then you can also always add a bullet vibrator to spice things up.

Cut Through the Confusion and Buy a Toy That Actually Gets You Off With These Tips

With so many options, it’s easy to become a little overwhelmed.

You might end up buying a toy that looks cool but doesn’t actually do anything for you.

To help you buy a toy that will actually help you reach the results you want, here are a few tips to consider when choosing one.

Interactive Toys Can Offer a Whole New Way to Play but Only with Your Partner’s Permission

The idea of being able to sync your interactive sex toy with online content may be thrilling.

But I bet your partner has a thing or two to say about it.

Interactive sex toys blur the line between harmless masturbation and online affairs.

It’s worth speaking with your partner first to see if they’re comfortable with the idea of you using interactive toys.

That said, they can be a lot of fun for long-distance couples.

It’s also worth determining if you have the right tech-savvy to get the most out of these toys.

If you easily become frustrated when you can’t make a piece of software do what you want it to do, then these toys may not be ideal for you.

Less tech-heavy toys may be your wheelhouse instead.

Finally, if the idea of masturbating to your favorite porn actress or OnlyFans model sounds like the holy grail, then you might just get a kick out of interactive sex toys.

Know Your Comfort Level to Get the Best Prostate Massager

Exploring your P-spot isn’t always easy.

To ensure you buy the best toy for P-spot exploration, you need to consider a few things.

The first is your own experience level.

If you’ve never tried P-spot stimulation before, then you’re a beginner.

Buy a beginner toy.

You don’t want to buy something made for veterans and end up becoming turned off from the experience because you started at a level you weren’t ready for.

Base your purchase on your experience level.

A lot of prostate massagers also offer vibrational pleasure.

If you know vibration doesn’t do much for you, then you might want to move beyond those toys.

Some massagers are also interactive.

If you love the idea of connecting with someone miles away, then you might want to look for a massager that offers that experience.

Finally, your comfort level is essential to having a good time.

Experiment with some basic anal toys to determine what feels good to you.

Then you can have an idea as to what toys are too big and too small.

Realism Can Heighten Experiences from Blowjob Toys

A crucial point to consider when it comes to blowjob toys is whether realism is important to you or not.

Do you want to feel as though you’re actually receiving oral sex?

If so, then you’re going to want a toy that delivers that experience.

Toys that feature realistic skin material or have contracting technology, for example, are going to deliver realistic experiences.

Blowjob toys aren’t always easy to clean either.

Because some feature a tight mouth, it can be difficult to clean it out.

You need to determine how lazy you are when it comes to cleaning and maintenance.

If you know you’re not going to put in a lot of effort, then you want a toy that’s as easy to maintain as possible.

Measuring your needs with your discipline can land you with a toy that works great and lasts a long time.

Know What You Want to Get out of Your Cock Ring

Cock rings can be very hit or miss despite being a relatively simple toy.

A lot of men end up frustrated because they didn’t actually buy a ring that suits their needs.

Before you buy a ring, you need to know what kind of purpose you want it to have.

For example, are you using the cock ring to stay harder for a longer period of time?

There are some rings that do a better job of providing that result than others.

Do you want the ring for edging or BDSM?

There are other rings designed for that purpose.

When you buy a ring that’s actually made for the purpose you need it for, you’re going to experience better results.

One last detail to consider is the ring’s size.

It’s worth measuring your girth when you’re erect, so you know how big the ring needs to be to fit you in the heat of the moment.

Understand Your Partner’s Comfort When Buying Penis Extenders & Sleeves

A common problem men run into when buying penis extenders or sleeves is that their partner doesn’t enjoy them.

The length or girth ends up becoming too much.

Sometimes the texture is off.

When you want to buy an extender or sleeve, you’ll want to do so with your partner.

Have a conversation about their expectations and what they can realistically handle.

It’s also important to know what purpose the toy serves.

Are you looking to have it extend your length by a few inches?

Or are you looking for something that will help you last longer through desensitization?

Certain toys will provide better results for certain purposes.

Get the Most Buzz From Your Male Vibrator By Knowing Your Sensitive Areas

A vibrator that only vibrates areas where you aren’t sensitive is going to be lackluster.

You should take some time exploring and experimenting to find which parts of your penis are the most sensitive.

Then you can find a vibrator that focuses on those areas.

It’s also worth considering how much effort you want to put into masturbation.

Do you want to stroke or do you want to be hands-free?

Are interactive features important to you?

Are you going to clean the toy after each use?

All these questions can help you define a vibrator that is perfect for you.

Know Your Size to Buy the Right Penis Pump

One of the first considerations to make before buying a pump is your size.

Not every pump fits every size.

That’s especially true when it comes to girth.

To ensure you can even insert yourself into the pump, you need to know your girth.

Then you can determine which type of pump sounds the best for you.

Hand pumps are cheaper and may be ideal for beginners.

Water pumps might be a good pick for those interested in water pressure.

Automatic pumps are the best for those who just want to input some settings and hold on.

Finally, it’s also important to determine if you’re using the pump just for growth or if you want to use it for pleasure, too.

Some pumps come with a vagina or donut that you can use for pleasure.

If that’s important, then keep an eye out for those types of pumps.

Connect With the Actress Before You Buy Her Fleshlight

Fleshlights often come modeled after a specific actress.

As such, it’s vital that you have some connection to her.

Otherwise, it’s a waste of a fleshlight.

The actress should excite you and make you eager to use her toy.

Using it while watching her perform should lead to intense experiences rather than disappointing ones.

You should also consider the size of the fleshlight.

Some have very tight orifices that might make it difficult, or even painful, for some guys to use.

Take a look at the specifications to ensure you can even fit.

Know Your Own Commitment to Make Your Pocket Pussy Last a Long Time

Pocket pussies can come in all different styles.

Knowing if you’re a pussy, anal, or oral guy can help you choose the right one.

One of the most important aspects to keep in mind is your commitment to keeping your toy clean.

Some pocket pussies are easier to clean than others.

If you want the toy to last a long time, then you might want to buy one with a wide orifice.

It will be easier to rinse out and sanitize.

The material of the toy also matters.

If you want realism, then you’ll need to look for special materials that mimic real skin.

Try One of the Best Sex Toys and Up Your Bedroom Games

Whether you want to play solo or with your partner, these toys can offer new experiences and new ways to play.

Take a look at the best toys for men and finally experience an earth-shattering orgasm.

And if you would like to see how some of the best selling male masturbators differ in price, check out our budget guide here.