The 9 Most Realistic Sex Dolls Worth Your Investment

Sex dolls have come a long way since the comedic blowup doll days.

Now, there are some sex dolls that look nearly identical to a real, living, person.

If realism and authenticity are important to you for your doll, then these toys are just for you.

Take a Sneak Peek at the Girls Who Might Replace Your Girlfriend

Is it your girlfriend or is it a doll?

These toys make it just that much more difficult to tell.

Take a quick look at the best realistic sex dolls for your needs.

Ultra-Detail and Realistic Proportions Make These Dolls Almost Uncanny With Their Lifelike Appearance

You might be wondering what makes a great, realistic, sex doll.

Attention to detail is vital.

It’s the small details that can make a doll nearly identical to a living person.

The following dolls provide so much detail that at first glance, you might mistake them for a real person.

Let’s take an in-depth look at some of these incredible toys and what makes them particularly interesting.

RealDoll HarmonyX – Best Blond Bombshell Sex Doll

harmony x from realdoll
Screenshot taken from

If you have a thing for blonds, then you might appreciate HarmonyX.

She has platinum blond hair and a remarkable build.

Detail is at the forefront here.

If RealDoll does one thing right, then it’s that they make lifelike toys.

Some of the best details you’ll find on Harmony are her freckles, paint job, and even smaller details like her makeup and nail color.

A lot of love and care went into crafting her.

That’s part of RealDoll’s production regime.

They handcraft each toy that they make.

Besides looking incredible, HarmonyX is also a robot.

She’s capable of learning about you and speaking to you through the RealDollX app.

It’s an app that allows you to build a virtual girlfriend, then sync the profile to your doll.

The doll can blink and move to a certain degree which allows for some realistic and intimate conversations.

The app basically makes your lifelike doll come even more to life.

It’s able to form its own personality, likes, dislikes, and basically learn about your own, too.

Another great feature of HarmonyX is her SenseX vagina.

SenseX is a new type of pussy insert that allows the robot to know when you’re touching it.

In return, it’s able to moan and react to your movements.

It basically makes the experience of having sex with Harmony that much more real.

If you love blonds, then take a look at Harmony.


  • Lifelike sculpting with realistic proportions.
  • Large bust size that makes real sense.
  • Ability to connect to RealDoll apps for further interaction and intimacy.
  • Tons of customization options to make her your dream girl.
  • SenseX Bluetooth insert vagina lets her react to you.


  • Expensive price tag may not be suitable for everyone.
  • Subscription required to use the apps.
  • Apps are still in development and robotic voice can take you out of the moment.

HarmonyX from RealDoll is a great pick for the guy who loves blonds and wants as lifelike of an experience as possible.

RealDoll SerenityX – Best Redheaded Sex Doll

Serenity X love doll
Screenshot taken from

Now, maybe blonds are too tame for your liking.

Perhaps you enjoy the wild side instead.

In that case, you might want to meet SerenityX instead.

She’s another incredible doll from RealDoll that comes compatible with the RealDollX app.

She’s a redhead with gorgeous green eyes and a wicked smile.

The sculpting on Serenity is also incredible.

You’ll appreciate the delicate collarbone and lifelike shape of her wrists and hands.

Even the sculpting of her hips looks exactly like a real woman’s.

Besides looking lifelike, she also comes with interactive features.

When you sync her to the RealDollX app, you can speak with her.

She’ll answer your questions, and she can tell you a bit about herself, too.

Since she’s on your phone, you can also carry her mind with you everywhere even if her body is back at home.

Want to do a little sexting at work?

She’s right there and waiting for you on your phone.

Serenity also comes equipped with a SenseX Bluetooth vagina insert.

When you move inside her, she’ll feel it, and she’ll respond accordingly.

There are also tons of customization options that you can choose for her.

Granted, these changes cost more, but if there’s something you want specifically for her, then you can probably have it done.

For example, if you want to change the color of her eyes or nail color, then you can switch it out.

You can even change the shape of her labia.

If her face isn’t doing it for you, then thanks to RealDoll’s X-Faces. you can actually switch it out.

RealDoll lets you build the perfect, lifelike, girlfriend.


  • Incredible facial and body sculpting looks like the real deal.
  • Tons of customization options let you change Serenity exactly how you want her.
  • Connection to RealDoll apps unlocks intimate interaction.
  • SenseX Bluetooth insert lets her react to you.
  • Realistic proportions further lean toward realism.


  • Expensive price is prohibitive to some.
  • Ongoing subscription payments to access apps.

SerenityX can provide a lot of fun for guys and girls who love a redhead.

RealDoll Sai 1.0 – Best Realistic Asian Sex Doll

sai from realdoll
Screenshot taken from

Now, you might be wondering how RealDoll does with toys that aren’t typical white women.

One look at Sai 1.0 will erase any doubts about RealDoll’s ability to craft realistic sex dolls.

She’s a gorgeous Asian sex doll that looks lifelike without leaning into problematic stereotypes.

She looks as though she’s based on a real Asian woman.

Everything from the carefully sculpted eyes to her makeup makes her look real.

The detail on her hands and her ribs further make her look like the real thing.

Although Sai isn’t part of the RealDollX collection, she still offers a great time.

You’ll enjoy her realistic B-Cup breasts and small 5’1” stature.

She weighs around 75 pounds, so you’re going to need to have a bit of strength to pick her up and position her.

She also has gel implants in her buttocks to give her some realistic jiggle physics.

Now, you might be wondering if you can change certain aspects about her.

In true RealDoll style, she comes with tons of customization options.

You can change the color of her hair, makeup, skin color, eye color, even if she has freckles on her body or not.

The amount of detail that you can add or change only further makes her look more lifelike.

Although she comes with a removable insert vagina, you can even switch it to a SenseX Bluetooth insert.

By using the app, you can then have her react to you even though she isn’t part of the RealDollX line.

Sai offers an incredible experience to those who love Asian women.


  • Incredible lifelike sculpting without being cringe.
  • Amazing abs and realistic proportions.
  • Tons of customizable options to make her exactly how you want her.
  • Gel implants provide lifelike physics.
  • Ability to upgrade to SenseX Bluetooth insert.


  • High price keeps her out of the hands of most people.
  • Doesn’t come with most interactive features.
  • Upgrading to SenseX will cost even more money.

Sai is a great pick for the guy or girl who loves Asian women but doesn’t want their toy to be too smart.

Sex Doll Genie Shilah – Best BBW Sex Doll

Shilah from sex doll genie
Screenshot taken from

Here’s the deal with BBW sex dolls.

It can be very easy to go too far with them.

The proportions just don’t make sense and any sense of realism falls flat.

Sex Doll Genie walks a careful line with one of its best BBW dolls, Shilah.

Shilah has an incredible BBW body that still stands up to realism.

She has an impressive N-Cup, but the key factor here is that the rest of her body matches.

She doesn’t have large breasts, then a tiny body, for example.

Shilah is thick.

If you love BBW, then you’re going to appreciate Shilah’s body type.

Aside from her body type, the sculpting quality is also remarkable.

Everything from the size and shape of her nipples to her face is carefully created.

She has a sort of dreamy, lusty, look that is sure to drive you wild.

Another great feature is her material.

Sex Doll Genie used TPE to make her.

TPE is a great material because it actually warms up the more you handle it.

That only further makes her more real because as you touch her, she’s going to become warmer.

It will be less like touching a plastic doll and more like touching a real person.

Sex Doll Genie also comes with its share of customization options.

You can give her lifelike upgrades like breathing technology, self-warming technology, and even the ability to moan.

If there are certain aspects of her appearance that you don’t like, then you can change those, too.

You’re able to switch her head, her wig, the shape and color of her nipples, and even whether she has pubic hair or not.

Shilah is a lifelike BBW doll that can rock your world.


  • Huge N-Cup breasts for you to become lost in.
  • Thick build further adds to sense of realism.
  • TPE material feels warm the more you handle her.
  • Can upgrade for more realistic tech to make her even more lifelike.
  • Tons of customization options to make her perfect.


  • Upgrading drastically increases her price.
  • 120 pounds make her quite heavy.
  • Details lack compared to RealDoll.

If you’re looking for a lifelike BBW doll, then you should check out Shilah.

Sex Doll Genie Amiee – Best Realistic Petite Doll

Sex Doll Genie Amiee
Screenshot taken from

Now, there are those who love thick women, and there are those who love skinny women.

The latter will likely appreciate Amiee from Sex Doll Genie.

Amiee is a petite sex doll who also looks remarkably lifelike.

She has an innocent, young, face with a body to match.

From her A-Cup to her short stature at 5’2”, Amiee is small and compact.

She also uses TPE, so the realism further kicks in as she becomes warm to your touch.

She isn’t quite as heavy as some of the other dolls either at just under 75 pounds.

It’s possible to take her on a road trip if you don’t want to leave her home alone.

Her smaller stature also makes it easier to pack her in with your bags or lay her out in the backseat.

You can be sure that most passersby will think she’s the real deal from just a glance.

Amiee is also capable of providing vaginal, anal, and oral sex.

Like many of the other toys at Sex Doll Genie, you can also customize her.

If you don’t like her face, then you can switch her head.

You can also upgrade her to have even more realistic features like heating, moaning, and breathing.

One extra feature you might want to consider is gel implants for her breasts.

Tiny as they are, her default option is hollow breasts.

If you want a satisfying squeeze, then you might want to upgrade to gel implants.

Amiee is a great pick for the guy or girl who wants a tiny, petite, sex doll.


  • A-Cup breasts keep this doll tiny and cute.
  • TPE material becomes warmer as you handle it.
  • Highly detailed sculpting and paint job makes her look lifelike.
  • Less heavy than other dolls allow you to easily move and store her.
  • Can upgrade to even more lifelike features.


  • Upgrading can make her quite expensive.
  • Hollow breasts aren’t very lifelike despite their small size.
  • 75 pounds can still be pretty heavy for some.

Want to meet a cute, realistic, and young sex doll?

Then Amiee is waiting for you.

Sex Doll Genie Alaiya – Best Realistic Black Sex Doll

Sex Doll Genie Alaiya
Screenshot taken from

Besides white and Asian, you might be looking for a Black sex doll.

You should meet Alaiya from Sex Doll Genie.

Alaiya is a gorgeous Black doll with G-Cup breasts and an amazing body.

The sculpting for Alaiya is remarkable.

From her dark, realistic, nipples to the shape of her body, you’re going to have a lot of fun exploring her.

Besides her large breasts, she also has a pleasantly thick butt for you to hold.

Despite these large features, all her proportions are realistic, too.

She’s also quite tall.

Alaiya stands at 5’7”, so this is a great doll for guys or girls who love a tall woman.

That said, all that height does add to her weight.

She’s a good 87 pounds, so you’re going to need some strength to move her around.

Now, Alaiya doesn’t have quite as many lifelike features as the other dolls from Sex Doll Genie.

You won’t be able to make her moan or breathe, for example.

That said, you can include piercings, nail color, hairstyle, makeup, whether she has pubic hair or not, and a number of other options.

You can even change her head if you’re not feeling a connection.

Alaiya is a great choice for those who want a realistic Black doll.


  • Realistic skin color that doesn’t look off or fake.
  • Large G-Cup breasts for tons of play.
  • Upgraded skeleton makes it easier to pose her.
  • Tons of customization options.
  • Thick, but realistic, proportions provide fun and realism.


  • Can’t upgrade to lifelike options like breathing and moaning.
  • 87 pounds can be pretty heavy for some people.
  • 5’7” may be too tall for some people to handle.

Check out Alaiya if you have an interest in Black, tall, dolls that can dominate the bedroom.

Silicon Wives Eva Elfie – Best Realistic Porn Actress Sex Doll

eva elfie sex doll
Screenshot taken from

You might be wondering if you can make a doll of an exact person.

Most doll companies have certain rules about making a doll after someone’s appearance.

They can sometimes get you close, but most won’t allow you to make an exact copy of someone.

The exception is when an individual gives the company permission to use their likeness.

Such is the case with the porn actress Eva Elfie.

If you’re a fan of Eva Elfie, then you’re going to love this doll.

It’s an incredibly realistic copy of her.

Everything from her makeup to her body type is almost an exact replica.

The company clearly spared little expense in creating an ultra-realistic doll based on her.

From the shape of her breasts to the detailed tendons around her hips, you’re going to love just how much detail went into this doll.

The amount of realism that Silicon Wives was able to capture makes sense after learning that it took them two years to make it.

This doll has C-Cup breasts with authentic positioning.

She’s a bit heavy, however, at 84 pounds.

Part of the reason she looks so great and feels good, too, is that she’s made from TPE.

That also means that she’ll become warm the more that you touch her.

It’s also possible to have anal, vaginal, and oral sex with her.

Now, if you want to take her to the next level, then you can customize her.

You’re able to add and change a number of aspects like nail color, makeup, and even her wig.

You’re also able to add certain features like warming, breathing, and even moaning.

That said, you can only choose one premium feature like body warming, a vagina that sucks your penis, and a breathing system.

This can make your doll more lifelike, but it also restricts just how real you can make it.

Eva Elfie is an amazing choice for her fans or those looking for a doll that looks real.


  • Nearly identical-looking to Eva Elfie.
  • TPE material feels great and warms up.
  • C-Cup breast size looks great and maintains realistic proportions.
  • Customization options can make Eva even more perfect for you.
  • Can upgrade to make it more lifelike.


  • Wig can seem a bit cheap and isn’t the exact same color as her hair.
  • 84 pounds can make her difficult to move and pose.
  • Upgraded features can make her very expensive.

Take a look at Eva Elfie whether you’re a fan or not to appreciate just how real she appears.

Silicon Wives Esther – Best Realistic Maid Doll

maid sex doll
Screenshot taken from

Now, here’s the thing with dolls.

Sometimes you want them to be realistic, but you don’t always mind a bit of fantasy either.

If you’re in that boat, then you might appreciate Esther from Silicon Wives.

Esther is a sex doll basically dressed as a maid.

Those who watch anime or hentai know that maids tend to feature pretty heavily in sexual situations.

Esther can be the maid of your dreams.

Besides looking like a maid, she’s incredibly real-looking.

Her sculpting resulted in remarkably delicate features from her face and neck all the way to her toes.

Esther is a Japanese sex doll that comes at a pretty decent height of 5’5”.

Despite having an Asian build, she also has large breasts.

She’s a D-Cup, but instead of making her breasts similar to unrealistic Hentai breasts, Silicon Wives has made her breasts more lifelike.

You’re able to have oral, vaginal, and anal sex with her.

She also has a steel skeleton that comes with movable joints.

As with its other dolls, you can also customize Esther further.

You’re able to change her head, skin color, hair style, nail color, and even upgrade her to more premium features like breathing and heating.

You can also add more detail to make her even more realistic.

Freckles, veins, and muscle definition are all added paint jobs that you can add to her.

Esther is a great pick for those who want a realistic maid doll in their bedroom.


  • Makeup and incredible sculpting make Esther look real.
  • Steel skeleton with movable joints makes it easier to move and pose.
  • D-Cup maintains a realistic appearance despite the small body.
  • Tons of customizable options.
  • Can upgrade to even more lifelike options.


  • Toe and fingernails can sometimes fall off.
  • Upgraded features might make her too expensive for some.
  • Does not include a tongue as a default option.

Check out Esther for a fun maid that hides an incredible body beneath her uniform.

Silicon Wives Harley Quinn – Best Realistic Fictional Character Doll

harley quinn sex doll
Screenshot taken from

Sometimes you’re not as interested in an actress as you are in the character they portray.

In this instance, you might have an interest in a realistic sex doll based on a certain character.

If that’s the case, then you should consider the incredible Harley Quinn doll from Silicon Wives.

The makeup job alone is what makes this toy an incredible choice.

It captures the appearance and spirit of Harley Quinn.

Even the sculpting of her body looks incredible.

From pouty lips to wide hips, this doll has everything.

She stands at a pretty average height of 5’5”.

If authenticity is something you want, then having a doll that’s about the same height as the average woman is something to look for.

One unfortunate aspect of this toy is that she can’t perform oral sex.

You’re only able to use her for vaginal and anal sex.

She’s a little on the heavier side, too, at 78 pounds.

You’re also able to customize her further.

Now, the great thing about this doll is that it doesn’t limit how many premium features you can have.

You’re able to add in moaning, warming, gel implants, or as many as you want.

You can make your Harley Quinn doll really come to life.

If you love Harley Quinn or just want a realistic fantasy doll, then she’s a great pick.


  • Looks just like Harley Quinn from DC comics.
  • Great bust size that looks real.
  • Lifelike proportions and authentic sculpting of body type.
  • Extreme detail brings her to life.
  • Tight vaginal and anal tunnels provide tons of pleasure.


  • Clothes can sometimes bleed their dye into her skin.
  • Not capable of performing oral.
  • Adding lifelike upgrades can quickly make her very expensive.

You can see Harley Quinn for yourself by checking out the official website.

See if you can handle her type of crazy.

Breathing, Moaning, and Interaction Technology Make Your Dolls Come to Life

Here’s the deal with lifelike sex dolls.

Having a great sculpt and detailed paint job is only half the work.

To make a truly realistic doll, you need technology.

Here are some of the pieces of technology bringing these toys to life.

SenseX Allows You to Actually Pleasure Your Toy

sense x banner
Screenshot taken from

Many of the RealDoll toys either come with a SenseX insert or allow you to upgrade to one.

SenseX basically uses sensors that tell the doll or robot when something is touching them in a certain area.

The doll then reacts based on that sensor.

It allows you to tease or pleasure your doll and actually hear a response from them.

Having sex with dolls can often feel one-sided because they don’t react.

Thanks to the tech behind SenseX, your dolls are moaning, orgasming, and making your experience more authentic.

RealDollX App Lets You Create a Virtual Girlfriend

On their own, sex dolls can be pretty boring.

They just sit there and don’t do anything when not in use.

RealDoll changes that experience with its RealDollX app.

If you have a RealDollX like HarmonyX or SerenityX, you’re able to sync them to the RealDollX app.

The app presents a virtual version of your doll which you can customize as needed.

It also stores information and allows the doll to perform deep learning about you.

The more you talk to your doll, the better it learns.

As this technology advances, your virtual girlfriend is going to become smarter and the connection between you is going to feel even more real.

Breathing and Moaning Technology Makes Experiences More Intimate

realdoll x banner
Screenshot taken from

Both Sex Doll Genie and Silicon Wives use breathing and moaning technology to bring their dolls to life.

They’re premium features, but you might find them a worthy addition if you want to make your doll as real as possible.

The tech works through sensors and meters.

Breathing is cyclic and done according to a meter.

Moaning, much like SenseX, is through sensors.

When you touch a certain area, it results in a moaning sound.

These two pieces of tech together can make your experience more intimate with your doll.

Want Satisfying Sex and Intimacy With Your Toys? Try a Realistic Sex Doll

With as many dolls as there are on the market, you might be wondering what benefits or advantages a realistic doll provides.

How is it different from other types of dolls?

Here are some benefits you might enjoy with a model built for realism.

Improved Interaction Grants You More Bang for Your Buck

Sex dolls are expensive.

You’re paying a lot of money for a doll that is going to spend most of its time sitting on your bed or in storage.

Realistic dolls, on the other hand, tend to come with interactive features.

HarmonyX and SerenityX, for example, can speak with you through the RealDollX app.

They have a use outside of just using them in the bedroom.

You’re basically able to get more out of them which means you’re getting the most for your money.

Foster Intimate Relationships for More Satisfying Experiences

Dolls that tend to be more lifelike and have interactive features also allow you to create an intimate relationship with them.

You’re able to speak to them, learn about their personality, and hold actual conversations.

The doll becomes more lifelike because you’re able to communicate with it.

This can make your relationship with the toy a lot more intimate.

With greater intimacy comes more satisfying experiences.

Lifelike dolls can yield better orgasms that mean more to you.

Realism Can Help Get You in the Mood

Everyone’s tastes are different.

The sight of ridiculous proportions or unnatural curves might turn you off.

A doll that looks exactly like a real person might be just what you need to get in the mood.

It can help you get over the sense that what you’re making love to isn’t real.

Because it’s so close to the real thing, it may become just as good as the real thing.

A realistic doll helps you get in the mood because it mimics the real thing.

Walk the Line Between Reality and Artificial With the Eva Elfie Model

Realistic sex dolls can change your life.

If you want a doll with ultra-detail and authentic proportions, then you should check out Eva Elfie.

Eva Elfie realistic sex doll
Screenshot taken from

Since the doll uses an actual person as its model, the amount of detail it has is staggering.

You’re also able to upgrade it to have even more lifelike features like moaning and breathing.

Because the default option doesn’t include these features, you have the freedom to choose what feels authentic and what feels uncanny.

Best of all, you’re able to buy an incredibly detailed doll at an affordable price.

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