Best Blow Up Sex Doll: Discover the Newest Inflatable Sex Doll Tech and Our 3 Top Recommendations

Blow up sex dolls used to be hilariously basic, but that’s not the case any more.

The tech available with inflatable sex dolls in 2023 means they’re no longer a joke. In fact, these dolls can give you an experience that’s pretty close to the real thing.

This guide reviews the most technologically advanced blow up sex dolls of 2023, so you can be sure you’re investing in the best dolls available today.

Our Top Pick: The Thrust Pro Naomi

I know some of you aren’t interested in learning about the various nuts and bolts involved with these different blow up sex dolls. You just want the best bang for your buck.

So, I won’t waste any more of your time.

The best blow up sex doll in 2023 is the Thrust Pro Naomi. She offers a super realistic bang in the vagina, anus and mouth, plus she comes with an insertable multi-speed bullet vibrator.

You can learn more in our full review below.

Top 3 Inflatable Sex Dolls Available in 2023

Read on for a detailed review of the top dolls available this year.

These reviews consider the tech available with each doll, plus my personal experience of testing these products.

The Thrust Pro Naomi Delivers the Most Varied and Enjoyable Blow Up Sex Doll Experience Today

THRUST PRO Naomi Vibrating Realistic Vagina and Ass Inflatable Sex Doll
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The Thrust Pro Naomi is anything but a basic sex doll.

The 5’6” blonde is made from PVC with realistic squeezy boobs, hair and a pretty face. Her arms, legs, hands and feet are notably lifelike, giving that extra sense of realism.

But that’s not the only reason why I rate her as the number one blow up sex doll.

Naomi gets that honor because she offers such a wide range of ways to pleasure her owner.

You can enter Naomi in her vagina, ass or her mouth. All three have a unique feel, and you can remove the vagina and ass sleeves for independent use.

But here’s the kicker…

Naomi also comes with a bullet vibrator that you can slip inside her for extra sensations. The vibrator comes with three different speeds and seven vibration patterns. So, there’s no reason you’ll ever get bored of her. The downside is it only accepts disposable batteries and these aren’t included.

I had great fun with Naomi, although I should mention that other reviewers have complained that her vagina and ass are too tight. They must be very well-endowed to have made these complaints.

Nevertheless, I’d encourage any regular guy to make an investment in Naomi. She comes with a free foot pump, so you can get her up and running straight away. You’ll receive a storage bag and a sample of renewal powder for cleaning.


  • Incredibly realistic.
  • A triple threat of orifices for triple the pleasure.
  • Removable vagina and anus sleeves.
  • Insertable vibrator with three speeds and seven patterns.


  • Vibrator only accepts disposable batteries.
  • Could be too tight for well-endowed owners.

Shy Camilla Offers the Most Realistic Blow Up Sex Doll Experience for Men

Shy Camilla Realistic Vagina and Ass Vibrating Inflatable Sex Doll
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Shy Camilla is your best bet if you’re searching for the most realistic blow up sex doll experience.

This 5’7” beauty will wow you with her realistic shape, touch and innocent face. She can be entered from the vagina and the anus, and the sleeves are removable in both cases.

You’ll love the sensations from each of these. Camilla’s five-inch deep pussy features internal nodules that’ll feel great with your favorite lube. Her anus is a tighter fit, but her customer reviews are only filled with praise for the pleasure she provides.

Camilla comes with a love egg vibrator that can be inserted into her for extra rumbles. Once again though, it only accepts disposable batteries.

Still, that’s the only complaint I can muster up. Some users had trouble attaching her arms, but there were no problems here for me. She’ll arrive with a foot pump, travel bag, puncture repair kit and cleaning kit. So, you have everything you could ever need for a good time.


  • As realistic as it currently gets for blow-up dolls.
  • Amazing sensations from her pussy and anus.
  • Camilla arrives with an insertable love egg vibrator.


  • You won’t be able to fuck Camilla in the mouth.
  • Vibrator only accepts disposable batteries.

Horny Quella is a Great Alternative to Shy Camilla

Horny Quella Realistic Vagina and Ass Vibrating Inflatable Sex Doll
Screenshot taken from

You can consider Horny Quella the naughty sister of Shy Camilla.

She’s a brunette with a more suggestive kinky expression and a different back story (she’s a personal trainer supposedly).

However, when it comes to fun in the bedroom, both dolls offer more or less the same thing.

They’re the same dimensions with removable vagina and anus sleeves, plus a love egg vibrator. The sensations offered are slightly different, but nothing to write home about. The accessories offered are the same.

One notable difference though; Horny Quella would appear to cost more in most outlets. I’m honestly not sure what justifies the price difference and that’s why Quella only takes third place in our list.


  • Quella provides a super-realistic sexual experience.
  • Customers love to fuck her in the pussy and the ass.
  • Insertable love egg vibrator comes free.


  • You can’t fuck Quella in the mouth.
  • Vibrator only accepts disposable batteries.

Quick Buying Guide: How Does a Blow Up Sex Doll Work?

The tech regarding blow up sex dolls is unlikely to blow your mind, but the improvements made over the years are still a blessing. If you’re looking for high tech sex dolls, check out our full guide here.

Blow up sex dolls are typically made from PVC vinyl, although some are made from latex, TRP or ABS. This inflatable plastic is designed to mimic the human body, complete with squeezy boobs for the female dolls. These models include holes for you to insert fleshlights, or dildos for male dolls.

The cheaper sex dolls are made from cheaper plastic, which feels less like human skin and more like the cheap rubber rings you buy at the beach. Cheaper blow up sex dolls are also more likely to have sharp edges or break. Ripped seams can lead to leaks that deflate your blow-up beau.

With more expensive blow up sex dolls, you’ll enjoy a more realistic shape and design. These dolls will also come with more hi-tech fleshlights that you can insert into them. Most inflatable sex dolls are waterproof, meaning they’re easy to clean with water and soap. Since they’re made of porous materials, they need to be cleaned and dried regularly to prevent the growth of bacteria.

How to Choose the Best Blow Up Sex Doll

The quality of the plastic should be a major consideration when buying a blow-up sex doll. Low-quality plastic will create a lower-quality sensory experience, plus your product is more likely to break faster. There are no silicone blow up dolls. Once you reach the $100-$150 mark, you can expect your blow-up doll to be made of high-quality PVC vinyl. All of the dolls recommended on this page are made of that.

The number of orifices on offer is also likely to interest you. Does your inflatable sex doll include a vagina fleshlight? A vagina and anus? Can it simulate blowjobs? If you’re splashing out the cash on a top-quality blow-up doll, you’ll probably want as much variety as possible.

The quality of the accompanying fleshlights will also play a huge role in your enjoyment of a sex doll, so this is worth reviewing beforehand too.

What Does it Feel Like to Have Sex With a Blow Up Doll?

Essentially, it feels like using a fleshlight, although being able to hold on to your doll or lie on top of her adds more realism to the experience.

We know that the best Fleshlights feel amazing and can produce mind-blowing orgasms. A blow up doll gives you some plastic boobs to squeeze and a body to throw into different positions while you’re at it. Remember, you’ll need some water-based lube!

A blow up doll is significantly lighter than even a torso silicone sex doll, and certain positions can take some getting used to for that reason.

But blow-up dolls are cheaper, while being easier to carry and store. Plus, they create the same sensations on your penis. This is why there remains a place for them despite the emergence of more hi-tech sex dolls.

How to Clean Your Blow Up Doll

Most blow-up dolls can be cleaned with soap and water. Since they’re made of porous materials, it’s important to clean them after every use to prevent them from molding.

If your blow-up doll comes with removable fleshlights, it’s best to remove them to clean them properly. Wash the inner cavities with a bottle then scrub with a soft brush.

Patting it dry with a towel might be enough, but it’s worth hanging it out to air-dry in a secure place like a wardrobe too.

How to Repair a Blow Up Doll

Ripped seams are a possibility, particularly with cheaper blow up dolls. The recommended process for repairing is similar to repairing a flat tyre on your bicycle. Indeed, most high-end dolls will come with puncture repair kits with glue and patches.

First, you’ll need to identify the ripped seam, perhaps by placing your doll in water and looking for the bubbles. From there, it’s as simple as inflating the doll, then flattening the broken portion so you can glue on a patch.

Are There any Dangers or Controversies Surrounding Blow Up Sex Dolls?

Blow up sex dolls are completely safe to use. Although this wasn’t always the case, they’re now legal to buy and use in most countries.

They are seen as amusing props by many people – and you’ll often see them being used as honorary guests at bachelor parties.

It is illegal in some parts of the world – including the United Kingdom and some U.S states – to own sex dolls that represent a child.

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Try an Inflatable Sex Doll

The technology surrounding sex toys is improving all the time, even with blow up sex dolls.

I was incredibly impressed with the dolls listed in this guide, and I’m sure you will be too.

If you’ve never used a blow up sex doll before, I’d urge you to give it a try. You’ll probably be blown away by the sensations offered by the Thrust Pro Naomi, Shy Camilla or Horny Quella.

These dolls can prove able companions for men in all types of situations.

I spotted a five-star review for Shy Camilla written by a man who wanted to try threesomes with his wife, but was too nervous to find a willing human third wheel. Another customer had bought Shy Camilla because his wife was physically unable to have sex any more. He was also loving the experience.

So, what are you waiting for?

However your sex life is looking at the moment, one of these blow up sex dolls could make it more exciting!

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