The Best Sex Machines That Keep You Orgasming: You Won’t Want to Stop This Robot Revolution

Sex machines have a reputation for producing orgasm after orgasm of endless pleasure.

They don’t have limitations like human stamina, sensitivity, or endurance, so they’re incredible toys for people looking for intense and memorable sexual experiences.

Machines aren’t all the same, however, so in this review, I’ll be delivering the best sex machines you might want to consider.

This Quick List Will Make Quick Work Out of You

Not all machines are equal.

Much like other sex toys, they each have their own purpose, target audience, or particular niche that they fill.

To make it easier to pick out the machine perfect for your bedroom or sex dungeon, here’s a quick list of the best machines and their particular niche in which they excel.

Enter a World of Endless Pleasure and Back-To-Back Orgasms With These Sex Machines

Shopping for machines isn’t always straightforward because it can be difficult to differentiate between the different models.

They may all look the same, but they each have their own qualities that make them stand apart or make them excel at certain tasks.

The last thing you want to do is buy a machine that doesn’t actually perform well for the task you want it to perform.

I’ve made things easy by narrowing down the top machine for certain categories.

Let’s get ready to embrace the robot revolution.

Keon & Feel Stroker – Best Male Sex Machine

kiiroo keon and stroker
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Sometimes guys just want to have fun, too.

The problem with a lot of machines is that they tend to be female-focused.

That’s great for women, but men deserve a good sex machine, too.

Enter the Keon & Feel Stroker.

The Keon is a type of hub that makes standard toys a lot more exciting.

When you attach Kiiroo’s Feel Stroker, for example, you can suddenly become your own porn star.

The Keon is capable of syncing to Kiiroo’s app called FeelMe AI.

It uses artificial intelligence to sync and program your toy with online porn.

Whenever the models start getting down and dirty, your toy mimics their movements.

It makes watching porn a lot more exciting and immersive.

You’re able to sync the toy to other Kiiroo-compatible toys through FeelConnect.

If your lover lives far from you, then you can both enjoy satisfying sexual experiences through the Keon.

The toys react to one another.

The Keon packs a lot of power, too, despite relying on battery power.

It can generate up to 230 strokes per minute.

You’re going to have a hard time holding off your orgasm with that sort of power.

The stroker, itself, also uses TPE which is a realistic plastic that becomes warm as you use it.

That helps create a more realistic experience, too.

The Keon & Feel Stroker is an ideal choice for guys looking for a premium sex machine.

It has some great qualities, but it’s worth knowing its drawbacks, too.


  • 230 strokes/minute ensures you won’t last long with this toy.
  • Sync with Kiiroo-compatible toys for long-distance fun.
  • FeelMe AI lets you become a porn star in your own right.
  • FeelConnect unlocks immersive experiences with cam girls and OnlyFans models.


  • 4-hour charging requires a bit of waiting just to have fun.
  • Battery life only lasts between half an hour and two hours when on the highest setting.
  • Might struggle to sync to the app initially.

The Keon & Feel Stroker is a great choice for guys who finally want to experience a premium sex machine of their own.

Kiiroo Onyx+ – Best Blowjob Sex Machine

kiiroo onyx plus
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Let’s be honest here.

Blowjobs can feel pretty amazing.

The problem with blowjobs is that they’re not always that fun for partners to provide.

If your partner isn’t into oral sex, then you might be feeling a little frustrated.

You can finally have as much oral sex as you want with the Onyx+ from Kiiroo.

Literally, because it’s a machine, you could have countless orgasms via blowjobs with this toy.

It’s the contraction technology that makes the Onyx+ such a champion of blowjobs.

The toy uses a unique motor that moves up and down.

It simulates the feeling of when someone deep throats you.

If you’re a fan of deep-throating, then you’re probably going to love this toy.

Even if your partner does enjoy giving you blowjobs, this machine can still have them beat.

It’s capable of generating up to 140 strokes per minute.

It’ll be pretty hard for your partner to compete with that speed.

You can sit back and basically have the best blowjob of your life over and over.

The Onyx+ makes masturbation a lot more exciting, too.

It’s capable of syncing to other Kiiroo-compatible devices for long-distance play.

When your partner plays with one of their Kiiroo toys, you’re going to feel it, too.

Even those without a partner can make masturbation a lot more enjoyable.

The Onyx+ can sync to the FeelConnect and FeelMe AI apps.

The FeelMe AI app, in particular, lets you receive virtual blowjobs from porn actresses, OnlyFans models, and so much more.

Always wanted to be on the receiving end of a messy blowjob from your favorite model?

The Onyx+ makes it possible.

Clearly, there’s a lot to love about this sex machine for blowjobs, but here are some things to keep in mind.


  • 140 strokes per minute provide the best blowjob you’ll ever experience.
  • Contraction technology makes the blowjob feel authentic.
  • FeelConnect lets you receive oral sex from your partner no matter where they are.
  • FeelMe AI lets you have oral sex with the girl of your online dreams.
  • Sync with other KIIROO toys for fun on both sides.


  • Four-hour charging can really kill the mood.
  • Battery life only lasts for an hour when on its highest setting.
  • Internal sleeve can sometimes pop out with aggressive use.

The Onyx+ is a sex machine for guys who love oral sex.

Kiiroo Sex Machine – Best for Online Interactivity

keon sex machine
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Long gone are the days when you had to masturbate alone.

Thanks to toys providing online interactivity, like the Kiiroo sex machine, masturbation is a lot more exciting.

The Keon sex machine combines Kiiroo’s Keon device with a dildo attachment.

Much like with the Feel Stroker, connecting the dildo to the Keon makes it interactive.

You can even sync the machine to other Kiiroo toys for synchronized pleasure.

For example, if you speed up your machine, then someone using a synced Feel Stroker or another toy will feel that increase, too.

This unlocks the door for long-distance couples to finally have sexual experiences with each other, too.

Soloplay with the machine is just as fun.

It’s also capable of syncing to FeelMe Connect and FeelMe AI.

When the porn actor starts drilling into an actress on the screen, your toy reacts in kind.

It makes all types of different scenarios a lot more enjoyable and immersive.

It’s also easy to use.

It uses a locking system that just requires you to twist and pull.

You don’t need anything fancy to assemble the machine.

That makes it one of the easiest sex machines to put together and use.

You can also purchase table clamps separately to make the machine completely hands-free.

If you want to wade into the world of VR sex, then this machine is your best vehicle in that world.

The Kiiroo sex machine has a lot of great perks, but it has its flaws, too.


  • Up to 230 strokes/minute provides intense pleasure.
  • No tools required makes assembling this machine extremely easy.
  • Compact size makes for easy storage and travel.
  • Quiet operation ensures your playtime is discrete.
  • Purchasing clamps allows the toy to become hands-free.


  • 4-hour charging between sessions can feel like a long time.
  • Battery life only lasts a half hour to 2 hours.
  • Doesn’t come with many different dildo attachments.

The Keon Sex Machine lets you become your own, virtual, porn star.

Lovense Sex Machine – Best Sex Machine for Couples

lovense sex machine
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A lot of machines are only for one person.

Only one person, at a time, is able to experience the incredible power of the toy.

That can make the other partner feel rather bored while they wait their turn.

Lovense changes the game with its dual-thrusting sex machine.

When you turn the toy on, a rod moves back and forth with a dildo on each side.

Both partners are able to enjoy the toy at the same time.

That makes this toy a great choice for couples.

Even if the couple doesn’t want to share the toy at the same time, it can be a hit at certain parties.

There’s a lot of love that the machine offers, too.

For one, it’s capable of reaching up to 300 strokes per minute.

That’s a ton of power and speed that can have your legs shaking in no time.

It gets even better from there.

The machine is easily adjustable, so you can find the right height and angle for maximum pleasure.

The machine also provides different ways to play.

You can use it on your own, with a live-in partner, with a long-distance partner, or even with strangers.

On your own, you can use the different patterns that come programmed on the Lovense app.

You’re able to make your own, too, and save them for later use.

You can also sync your music to your machine.

As the rhythm increases, the machine thrusts faster.

It can make listening to certain songs a lot more enjoyable.

Through the Lovense app, you’re also capable of giving control of your machine to your lover or even a stranger.

They’re then able to tease and pleasure you at their whim.

This machine gives couples and singles entirely new ways to play, but it does come with its share of flaws.


  • 300 strokes/minute provides incredible power and speed.
  • Adjustable for most positions.
  • You can play solo, with live-in partners, or with long-distance partners or strangers.
  • Sync to music for a fun and unique experience.
  • Relatively quiet compared to other machines.


  • Only comes with two dildo attachments without any other variations.
  • Machine doesn’t come with any clamps.
  • Dildo texture is a bit rough, especially without lube.

The Lovense Sex Machine is a great choice for couples who love machines and want to use them at the same time.

Hismith Sex Machine – Best Adjustable Sex Machine

hismith sex machine
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Here’s the problem with sex machines.

They’re often not adjustable enough to allow for many positions.

In most porn videos, for example, women using machines either end up on their backs or on their stomachs.

Because of the complexity of machines, they often miss out on flexibility.

That can limit your sexual creativity which isn’t a lot of fun.

The Hismith sex machine unleashes your sexual creativity thanks to its adjustability.

The machine gives you tons of ways to change its conformation.

You’re able to switch up its height, angle, and even its positioning.

For example, if you have a sex swing or want to stand over the machine, you can actually remove one of the rods and have the machine thrust upwards.

The positioning of the Hismith machine isn’t the only aspect of it that’s variable either.

It also comes with tons of dildo attachments and adapters.

You’re able to switch out the attachment and try different dildos of different shapes and sizes.

You’re not even restricted to just Hismith’s product line.

The adapters are compatible with many other attachments from other companies.

If you have a favorite toy from another company, then you can make it more exciting by attaching it to the Hismith premium machine.

It also offers a lot of power.

It can generate up to 240 strokes per minute.

When that all becomes boring, you’re also able to sync the machine to the Hismith app.

Besides using patterns, you can also give control of your machine to your long-distance partner or a stranger.

You’re able to try out different positions with unlimited possibilities.

The Hismith machine offers a lot, but it does have its own problems, too.


  • Complete adjustability for every position you’re curious about trying.
  • Different attachments keep the fun going.
  • 240 strokes/minute will have you orgasm in no time.
  • Compatible with other toys/attachments from other brands.
  • App unlocks the ability for online play.


  • Doesn’t come with any clamping capabilities.
  • Requires a bit of effort to set up.
  • Speed is there but the power might not be enough for some people.

If you hate how some machines keep you from trying out new positions, then the Hismith Sex Machine might be of interest to you.

Cowgirl Riding Machine – Best Sex Machine for Vibrational Pleasure

cowgirl premium sex machine
Screenshot taken from

Now, not everyone enjoys the high-powered thrusting action that a typical sex machine provides.

If you fall into that category, then you might think that machines aren’t meant for you.

That isn’t the case at all.

You might find the Cowgirl Riding Machine more up your alley.

The Cowgirl is a machine that focuses on vibrational and rotational pleasure than thrusting pleasure.

You don’t even need to include the rotational pleasure if you just want vibrational pleasure.

That’s because it comes with different attachments.

You simply mount up on the machine and hold on for dear life as it puts you through your paces.

Some attachments simply feature a textured bump for stimulation and grinding.

Others come with an attachment for G-Spot or P-Spot stimulation.

Those attachments allow for rotational pleasure on top of vibrational pleasure.

The remote controller lets you control both types of pleasure separately.

You can have low rotational stimulation while having high vibrational stimulation or vice versa.

The Cowgirl also has an app.

You can use the app yourself, give it to your partner, or even give it to a long-distance partner or stranger.

They’re able to control your toy in your stead.

The Cowgirl has a lot of power, too.

It’s capable of reaching up to 1200 RPMs.

That’s a ton of vibration that will quickly make you addicted to this machine.

With tons of different attachments to try, using the Cowgirl never becomes boring.

While the Cowgirl can take you for a wild ride, it’s worth noting its shortcomings, too.


  • Uses premium materials like vegan leather for long-lasting durability.
  • 1200 RPMs for incredible, leg-shaking, stimulation.
  • 360-degree swivel helps you find the perfect spot to stimulate.
  • Control vibration and rotation separately to find perfect setting.
  • App for long-distance play.
  • Tons of attachments for new experiences.


  • Starts off pretty strong from the beginning.
  • Very noisy operation.
  • Price may be prohibitive to some people.

The Cowgirl is a premium sex machine for those looking for a machine that produces incredible vibrational pleasure.

Shockspot Sex Machine – Best Travel-Friendly Sex Machine

Screenshot taken from

If you have a vacation coming up and you’d really like to bring your favorite toy with you, then in most cases, you won’t be bringing your sex machine.

They’re large, heavy, and almost impossible to bring on planes.

The Shockspot sex machine solves that problem.

It’s a lightweight machine that’s already a compact size.

However, it’s also capable of folding into an even more compact size.

At 23 pounds, you can easily bring it with you on a plane and even store it in an overhead storage compartment.

That makes this machine perfect for travel.

Despite its light and compact size, it still packs a ton of power.

That’s because it doesn’t use a rotary motor like other machines.

Its torque consistently rates higher than other brands.

Despite the strong, thrusting, power that it has, it’s still quiet.

You won’t alert the entire hotel or resort to your activities.

Another incredible feature is its V-Stroker technology.

You can sync the machine to Fleshlights.

When both partners use their toys, they’re basically able to have virtual sex with one another.

That enables long-distance couples to have a lot of fun.

This sex machine also doesn’t discriminate between men and women.

It comes with tons of attachments including dildos, Fleshlights, and other pocket pussies.

Men and women can enjoy strong stroking pleasure together.

Through the Touch and Feel software, you’re also able to set up pre-configured programs to run the machine through or create your own.

You can also give someone else control over your machine.

Machines don’t have to be huge, heavy, or bulky.

The Shockspot makes it possible to take your orgasm-inducing machine with you on the go.

There’s a lot to love about the Shockspot, but it’s worth considering its flaws, too.


  • Incredible thrusting power leads to satisfying encounters.
  • Tons of attachments to try out and increase your fun.
  • Online play through Touch and Feel software for solo fun.
  • V-Stroker tech offers realistic, satisfying, virtual sex.
  • Adjustable thrust depth and vibrational power to find your perfect setting.


  • High price is prohibitive.
  • Software and hardware may be difficult to set up initially.
  • Strong thrusting power may not be ideal for beginners.

The Shockspot can provide strong pleasure and lasting orgasms no matter where you are.

VR and Toy-Syncing Technology Adds a Human Element to Sex Machines

Using a machine can provide some incredible orgasms.

However, some people miss the human element that comes with having sex with a person.

Standard machines don’t have a way of introducing that human element, but thanks to some new technology, some companies have found a way to use the best of both worlds.

Here are some of the best technical aspects of these machines.

Toy-Syncing Makes it Possible to Have Virtual Sex With Anyone Anywhere

Kiiroo is among the brands that have enabled its toys to sync with others.

When you sync the machine from Kiiroo with a Feel Stroker, for example, whenever someone increases the stroke pace, the other person feels it, too.

It’s a way to have intimate sex with someone even if they’re miles away.

Bluetooth is largely at work behind this technology.

When both toys sync to the app, Bluetooth is able to relate that information from one toy to the next.

Not only is this exciting news for long-distance couples, but it also means people are able to have more intimate encounters with models online.

As long as the model provides access to their toy’s code, they can offer some incredible experiences to their fans.

Toy syncing adds the thrill of human sex with the power of sex machines.

App Software Unlocks Control and Different Ways to Play

A lot of the machines listed above use apps or desktop software.

The software enables the individual to control their toy entirely.

They’re able to set certain safety features or control how fast, deep, or hard a toy functions.

They can also give control of their machine to someone else.

Even if the other person isn’t using a synced toy, they can still use the app to do wonderfully terrible things to the other person.

This sort of technology also uses Bluetooth.

It sends the machine a signal whenever someone changes its settings.

This can provide some incredible experiences since you never quite know what the other person has in store for you.

Some apps, like Lovense, even allow you to sync your toy to music.

You could go through a whole playlist and find new, exciting, ways to masturbate.

As more features become added to the apps, machines continue to become more exciting and interesting to use.

FeelMe AI Lets You Become Part of the Action

The Keon sex machine from Kiiroo also uses FeelMe AI technology.

This tech lets your toy sync to online content.

It has over 4,000 videos with more added each day.

The software takes control of your toy and matches it to what’s going on in the video.

If you’ve ever wanted to participate in a specific porn video, then FeelMe AI makes it possible.

Now, you can enjoy the strong power of a sex machine while still enjoying the human element of sex.

It combines fantasy with reality to forge an incredible experience.

Let the Robot Revolution Take Over Your Bedroom by Choosing the Best One for Your Needs

I, for one, welcome our robot superiors into the bedroom.

With the sort of results and tech behind the machines featured above, having a sex machine is more exciting than ever.

However, before you start shopping, there are a few things to consider to ensure you’re buying the right toy.

You’re Going to Need a lot of Storage Space

Most sex machines are not small.

They tend to take up a lot of room.

Unless you want a machine hanging out in your bedroom all the time, you’re going to need storage space.

Some machines are able to fold in on themselves, like the Shockspot, while others require a good amount of disassembling to make room.

Because assembling and disassembling can be a hassle, you may want to keep it in intact.

You’ll need even more storage space if that’s the case.

Besides storage space, it’s also important to have enough room to even use the toy.

If your bedroom is small, then you might not be able to use it.

At the very least, you might end up cramped when trying to use it.

Consider how much space you have to store and use your machine to ensure you’re buying one that fits that space.

A Machine for Solo Use Comes With Different Features Than One for Couples

Machines tend to be hefty investments.

It’s worth speaking to your partner about buying one before you just go out and buy it.

They might not want to invest so much money into a toy that only one person is using.

It’s worth considering, too, if that machine is going to be for one person or for both partners to use.

For the former, you’re going to want to find a toy that fits your needs specifically.

If the toy is for both of you, then you should make the decision together.

Some machines, like the one from Lovense, have dual-thrusting features, so both partners can use it at the same time.

This is a great benefit for couples but may not matter for a single person.

Determine if you need a machine for solo use or couples to have the right features.

The Number of Attachments Can Keep Your Machine Interesting

Customization is key to a great toy.

Not everyone is the same when it comes to anatomy or sexual preferences.

A machine that comes with a bunch of different attachments is more likely to have one that you enjoy.

When looking through the different options, it’s worth considering a machine that comes with a lot of attachments versus one that only has one or two options.

Besides finding an attachment that actually works for you, it can also make using the machine more exciting.

Even as incredible as sex machines are, using them can become boring when you’re using the same toy over and over.

A machine that has different attachments offers new experiences.

Using your toy will never become boring if it has a lot of attachments from which to choose.

Adjusting the Machine is Vital for Certain Positions

A problem with some of the larger machines is that they aren’t always adjustable.

At most, you may be able to change its height.

That can restrict what types of positions you want to use with the toy.

To avoid that, it’s worth considering a machine that has a lot of adjustability.

The Hismith machine, for example, is able to adjust its height, angle, and even its conformation.

You’re able to try out tons of different positions with it.

Your sexual creativity shouldn’t become limited just because you can’t adjust a machine.

Understand What Acceptable Noise Levels You Have

Let’s be honest here.

Most machines are noisy.

They tend to let everyone know what you’re up to in your bedroom or sex dungeon.

Some machines are louder than others.

It’s worth determining if the noise level is something you need to worry about or not.

If it isn’t a concern, then you can go for the noisy machines.

If it is a concern, then you might need to look at the machines that run a bit quieter.

Know Your Type of Stimulation Preference To Buy A Machine That Does the Job

When people think of sex machines, they typically think of big, thrusting, hydraulic-like machines.

While thrusting machines are popular, they’re not the only type on the market.

The Cowgirl, for example, focuses on vibration and rotation stimulation.

There are even some for anal.

To ensure you’re buying a toy that you’ll actually enjoy, you should know what type of stimulation is ideal for you.

If you’re not into thrusting or stroking, then don’t buy a machine that thrusts.

There are other options out there.

By finding the machine that performs the right stimulation, you can have orgasm after orgasm.

The Shockspot Wins the Robot Rumble for Best Fuck Machine

Machines for sex tend to be loud, large, and only come with one or two attachments.

While these machines all solve a certain problem, there’s really only one that hits all the marks.

The Shockspot sex machine is small, compact, foldable, and has online features.

It also comes with tons of attachments, so no matter if you’re male or female, you can find the perfect attachment for you to use.

It also has incredible thrusting power that can leave you feeling satisfied for days.

Since it’s wired and not battery-powered, you also don’t have to worry about stopping prematurely.

It just keeps going until you can’t anymore.

With tons of different ways to adjust it and its ability to sync to Fleshlights via V-Stroker tech, the Shockspot is a premium machine that fits most needs.

If you want a machine that provides endless orgasms, then be sure to check out the Shockspot sex machine here.