Why Many Opt for Sex Dolls Over Human Intimacy: Understanding the Shift

Considering the emotional connection you can have with people, you might feel some surprise over people who prefer to have sex with sex dolls.

Yet, with sex dolls becoming more advanced, they do offer some benefits that sex with real people doesn’t provide.

Let’s see why some people prefer using sex dolls over real sex.

Why People Prefer Using Sex Dolls Over Real Sex

Sex dolls lower the barrier of entry to a healthy sex life.

Because it’s a lot easier to have sex with a doll than a person, it’s appealing to some people.

Here’s what make dolls such an ideal choice as a sexual partner for certain people.

You Don’t Have to Wine and Dine a Doll

Human relationships require a lot of effort.

Before most sexual relationships begin, you typically have to get to know a person first.

Even if you don’t plan on having an emotional connection to them, you still need to know if they’re a safe person to be around.

The process of getting to know someone usually entails dinner, drinks, or just some sort of activity where you can talk.

Not everyone has the time, energy, or money to devote to those activities.

That’s especially true if the individual isn’t having any luck.

They might end up spending a lot of money in the process of trying to find a sexual or emotional partner that they connect with.

Dolls are easy.

They don’t eat, they don’t have lives, and you don’t have to worry about safety with them.

They’re ready for sex right from the box.

Because there’s less effort, having sex with a doll is a lot more appealing.

While dolls may be on the expensive side, compared to a partner, they’re likely going to be cheaper in the long run.

Dolls require less energy and effort and that makes them ideal partners.

Inexperience Can Make Approaching Real Sex Frightening

There’s a lot of emphasis put on the quality of sex.

Not everyone ends up giving a porn star performance from the start.

Sexual technique and ability takes time to develop.

The problem with that is that some people aren’t willing to wait.

They expect their partner to be incredible lovers right from the start.

They’re not willing to be patient and help them learn.

This can put off some people from having sex with real people.

They may have a fear of rejection or even ridicule.

To avoid that, they spend time having sex with their dolls instead.

Sex dolls don’t judge.

You can do whatever you want with a doll, and it won’t complain.

Most of the fantasy lives in your head, so you can easily pretend–and believe–that you’re the best lover in the world.

The fear of ridicule doesn’t exist, so it’s easier to enjoy your time with the doll.

Some people also prefer using sex dolls to get over their inexperience.

They might not want to subject a potential partner to a poor performance.

So, they’ll practice on a sex doll until they believe they’re a better lover.

Inexperience and fear of teasing can lead some people to prefer sex with dolls over real people.

Certain Conditions Make Forming Human Bonds Difficult

There are some mental conditions that can make certain people have a difficult time forming human bonds.

Even something less clinical like introversion can make it difficult for some people to form bonds.

In these instances, the individual might prefer sex with a doll because it’s less intimidating or taxing.

They’re still able to receive sexual satisfaction without feeling like a failure at their inability to make friends or attract a partner.

Some people are also simply not built for lots of human connections.

They may not relate to those within their immediate circle.

They may not be able to widen their dating pool.

They may be aromantic or even asexual with a few bouts of sexual activity from time to time.

Whatever it is that’s keeping them from forming strong bonds, they might feel dolls as more approachable.

It’s easier to have sex with a doll once every few months and receive the satisfaction they need from the act than to try and find a new partner for those specific moments when they want to have sex.

In a world where it’s easy to feel incompatible with almost everyone, sex dolls offer a different solution.

Different Sex Drives Between Partners

One of the most common reasons people prefer sex with a sex doll over real sex is that they have a widely different sex drive from their partner.

Sex drive mismatches can be a real problem in a relationship.

If someone’s sexual needs aren’t meant, then there’s always a chance that the partner might seek to fulfill those needs elsewhere.

To avoid the heartbreak and drama that comes with infidelty, some people just prefer to stick with sex dolls.

Whether they’re in a relationship or not, they might prefer the ability to have sex whenever they want.

The doll doesn’t have a sex drive.

It’s just up for sex whenever.

Those who have high sex drives might find dolls more appealing since the doll can actually satisfy their needs.

They’re also able to buy other dolls without worrying that the original doll is going to be jealous.

Dolls can make the lives of those with high sex drives more satisfying.

Added Features Offer New, Fun, Experiences

Most humans don’t come with features like vibrating pussies or exchangeable penises.

Sex dolls do.

The ability to customize and add certain special features to your doll means you’re able to unlock new experiences.

These are experiences that the standard human body cannot provide.

Sex dolls become a bit more exciting because they’re able to make sex feel incredible.

With new features always releasing, dolls continue to provide new experiences while sex with humans tends to remain about the same.

Complete Customization Lets People Make Their Dream Partners

For most people, the chances of attracting someone miles out of your league are slim.

Sex dolls allow you to craft your ideal partner.

Many companies, like RealDoll, Sex Doll Genie, and Silicon Wives, have customization options.

You start out with a doll, and then you can change certain aspects about it like hair color, breast size, and even the face as a whole.

You end up with a doll that matches your fantasies.

It’s easy to become sexually attracted to a doll when it’s your ideal partner.

Because of how sexy the doll appears, the individual might prefer to have sex with it.

Custom sex dolls allow people to make the lover of their dreams.

Find the Lover of Your Dreams

The fact that some people prefer sex with a doll over a real person suggests that there’s something you might be missing out on.

If you want to see what all the talk is about, then you should experience a doll for yourself, too.

Check out our buyer’s guide to find one that fulfills your fantasies.

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