The Best Vibrators for Women: Types, Features, and Top Product Choices This Year

Shopping for the perfect sex toy can be overwhelming the first time.

Hell, I’ve had a vibrating toy in some form or another for over 20 years and even I still get confused enough to experience buyer’s paralysis occasionally.

It can be hard to pick the best vibrators for women when you don’t know what you’re doing! The secret to my successful shopping and sex experience is knowledge.

Vibrators come in a variety of styles, sizes, and performances. So, finding out how each vibrator type works and what it’s best for is a huge component of a perfect shopping trip.

But you can get an even better experience with your sexual interaction when you know yourself and your needs.

When you know what you like, it’s easier to find a vibrator that will get you across the finish line rather than leaving you in a wound-up bundle of disappointment.

Types of Vibrators for Women

Asking a woman to pick their favorite vibrator can be like asking about their favorite pair of shoes or their first purse pick. Many women end up with a collection of vibrators because, like any great accessory, different situations call for a certain style.

Bullet Vibrators

magic bullet vibrator
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Bullet vibrators are an impressively powerful playtoy packed into a small body. The uses for this style of vibrator are endless. All bullet vibrators classify first and foremost as clit stimulators.

They can be wearable sex toys that you can use in public. Or discreet toys that you take on trips without looking like a vibrator. Or it’s the perfect waterproof toy for a quick fix during your morning shower before work.

You can even use these small toys to provide pinpoint precision to aching or injured parts of your body. However, most bullet vibrators are incompatible with internal use. I’ve talked about the 7 best bullet vibrators on the market here.

But RN, I’m just going to tell you about my favorite bullet vibrator – the Magic Bullet. This OG sex toy gives you ten features – three speeds and seven patterns – of whisper-quiet vibrations in rigid, body-safe, waterproof silicone.

Wand Vibrators

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Wand vibrators are the notorious original sex toy, famed for their super-powerful vibrations and inconspicuous look.

At least a few of your female relatives likely had one of these baddies in their nightstands 30 years ago. And might still til this day, as most of us users become loyal repeat lifelong fans.

The best thing about massage wand vibrators is that, as the name suggests, they are superb at giving you toe-curling massaging, and not just on your naughty parts. The flexible silicone bulbed head bends and rolls against the curves of your body to deliver powerful vibrations to the deep tissues of your muscles for full-body relaxation.

These broad vibrations can also provide deep rumbling pressure to your clit for glorious orgasms that resonate within your deep center.

The only thing that I’m not crazy about with massaging wands is you can’t use them internally. Oh, and they can be a bit loud during the operation. But if anyone hears you using your toy, you can totally pass it off as a massage of your aching muscles.

I went into more detail and reviewed the best 7 massaging wands in a different post. So, I will only highlight my favorite wand massager – The Mantric Wireless Modern Massage Vibe.

Clitoral Vibrators

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Most vibrators for women target the clitoris, that elusive area that most people struggle to find and stimulate. In theory, any vibrator out there can do the task of stimulating the clit.

But there are also clitoral vibrators, toys directly designed to give you precise, pinpoint pressure to the little pleasure button tucked between your legs. Review all my favorite clit vibrators here.

One of my favorite clitoral vibrators is the small, curvy, powerful We-Vibe Touch X.

You can also find clitoral vibrators that combine with G-spot stimulation, such as vibrating rabbit toys. These toys ensure your pleasure by hitting both your arousal buttons simultaneously.

Rabbit Vibrators

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Rabbit vibrators get their name from dual arms, simultaneously stimulating your sensitive spots for external and internal pleasure.

The shorter ear presses externally against your clit while the longer arm inserts inside the vagina to access the hard-to-reach G-spot. And some rabbits even have a third arm for anal use.

Rabbit vibrators come in various sizes and looks. Some novelty models even have the face of an animal or caricature.

The We-Vibe X Nova 2 is my favorite rabbit vibrator that offers app control features for fun partner play. But I dig the Happy Rabbit Triple Curve when you want pleasure from all angles and holes. Find out my other favorite vibrating rabbits here!

G-spot Vibrators

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Targeting the G-spot is a guaranteed way to get glorious sexual releases every time without much hard work. The toy’s unique shape – with a long shaft and a bulbous tip – usually has an angled neck for perfect penetration.

Most G-spot toys have a solo purpose – for internal stimulation of the deep pleasure center. But you can also find some models that serve multiple purposes, like also targeting the external clit.

There are even some G-spot vibrators you can use as wearable toys, meaning you can fit them into place and use them for hands-free play. Other G-spot stimulators, such as an air stimulator, arouse you without making direct contact.

Then there are my favorite G-spot stimulator toys, which target your internal button and your external knob, like sex rabbits. You can check out my 7 favorite G-spot vibrators here, but my favorite model on the list is the We-Vibe X Nova 2 for dual pleasure.

When I only want straight G-spot arousal, my go-to is the glorious Mantric G-Spot, which can also work excellently for men to target their prostate zone.

Interactive Vibrators (App & Remote Control)

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Interactive sex toys are next-gen tech that solves the age-old problem of hands-free play while making for easier partner play.

You can find many styles of vibrators for women and adult toys that connect to a remote control or an app to filter through the settings and speeds. Other toys respond to your body’s reaction to

The best thing about interactive toys is the ease of use. You can change the way your toy works or turn your toy on and off without the awkwardness of having to fiddle with buttons built into your toy.

This style is the best choice for discreet public play. And it’s an awesome way to keep your sex life hot when your partner isn’t nearby. Whether you’re apart for the day due to busy schedules or separated for days, weeks, or months by being in different states or countries, remote and app-controlled vibrators can save your day.

My favorite wearable app-controlled interactive vibrator has got to be the petite but powerful Esca 2 by Kiiroo. The We-Vibe X Nova 2 is your solution for interactive remote-operated dual stim for women. Find out my 7 favorite apps and remote-controlled vibrators in this post!

Vibrating Panties (Wearable)

Desire Luxury Rechargeable Remote Control Panty Vibrator
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Vibrating panties for women are my favorite way to take the playtime out of the bedroom. If you have ever had voyeuristic fantasies about getting sexual in public without catching an indecency charge from the po-po, panty vibrators are your ticket.

These glorious lingerie pieces allow you to explore sex with wearable vibrators, often while still looking super-sexy clad in elegant lace. And because most vibration panties go under your clothing, they’re usually operated by remote or an app for hands-free play.

There are several styles of vibrating panties, from designs with vibrating toys sewn into the material to lingerie that lets you put your favorite wearable vibrator inside a built-in pocket. Other models attach to your underwear with a magnet, allowing you to wear the toy with any undergarments, not just a specific pair.

I give you all the dirty deets in my post about the 7 best vibrating panties. But a quick look at the top pick of my roundup is the Desire Luxury – both sexy and powerful.

Getting the Best Bargain from Your Banging Buy

I’ve got you familiar with the many different types of women’s vibrators, and my fav picks for each style. Now, let’s familiarize ourselves with what you need to know to get the best purchase from your shopping experience.

How Many Vibration Variations Do You Want?

The first tip I give anyone going on a shopping trip for any merchandise – especially sex toys – is to be honest with what you like and need.

There are so many possibilities for vibrators for women, with many different styles and functions. And while I always advocate for having multiple sex toys in your arsenal to suit your every mood and desire, I’ll be the first to admit this addiction can get mighty expensive.

So, it’s always best practice to have an old faithful you go to in a pinch to meet all your desires. But to get the best main mechanical beau, first, you must know what you like and want in a toy. Do you need a lot of different options, or will too many leave you confused and intimidated?

What Type of Stimulation Do You Need?

Despite the many myths about women’s orgasms, how a woman gets off can vary by person. No one solution fits all arousals.

Some ladies can only peak with clit stimulation, while others require the feeling of a full vagina with pinpoint pressure to the G-spot. And many women need the combination of dual stim of the clit and G-spot at the same time.

Also, consider if you want direct, precise pressure directly applied to your spot. Or do you prefer sensations that expand over a more broad area? Vibrators, like a bullet, give you direct pleasure, while an air vibrator can expand the feeling without actually coming into touch contact with your body.

How and Where You’ll Be Using Your Vibrator

The most obvious place where women use vibrators is the bedroom, with the bathroom being another popular location. But just because you’re in your boudoir’s privacy doesn’t mean you wouldn’t want to keep your business discreet and low-key.

How loud your toy gets is often of the utmost importance for women wanting to get their pleasure without cluing in the entire house, like those with roommates or kids.

Another thing I’m a firm advocate for is exploring your sexual pleasure outside traditional societal expectations. Life is too stressful on a good day, so why not lighten the mood with an enticing O?

Some sex toys allow for discreet personal use, even in public. Whether you’re wearing your toy to get through a boring corporate board meeting or to ease the pain of adulting, like running errands and long waits.

Why Get One When You Can Have Multiple?

If you’ve hit a wall in deciding which vibrator for women is best for your next shopping trip, freeze your clicking finger for a moment.

You can get an amazing bargain and deep versatility by purchasing a bundle or kit of adult sex toys that offer a selection of different toys.

My favorite sex toy bundle is the Lovehoney Wild Weekend Mega Kit which gives you eleven toys for the price of one. You get everything needed to get you from aroused foreplay to satiated O’s.

You get rabbit vibrators, G-spot (or P-spot) toys, toys for anal, and multiple cock rings for the dual pleasure of women and men. There is something in this bundle for everyone’s arousal.

Other bundles can have lingerie and props for costume play, blindfolds, BDSM accessories, and his and her pleasure.

You’ve Just Graduated the “What Women Want in a Vibrator” Course

Despite the major progress we’ve made on the focus of women getting to experience sexual satisfaction, plenty of ladies out there remain unpleased. I’m of the mind that there should be zero excuses for you to stay unsatisfied when there are so many ways for you to get off. No matter your preference for sexual release, there is a design out there that will give you the goods.

As a recap, here are the different types of vibrators for women, along with my top picks for the best women’s vibrators for 2023.

FAQ About the Best Vibrators for Women

FAQ Answers
What Vibrator Type is Best for Beginners? The best vibrator for beginners will depend on how you want your pleasure delivered. Bullets are a great first choice for a small vibrator, but rabbits are awesome if you want to explore with a toy you can insert for G-spot arousal.
What Type of Vibrator is Best for Women? It can be difficult to say what type of vibrator is best for women, just as it would be challenging to pick a single vibrator that is perfect for every woman. The thing to know about sex toys is that it’s a very personal decision. What is right for one female will not be the same for another. Finding the toy that’s right for you can take some trial and error.
How Many Types of Vibrators for Women are There? There are dozens of different vibrator styles on the market, falling into several categories. We file all female vibrators into seven classifications.