Your Cheat Sheet to the Best Sex Furniture to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Have you ever wished there was a way to achieve more erotic sexual positions without tricky flexibility? Tons of sex furniture pieces can assist you with having better, longer, and more kinky sex.

This best sex furniture roundup will give you the dirty deets about different sex furniture pieces, how they can make your sex life better, and my favorite models of each furniture type. I’ve covered these sex furniture topics in greater detail with my top recommendations for each furniture type in individual articles.

I highly recommend you check these articles out to educate yourself with expert info about any toy or sex accessory you’re considering purchasing.

Types of Sex Furniture

If you’re new to erotic sex-scapes, you might not be aware that there is a growing market for sex furniture. Many types of pieces can classify as furniture for sex, but truly dedicated sex furniture is made to improve some aspect of your sex life.

You can get several types of furniture sex pieces to change how you do things – quite literally. From large sensual works of art to small discreet travel items, it’s not hard to find a type of furniture for sex that will make you lustful.

Check out this short breakdown of each type of sex furniture and my top recommendation for each category. And don’t forget to check out the dedicated pages for each class for more in-depth looks at the topic and different selections for each option.

Spanking Bench

Steed Spanking Bench with woman
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Spanking benches are a fantastic accessory for those active in the BDSM lifestyle who want a firm, dedicated place to act out their fantasies.

These furniture pieces can vary in size, shape, and look. Some benches can fold away for easy storage and discreetness. In comparison, others are larger and will take up more permanent space. You can even use a simple massage table for your sex sessions without anyone knowing you have a freakish fetish.

Some even have a significant aesthetic value due to the erotic look that can make your sex room stand out. But these styles can cause difficulty keeping your spanking kink a secret due to a more dominating look. These designs can even have built-in attachments for connecting various types of bondage accessories.

My favorite spanking bench for function and fashion is the Metalbound Spanking Bench. But I go with the unassuming but amazing Black Label Prelude when I want to keep my freak discreet.

Sex Swings

sex swing
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Many people are learning of the amazing benefits of adding a sex swing to your arsenal of sex accessories. Among the many types of sex swings, some of the easiest to set up, use, and put away are door jam styles.

This temporary sex swing option allows you to enjoy vertical sex and positions that elevate your partner without strained muscles. You can enjoy prolonged sex sessions without extensive physical exertion.

My favorite sex swing style is the Sportsheets Door Jam Kit. This model of sex sling allows you to get the temporary uses and benefits of a sex swing. And it’s easy to take down and store, so you don’t have to lose out on your space to enjoy some freaky deeky.

Other sex swing types allow for permanent placement of your sex contraption on a sturdy metal frame, like this amazing Web Style Hammock Sling. Then some designs allow for travel with a compact style and discreet look.

Sex Pillows

sex pillow
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Cushions or pillows can be a great way to elevate your body for deeper penetration and help balance out major height differences.

It can also reduce the strain put on your muscles and joints. So, you can experience a boost in your stamina and have a more relaxing time with longer sex sessions.

Dedicated sex pillows keep your normal cushions and pillows uncontaminated and clean. And they often have a specially designed shape and firmness that enhances your sexual experience. Besides pillows and cushions, you can also get sex wedges and ramps.

These pieces boost your body for better penetration and less muscle strain. But the size and shape can make a major difference. Ramps and wedges allow you to achieve more kinky positions than pillows and cushions. But they can be a lot harder to hide or store, and most do not have a discreet look.

I love the Liberator’s Wedge Ramp Combo for a combination pillow designed to give you better doggy, oral, and missionary positions. But the Whirl provides all the joys of a sex pillow in a discreet, stylish cylindrical form.

Sex Seats – Couches and Chaises and Chairs, Oh My

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This section includes multiple types of furniture that you can incorporate into your sex sessions for a more mind-blowing, less exhaustive participation.

While using your existing furniture is possible, dedicated sex furniture keeps things sanitary and guilt-free. Instead of the family couch, you can get your kink on with a sex chaise or sex couch.

Prefer something smaller? Go for a sex position enhancer chair, which has the advantage of not looking like a piece of sex furniture.

And to keep your bed and accessories clean of messes associated with sex, you can get a sex blanket to protect your coverings.

My top best sex seats include:

  • Black Label Esse Lounger – Best Sex Chaise for Bondage
  • Fetish Fantasy Sex Chair – Best for Travel
  • Flip Stage – Best Sex Mat

How to Decide What Sex Furniture Format is Right for Your Fun Sexscades

Given that there are numerous types of sex furniture, you may find yourself unsure of what style would best suit your needs. I’ve created a simple shopping criteria list to help you narrow your choice to the best buy for your buck.

How Big of a Furniture Piece Do You Want?

The first factor I always tell my readers to consider for any sex object is to know what size they want before they shop. Many times, you may be keen on a larger, more elaborate look, only to end up with buyer’s remorse because the size doesn’t match up with your availability.

There are several options for when you’re limited on space, but you don’t want to give up the amazingness of what you get by adding the right sex furniture to your life. You don’t necessarily have to have a large dominating furniture piece to get a good time. Sometimes, smaller is a smarter choice.

Wedges and ramps can make a better choice when you want to achieve different positions while engaging in BDSM without having a massive piece of furniture left in the open for all to see.

But if you have a dedicated sex dungeon or don’t have to worry about keeping your kink a secret, you may prefer a furniture piece that adds an aesthetical value to your space. You may prefer a sexy chaise with sensual curves or a bondage spanking bench.

Do You Want a Sex Piece That Stores Away or Travels?

Most of us don’t have the luxury of having an entire room to display our freaky fetishes. For many, keeping the kink low-key is a must due to family judgment, kids, or nosey roommates.

It might even be important to keep your secret confided to avoid detection when trying to have a good time during your travels.

For these instances, you may want to weigh your options for a sex furniture piece that you can easily store away for discreetness. Or that easily packs away for you to stow into your luggage before your getaway.

Is Discreetness a Factor?

Just because you know what you like and aren’t afraid to get gear to help you achieve your pleasure does not mean that you want the whole world to see what you like or do.

The taboo behind adventuresome sex is still a major problem in most places, with many people uncomfortable with discussing or engaging in erotism that involves anything more than a bed.

If you’re concerned about not revealing your naughtiness to the world, you’ll want to ensure that the style of sex furniture you choose will meet your needs while having an unassuming look. It may also be useful to shop for something you can use and then hide away or leave without it looking sexual.

Do You Want to Use Your Furniture Piece for More Than Sex?

Many sex furniture pieces come with the ability to work for BDSM rituals, making them great for foreplay and intercourse. There are also pieces designed to keep you confined, like sex swings.

But you may want a furniture piece that you can use for more comfortable oral sessions. And then, when you’re not giving head, it can support your head for relaxation. There are sex pillows that look and function like regular pillows, designed like a round bolster accent piece to give your bed a stylish look when it’s not helping spice things up.

What Do You Want Your Furniture Piece to Help?

The purpose of adding a sex piece to your kink toy box is to improve some area of your sex life. It often helps improve your comfort while making more adventuresome positions possible. This benefit is great for people who get exhausted or strained during routine sessions and want to return to their glory years.

Some pieces give you better angles for deeper penetration, improve your position and comfort during oral, and make up for major height differences.

And other pieces allow you to engage in more erotism, like BDSM, spanking, including sex toys in your sessions, and kink play, like bondage and blindfolds.

Get a Great Sex Furniture Piece to Give You a Grand Orgasm

You may want to add a piece of sex furniture to your repertoire of sex accessories to jazz up your sexy time. The reason you’re shopping for a furniture piece can affect what style of sex tool you’ll want to purchase. Then use my shopping criteria list to help you further narrow down which kind of furniture is right for your sex life.

To summarize:

  • Spanking benches: Metalbound Spanking Bench or Black Label Prelude.
  • Sex swings: Sportsheets Door Jam Kit or Web Style Hammock Sling
  • Sex pillows: Liberator’s Wedge Ramp Combo or the Whirl
  • Sex seats: Black Label Esse Lounger, Fetish Fantasy Sex Chair, or Flip Stage

FAQ About Sex Furniture

FAQ Answer
Why Use Furniture for Sex? Incorporating new elements into your sex routine, like specialized furniture, can add excitement, enhance comfort and stimulation, and increase sexual position possibilities. It can also reduce joint and muscle stress, and boost stamina.
Why Shouldn’t You Use Your Regular Furniture for Sex? Despite common usage of regular furniture for various sexual activities, it’s not ideal due to sanitary reasons. It’s difficult to prevent bodily fluids from ending up on these surfaces, which can create unsanitary conditions.
What are the Best Materials for Sex Furniture? The ideal materials for sex furniture are easy to clean, either by wiping with a cloth and soapy water or a mild chemical cleanser, or by machine washing removable covers. Avoid leather due to cleaning difficulties. Faux leather, vinyl, and some cloth fabrics are better options.