The Truth About Sex Dolls: Cheating or Harmless Fun?

Sex dolls can provide a fun way to masturbate, but you might worry that using one counts as cheating.

Since dolls look like real people, it’s easy to assume that your partner might have some problems with them.

Take a look to see why using a sex doll may or may not count as cheating.

Is it Cheating to Use a Sex Doll?

No, it’s not cheating to use a sex doll.

There are a few prerequisites that you need to meet in order to be cheating on your partner.

A doll doesn’t meet most, if any, of those prerequisites.

Let’s dive into them to prove that using a doll isn’t cheating.

Sex Dolls Lack Sentience and Can’t Make Decisions

One of the biggest reasons using a doll doesn’t count as cheating is that a doll can’t think.

Standard sex dolls are just plastic.

You can almost think of them as a glorified fleshlight.

They’re just a fleshlight with some arms, legs, and a head.

They can’t feel pleasure either.

The doll doesn’t receive anything out of the experience.

It’s strictly to make masturbation more enjoyable.

When you’re cheating with another person, that other person is fully capable of making decisions.

That person agrees to help the other person cheat or, at least, they’re deceived into it.

That other person is also receiving pleasure or enjoyment out of the experience.

Dolls are incapable of it.

Sex Dolls are Just Big Sex Toys

If you or your partner uses sex toys, then you probably don’t consider that cheating.

You might even use sex toys with each other to add some fun.

A sex doll is just a very large sex toy.

It even sometimes comes with certain features that other toys have.

Some might vibrate, for example.

Using toys doesn’t count as cheating, so sex dolls shouldn’t count either.

If your partner uses a vibrator, then they probably don’t consider using that as cheating.

If that’s the case, then using a doll isn’t cheating either.

They’re both just toys.

You Can’t Develop Meaningful Emotional Connections With Sex Dolls

While some people might develop emotional connections with their sex dolls, it isn’t going to be the same as an emotional connection with an actual person.

Someone might become fond of a particular doll because it makes them feel good.

They’re not fond of it because they have the same hobbies, for example.

It’s like being fond of a favorite car, art piece, or movie.

You like it and admire it, but the emotional connection you have with it isn’t deep.

In most cases, a healthy individual isn’t going to break up with their partner to have a relationship with their doll.

That’s because the emotional connection they have can’t compete with what they can have with a real person.

A doll is great for sex, but it isn’t going to add to an experience outside of the bedroom.

For example, a person isn’t going to have as good of a time with their doll at a theme park.

The doll doesn’t react or interact with the world in a satisfying way.

A real person is there and able to share the experience.

You might wonder if that’s the case with AI sex dolls.

While these dolls are smarter and can hold a conversation with you, they’re still not able to engage in experiences with you.

Over time, as technology advances, maybe that will be true.

For the present, however, they’re stuck either on your phone or at home.

They’re not sentient.

They’re more like auto-correct or auto-select on your phone in that they predict the best thing to say based on what you said.

It’s difficult to become emotionally attached to something that just mimics what you say all the time.

Using a sex doll isn’t cheating because it’s unlikely that the individual is going to fall in love with it.

You’re Typically Not Hiding What You’re Doing With a Sex Doll

A final reason using a sex doll isn’t cheating is that you’re typically not deceiving your partner about it.

When someone is cheating, their goal is to ensure their partner doesn’t find out.

They want to have this fling on the side, but they also don’t want to lose their partner for whatever reason.

So, they go to great lengths to cover up the affair.

They’ll lie, get new phones, put a password on their phones, and come up with ways to excuse their absences.

When someone is using a sex doll, they don’t typically do that.

Those who feel some shame about their doll might hide it from view.

However, in most cases, individuals don’t have a problem with their partner knowing about the sex doll.

They might not blatantly advertise that they’re going to use it, but they don’t hide the fact either.

That’s because they’re not doing anything wrong.

They’re not sneaking around with it.

It’s not cheating to use a sex doll because there’s no reason to hide your use of it.

Should You Tell Your Partner You’re Buying a Sex Doll?

Yes, you should tell your partner that you’re going to buy a sex doll.

That isn’t because you’re worried about them thinking you’re cheating on them.

It’s because sex dolls are an investment and something both partners should consider before someone just goes ahead and buys one.

Here are a few reasons why you should tell your partner you want to buy a sex doll.

Sex Dolls are Expensive and Can Dent Your Finances

Buying a sex doll is a big investment.

While there are some that only cost a couple of hundred dollars, typically, they start around $1,000 and only increase from there.

It’s a lot of money for many households.

Your partner may not be comfortable with you making that purchase if you have shared finances.

At the very least, it’s worth the courtesy to speak with them about it.

They’ll appreciate that you respected them to speak with them first.

These Toys are Not Small and Require Storage Space

Sex dolls are not small.

At most, you can find some that are around 4’10”.

In most cases, they’re the average height of a woman.

It can be difficult to find storage space for that large of a toy.

It’s worth speaking to your partner about buying one because you’re going to need to figure out storage options.

Your partner might have some misgivings because they may not want the sex doll to be out in the open.

Figuring out space for the doll is an important topic to discuss with your partner.

Respect Their Feelings and Calm Their Fears

Some partners might feel a certain way about dolls.

Having a talk with them before you buy one gives you the opportunity to ease those fears.

It’s a lot better than just buying one and making them deal with it.

It proves to them that their feelings matter to you and that you’re prioritizing them over your own desires.

While a partner shouldn’t keep you from buying a doll, it’s still worth showing them respect by talking about their feelings first.

Have More Sex Without Cheating by Using a Sex Doll

Dolls can be a fun way to have more satisfying sex without cheating on your partner.

With so many from which to choose, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

You can find the perfect doll for your needs by checking out our buyer’s guide here.

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