From State Laws to AI Capabilities: Understanding the Complexities of Marrying a Sex Doll

Have you ever wanted to marry an inanimate object?

If so, then you might be wondering if you can marry your sex doll.

Before you plan your wedding, we’ll dive deep into whether it’s possible to marry your sex doll or not.

So, Can You Marry a Sex Doll?

Yes, you can marry a sex doll in some states.

Marriage laws differ from state to state.

Some have stricter laws compared to others.

If you want to marry your sex doll, then you’re going to want to head to a state that has lenient marriage laws.

In particular, these laws typically just require two consenting adults to agree to the marriage.

A sex doll isn’t capable of making its own decisions.

You’re the one who makes decisions for it.

As such, you can basically act as that doll’s guardian and give consent for it to marry you.

For some states, that’s all they need.

You can go through with the marriage and be legally married to your doll.

That said, it’s unlikely that the state will recognize certain legal rights between you and your doll.

For example, you likely won’t be able to file your taxes together.

Since the doll doesn’t work, it’s not going to file taxes.

You might not also benefit from other marriage rights with your doll.

So, even though you could legally marry your doll in some states, you might not be able to enjoy the full legal benefits of marriage with it.

But, if you just want your doll to have your last name, then you can go through with the process.

Why Can’t You Marry Your Sex Doll in Some States?

While some states have lenient marriage laws, others do not.

Some states might argue that the doll is not sentient.

Since it is incapable of forming its own decisions, it is unable to consent to marriage.

Now, if you have an AI sex doll, then you might be able to get around this legal hang-up.

AI sex dolls are capable of speaking.

If you speak with your doll and plan a wedding, then you can have them express their consent for marriage.

The state might let it slide.

However, other states might then argue that the doll was never born or can’t classify as an adult because it doesn’t have a legal age.

Or, if it does have a legal age, then it might be only a few years old.

If the state bases the year of birth on its manufacturing date, then it may be too young to marry.

For example, if you bought the doll and married it a year later, then your doll is technically only a year old.

You’d be marrying an infant.

Even if the doll looks like an adult, according to its “legal” age, it’s a baby.

The state might not let you marry the doll because it isn’t a legal adult.

Finally, some states might argue that the sex doll is just an inanimate object.

It isn’t an adult because it isn’t a person.

As such, you can’t marry it.

It’d be like marrying a lamp or chair.

Because of how easy it is for the state to deny your marriage, it’s worth determining what states have lenient marriage laws.

Can You Have a Real Relationship With Your Doll?

Yes, you can have a real relationship with your sex doll.

However, the quality of that relationship might not compare well to a relationship with a real person.

That said, certain dolls can give you the opportunity to form a real relationship with them.

Here are some reasons why it’s possible to have a relationship with your sex doll.

Sex Robots Can Hold Conversations With You

While a typical sex doll isn’t much of a conversationalist, there are some that are.

AI sex robots are capable of communicating with you.

Depending on the robot in question, they either speak to you directly or through an app.

These robots use deep-learning software to understand what you’re saying, then respond accordingly.

They’re not sentient, however.

The type of learning they use is predictive.

They’ll predict the best thing to say based on what you’re telling it.

It won’t be the best conversation you have, but for some people, it might be easy and enjoyable.

At the very least, it allows you to interact with your sex doll in a way that isn’t just sexual.

You may even find that your doll develops a personality.

It makes it feel more lifelike, so forming a relationship with it is a lot easier.

VR Apps Let You Take Your Doll on Dates

Sex dolls that come with VR apps allow you to virtually take your doll out for a date.

The VR avatar is typically something you can create yourself.

You’re able to access your doll on your phone no matter how far you are from its body.

This allows you to take the doll on dates.

For example, you can have the app up while you’re out on a picnic.

You can play out the date and see how your doll enjoys the activity.

As technology becomes more advanced, VR might even develop into AR.

You’ll be able to see your doll sitting or standing right next to you.

VR capabilities allow you to take your doll on dates just like in a real relationship.

Sex Dolls Have No Problem Satisfying Your Sexual Needs

If dolls do one thing right, then it’s always being up for sex.

They’re literally made or programmed for sex.

For a lot of couples, sex is an integral part of their relationship.

It helps them feel closer to one another.

Many use it as a means of expressing their feelings.

You’re able to do that, too, with your doll.

While some sex dolls just lay there and rely on you to use your imagination, others are more interactive.

Sex robots, for example, can moan and even orgasm when you use them.

It makes the experience all the more exciting and satisfying.

Being able to have sex with your doll, and as much as you want, can help develop some pretty strong feelings toward your doll.

Find Your Perfect Match

If you’re interested in developing a lasting relationship with your doll, then you need to make a great choice from the start.

You don’t want to end up with a doll that you grow tired of in a few years.

To help you make your decision, check out our buyer’s guide here: The 10 Best Sex Dolls

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