Male Sex Dolls Don’t Have to be Bland: These Sexy Studs Can Keep You Begging for More

Let’s be honest here, the male sex doll industry tends to be stagnant.

The dolls that exist are boring, not always well-made, and lack a certain passion that is usually found in female sex dolls.

Yet, there are some companies out there who have gone above and beyond to create high-quality, gorgeous, male dolls.

After extensive searching, I’ve been able to find the best male sex dolls for women and men that stand above the cut.

Try Your Hand at Speed Dating With These Quick Picks

Finding high-quality male dolls isn’t easy.

To help you narrow your choices and provide the best of the best, take a look below.

From Realism to Fantasy These Male Sex Dolls are Ready to Blow Your Mind

Much like in life, you shouldn’t settle for just any man.

The best male sex dolls should have high-quality builds, customization options, excellent materials, and an impressive, or realistic, penis.

Here are some of the love dolls that can provide an excellent experience.

RealDoll Johnny 1.0 – Best Tough Guy Male Sex Doll

realdoll johnny
Screenshot taken from

Now, I know there are some men and women out there who just love a tough guy.

From their strength to their machoness, you live for the thrill that only they can provide.

Johnny from RealDoll is definitely a tough guy.

He has the grizzled stubble that many bad boys tend to grow.

There’s also an element of tough-guy muscularity to his build.

He looks as though he could throw you around the bedroom, and you’d love every moment of it.

Besides being a rough-and-tumble sort of model, he has a pretty decent penis size, too.

You’re looking at a 5.5-inch penis with a 5.5-inch girth.

Even though he’s a tough guy, he’s still a good fit for beginners.

Much like the trope goes, he’s rough in the streets and gentle in the sheets.

RealDoll also allows you to customize Johnny even further.

You can switch out his penis with a larger one, for example.

You can also change his hairstyle, and if the head isn’t quite doing it for you, then you can change that, too.

Along with having a beginner-friendly penis, he’s also prepared to provide anal, so he’s a great pick for men and women.

Take a look at some of his strong and weak points.


  • Realistic, muscular, build is some great eye candy.
  • Stubbled cheeks give him a tough guy persona.
  • Tons of customization options to make him the perfect man.
  • Can switch out penis for smaller or larger versions.
  • Incredible sculpting and attention to detail.


  • High price is very prohibitive.
  • Lacks interactive features.
  • Weighs over 100 pounds.

Johnny is a great pick for those who want a rough guy in the bedroom, so check him out here.

RealDoll Lucas 1.0 – Best Realistic Male Sex Doll

realdoll lucas with clothes
Screenshot taken from

If you’re like me, then certain dolls with weird proportions or sculpting take you out of the mood.

You want something real or close to real.

Lucas from RealDoll may be a great pick for you.

The build quality and sculpting for this particular doll are remarkable.

The attention to detail is honestly flabbergasting.

From the lifelike neck to the tendons in his back and arms, the company hasn’t missed a single detail.

All it takes is one look at the tendons and muscles to almost forget that Lucas isn’t a breathing person.

The model stands at 5’6” and has a 5.5-inch penis with a 5.5-inch girth.

He’s also great for beginners, and like Johnny, RealDoll lets you customize further.

If you don’t like his shaved head, for example, then you can put a wig on him.

You can switch out his head, penis, change his skin stone, and a few other details.

While he lacks smart features, you may not need them to feel close to Lucas.

His stunning sculpt makes it easy to slip into your favorite fantasy.

Lucas is also capable of anal sex.

While Lucas has an incredible build, don’t let his beauty completely fool you.

There are still a few drawbacks.


  • Extremely realistic and lifelike which makes it ideal for those looking for something close to real.
  • Medium-sized cock is great for beginners and those who prefer average sizes.
  • Customizable options to further make him the man of your dreams.
  • Anus and penis provide tons of ways to play.


  • Quite expensive which can turn a lot of people off.
  • Lacks interactive features.
  • Weighs around 80 pounds which might be difficult for some people.

Lucas is a gorgeous doll that is perfect for the person who wants to blur the line between a real person and an artificial one.

Check him out here and appreciate the detail for yourself.

RealDoll Nate 4.0 – Best Male Sex Doll With Large Penis

nate from real doll
Screenshot taken from

Now, I know there are those of you out there looking at 5.5 inches for penis size and scoffing.


Don’t worry, I have someone for you, too.

Nate (the 4.0 version) comes packing.

RealDoll has made Nate specifically for lovers who are looking for a deep sense of satisfaction.

Nate has a runner build which, according to RealDoll, means he has a slimmer body.

He’s quite tall, too, coming in at 5’9”.

If you’re someone who loves tall men, then Nate may please you.

The real story here though is his default penis size.

You’re looking at a penis that’s 7.5 inches in length and 5.5 inches in girth.

That’s a large size that will definitely provide some stretching.

Of course, he does come with some customization options, too.

If you don’t think you’re comfortable taking that size just yet, then you can always switch his penis out for a smaller size and upgrade later.

You can also switch his head with others, change his hair style, and change a few other aspects about him.

Unfortunately, the facial sculpt on Nate isn’t as incredible as Lucas’s or even Johnny’s.

Thankfully, you can always switch the face out for someone with a better sculpt.

Here are some great aspects of Nate and areas where he misses.


  • Slim build looks attractive.
  • Customizable options to ensure he’s exactly what you need.
  • Large default penis with sizable girth.
  • Tall height for those who love tall men.


  • Sculpting detail isn’t as pronounced.
  • High price makes it unaffordable for some people.
  • Weighs over 100 pounds.

Nate is a great choice if you know you want a large penis from the start.

You can check him out here and see if you’re compatible.

Sex Doll Genie Luke – Best Young Male Sex Doll

Luke from sex doll genie
Screenshot taken from

Everyone has a certain type, and if you’re a lady or guy who appreciates a younger man, then you should meet Luke.

Sex Doll Genie is behind the sculpting of Luke.

He’s a young-looking sex doll with a sizable penis and muscular body.

He may look innocent and inexperienced, but you may feel some surprise by just how ready he is to show you a good time.

One of his best features is the material he’s made out of.

He’s made out of TPE which actually becomes warm the more you touch it.

You might discover that he feels more real the more you spend time with him in bed.

He’s also relatively short at 4’9” for all those cougars out there.

That also makes him quite light compared to the other dolls at around 57 pounds.

Despite his small stature and innocent appearance, Luke has a sizable penis.

It measures 6.69 inches in length.

Its diameter is 3.94 inches.

Besides an above-average penis, Luke is also capable of anal sex.

Here are some great aspects and some flaws of Luke.


  • Youthful appearance might appeal to certain people with kinks.
  • 4’9” height makes him easy to store.
  • Under 60 pounds of weight also makes him easy to move and pose.
  • Above-average penis size with custom options available.
  • TPE material makes him feel more real.


  • Not too detailed compared to other dolls.
  • Has a slight feminine appearance that might turn some people off.
  • Doesn’t have extensive customization options.

If you have fantasies about dating a younger man, then you might want to check out Luke here.

Sex Doll Genie William – Best Daddy Male Sex Doll

William from sex doll genie
Screenshot taken from

You might be wondering if there are any Daddy sex dolls out there.

You might just find him in William from Sex Doll Genie.

William has salt-and-pepper hair with a sort of grizzled appearance.

He sports a close-shaved beard and even has some chest hair.

His mature appearance and muscular build can feed right into your Daddy fantasies.

He also may or may not come with Wolverine claws which is a bit odd, but you might find it a turn-on.

The real pull here though is the incredible attention to detail.

The musculature on William is remarkable.

From his tendons to the folds of his abs, everything is clearly made with extreme precision and care.

William stands at 5’7”, so he may be able to tower over you.

You’re also able to choose the type and size of penis that you want him to have.

You can choose to have him erect or flaccid.

You can also choose whether you want him to have a small or big penis.

The small penis measures 5.9 inches with a 4.9-inch girth.

The large penis measures 9.8 inches with a 6.8-inch girth.

There are other customizable options, too, like his hairstyle, whether you want him to have a tongue, and the color of tongue he has.

There’s a lot to love about this sex doll, but he does have a few flaws, too.


  • Older appearance can appeal to those who like Daddys or older men.
  • Incredible detail on musculature and body hair.
  • Comes with different-sized cocks from which to choose.
  • Customized options let you further customize him.
  • Tall height further feeds into the fantasy.


  • Weighs over 123 pounds and can be difficult to move.
  • Tends to be a bit pricier than some of Sex Doll Genie’s other dolls.
  • Lack of interactive features.

William is a great pick for those looking to feed into Daddy desires or just those who appreciate an older man.

You can see him in all his glory by checking him out here.

Sex Doll Genie Leonidas – Best Historical Male Sex Doll

Leonidas from sex doll genie
Screenshot taken from

Now, if you don’t mind stepping into fantasy, then you might have an interest in Leonidas.

Based on the Spartan of the same name, Leonidas is an armor-wearing sex doll who will conquer you in your bedroom.

This particular doll even comes with a costume, so if you have a particular fantasy in mind, then he can help you satisfy it.

Leonidas also has a great build with excellent musculature.

He’s made out of TPE, so he’ll feel soft under your touch and also become warm the more you touch him.

He can both give and receive pleasure, so he’s great for everyone.

You’re also able to switch out his penis for a different one.

Whether that’s scaling him back for a more beginner-friendly experience or going all-out, you have more options at your fingertips.

He also comes with some other customization options like switching out his hair and skin tone to ensure he’s the perfect companion.

Now, all that said, he does come at the pricier end for Sex Doll Genie.

Here’s a quick look at some of his best and worst features.


  • Great muscular sculpture and attention to detail.
  • Warrior theme can appeal to certain people.
  • Doll comes with the costume included.
  • TPE material makes him feel more lifelike.
  • Interchangeable penis lets you decide what you want to experience.


  • Only 5’3” which can sort of ruin the fantasy of a large, intimidating, warrior.
  • Need to buy additional penises separately.
  • Not too many customization options are available.

If you have a fantasy of a warrior having his way with you, then you should check out Leonidas to see if he can make that fantasy come true.

Silicon Wives Nick – Best Tall Male Sex Doll

asian male sex doll
Screenshot taken from

Here’s the deal with male sex dolls.

They tend to be on the shorter side which can ruin certain fantasies.

If you want a doll to dominate you, then he typically needs to be on the taller side.

Since the doll can’t be vocal, its appearance needs to be intimidating instead.

Nick is a great choice because he’s actually tall for a doll.

He stands at 5’11” which should satisfy most needs.

His build quality is also decent.

You won’t see rippling muscles on him, but he does have a pleasant collarbone, and there’s some detail in his hands and arms.

His face is also well-made.

Nick is capable of vaginal and anal sex.

His penis stands at 6.7 inches, so he’s a bit above average.

Clearly, Nick can offer quite a few experiences, but he isn’t perfect.


  • Tall height for a doll at 5’11”.
  • Facial sculpting has great detail.
  • Boyish looks might appeal to some.
  • Has an average penis size of 6.5 inches.
  • Some customization options.


  • Not extensive customization options.
  • Body sculpting is okay but lacks detail.
  • 150 pounds will make it difficult to move him around.

Nick is a pretty unassuming doll, but his tall stature might just turn you on.

Check him out here to see if he’s a right fit for you.

Silicon Wives Patrick – Best Anime Male Sex Doll

Anime Male Sex Doll
Screenshot taken from

Now, some people might want a realistic doll while others are looking to fulfill certain fantasies.

Those who love guys in anime will likely love Patrick.

Despite the un-anime name, Patrick looks as though he could have stepped right out of an anime about vampires or something set in the 1800s.

Although you can change his wig, it’s his silver hair that really makes him stand out.

There are tons of ways to play with Patrick, too.

He has a large 8-inch penis, for one.

Along with providing vaginal or anal sex, you can also perform anal and receive oral from him.

He’s prepared to pleasure you in any way possible.

He’s also quite small at 5’3”.

There’s a lot to love about Patrick, but there are a few things to keep in mind, too.


  • Anime style can appeal to some.
  • Slim build makes him easy to store and can be appealing.
  • Large 8-inch penis can provide a good time.
  • Able to provide vaginal and oral sex and can receive anal sex.
  • Only weighs around 72 pounds.


  • Not very many customizable options.
  • No interactive features.

If you love anime, then you can enjoy Patrick by checking him out here and living out your own waifu fantasies.

Silicon Wives Ethan – Best Travel-Friendly Male Sex Doll

cute male sex doll
Screenshot taken from

When looking for a travel-friendly male sex doll, the two features to look for are height and weight.

You need something that is small enough to pack away and light enough to easily move.

Ethan satisfies both those requirements.

He stands at 5’3” which is smaller than many male dolls.

He’s also quite slim, so he doesn’t have a lot of bulk to him.

More importantly, he’s pretty light.

He only weighs around 72 pounds.

While that may still be heavy for some people, it’s quite light compared to other dolls.

You’ll find it a lot easier to pack him away than someone like Johnny, for example.

Aside from his travel-friendly features, Ethan is also a capable lover.

He has an 8-inch cock which is sure to make you feel every stroke.

He is also capable of receiving anal and performing oral.

That makes him a great choice for both men and women.

Here are some quick benefits and misses that Ethan has.


  • 5’3” in height makes him shorter than most dolls.
  • 72 pounds makes him a lot easier to move around.
  • 8-inch penis provides a deep stretch.
  • Pleasant, muscular, build, and some detail.
  • Can perform sex and receive it.


  • Facial structure isn’t heavily detailed.
  • Lack of customization options.
  • No interactive features.

Ethan is a great choice if you need a male doll to travel around with you.

Check him out here to see if he’s right for you.

TPE and 3D Modeling Software Make Male Sex Dolls Come to Life

An unfortunate aspect of male dolls is that they often lack the same features as female dolls.

When it comes to technology, there are only a few features that they possess.

The first is TPE.

TPE stands for thermoplastic elastomer which is a type of rubber.

It has some give to it, so when you touch it, it tends to react like skin.

This can make the male sex doll feel incredibly realistic.

Certain dolls like Leonidas and Luke use TPE.

Another great feature of TPE is that it becomes warm.

It holds onto the warmth as you touch it.

That also means you can use a warming device to heat your doll before using it.

When the doll is warm, it tends to feel more like a real person.

TPE is a great material that is making male sex dolls more lifelike.

The other main piece of technology found in some of these dolls is high-quality modeling software.

As is the case with RealDoll, the company handmakes each of its dolls.

That all begins with modeling software.

They’ll shape and craft the face and body in the software, then make a mold for silicone out of it.

3D modeling and artists are heavily involved in the process to make as realistic a body and face as possible.

You only need to look at Lucas to see just how detailed and real they can make the body look.

As 3D modeling becomes even more advanced, the results are going to be even more incredible.

Don’t Bring Home a Dud – Consider These Factors to Find a Stud

The ratio between female and male sex dolls tends to be in favor of female dolls.

Because there’s often a limited selection, it’s worth knowing what to look for in a male doll to ensure you’re buying a high-quality product.

You shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best.

That said, here are a few key features to look for when buying a male sex doll.

Check Penis Size and Girth and Interchangeable Options

Most people buy male sex dolls for their penises.

Take the time to fully explore your options.

It’s also important to know your limits.

You don’t need a doll with an 8-inch penis if you know that you don’t like using large penises.

Girth is another factor.

A doll may have a great length, but the girth may be too much for you.

That’s why finding dolls with interchangeable penises is the best choice.

It allows you the opportunity to switch them out whenever you need to do so.

Some dolls come with fixed penises.

That’s great if you know you’re going to use that penis and never become tired of it.

Interchangeable ones, however, let you switch them out and try new experiences.

Different Types of Play Make Male Dolls More Fun

Some dolls only allow you to use them for vaginal or anal sex.

Not every doll can receive anal sex or perform oral sex.

If these are features that interest you, then you’ll need to keep an eye on the different types of play styles that the models offer.

Even if you don’t think you’ll ever use those features, it’s better to have them in case you ever change your mind.

It can save you money since you won’t have to go out and buy another doll that has those features.

Look for Great Sculpting and Ultra-Detail for Stunning Dolls

When it comes to dolls, details are what separates standard dolls from works of art.

Dolls tend to be on the expensive side when it comes to sex toys.

If you want to get the most out of your money, then having a doll with extreme detail is important.

Details are what bring your dolls to life.

They take them a step beyond blowup dolls.

They can even help you become immersed in the situation or spark the mood.

If your doll doesn’t inspire anything in you, then it’s probably because it lacks high-quality detail.

Take some time when choosing a male doll and look at every aspect of it.

You’ll come to appreciate the smaller details the longer you use it.

The Best Male Sex Doll Proves Experience Matters

Now, if you’re wondering what the best of the best might be, then you need to look no further than the William doll from Sex Doll Genie.

mature male sex doll with no shirt
Screenshot taken from

William has two different penises from which to choose, so that variability alone makes him a great choice.

They’re also interchangeable, so you can always try out other penises in the future.

His build quality is also remarkable and has extreme detail.

Sex Doll Genie also provides a good selection of customization options to make him even more special.

Finally, he can also receive anal sex, so he’s a great choice for men and women.

All that with the added bonus that he’s affordable makes William a top pick.

Check him out here and take home an experienced lover.

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