The Ultimate Kiiroo Keon Review: Discover Why This is the Best Interactive Sex Toy

Imagination can only get you so far when you’re jacking off, which is why many turn to porn and webcam girls.

The incredible technology behind Kiiroo’s Keon Stroker actually allows you to sync your device with your favorite webcam girl, for real-time, authentic, pleasure-sharing experiences.

Let’s explore the Keon & Feel Stroker from Kiiroo to understand just why you’ll never want to use your measly hand again.

The Keon & Feel Stroker’s Interactive Intimacy Experiences Might Get You in Trouble With Your Partner

Typical strokers tend to be underwhelming.

There’s just something mundane and even clinical about using a standard stroker to reach orgasm.

It lacks a certain zestiness or even intimacy.

I’m someone who prefers a bit of connection to really have a good time.

If you’re the same, then you’ll likely appreciate this toy.

keon stroker
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It allows you to sync up to other Kiiroo devices, so you can share sexual experiences with your partner or other users.

Your favorite model on OnlyFans, for example, might give you a private show if you both have the right Kiiroo devices.

Outside of OnlyFans, Kiiroo also has a database of over 4,000 videos – both 2D and virtual reality – that allows you to sync your Keon.

As the model pleasures herself, you feel it, too.

The best part is when they reach orgasm, you’re able to experience it as well.

Because you’re basically having virtual sex with your favorite webcam model, the Keon isn’t built for just anyone.

If you have a partner, then they might have some discomfort with you using your Keon with anyone but them. It’s worth laying down some ground rules with your partner to ensure you don’t cross any lines.

The Keon & Feel Stroker is also not ideal for people without a decent internet connection.

It requires an internet connection for you to watch the videos and participate.

If you’re concerned about what your partner might think, then you might be better off purchasing the standard Feel Stroker from Kiiroo.

kiiroo feel stroker box
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It’s compatible with the Keon, so if you and your partner ever come to an agreement, then you already have one-half of the toy.

If you don’t, then the Feel Stroker, on its own, is still a powerful masturbatory tool.

In short, here are some things to consider when deciding whether to buy the Keon & Feel Stroker:

  • Incredible interactive stroker that syncs with other Kiiroo devices.
  • Ability to sync to interactive videos in both 2D format and virtual reality.
  • Not all partners may be okay with you masturbating alongside webcam girls.
  • The Feel Stroker is a great toy on its own.

Bottom line:

This is an ideal choice for guys who want a richer, more intimate, experience when using a “stroker”. This is why it’s rated as the best interactive sex toy on the market.

Start Having Sex With Actual Webcam Girls With Your Interactive High Tech Toy

keon and feelme network
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Here’s the deal with the Keon & Feel Stroker.

It completely changes how you masturbate.

Long gone are the days when you had to passively watch porn with a standard pocket pussy.

The Keon & Feel Stroker introduces a new way to masturbate.

You’re able to sync your Keon to several different Kiiroo devices.

Is your partner miles away on a business trip or vacation?

Then sync with their Kiiroo device and have sex across a great distance.

Does your favorite OnlyFans model have a Kiiroo sex toy?

Then you sync with hers and experience a private, intimate, show that will leave you hungry for more.

If you’re a bit shy, then you can still always go through Kiiroo’s database of videos and sync your Keon with them.

feelme banner from kiiroo
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No longer do you have to rely on imagination alone or passively watch porn.

You’re able to become the porn star instead with this high tech toy.

Buying the Keon & Feel Stroker gives you two devices:

The Keon, itself, is the device used to sync to other Kiiroo devices. This is the machine component of this toy.

And then the Feel Stoker is a stroker that you insert into the Keon.

You can buy a Keon without the Feel Stroker, but it doesn’t do much on its own.

It’s meant for use with the Feel Stroker and other compatible Kiiroo devices.

Kiiroo also provides a charging device, so you don’t have to worry about finding which cable you need to keep your device charged.

I’m not sure about you, but the fact that I don’t have to research which USB the device wants is a big win.

One of its biggest competitors is The Handy.

It’s another stroker that allows you to connect to the internet.

However, the Keon & Feel Stroker offers a few more benefits than The Handy.

For one, the Feel Stroker is able to deliver more strokes per minute compared to the Handy.

The Handy is also only a stroker.

With the Keon, you’re able to insert other toys into it and enhance your experiences.

You’re never stuck with the same thing over and over when you use the Keon.

If you want versatility and intense stroking, then the Keon & Feel Stroker is the choice to make.

Become Your Own Porn Star With The Keon & Feel Stroker’s Intense Features

Why masturbate alone when you can experience the life of a porn star?

The Keon & Feel Stroker provides several features that can enrich your masturbation experiences.

Ergonomic Shape and Intuitive Grasp Make Using The Keon Actually Comfortable

keon automation banner
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If I have to suddenly take on yoga to increase my flexibility to use a sex toy, then I’m not going to want to use it.

The last thing I need is to sprain my back or a muscle just trying to masturbate.

If you feel the same, then you’re going to appreciate the ergonomic shape and intuitive grips that the Keon has.

The size of the Keon makes it easy to move and keep in place while you’re doing whatever it is you need to do to orgasm.

It isn’t small enough that you’re cramping yourself trying to hold it in place.

It also isn’t large enough that it’s difficult to hold onto at all.

Your carpal tunnel won’t bother you using this toy.

I’m not one for pain play, so this is a great win for me.

It also means it’s easy to reach for the controls.

You don’t have to stop and ruin the momentum by trying to reach the intensity controls.

The Keon & Feel Stoker makes it easy, and comfortable, to use.

You can either hold it down or just lay back, hold it in place, and let it do what it wants to do with you.

Connect With Your Partner’s Kiiroo-Compatible Device for Long-Distance Pleasure

Whether you’re in a long-distance relationship or just experiencing a brief separation from your partner, you might worry about satisfying them.

Those in long-distance relationships, in particular, might feel guilty or even depressed that they can’t engage in sexual matters with their partner.

The toys from Kiiroo completely solve that problem.

While you’re still not physically there, the toy does an incredible job of providing the next-best experience.

The Keon & Feel Stroker is capable of syncing with other Kiiroo devices.

If your lover has a masturbator or even the Keon Sex Machine, then you can both sync to each other’s toys.

This means that when your partner starts to use their toy, you’re able to feel exactly what they’re doing.

The opposite is also true.

This device enables you to have actual sex with your partner no matter the distance between you.

You don’t even need to be in a long-distance relationship to enjoy the toy either.

Even if you’re living with your partner, you can always use it to spice things up in the bedroom.

Add in a blindfold for some sensation and anticipation play.

Neither of you will know what’s going to happen until one of you makes a move.

The Keon & Feel Stroker allows long-distance couples to be intimate with one another and helps live-in partners spice things up, too.

Relive Your Favorite Orgasms by Connecting to 2D and Virtual Reality Content

Now, you might not have a partner.

Interactive sex may sound amazing, but you might wonder if it’s right for you if you don’t have a partner to interact with.

The good news is you don’t need a partner to enjoy the intense experiences that the Keon & Feel Stroker provides.

Kiiroo has over 4,000 videos, with more coming, that allow you to sync to them.

Those videos are both in 2D format and in virtual reality format if you have the appropriate equipment.

You just need to subscribe to their FeelMe AI plan.

feelme plans from kiiroo
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Once you’ve subscribed, you can connect your Keon and choose from countless videos.

Whenever the woman or couple on the screen starts to go to town, you feel it, too.

You experience exactly what they’re experiencing.

You’re basically a porn star without having to do any of the hard work.

Kiiroo’s high tech toys open up the door to situations and experiences that may have previously been unattainable for you.

Actually Have Sex With Compatible Interactive Webcam Girls/OnlyFans Models

keon video watcher
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You might not be much of a porn person.

You prefer something more intimate and personal.

Having a close relationship with a specific Webcam girl or OnlyFans model, for example, might be more your style.

The problem with just watching is that it can make the experience pretty stale.

It can start to feel like it’s the same thing over and over again.

It might even feel as though it lacks intimacy.

The Keon & Feel Stroker changes this experience, too.

As long as the model has a Kiiroo-compatible device or has uploaded videos on FeelMe AI, you can engage in intimate experiences with them.

Some OnlyFans models might allow you to sync your device to theirs, for example.

When they start playing, you’re the one actually having sex with them.

When they orgasm, it’s because you made them orgasm.

The intimacy you feel can skyrocket from there.

It makes watching OnlyFans models and Webcam girls far more thrilling and satisfying.

Kiiroo even partners with Chaturbate.

The partnerships allow you to easily find tons of models who are ready to become intimate with you.

It’s a no-brainer: Enrich your experiences by using this device today!

Try Not to Orgasm Early With 230 Strokes/Minute

keon strokes per minute stat
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The ability to sync and interact with other people isn’t the only great feature to discuss…

It’s also capable of reaching up to 230 strokes per minute.

If you’ve never experienced that sort of intensity before, then you’re in for a real treat.

Of course, it isn’t for the faint of heart.

You’ll have a hard time not orgasming after experiencing that sort of intensity for a few minutes.

Whether you’re using it on your own or have a sadistic partner ready to use it on you, this toy packs a punch.

Thermoplastic Elastomer Provides Realistic Texture to Enhance The Experience

The problem with using a standard stroker is that it doesn’t feel real.

It basically feels as though you’re having sex with a Barbie doll.

Kiiroo changes the game again by using thermoplastic elastomer or TPE.

keon size chart
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The stroker, in particular, uses TPE to form the pussy.

It’s a type of rubber that has some give to it.

Because of its ability to recede slightly under pressure, it feels a lot more realistic.

Kiiroo also took great care in making the texture as realistic to an actual pussy as possible.

You can even find other Feel Strokers that are specifically designed after a popular model’s pussy.

rachel starr stroker
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Removable Stroker Makes Cleaning Easy and Not a Chore

Now, you might look at this and think that it’s going to be a beast to clean.

The good news is that that’s not the case!

All the lube goes directly into the Feel Stroker.

Then you insert and lock the Feel Stroker into the Keon.

All the mess also goes into the Feel Stroker.

When you’ve finished, you simply pull the stroker out of the Keon, then remove the molded pussy from the stroker.

You’re able to clean it just as you would any other stroker.

The fact that it uses TPE instead of other types of plastic also means that it doesn’t absorb as much liquid.

Your stroker from Kiiroo tends to last a bit longer as a result.

Up To 2-Hour Battery Life for Long Edging Experiences

One of the worst experiences you can have is to be right at the edge only for the battery to die on your toy.

The Keon & Feel Stroker seeks to solve that problem with its advanced battery.

The Keon is capable of lasting up to two hours on its basic settings.

If you’re putting it through its paces and enjoying those 230 strokes per minute, however, then you can expect a shorter battery life.

When used alongside videos or with a partner, you’ll likely find that you can receive the full two hours out of it.

This gives you plenty of time to edge yourself if you’re into that type of play.

Experience fewer blue balls thanks to the long-lasting battery!

Take a Look at the Tech That Makes This Pleasure Experience So Real You’ll Feel Like Your Starring in Your Own Porn Video

keon interactive features banner
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Becoming a virtual porn star from the comfort of your own home is possible with the Keon & Feel Stroker.

It’s all thanks to the tech behind the interactive sex toy.

Here are some key technological insights that make the Keon & Feel Stroker the new frontier in sex toys.

Bluetooth Connectivity Syncs the Keon With Other Kiiroo Devices

Interaction is key when it comes to this toy.

As the world becomes more connected with smartphones, social media, and other tech, the sex industry isn’t far behind.

The Keon & Feel Stroker is one of the first steps into inter-connected sex play.

It uses Bluetooth technology to sync your device through the FeelMe app.

Once your device becomes activated, it receives instructions to perform in certain ways based on the video you’re watching.

A lot of that tech comes from software.

It all begins with Bluetooth connectivity syncing your device to the app’s database.

App Development Allows You to View and Interact With Videos

keon with video streaming banner
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Software is another big part of the tech found in Kiiroo’s products.

The company uses FeelMe AI to generate certain rhythms and strokes based on what’s occurring in a video.

It’s why Kiiroo is able to produce as many videos as it does in a given time.

When you use the device alongside a video, it’s the software that the AI developed that’s responsible for each stroke you receive.

AI will likely play a big role in future Keon and Kiiroo products.

Virtual Sex is Possible Through Sharing Information on the App

When you and your partner want to play or you’re receiving a virtual experience with someone online, the app also comes into play.

Instead of navigating to the videos, Kiiroo has developed an app that allows you to add other people.

You can chat with them and even video call them.

You’re also able to sync your devices together.

Some of the controls exist in the app already.

Other toys have buttons you can press to send signals to the other device, increasing or decreasing the intensity of their toy.

The FeelMe app makes all of this possible.

Other Guys are Experiencing the Life of a Virtual Porn Star, too…

Although the Keon & Feel Stroker may be the pioneer of interactive sex toys, a lot of people are already taking notice.

With over 80 reviews at the time of publishing in review, the Keon & Feel Stroker is coming in at a strong 4.5/5 stars.

Many of the users cite how powerful the Feel Stroker is and how quickly, and easily, they were able to achieve orgasm.

Others have found a new sense of thrill and excitement when interacting with webcam girls and OnlyFans models.

Despite its power, many were also surprised at how quiet it ran.

A consistent problem users had was slight difficulty in connecting the Keon to the app.

While they were mostly able to eventually connect the Keon, it provided some initial difficulty.

The good news is you only need to sync your Keon once to the app.

Overall, people are loving this toy for its intensity, its ability to sync with videos, and its ability to make playing with partners a lot more fun.

Not Everyone Has a Porn Star’s Budget – Try These Alternatives Instead

The Keon & Feel Stroker offers an experience worth having, but you might not have the appropriate budget for it just yet.

The good news is that there are other budget-friendly versions that might be more interesting to you.

Consider these alternatives if you’re not quite rolling on a porn star’s budget.

Lovense Calor Warming App Controlled Male Masturbator Offers Connectivity at a Lower Price

lovense calor
Screenshot taken from

The Lovense Calor Warming Masturbator is a great choice for guys who just want something to use with a partner.

It takes away the ability to sync the masturbator to any videos.

You might be able to sync with some Webcam girls or OnlyFans models, but it’s primarily built for couples.

It also comes with a warming sensation which can make the masturbator feel a bit more realistic.

Although it doesn’t sync to videos, you can sync it to certain songs.

Now, you can experience what it’s like for songs like, Gangsta’s Paradise, Highway to Hell, and Mozart’s, Lacrimosa, to masturbate you to orgasm.

Here’s how the Lovense masturbator and Keon compare:

Features Lovense Keon & Feel Stroker
Stroker Material Silicone TPE
Syncing Abilities Music and other devices Video and other devices
Battery Life 2 hours 2 hours
Noise Level Loud Quiet
Price Medium Medium high

Vibro Lady Offers a Simplistic, but Affordable, Experience

vibro lady from fleshlight
Screenshot taken from

Maybe you’re not into interactive sex just yet.

Perhaps your partner doesn’t want you anywhere near interactive sex toys.

In that case, your best pick is a simple stroker that is as realistic as possible.

Enter the Vibro Lady.

The Vibro Lady has a few great qualities.

The first is that it uses a unique material that actually warms to the touch.

The more you use the stroker, the warmer it becomes, and the more realistic the experience.

It’s also quite soft which also adds to the realism of the experience.

You might be wondering if the Vibro Lady has any other additional features.

It also vibrates.

It has three areas where the bullet vibrators tantalize you over time.

The package even includes additional batteries to ensure your stroker continues to operate over time.

The Vibro Lady also has a unique tunnel carved within it.

The tunnel aims at providing a unique and intense experience that you can’t have anywhere else.

Since the Vibro Lady lacks the interactivity that the Keon & Feel Stroker provides, you might wonder how they compare.

Features Vibro Lady Keon & Feel Stroker
Stroker Material Mineral-Based Patented Polymer TPE
Syncing Abilities None Device and video syncing
Rechargeable No Yes
Noise Level Quiet Quiet
Price Low Medium high

Kiiroo Onyx+ Provides Interactive Sex Experiences Without the Bulk of a Keon

kiiroo onyx plus
Screenshot taken from

You might be wondering if you can receive the same interactivity that Kiiroo provides without needing the Keon.

The answer is yes, and all you need is Kiiroo’s Onyx+ to experience it.

The Onyx+ is a masturbator that also syncs to the same videos and devices that the Keon & Feel Stroker does.

The main difference is that the Onyx+ can’t quite reach the same speed as the Keon & Feel Stroker.

It’s able to provide up to 140 strokes per minute instead.

However, although it lacks the same speed, it also has its own, unique, vibration.

The Onyx+ is able to reproduce the sensation of a woman’s contractions as she orgasms.

For some guys, this can make the experience even more intimate, realistic, and exciting.

You might find that the ability to experience your partner’s contractions is a fair trade-off for less speed.

To help you decide which masturbator is right for you, here’s a comparison between the Onyx+ and the Keon.

Features Onyx+ Keon & Feel Stroker
Stroker Material TPE TPE
Syncing Abilities Video and other devices Video and other devices
Battery Life 1 hour 2 hours
Strokes Per Minute 140 230
Price Medium Medium high

The Keon & Feel Stroker Transforms the Masturbation Experience

Masturbating with a basic stroker is boring.

This toy introduces a new experience, if not an entirely new world, thanks to its interactive features.

Connecting your Keon to the FeelMe AI app can unlock deeper, more intimate, experiences than you might have ever had.

Become the virtual porn star you were always meant to be and check out the Keon & Feel Stroker for yourself.

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