Lovense Sex Machine Review: This Dual-Thrusting Robot Makes Sex Machines Sexy Again

Sex machines can bring a lot of fun to the bedroom, but their one-sided nature can sometimes be a bit boring.

Lovense has found a way to make its sex machine something both partners can enjoy–even at the same time.

From features to alternatives, let’s examine what makes the Lovense sex machine a great choice for couples who want more variation with their toys.

Don’t Bring the Wrong Robot Lover Home – Consider These Aspects Before Choosing Your Sex Machine

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Let’s be honest here.

Sex machines, while powerful, can also be pretty dull.

They only thrust at a certain angle and typically only pleasure one person at a time.

As their name might suggest, using sex machines can feel pretty robotic.

The machine from Lovense offers an entirely different experience.

It’s a toy that has the ability to pleasure two people at the same time.

It’s also completely adjustable, so you can help it find the perfect spot.

Couples who are looking for something a bit more than just a standard experience from a machine will likely enjoy Lovense’s creation.

Partners who both love penetration, for example, can use the machine together.

It’s even great for long-distance couples due to its online connectivity.

You can also use it alone.

Thanks to its adjustability, you can move and angle the machine exactly where you need it to make using the toy actually comfortable.

That said, it isn’t for everyone.

The machine is pretty heavy, so if you don’t like dragging or carrying heavy machinery around, then it might be too much work for you.

Not everyone enjoys hard, thrusting, power either.

Since that’s what this machine provides, you might want to opt for something that isn’t as rough like the Cowgirl sex toy.

Those who do have an interest in seeing what an updated, smart, sex machine can do should consider a few things before making the purchase.

Know How Many Want to Use the Toy

Is the intention for using the machine for soloplay or between partners?

Lovense is definitely a machine geared toward couples.

Live-in couples can enjoy dual-sided thrusting together.

Even if only one partner has an interest in penetration, the other partner can still control the toy for their loved one.

Long-distance couples will especially enjoy using it.

Through synchronization with the app, the partner can control how fast the machine goes no matter how far away they are.

While you can use the toy on your own, this particular machine is better for couples.

Determine Comfort Level for Interactive Options

At the heart of the Lovense machine is interactivity.

With the Lovense app, your partner can control the toy.

But they’re not the only ones.

You can offer up the code to your machine to others online.

All they need to do is download the Lovense app, put in your code, and they’re able to control the machine, too.

Some couples might love opening up their bedroom to virtual playmates.

Others might want to keep it between themselves.

It’s worth having a discussion with your partner to determine your boundaries.

The Ability to Clamp the Machine Down Can Ease Some Frustration

One of the key features to consider in a machine is whether it has something that clamps it down in place.

Because most machines use a lot of power, they tend to move a lot.

You might even find that the machine moves so often that it falls over.

I’ve had quite a few disappointing experiences with sex machines, myself, due to this problem.

You end up having to hold it in place for your partner which can become a frustrating experience.

Lovense, unfortunately, doesn’t come with a clamping device.

Instead, it relies on its weight to keep it steady.

While this can usually work for slower thrusting paces, once you start to increase the speed, it becomes quite unstable.

It’s important to consider whether this lack of feature is important to you.

Since Lovense has dual-thrusting, you can bet that it’s going to shake and move a lot, especially at high speeds.

You might need to buy something extra to clamp it down.

Consider how much effort you want to put into the machine to keep it steady.

Easily Frustrated by IKEA Installations? Sex Machines Might Not be for You

Here’s the deal with sex machines.

They’re big.

They come with a lot of parts, and you need to put them together before using the machine.

It’s rare for a machine to arrive at your door fully assembled.

Some machines are more complex than others.

Lovense does what it can to make its machine as easy to assemble as possible.

However, you’re still going to be putting it together.

You’re also going to be taking it apart each time you’re done using it.

Unless you have a sex dungeon where you can store big toys, of course.

If this sounds like a headache, then these types of toys may be too complex for you.

If you’re up for the challenge, then Lovense has a pretty decent machine that is easy to assemble.

Customization Options Keep the Fun Going

A standard machine can become pretty boring with time.

The thrusting power might provide some fun, but it ends up feeling like the same ole thing after a while.

Machines that come with the ability to customize or exchange attachments are a lot more fun.

Lovense has a very minimal selection.

You’re able to switch between two different attachments.

They’re not too different from each other either.

One is basically smaller than the other.

If you want a machine where you can use different attachments, then the Lovense can’t quite help you.

To ensure you’re buying the right machine for your needs, you should consider whether the lack of options is a dealbreaker.

Extra Features Can Make Your Machine Your Go-To Toy

The first sex machines were basically nothing more than a toy that moved back and forth at high speeds.

These days, the machines are smarter and offer more features.

Depending on your interests, some features might matter more than others.

Some, like Lovense, offer online interactivity.

Others also vibrate.

Some focus on cosmetics instead.

To ensure you’re buying the best machine for your needs, you need to determine which extra features actually matter to you.

Why Restrict Yourself With Only One Way to Play? This Machine Offers Three

lovense sex machine with dildo attachement
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The Lovense sex machine is a 3-in-1 toy.

You can use it on your own, with a live-in partner, or even with a long-distance partner.

It also supports dual-thrusting, so both partners can use the toy at the same time.

Because of these main features, you’re able to bring a lot of variability to the bedroom.

Both partners want to try out the toy?

Then enjoy listening to each other scream out in ecstasy as the toy takes you both for a ride.

Have a live-in partner?

Then they can use the wired remote control to put you through your paces.

Even your long-distance lover can have your legs shaking by taking control of the toy with the Lovense app.

There are tons of ways to play with this toy.

You also receive quite a few items with your purchase.

The machine comes with:

  • Lovense sex machine.
  • Two dildo attachments.
  • Two lock adapters.
  • One controller.
  • Assembly instructions.

While the Lovense machine offers a lot of fun for couples and soloplay, it differs quite a bit from one of the market leaders.

The Keon sex machine is another machine that offers incredible online experiences.

This machine leans more towards soloplay than playing with your partner, however.

It’s also wireless rather than wired.

That means your fun begins and ends with a battery.

The Lovense machine uses a wired connection to provide power.

However, the online features that the Keon provides surpass that of Lovense.

As such, the Lovense machine is great for live-in couples while the Keon might be a better choice for singles or long-distance couples.

Take a quick look at the best and worst aspects of the Lovense machine.


  • Compact size makes this machine a bit more portable than others.
  • 2-sided thrusting action lets everyone participate at the same time.
  • Lock adapters ensure you don’t have to hold the dildos in place.
  • Adjustable parts ensure you can find the perfect angle.
  • App-controlled unlocks the ability to have long-distance fun.


  • Heavy size might make it difficult to operate and store for some.
  • Only comes with two dildo attachments and no other versions.
  • Dildos can feel rough and require a lot of lube for comfort.

These Addictive Features of the Lovense Sex Machine Keeps the Pleasure Going and Going and Going and Going

You might be wondering what makes the Lovense machine stand out from the other machines on the market.

It has some unique features that other machines don’t.

It solves a lot of problems that other toys provide.

It’s just plain fun.

Let’s examine some of the features that make the Lovense toy a class of its own.

300 Strokes Per Minute Can Test the Stamina of Even the Most Experienced Porn Star

lovense sex machine dimensions
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I’m just going to lay down the needle here.

The Lovense sex machine can reach up to 300 strokes per minute.

This is not a toy for beginners.

This is a toy for the individual who wants to feel like the toy is using them.

300 strokes per minute is insane power.

If you want a rough and wild ride, then the Lovense machine can deliver.

You might just not be able to walk afterward.

Easy Adjusting Rods Allow You to Completely Customize the Position

One of the things that this machine does better than some other machines is its adjustability.

You’re able to slide the machine down the rods and secure it in place.

You can also adjust it at an angle for particular positions.

While you might not be able to hit every position, it’s more adjustable than some standard machines.

This is an important feature because your comfort is essential to a good time.

The machine should adapt to you and not the other way around.

Instead of forcing yourself into an uncomfortable position, you can finally lay back and let the machine put you through your paces.

Few Tool Requirements Means Installation is a Piece of Cake

Nothing can kill the mood more than having to set up a toy.

By the time you’re done, your back is aching and any sort of arousal you had has long since faded.

The good news is that the machine from Lovense makes it easy to install.

You don’t need many, if any, tools.

You simply insert the rods into the machine, then adjust as needed.

Because the attachments use a locking mechanism, you also don’t have to pull out the tools to switch them out either.

As far as installation goes, this toy makes it as easy as possible.

Dual-Thrusting Action Brings Both Partners into the Fun

Most machines only have a dildo on one side.

They’re made for one person’s pleasure.

The model from Lovense offers something different.

It’s able to thrust in both directions which means both partners can use the toy at the same time.

Using a sex machine has never been more enjoyable or intimate.

Instead of one partner sitting by and being a passive participant, they’re now able to become involved in the fun, too.

It can also open up the door to intense and thrilling threesomes.

Thanks to its dual-thrusting, this machine offers up some new ways to play.

Control Its Thrust Depth to Hit the Perfect Spot

While the human body is similar, it’s never exactly the same.

Your preferences are also likely very different from a stranger’s preferences.

As such, most sex toys don’t cater to everyone.

This machine does.

That’s because you’re able to control its thrust depth.

If you’re not a fan of having a toy deep inside you, then you can reduce its depth.

The opposite is also true.

Because you’re able to customize just how deep it goes, you can steer the toy exactly where you like it the most.

At long last, you can customize a toy exactly to your liking.

Different Dildos Keep You Coming for More

When you order the machine, you’re going to find two dildo attachments within the box.

These are the only two attachments that Lovense sells for its machine.

They’re both quite sturdy and realistic.

They feature veins, nobs, and even slight curves to give some life to the toys.

One is also both longer and thicker than the other.

You’re able to try them both out and see which one makes you see stars.

Now, there are a few problems with these two dildos.

For one, they only come in one color.

That isn’t very inclusive.

Secondly, they are quite large.

That further reiterates that this toy is not for beginners.

You should have some passing experience with sex to fully enjoy the toy.

Finally, the material they use isn’t the softest.

You’re going to need to use a lot of lube to make it comfortable.

Once you adjust, however, you’re going to find the toys to be quite satisfying.

App Connection Brings Online Fun to Your Bedroom

Lovense has its own app called Lovense Connect.

With the app, you’re able to give control of your toy to other people.

It might be your long-distance lover.

It may even be a stranger that you met online.

By giving up control of your toy, the other user is able to determine how fast it goes.

You might just find that you adore not knowing what’s going to happen next.

You don’t even need to play with other people to receive the most out of the machine.

You can also sync the toy with your music playlists.

As the beat speeds up, so does your toy.

Playing with your machine never becomes old thanks to Lovense Connect.

Bluetooth and Dual-Thrusting Technology Makes This Machine the Perfect Third Partner

lovense sex machine high resolution banner
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Have you ever wanted to try a threesome without all the potential mess?

Then Lovense makes it possible due to the technological feats it uses in its orgasm-inducing machine.

Here are some of the pieces of tech that make Lovense an interesting brand to try.

Dual-Thrusting Tech Livens Up the Party

Lovense uses a unique motor that thrusts one side of the dildo forward while retracting the other and vice versa.

It manages to do so while maintaining quiet operation.

When someone speeds up the thrusting strokes, then both sides increase since they use the same motor.

The dual-thrusting technology makes the toy a great hit for special parties.

Bluetooth Enables Close-Range Syncing for Complete Control

Lovense makes it possible to play with the machine solo, in-person, or even online.

For live-in couples, Bluetooth allows one partner to control the machine with their phone.

There’s also a remote control that comes wired to the machine that you can use, too.

You and your partner can be in the same room, or your partner can be in the next room over and controlling your machine.

This increases the fun since you never know what they have in store for you.

Add in some blindfolds and restraints, and things really start to become hot.

Bluetooth works by sending a signal to the machine.

Whenever your partner changes a setting on their phone, the signal sends to the machine and the machine reacts in kind.

Your partner can do unspeakable things to you without even ever physically touching you.

Mixing WIFI with Bluetooth Unlocks Long-Distance Play

Lovense doesn’t leave out long-distance couples either.

If you give the code to your machine to someone online, then they can use that code to control it, too.

In this instance, the stranger or partner uses WIFI to connect to the app.

It then sends a signal to the app which sends out a Bluetooth signal from your phone to the machine.

From hundreds of miles away, someone could be making you orgasm with nothing more than a few swipes of their finger on their phone.

Online sex has never been more interesting.

Long-Distance Couples, Cam Girls, and Solo Women Love the Interactive Features of Lovense

Because of the different ways you can play with the Lovense machine, it’s a total hit.

Long-distance couples love being able to tease and pleasure each other from miles away.

In-house couples also appreciated how quiet it ran in busy homes.

One of its biggest positives is its build quality.

Women, couples, and other users appreciated how sturdy it felt.

If you want a long-lasting machine, then this one is a great pick.

Many women touted its abilities for cam work.

It unlocked new features they were able to offer their fans.

A common complaint among some users, however, was that the dildos were a bit rough.

Without enough lube, using the dildo could be uncomfortable.

They recommend using a lot of lube, especially if you’re going to use the toy on its max settings.

Otherwise, many couples and solo women love using this toy for personal and professional purposes.

From Better Prices to More Interactive Features, Some Alternative Sex Machines Simply Offer More

Here’s the problem with Lovense’s sex machine.

It’s super expensive.

Not everyone has a grand sitting around to spend on sex toys.

There are some features that the machine also lacks.

As such, you might find one of the following alternatives a better alternative.

Keon Sex Machine Offers Even More Online Content

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The Keon sex machine is another interactive sex toy that you can use in-person or online.

You can connect with other devices from the same company and actually use them in tandem with your partner.

You can also take control of your partner’s machine.

With the FeelMe AI app from KIIROO, the brand behind the Keon, you can also sync your toy up to over 4,000 videos.

The toy performs the same actions that occur during the video.

It’s a great way to get up close and personal with your favorite porn stars.

However, while the Keon excels at providing more online features, it doesn’t have quite the same power as the Lovense machine.

The Keon machine uses battery power which means it can only reach up to 230 strokes per minute.

That’s still impressive, but it doesn’t compare to Lovense’s 300 strokes per minute.

In addition, the Keon doesn’t come with any straps or clamps to hold the machine in place.

You need to buy the clamps separately.

While this does mean you can make your Keon hands-free, you have to pay extra for it.

That might have a slight advantage over the Lovense machine, however, since it doesn’t come with any clamps at all.

Here’s a quick comparison of these two giants in the sex industry.

Features Lovense Keon Sex Machine
Stroke Speed 300 Per Minute 230 Per Minute
Adjustable Yes Yes
Stroke Depth Adjustability Yes No
Power System Wired Power Battery
Price $1249.99 $299.99

The Keon sex machine is great for those looking to make their soloplay even more interesting with online content.

The Keon & Feel Stroker is the Perfect Machine for Men

kiiroo keon and stroker
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Now, sex machines tend to focus on women.

Unless you’re into anal, a typical machine isn’t going to offer a guy much.

The Keon & Feel Stroker completely changes the game.

It’s a sex machine for guys.

It uses a typical stroker, but once you put it in the Keon, it becomes a high-tech toy.

All you need to do at that point is insert your penis and let it take you on a wild ride.

Because it uses the Keon, it’s able to reach up to 230 strokes per minute.

That isn’t the same as the Lovense’s 300 strokes per minute, but considering that the Keon uses battery power, that’s pretty impressive.

It gets better from there.

KIIROO has two apps that you can use to make your machine more exciting.

The FeelConnect app lets you sync your toy to other KIIROO devices.

When your partner uses the Keon sex machine, for example, you’re able to feel it, too.

It makes long-distance sex way more satisfying.

The FeelMe AI app lets you sync your machine to online content.

When porn actresses start to ride, you feel the result in real-time.

Now, this is a men’s sex machine, so women won’t get too much out of it unless they’re using another KIIROO toy.

It’s also not hands-free since you need to hold it in place.

Otherwise, the Keon & Feel stroker is a great option for guys who want a machine of their own.

Let’s see how it compares to the Lovense machine.

Features Lovense Keon & Feel Stroker
Stroke Speed 300 Per Minute 230 Per Minute
Adjustable Yes Yes
Power System Wired Power Battery Power
Battery Life N/A 30 Minutes – 2 Hours
Price $1249.99 $279.99

The Keon & Feel Stroker is the go-to choice for a sex machine for guys.

The Lovense Edge 2 is a Sex Machine for Your Butt

Lovense edge 2
Screenshot taken from

When you first look at the Edge 2 from Lovense, you may not think it qualifies as a sex machine.

Oh, how wrong that assumption would be.

The Edge 2 has dual motors at its bulbous end and in the area that stimulates clits and a man’s perineum.

You can control both motors separately from one another.

One can be on high vibration and rotation while the other is low and teasing.

It’s a sex machine because it pleasures you all on its own.

That said, it does come with Lovense’s interactivity.

You can use the Lovense app to control the toy or have your partner do it.

Even long-distance couples can use the toy to give each other the best anal they’ve ever experienced.

For as long as the battery keeps going, you can experience wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure.

Perhaps the best aspect of this toy is that it doesn’t require any set-up.

You just insert it, turn it on, and start the fun.

Obviously, it’s quite a different machine from the Lovense sex machine.

Those who love anal and want a machine to vibrate their p-spots might have an interest in it.

Here’s how it compares with a traditional machine.

Features Lovense Edge 2
Stroke Speed 300 Per Minute N/A
Adjustable Yes Yes
Power System Wired Power Battery Power
Battery Life N/A 1 Hour – 1.5 Hours
Price $1249.99 $199

The Edge 2 is a budget-friendly sex machine for your butt.

For even more options, read our Best Sex Machines guide to find machines for anal, vaginal, and other types of pleasure.

Try Out the Next-Gen Sex Machine and Take Control of Losing Control

Traditional machines don’t always offer a lot of variability or different ways to play.

The Lovense sex machine is completely adjustable and even helps you change its stroke depth.

It has three different ways you can play with its remote controller and app for online fun.

It also has dual-thrusting capabilities so both partners can use it at the same time.

Check it out here and see what a next-gen sex machine really looks like.

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