Kiiroo Onyx Plus Review: Bringing Realistic Blowjobs to Your Home Whenever You Want

Everyone has their kinks, and for some guys, it’s receiving oral sex.

Without a partner, you used to have to rely on cheap toys that tried to simulate the experience…

But today the Kiiroo Onyx+ nearly replaces the need for a partner. Seriously!

Let’s cover the different features of the Onyx+ and why it might be your next go-to toy for authentic blowjob experiences.

Fast Contractions and Interactive Technology Make the Onyx+ the King of Blowjob Toys

kiiroo onyx plus
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The pleasure you experience when receiving a blowjob can differ from the pleasure you experience with anal or vaginal sex.

For some guys, being able to just lay back and let their partners do all the work is a bit of a treat.

Not everyone has a partner readily available to perform that particular sexual act.

Those with partners may find that their partners aren’t exactly in the mood.

The go-to choice is a toy that tries to simulate the blowjob experience.

Some will even have lips in an attempt to make the experience more realistic…

But they tend to fall short for one simple reason:

They don’t have contraction technology built into the toy.

If you’ve ever received oral sex before, then you know that the type of suction and movements are different from other sex acts.

Many toy companies haven’t quite figured out how to simulate that particular motion or suction.

The KIIROO Onyx+ does.

It succeeds on three pain points that other oral sex toys tend to have.

First, it has an incredible stroke speed of up to 140 strokes per minute.

Secondly, it allows you to sync the toy with a partner’s device or an online video to receive virtual blowjobs from beautiful girls, or guys, on the internet.

Finally, it has unique contracting stimulation that perfectly simulates the blowjob experience.

Now, you might wonder what that means for you…

It means that the Onyx+ is able to provide the closest experience it can to receiving oral sex.

Even better, it does so with the ability to reach up to 140 strokes each minute.

That makes this toy an ideal choice for guys who love blowjobs.

It’s also ideal for guys who want to experience blowjobs from their favorite webcam girl or OnlyFans model.

The ability to sync to their devices means that when they’re playing with their compatible toys, you’re feeling it, too.

Now, it’s not for everyone.

If you have a partner who isn’t keen on you sharing orgasms with someone online, then you might want to use something else.

You always have the option of just using this device without interactivity, but it might open up a can of worms if your partner has trust issues.

While the Onyx+ doesn’t just simulate blowjobs, you might want something else, too, if you’re not interested in contraction stimulation.

In this case, you might want to try Kiiroo’s Feel Stroker instead.

The stroker without the Keon machine lacks the ability to interact with other devices on its own, and it’s primarily focused on standard stroking movements. Similar to a Fleshlight.

Before you buy the Onyx+, you should ensure your partner is okay with you using the toy.

You should also consider whether the size is right for your needs.

You might find that you need a tighter sleeve for the best experience.

Bottom line:

If you love blowjobs, then yes this is probably the right decision for you.

Who Needs Suction When You Have Contraction?..

A problem I often have with typical blowjob toys is that they just don’t feel right.

They feel good, certainly, but they lack the right stimulation to actually feel as though you’re receiving oral sex.

This toy takes all my complaints and throws them out the window.

Kiiroo’s Onyx+ boasts realistic and intense blowjob sex thanks to its unique contraction technology.

onyx plus design banner
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The intensity comes from the toy’s ability to reach up to 140 strokes per minute.

Frankly, it’s extremely doubtful that your partner can reach 140 strokes a minute without harming themselves.

This toy can give you a blowjob as you’ve never experienced before in your life.

You don’t have to do any work either.

If you want to make your experience more thrilling or intimate, then this can connect you with other Kiiroo devices.

In particular, you can sync this device to Kiiroo’s FeelMe app.

This allows you to sync with your partner’s device and have them give you oral sex even if they’re miles away.

You can also sync your device to over 4,000 videos with FeelMe AI.

When you see someone in the video receiving a blowjob, you’re experiencing it, too, in real-time.

Here’s what you get in the box:

  • Onyx+ Toy.
  • Regular Fit Sleeve.
  • USB Charging Cable.
  • Authenticity and Warranty Card.
  • Setup Manual.

Kiiroo essentially gives you everything you need to start using the toy as soon as it’s charged.

And in case you didn’t know, this is the third version of the Onyx product line.

Kiiroo has made vast improvements with its primary new feature being a new motor.

The new motor is what’s responsible for making the toy move up and down.

This offers a specific type of experience, and it manages to do so by offering some incredible features.

Want to skim?

Here are some of the best, and worst, aspects of the toy.


  • 140 strokes/minute for intense finishers.
  • Rechargeable battery reduces overall costs.
  • Interactivity for more intimate and realistic experiences.
  • Contraction technology simulates authentic blowjobs.


  • Only 1 hour usage time.
  • Sleeves aren’t anything to write home about.

Want a Neverending Blowjob? These Features Make This Toy Your New Oral Sex Companion

Here’s the deal with a toy that simulates oral sex.

You might not care.

If blowjobs aren’t your thing, then you might wonder why you should care about the Onyx+… Check out other popular sex machines here.

Oral sex isn’t really my thing either, but the amazing features in this device have definitely made me care.

Blowjob enthusiast or not, here are some powerful features to bring you to memorable orgasms.

140 Strokes Per Minute Puts any Man Through His Ultimate No-Nut Test

Have you ever had someone blow you at 140 strokes per minute?

Probably not.

This can do just that and more.

It’s all thanks to the new motor that Kiiroo has installed.

It’s a rotating motor that uses a different type of movement which allows the toy to reach incredible speeds.

onyx plus motor banner
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While using the toy at 140 strokes will result in the battery dying early, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to last long, anyway.

Use the intense speed with some of these other, upcoming, features, and you won’t want to stop using this.

Lightweight and Quiet Motor Makes This Ideal for Discrete Sessions

The new motor also makes it run quieter.

The loudest it becomes is when you’re using it at top speed.

Even then, it’s still quiet.

This makes it an ideal choice when you need to be a bit more discrete.

A problem other blowjob toys have is that they run loudly.

They tend to focus on vibration and suction to simulate oral sex.

The motor has to run quite hard to provide that sort of effect.

As a result, it’s a loud toy and not ideal for guys who live with family or don’t want the neighbors to know what they’re up to in their bedrooms.

Kiiroo’s toy improves on the typical noise level you’d expect from oral sex toys.

It’s also quite lightweight.

It’s roughly just under three pounds when in the box.

Thanks to its lightweight nature, you don’t have to go through an upper arm workout each time you want to masturbate.

It’s comfortable to use which means you can easily hold it in place without becoming tired.

That’s another problem many oral sex toys have when they use a motor.

They’re heavy.

It can make certain positions uncomfortable after a while, which isn’t ideal if you’re looking to have a long session.

Bottom line: This is comfortable and quiet.

Change the Sleeve to Find the Perfect Fit for Your Particular Needs

You might be wondering what kind of tight fit you can experience.

After all, a toy that simulates oral sex needs to be relatively tight.

It comes with a regular-fit sleeve.

That means that the opening hole is 5 x 4.5 cm wide.

onyx plus sleeve
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If that doesn’t sound tight enough for you, then the good news is that you can change it out with a tighter sleeve.

Kiiroo also has an anal sleeve that’s tighter than the regular-fit sleeve.

Although it’s meant to simulate anal sex, you might find it ideal for simulating oral sex, too.

Kiiroo makes it easy to switch out the sleeves.

You simply pull the current sleeve out, then insert the new one.

Having interchangeable sleeves allows you to ensure this toy fits your particular needs exactly.

It’s not exactly a one-size-fits-all sort of toy.

Offering a little bit of customization is exactly what makes this incredible.

Interactivity With Online Content Lets You Receive Oral Sex from Your Favorite Porn Stars

It gets even better thanks to its ability to sync to online porn videos.

Kiiroo has an app called FeelMe AI.

You connect your Onyx+ to the app, then watch whatever video you want on the platform.

kiiroo onyx plus and feelme ai banner
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When the porn star or model starts to give a blowjob, your toy recreates what they’re doing on the screen.

You can receive a virtual blowjob from your favorite star.

Even if you don’t follow a particular model, you can still watch over 4,000 videos and counting – of other content.

Your Onyx+ pairs with what’s going on in the video.

You become part of the action.

You no longer need a partner to receive an intense blowjob.

Thanks to the ability to interact with online content, you get an experience you can’t receive anywhere else.

Contracting Movements Offers Up the Perfect Blowjob Simulation

You might be wondering what’s Onyx+’s big secret.

What is it about this toy that makes it the best blowjob simulator on the market?

It all has to do with its contracting technology.

It uses 10 rings throughout the toy to contract in time with the stroking speed.

The faster you have the toy stroke you, the faster those rings contract.

It creates the sensation of having someone suck realistically.

It makes you feel like you’re receiving oral sex from a person rather than having sex with a vacuum cleaner.

Add the contractions with the 140 strokes per minute, and you have a mindblowing experience that few other toys, if any, can replicate.

Pair the Onyx+ With Your Partner’s Kiiroo Device for Long-Distance Oral Sex

Here’s the deal with romance.

Sometimes you find it with a person across the ocean.

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, then keeping your relationship spicy and fun can be challenging.

It can also be frustrating when you’re both sexual people.

This toy can help you both feel closer.

That’s because it can sync to other Kiiroo devices.

The Fuse, for example, is a great vibrator that your partner can use.

Both devices sync easily with one another.

The controls are also intuitive and easy to use to turn up the heat on your partner’s device.

For the Onyx+, it means you’re able to sit back and relax while your partner gives you a blowjob from miles away.

Even if your partner is in the other room, being able to play with one another without knowing what the other person is doing or has in mind can be thrilling.

These toys are so popular because they can bring long-distance couples closer while also spicing up the sex lives of live-in partners.

Different Stroking Patterns Keep the Experience Fresh and Exciting

A problem many strokers and blowjob toys have is that they only have so many stroking patterns.

Many even have just one pattern.

This device has six different stroking patterns that you can use to try out new experiences.

You might find that one particular pattern is your go-to finisher.

Another pattern might be great for teasing or edging.

The point is that it gives you variety.

You’re not stuck with the same, boring, stroking sensation over and over.

Even at its basic level without interactivity it makes receiving a blowjob a lot more enjoyable and lively.

The Removable Sleeves Makes Caring for Your Toy Easier

The ability to remove the sleeve provides more benefits than just changing it out for another one.

It also makes it far easier to clean the toy.

After using it, all you need to do is pull out the sleeve and clean it like you would any other stroker.

Once it’s dry, you’re able to simply push it back in.

Clean-up is fast, simple, and easy.

Less hassle means you’re able to spend more time enjoying your new toy.

Brand New Technology Inside the Onyx+ Lets it Recreate the Dizzying Pleasure of Oral Sex

It’s the tech inside makes it your new favorite blowjob toy.

Kiiroo’s third iteration of the Onyx product line has introduced some new technology that makes it a premium product.

Bluetooth Connectivity Allows You to Receive Blowjobs From Porn Stars

Kiiroo uses Bluetooth to sync its interactive devices to its app.

Once synced, it is able to receive inputs from the different videos that you watch.

The company relies on AI to tell the device what sort of speed or thrusting motion to make based on what’s occurring in the video.

Thanks to AI and Bluetooth, you’re able to experience what it’s like to receive a blowjob from your favorite porn star.

Contracting Technology

The biggest secret the Onyx+ has is its contracting tech.

It’s basically the main star.

Kiiroo manages to perform contracting stimulation by using a rotating motor that makes an upward and downward motion.

Many other toys instead use a backward and forward motion.

To perform the motion, there are 10 rings spaced throughout the toy.

Each ring moves up and down according to the speed you set on the toy.

It feels as though the rings are contracting around you.

Add in some stroking patterns, and you have a very unique and memorable experience.

FeelMe App Allows You to Connect With Your Partner and Models

If your partner, or favorite model, has a Kiiroo interactive device, then you can receive a virtual blowjob from them.

All you need to do is add them as a friend to your FeelMe app.

They can grant you permission to start a session with them.

You’re also able to chat or even video chat through the app.

When they start to turn up the speed on their toy, you’re going to feel it, too.

The app, itself, has some controls you can use to direct how their toy behaves.

They’re able to do the same for you.

At long last, you can actually experience what it’s like to receive a blowjob from your favorite webcam girl or OnlyFans model in real time.

Blowjob Enthusiasts and Long-Distance Couples Adore The Intense Experiences And Ease-Of-Use

Most users praised Kiiroo for the incredible build quality of the Onyx+.

Not only does it look great, but it also performs well.

Despite offering intense and fast speeds, which they loved, they also appreciated its quiet operation.

You might be wondering how easy it was for them to connect to the FeelMe app…

Most of the users found it extremely easy.

They didn’t experience any problems syncing the toy to the app.

They also praised Kiiroo for making it easy to clean the toy, especially since they were using it a lot.

While many of the users seemed to use the toy solo, those with partners found it a lot of fun with their partners.

Long-distance couples or couples who hadn’t moved in together yet found it very enjoyable.

They appreciated how easy it was to sync to one another’s devices and the pleasure they experienced together.

Of course, there were some problems that they encountered, too.

A problem some had is that the sleeve kept pulling out when they were trying to use it.

Others found that the regular-fit sleeve wasn’t tight enough for their preferences.

Overall, users found the Onyx+ to be extremely enjoyable and easy to use.

This isn’t the Only Incredible Blowjob Sex Toy on the Market…

Obviously, not everyone wants a blowjob sex toy that is interactive, or a bit expensive.

So, here are some other similar toys that might fit your needs a bit better.

Lovehoney’s Blowmotion Suction Vibrating Masturbator Provides Similar Experiences Without Interaction

blowmotion toy in hand
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The Blowmotion is as close as to the Onyx+ you can get without the steep price tag.

Its best features include providing several different stimulation types like vibrating, suction, and a textured tunnel.

Blowjob enthusiasts, in particular, will love that the toy offers three different suction modes.

Each one is specifically designed to simulate oral sex.

It also has two different speeds and four different vibration patterns to add some variety to the mix.

While the Blowmotion doesn’t have interactivity, it does have a decent battery life.

As such, this alternative is ideal for a person who is looking for a more budget-friendly oral sex simulator that they can use on their own.

See how it compares:

Product Comparison Table
Feature Blowmotion Onyx+
Stimulation Type Vibration and Suction Vibration and Contraction
Battery Life 80 Minutes 60 Minutes
Vibration Patterns 4 6
Price $149.99 $219.99

If the $200+ price on Kiiroo’s best seller scares you, then the slightly lower price of the Blowmotion might be more your speed.

Fleshlight’s Turbo Thrust is Perfect for Bargain Hunters

Turbo Thurst Fleshlight
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If $149.99 is still high for you, then you should consider the even cheaper Turbo Thrust.

The Turbo Thrust doesn’t have a lot of the fancy gadgets that the Onyx+ boasts, but it does have a few interesting features.

The tunnel inside the Turbo Thrust changes three different times.

You’ll notice that the toy feels different from when you first push in to when you push all the way in.

That adds a bit of variety and fun to the toy.

The Turbo tries to offer a slightly different take on oral sex.

It provides a similar experience to a blowjob but tries to elevate it even further.

Clearly, the Turbo Thrust is quite different in that it doesn’t use a motor at all.

It relies on the speed of your hand.

That might be a hard pass for some people, but the cheap price makes it worth considering.

Let’s see how the two compare:

Product Comparison Table
Feature Turbo Thrust Onyx+
Stimulation Type Thrusting Vibration and Contraction
Easy To Clean No Yes
Textured Tunnel Yes Yes
Price $69.95 $219.99

The Turbo Thrust is a great pick for the guy who is just looking for a simple, no-frills, blowjob toy.

It provides just enough of a different experience to make it superior to other oral sex toys.

Kiiroo’s TITAN Offers Intense Pleasure at a Cheaper Price

kiiroo titan
Screenshot taken from

If you’re looking for something that isn’t oral sex-focused, then you might want to consider Kiiroo’s TITAN.

The TITAN is simple in design but powerful in effect.

It has nine different vibrators inside the toy that stimulates you from base to tip.

While it lacks the Onyx+’s contraction technology, it shares its ability to sync to other devices.

As such, you can still use the TITAN to sync with your partner’s toy and share in some long-distance thrills.

You can also replace the sleeve inside the TITAN with other sleeves from Kiiroo.

Looking for something tighter?

Then you’ll find it there.

Want to experience a certain FeelMe star’s pussy?

They have that available as a sleeve, too.

Here’s how they compare:

Product Comparison Table
Feature TITAN Onyx+
Stimulation Type Vibration Vibration and Contraction
Battery Life 40 Minutes 60 Minutes
Charge Time 3.5 Hours 4 Hours
Price $149 $219.99

It’s Time to Elevate the Blowjob

Oral sex toys often feel wrong or lackluster.

The Onyx+ offers up one of the most realistic blowjob experiences you can have outside of a partner.

It uses interactive features that allow you to receive a blowjob from your partner or your favorite OnlyFans model.

Its contracting technology makes you feel like you’re receiving the most authentic and intense blowjobs possible.

At 140 strokes per minute, it surpasses what a human can do and unleashes a whole new world of pleasure.

Leave your partner alone and experience the next stage in blowjob technology today.

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