Keon Sex Machine Review: Time To Have Sex With a Robot That Has Personality

Sex toys have a serious problem by making an intimate experience feel clinical.

Kiiroo’s Keon Sex Machine alters that experience by introducing interactivity.

For many of us, this leads to way more fun.

But, since interactivity isn’t for everyone, I decided to create an ultimate review to help you decide if this toy is worth it.

The Keon Sex Machine Makes Virtual Sex Way More Thrilling

keon sex machine side view
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If you don’t have a robot kink, then using a sex machine probably feels rather lifeless to you.

The experience is even more disappointing since it lacks spontaneity and surprise.

You either press a button or use a controller to make the machine work.

This sort of play isn’t exactly fun or imaginative.

The Keon Sex Machine from Kiiroo makes using sex machines way more enjoyable.

That’s because it allows you to sync the machine to both online videos and other Kiiroo devices.

Either the video can control what happens to your machine, or your partner, or another lover, can.

If you’re the type of person who needs a more enriching experience than just a series of pumps, then this type of interactive sex toy is for you.

It adds some spice, some zest, to an otherwise mundane experience.

Of course, because this toy enables you to connect with others, there may be some problems for those who have partners.

Your partner might feel uncomfortable with you connecting your machine to VR content or live sex shows, for example.

It’s worth talking to them first and laying out ground rules.

It’s also worth mentioning that your partner can control the sex machine remotely, too.

They might enjoy it for that aspect.

However, if you don’t like the idea of online content or strangers influencing your fun, then this device might not be for you.

A standard sex machine or even a trustworthy clit vibrator may be up your alley instead.

The Keon Sex Machine is cheaper than some of the sex machines out there, but before you buy it, you should ask yourself a few questions.

The first thing to ask is whether you’re bored with standard sex machines.

I know that my partner prefers interaction over using her sex machine on her own.

If you want something more exciting, then this might be right for you.

Because sex machines tend to be a bit larger than other toys, it’s also worth checking to see if you have enough storage room.

The great thing about the Keon Sex Machine is that it doesn’t take up as much space as other machines.

You can easily disassemble it to make even more room.

Finally, it’s worth deciding if the standard dildo attachment that comes with the machine is right for you.

Keep in mind, you can switch it out with other dildo attachments that Kiiroo sells.

Want to Get Drilled by an Actual Porn Star? This Machine Unlocks the Opportunity

keon sex machine and feelme app
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The Keon Sex Machine is a sex machine that comes with interactive options.

You can sync the machine to online videos through the FeelMe AI app.

The machine ends up following the action that’s occurring on screen.

When an actor thrusts, you feel it, too.

It also allows you to sync to your partner’s device or someone else who gives you their code.

For example, if you follow someone on OnlyFans or a particular VTuber, then you might be able to have virtual sex with them through the FeelConnect app.

kiiroo interactive video banner

Bottom line, this allows you to have more sex with different partners in a safe environment.

Or, for long-distance couples, it allows you to have sex despite living several miles away from each other.

As someone in a long-distance relationship, using an interactive sex machine with my partner has finally allowed us to achieve the same intimacy as live-in partners.

To accomplish this feat, you can expect a few items in your package.

Here’s what comes in the box:

  • Keon
  • Keon Dildo Adapter
  • Vaccum-Lock Dildo

Here’s a quick rundown of the pros and cons:


  • Interactivity allows you to sync with online videos and porn stars.
  • Syncs with partners for long-distance intimate experiences.
  • Can buy a clamp to hold the machine in place.
  • Extremely easy to set up for quick play times.
  • Can switch out the dildo for new experiences.


  • Can take up a bit of space.
  • Might face some problems with connecting to apps.
  • Its highest settings only offer 30 minutes of battery life.

The Keon Sex Machine Features Interactive Controls and Hands-Free Add-Ons to Help You Live Out Your Fantasies

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Boring sex with a lifeless machine is over.

Here are some of the best features that allow the toy to completely change the world of sex machines.

Quick and Easy Assembly Takes the Hassle Out of Playing

Putting together a sex machine is frustrating.

One might argue that a sex machine is basically a piece of furniture.

As such, it often comes with all the headaches involved in putting together a chair or bookcase from IKEA.

The Keon Sex Machine mercifully changes that experience.

keon sex machine set up
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You don’t have to pull out an Allen wrench just to put your new toy together.

All you need to do is grab the dildo adapter, put it in the Keon, then click it in place.

The same goes for the dildo, itself.

If you really want to challenge yourself, then you can buy the clamp and attach that, too.

Assembly is easy and quick.

That means you spend less time fighting with it and more time actually enjoying it.

It also means that it’s easy to store.

With a complex sex machine, you usually have to disassemble it all over again to store it somewhere, however this is small enough that it can fit in most closets without disassembling it.

No longer do you have to spend hour after hour of back-aching work putting a machine together just to use it for a bit, then put it all away again.

Again this is a huge benefit: Assembly easy, fast, and simple.

Connects With FeelMe AI for Endless Hours of Virtual Fun

FeelMe AI is a unique, online, platform that houses thousands of porn videos.

The real treasure that makes this machine stand apart from the others is its ability to sync to FeelMe AI.

keon with feelme ai
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The gimmick is that each video has the ability to sync with Kiiroo’s toys.

When you’re watching a passionate couple having sex on screen, your toy is mimicking those actions, too.

You become part of the experience.

If you have a favorite porn star, model, or actor, then you have the opportunity to have virtual sex with them.

At long last, you can feel the type of power and speed that their partners are feeling on screen.

The FeelMe AI app can unlock several doors to new, pleasurable, experiences that you likely wouldn’t have discovered before.

All you need to do is sync your device to the FeelMe AI app, then pay for a subscription.

After that, you’re ready to plunge into a whole new world of virtual sex.

Increase Intimacy With Your Long-Distance Lover Through the FeelConnect App

Long-distance relationships just became a lot sexier.

A lot of long-distance couples often feel left out of the toy industry.

A lot of toys rely on partners to be in the same room as one another.

Kiiroo finally lets long-distance couples have as much fun as in-house partners.

All you need to do is give your partner the code to your device through the FeelConnect app.

From there, they can use the app to remotely control your machine.

There are also several features that the app offers like the ability to make certain rhythms and save them.

If your partner discovers a particular rhythm that drives you up the wall, then they can always save it for later.

You can also receive the code to your partner’s Kiiroo-compatible device.

While they’re teasing you, you’re able to tease them.

It makes playtime between long-distance couples a lot more intimate and enjoyable.

If you don’t have a partner, then you can still use the FeelConnect app.

There are porn stars, models, and actors out there who will take control of your machine, too.

You can have virtual sex with your favorite star and share in an even more intimate experience with them.

Add in some VR and the experience becomes even more realistic and intense.

Hands-Free Use Makes Using the Machine Far Easier

A common problem a lot of people have with sex machines is that they move when in use.

The sheer mechanical power ends up causing them to slip back or away.

That can lead to some frustrating experiences.

Kiiroo fixes this by selling an add-on clamp.

keon sex machine mounted
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It doesn’t come with the sex machine, so you’ll need to buy it separately.

It’s well worth the investment though since it enables you use to the machine without holding onto it.

You can attach the machine to your bed, a table, or some other firm material.

Because it’s clamped in place, the machine won’t bounce back or move anywhere.

That allows you to place it exactly where you need it.

It also means you save money on having it bolted to the floor.

A clamp is a lot easier to undo and remove than a bolt.

Quiet Operation Makes the Keon Sex Machine More Discrete Than Other Sex Machines

When you use a standard sex machine, it’s likely that the whole house knows.

They’re loud.

Whether it’s the parts grinding against each other or the pumps expelling air, sex machines tend to run loudly.

That’s not ideal for a lot of people.

No one wants other people in the house to know that they’re having a good time.

This is another problem that this machine solves.

Because of its smaller nature, it runs a lot quieter.

Even when you have it running at max, it’s significantly quieter than other sex machines running on max.

The movements that the machine makes are also quite smooth.

This is ideal for most people since rougher motions can cause pain rather than pleasure.

Vacuum-Lock Toys Allow You to Easily Switch Between Different Ones

The problem with dildos is that they can start to feel rather dull after a while.

If you’re using the same one every time, then it starts to lose its excitement.

You already know what to expect from it.

A problem with sex machines is that not all of them allow you to switch between different dildos.

For example, some sex machines are specifically built for use with one attachment.

You’d have to completely disassemble the machine to use a different attachment.

Kiiroo thought of this problem and made switching between different toys easy.

That’s all thanks to the vacuum-lock technology.

If you’re becoming bored with one toy, then simply switch it out for something new.

New shapes, textures, and sizes can enhance your experiences.

Intuitive Controls Allow You to Easily Control Your Machine for Precise Rhythms

When you’re in the throes of pleasure, you don’t have time – or many brain cells – to fight a controller.

You either want to increase the intensity levels or decrease them.

The Keon has buttons that you can easily press – or let your partner press – to control just what your toy is doing to you.

They’re easy to use and don’t require much fuss.

This is just one more feature that makes this toy simple and effective.

A Smarter Machine That Lets You Take the Role of a Porn Star

keon sex machine position drawing
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Clearly, this is more than just a dildo on a motor.

There’s some tech behind it that makes it part of the next generation of sex toys.

Here are some of the exciting pieces of tech that make this a powerful toy.

Vacuum-Lock Tech for Secure Connections and Easy Assembly

The reason it’s so easy to use is its vacuum-lock tech.

Few other sex machines have this technology which is what makes it stand out from them.

All it takes is a quick twist to have your favorite sex toy attached to the machine.

You don’t have to worry about screws, bolts, or anything else.

The tech locks the dildo into place, so you don’t have to worry about it falling off while using it.

The party keeps going thanks to this valuable piece of tech.

FeelMe AI Connectivity Lets You Become Part of the Action

When it comes to software, one of the best pieces of tech that this boasts is its synchronization with FeelMe AI.

Through Bluetooth, you can sync your sex machine with the app.

feelme interactive content banner
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Although it does require a subscription, it unlocks thousands of videos for you to watch.

Synchronization means that your machine works on its own.

It matches the action occurring on the screen, so you don’t have to do anything.

Attach the clamp for hands-free enjoyment, and you can lay there and just have the video pleasure you for as long as you can take it.

FeelMe Connect Gives Long-Distance Couples the Chance to Have Sex Regularly

Sex is often an important part of a couple’s life together.

Without sex, you might not feel as though you’re as close to or as intimate with your partner as you could be.

The Keon Sex Machine closes that distance thanks to its ability to sync to the FeelMe Connect app.

Once you sync the toy, you can give your code to your partner, model, actor, or VR fling.

From there, they can use the app to take direct control of your machine.

Add in some restraints, a blindfold, and other accessories, and you can spice up any session.

Long-distance couples can finally have a healthy, intimate, sex life thanks to the tech behind this machine.

This Changes the Game for Long-Distance Couples… But Could Last Longer

Pleasure level, performance, set-up, and fun are some of the hallmarks that users discussed during their time with this toy.

Many described their experience as great.

It provided an intense, pleasurable, feeling, and the interactive controls only enhanced those feelings.

Many of them loved syncing to online videos.

Being able to have more active participation in what they were seeing on screen made the experience far different from other sex machines.

Long-distance couples also loved using it together.

It enabled them to finally live out some brewing fantasies they shared together.

A lot of positive reviewers also discussed the ease of use.

They didn’t have to spend hours trying to figure out how to make it work or put it together.

There was one flaw that a user found, however.

They wished that it was possible to plug the device in and use it while plugged in as opposed to only charging it while not in use.

Just Want a Machine to Ride You Dirty? Consider These Alternatives

Not everyone wants to experience the life of a porn star.

Some people just want to get off.

If you want a no-frills sex machine or a sex machine with limited interactivity, then you might want something a bit different.

Here are two alternatives that provide intense pleasure but slightly different features.

Hismith Premium Sex Machine Provides Constant Pleasure and Angle Control

hismith sex machine
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One of the major drawbacks of the Keon Sex Machine is that it does use a rechargeable battery.

Once the battery dies, you’re out of luck.

The Hismith Premium Sex Machine uses a wire instead.

You simply plug the sex machine into an outlet, and it’s ready to go until you’re exhausted.

It also provides you with a bit more angle control.

You can adjust the different bars and rods until it’s angled right where you need it.

Now, you might be wondering what the drawback is.

That has to do with its interactivity and inability to clamp to something.

It has limited interactivity through an app.

Basically, only those you give the code to can control the app.

You can’t sync it to online videos.

That’s great for couples who just want to use it together, but not ideal for people who want to interact with online content during solo play.

It also tends to move a little bit when in use.

Although it’s heavy, if you have it on its highest setting, it’s going to rock a bit.

It doesn’t have a clamp that you can use to hold it in place.

Clearly, there are some positives and negatives of the Hismith Premium Sex Machine, but here’s a quick comparison between it and the Keon:

Product Comparison Table
Feature Hismith Keon
Interactivity Yes Yes
Battery Type Wired Rechargeable
Battery Life N/A 30 Minutes – 2 Hours
Materials Solid Chrome Steel ABS And Iron
Price $429.99 $299.99

The Hismith Premium Sex Machine is a great choice for long-distance couples looking to have more, satisfying, sexual encounters with each other.

The Cowgirl Premium Remote and App-Controlled Riding Sex Machine Offers Intense Orgasms Without Interactivity

cowgirl sex machine
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The Cowgirl Sex Machine is a different machine altogether.

For one, it doesn’t include any type of interactive mode on its own.

It’s specifically built for solo play.

You’ll need to purchase the app or download it if you want to use it in a remote capacity.

It also doesn’t thrust.

Instead, it can produce up to 1200 RPMs.

That basically means it’s going to vibrate the heck out of your clit.

If you love clitoral stimulation, then this is your sex beast.

It also comes with another attachment for g-spot stimulation.

Finally, it comes with a wired connection, so you can keep using The Cowgirl long after your other toys have died.

Let’s look at how the two compare:

Product Comparison Table
Feature Cowgirl Keon
Interactivity Limited Yes
Battery Type Wired Rechargeable
Battery Life N/A 30 Minutes – 2 Hours
Materials Silicone ABS And Iron
Price $1,799.99 $299.99

The Cowgirl is a great choice for the individual who enjoys clitoral and g-spot stimulation, and who also sometimes lets their in-house partner play with them.

Share in More Intimate Experiences With This Interactive Sex Machine

No one deserves to have sex with a cold, unfeeling, machine.

You can make the experience even more rewarding by exploring the interactive features that these new toys from Kiiroo are offering.

It can connect you to porn stars, models, or even your own partner, and allow them to send you to orgasmic heaven.

The ability to use the Keon Sex Machine hands-free with the clamp also makes it far easier to use than other sex machines.

Bottom line, this is one of the best new interactive toys on the market, and we’re excited to see how people will enjoy it.

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