Try to Tame the Wild West With the Multi-Orgasm Cowgirl Sex Machine

There’s an old saying in the world of sex that size doesn’t matter.

When it comes to the insane, orgasm-inducing, power of the Cowgirl riding sex machine, that’s absolutely true.

Put on your Western boots because we’re going to take you for a wild ride with this toy.

Can You Handle the Cowgirl? Or Will it Buck You Off?

cowgirl premium sex machine
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A typical sex machine is a dildo strapped to a motor that makes it thrust at incredible speeds.

While that’s great for people who enjoy stroking stimulation, it isn’t for everyone.

They also tend to be rather one-sided and aren’t ideal for every couple.

The Cowgirl premium machine offers an entirely different experience.

While there is some penetration, it mainly focuses on G-spot and P-spot stimulation.

It also comes with a textured base for clitoral and perineum stimulation.

Its real secret is its vibrational power.

The Cowgirl is able to reach up to 1200 rotations per minute.

It’s like sitting on an earthquake directly at the fault line.

The toy is also more enjoyable for couples.

It comes connected to a remote control and it’s syncable with an app.

Even long-distance partners are able to get in on the fun.

In fact, long-distance partners might just find that their intimacy has increased due to the machine.

Of course, it’s great for live-in couples and single women and men, too.

Anyone who is looking for an intense, wild, ride that doesn’t include thrusting is likely going to fall in love with this sex machine.

Before you pull out some stirrups and straddle this beast, there are a few things to consider.

Know Your Body to Understand If Vibrational Stimulation is Enough

No one wants to buy a toy that doesn’t actually help them reach orgasm.

That’s especially true of expensive toys.

As such, before you bring the Cowgirl into your stable, you need to know your body.

What are the different types of stimulation that you actually enjoy?

Where are your erogenous zones?

Do you need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm?

The G-Spot and P-spot are two of the most intense pleasure zones in the female and male body.

While it’s likely you’ll enjoy stimulation there, it’s always worth experimenting first with cheaper toys.

If you find it drives you wild, then take the plunge and buy the Cowgirl.

Interactive Features Can Spell Trouble for Certain Couples

The Cowgirl uses two different apps to unlock interactive features.

The first, known as Cowgirl 2.0, enables your partner to control the toy within a certain distance.

This app isn’t for long-distance play, but your partner can control it from a few rooms down.

By connecting the toy to the app, they can increase how fast or how hard the toy rotates and vibrates.

If you’re the one riding the toy, then you have no idea what your partner intends for you.

It brings an extra element of fun to your playtime.

The Cowgirl is also syncable to the FeelConnect app.

This allows you to play with long-distance partners.

However, you can also give control of your toy to strangers and other people.

Virtual sex just became more satisfying.

However, not every couple is ready to open up their bedroom to other people.

It’s worth having a discussion to determine where your boundaries rest.

Storage Matters with Sex Machines

A final aspect to consider is storage space.

One of the best qualities of the Cowgirl is that it isn’t as large as typical machines.

It’s compact.

That makes it easier to store away.

That said, you can’t exactly take it apart.

You can remove the attachments, but that’s about it.

You’re left with an odd-shaped base that doesn’t always fit under the bed.

Storage space matters, especially if you need to hide your toys.

Take a quick look around the home to determine if you have enough space to safely store your toy.

Ride Right to Orgasm With This 1200 RPM Beast of a Toy

cowgirl fuck machine
up close view of cowgirl sex machine
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Here’s the deal with the Cowgirl.

It isn’t interested in your cervix or trying to reach as deep as possible.

It wants your G-spot or P-spot.

In fact, it’s coming for it.

The Cowgirl is a vibrating sex machine that stimulates your G-spot or P-spot.

It also has a secondary attachment for pure clitoral or perineum stimulation.

Not only does it provide earth-shaking orgasms, but it also makes the experience more interactable.

Through the Cowgirl 2.0 and FeelConnect apps, other people are able to make the beast beneath you go wild.

Purchasing the toy comes with a few extra items:

  • Cowgirl 2.0 machine
  • Two riding attachments
  • Power cable
  • Remote control

With all these in hand, you’re ready to saddle up and experience the insane pleasure that the machine can provide.

The Cowgirl is very similar to the market leader, the Sybian.

Both focus on G-Spot, P-Spot, clitoral, and perineum pleasure rather than thrusting pleasure.

With the Sybian, you have a few more colors from which to choose for the base.

Otherwise, the two have very similar attachments.

The two are almost identical, but the Cowgirl comes with interactive features while the Sybian does not.

As such, if you just want extreme vibrational pleasure without online interaction, then the Sybian might cover your needs.

Otherwise, the Cowgirl can offer some new experiences and opportunities for memorable fun.

The Cowgirl has quite a few amazing qualities, but it has its flaws, too.


  • Offers 1200 RPMs for intense vibrational pleasure.
  • Tons of attachments ensure you find the perfect addition to get you off.
  • 3-meter wired and app play makes using the toy fun and easy for live-in couples.
  • FeelConnect unlocks the ability for long-distance partners to play.
  • 360-degree swivel ensures comfort and adjustability.


  • Runs very noisy, especially as vibrations increase.
  • Intense vibrations right from the beginning don’t offer much of a warm-up.
  • High price can be prohibitive to some buyers.

Not Sure if You’re Ready to Mount the Cowgirl? Check Out These Incredible Features

cowgirl premium sex machine displayed on an angle
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You might be wondering just what the Cowgirl has to offer.

After all, its appearance makes it seem quite simple.

It’s anything but.

Here are some of the best features that this machine has to offer.

1200 RPMs Might Just Put You Into a Sex-Induced Coma

Like the Sybian, the Cowgirl promises multiple orgasms.

That’s likely because once you experience the kind of orgasm it can produce, you’re never going to want to get off it.

Its secret rests in its ability to produce 1200 RPMs.

That’s an insane amount of vibrational power all right against your most sensitive areas.

You’ll be feeling that orgasm for a long time after it finishes.

The Cowgirl proves that deeper doesn’t always mean better.

Wired Remote Controller Gives You Complete Control

One of the worst things some toys have is a wireless controller.

When the battery runs out on the controller, you’re unable to use the toy.

Luckily, the Cowgirl uses a wired remote controller instead.

You’re able to have minute control over the machine.

This feature is particularly important for those playing solo.

When the pleasure starts to become hotter, you’re going to need the controller to be as simple as possible to use.

In the type of throes that the Cowgirl offers, you don’t have enough brain power to control more complex electronics.

With the wired controller, you can control both the speed of the rotations and the intensity of the vibrations.

It allows you to find the perfect match that sends your toes curling.

Cowboy 2.0 App Makes Sex Machines More Enjoyable for Couples

Here’s the deal with sex machines.

They can be pretty boring for the person who’s controlling it.

The person strapped to the machine is having the time of their life.

Those who are controlling the machine typically just sit by and mess with the controller from time to time.

It can be fun to watch your partner scream out and orgasm, but the experience could be better.

The Cowgirl offers a different experience by syncing the machine to the Cowgirl 2.0 app.

The app allows you to use your phone up to 30 meters away from the toy.

Now, things just became a lot more interesting.

You could be in another room in the house and controlling your partner’s machine without them knowing what you’re going to do.

It adds some suspense to the mix.

You’re going to have a lot more fun because you get to hear how your partner reacts to your evil, wicked, plans.

For those who love BDSM, the app can unlock new scenes to try.

The app also comes with a few features on its own which can make both sides of using the toy much more enjoyable.

FeelConnect Brings Long-Distance Couples Closer Together

Now, while long-distance relationships have become more popular due to the internet and social apps, toys for LDR couples still remain stagnant.

The Cowgirl fixes that problem by syncing its toy with the FeelConnect app.

The app allows partners to control the toy no matter how far away they are from it.

It also provides the same kind of control as the Cowgirl 2.0 app.

You’re able to increase and decrease the rotation and vibration intensity of the toy with just a few swipes and presses.

You can also try out different rhythms and even save those rhythms for later.

The FeelConnect app has a video call feature, too, so you can see just what sort of wonderful torture you’re putting your partner through with the toy.

While the app is great for long-distance couples, it’s also great for solo women and men.

If you meet someone online, then you can give them your toy’s code.

They’re then able to control it.

Whether you work in the world of camming or are just looking for some fun, the app can unlock some opportunities.

Different Attachments Opens Up the Door to New Sensations

Let’s be honest here.

Not everyone is into anal or penetration at all.

Some people just like vibration.

Others, on the other hand, need a bit of penetration to fully get off.

The Cowgirl doesn’t discriminate.

It has tons of different attachments that you can easily switch out on the toy.

Whether you want to go for just clitoral stimulation or try your hand at anal, there’s an attachment for you.

Some even offer double penetration experiences for those really looking to rock their senses.

With the number of attachments that the Cowgirl offers, you’ll be able to keep enjoying new experiences.

Swivel Rotation Provides Both Pleasure and Comfort

A common problem with sex machines is their lack of adjustability.

You have to adapt to them rather than be able to adjust them to your liking.

This usually means you’re unable to try out certain positions because you can’t move the attachment where you need it.

It only strokes in one direction or in one area.

The Cowgirl solves that problem with its swivel rotation.

The attachments are able to move around slightly allowing you to move them right where you need them.

Not everyone is going to line up perfectly with an attachment.

The ability to move the attachment ensures you can put it right where you need it.

When you turn the toy on, all that sensation is going right where you need it most.

It also means using the Cowgirl is a lot more comfortable.

You’re not cramping yourself just to ensure the toy hits the right spot.

Better pleasure and more comfortable usage are both winners of this toy.

Separate Vibration and Rotation Control Offers Better Experiences

Perhaps one of the coolest features of the Cowgirl is that lets you control vibration and rotation separately.

In most other toys, the two end up becoming combined.

As you increase the power, the vibration and rotation both increase.

With this toy, you’re actually able to control one, then the other.

If you just want rotation, then you can turn it up and leave the vibration alone.

The opposite is also true.

If you want a little rotation and a lot of vibration, then that’s also possible.

The toy lets you experiment with different settings until you find exactly what you need to see fireworks.

That also means those who are controlling your toy can do the same.

They can tease and edge you until you beg for more.

Or they can show no mercy and have you orgasming within an inch of your life.

All possibilities are possible thanks to the ability to control each setting on its own.

Premium Materials Increases Durability and Appearance

The Cowgirl uses vegan leather to cover the base.

This is a premium feature that sets the toy apart from others.

If you don’t like animal cruelty or live a vegan lifestyle, then you’ll appreciate this extra feature.

Because the manufacturer also focuses on premium materials, you can expect your toy to last longer.

That’s important considering the price.

Premium materials make you feel as though you’re really indulging yourself with each use.

Silicone Base Reduces Toy Movement and Scratch Marks

Now, I don’t know about you, but I hate it when I have to sacrifice good floors for toy use.

Larger toys, like sex machines, tend to move a lot.

The higher the setting, the more movement it produces.

If you have hard flooring, then you can bet you’re probably going to see some scratch marks.

Using your toys ends up coming with a cost.

The Cowgirl avoids this problem by using a silicone base.

The base protects your flooring from scratch marks.

It also reduces how much the toy moves while in use.

You’ll spend less time trying to hang onto the toy and more time actually enjoying it.

When the arousal fades and clarity returns, you won’t feel regret when you look at your floor.

They’ll be completely undamaged.

The Cowgirl’s silicone base adds peace of mind and ease of use.

Online Technology Brings the Sex Rodeo to Everyone

cowgirl sex machine app
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The Cowgirl clearly offers a wild ride.

However, thanks to its tech, the ride is far more interactive.

Everyone can get a taste of your sexual rodeo thanks to these two technological aspects.

The Cowgirl 2.0 App Brings Your Partner Into the Fun

One of the apps you can use with the machine is the Cowgirl 2.0 app.

It uses Bluetooth to sync your phone to the toy.

On the app, your partner can take direct control of it.

They’re able to increase or decrease the rotation and vibration of the toy whenever they want.

They’re also able to sync it to pre-programmed patterns found on the app.

If they find a particular pattern that drives you wild, then they can always save the pattern for later use.

Your partner can have a much more enjoyable time making you buck on the machine.

Yet, the app is also great for solo use.

You can use the app to create new patterns, too.

When using the app alone, you can have it set to one-hand use or two-hand use.

That allows you to have a mostly hands-free experience while the toy does all the work.

You’ll want to focus on holding on, trust me.

The Cowgirl 2.0 app offers more ways to play with your live-in partner.

Connecting to FeelConnect Opens Up the Show to Anyone

The tech doesn’t end there either.

The FeelConnect app allows couples who live in different homes to play, too.

It uses the partner’s WIFI to connect to the app, then sends a signal via Bluetooth to their partner’s phone and toy.

When the partner increases the rotation or vibration or both of the toy, their partner immediately feels it.

Long-distance couples can now have just as much fun as live-in couples.

Solo men and women can have fun with FeelConnect on their own, too.

They can offer up their toy’s code to strangers and have them take control of the toy.

Virtual sex just became more satisfying and exciting.

The Cowgirl is a Hit Among All Genders But its Noise Will Keep Up the Neighbors

Both men and women have great acclaim for the sex machine.

Women found that it can lead to some of the most powerful orgasms they’ve ever experienced.

Even men have found it incredible for P-spot stimulation which has provided some of their best orgasms, too.

Many also found the machine to be quite expensive.

However, they stated that the build quality matches the price.

They didn’t experience any problems with the hardware, and the toy has continued to work well through many sessions.

And we mean many sessions.

The biggest complaint is the noise.

Considering how fast the machine can rotate and vibrate, it makes sense that it’d generate a lot of noise.

The silicone pads on the base help keep the vibration from spreading through your floors.

However, it still generates a lot of noise.

As such, this toy isn’t ideal for those who are looking to have a quiet afternoon of delight.

Along with the noise of the toy, many also found it difficult to remain quiet, themselves, when using this toy.

Clearly, the Cowgirl is an effective toy that runs loudly and makes your neighbors complain about all the screaming.

Try Out These Other Wild Beasts for Budget Picks and Deeper Penetration

I like to think of the Cowgirl sex machine as something for beginners.

It focuses on minimal penetration which might be more comfortable for people new to sex or toys.

However, the high price might not make it approachable for everyone.

Others might also be seeking toys that provides deeper stimulation.

The following alternatives might be a better fit for people looking for budget-friendly options or a different type of stimulation.

Keon Sex Machine Offers More Interactive Features at a Cheaper Price

keon sex machine
Screenshot taken from

If you don’t mind penetration, then you might want to consider the Keon sex machine.

It comes at a far cheaper price than the Cowgirl, but it does lose out on a few features.

The biggest loss is the wired power supply.

The Keon relies on battery power which means you’re limited to how long you can use the toy.

You’re able to use the Cowgirl for as long as you can take it.

The Keon is also compatible with other KIIROO toys.

The Cowgirl is on its own.

With the Keon, you can sync your toy to other devices like the Keon & Feel Stroker.

When you turn up your machine, the toy synced to the machine also increases.

It basically lets you and your partner have long-distance sex with each other.

Obviously, the type of stimulation is also different.

It focuses on stroking, penetrative, pleasure rather than just rotational and vibrational pleasure.

That said, it does have an incredible speed of up to 230 strokes per minute.

Finally, the Keon sex machine is able to connect to the FeelMe AI app.

This app lets you sync your toy to over 4,000 videos online.

When the action kicks up on the video, your machine mimics it.

Watching porn is a lot more interactive with the Keon sex machine.

Here’s how the two compare.

Features Cowgirl Keon
Stimulation Type Vibration and Rotation Stroke and Vibration
Power Supply Wired Power Battery Power
Battery Life N/A 30 minutes – 2 Hours
Interactive Features Close and Long-Distance App Control Close and Long-Distance App Control with Porn Syncing
Price $1,799.99 $299.99

The Keon sex machine is a great choice for someone looking for more interactive features at a cheaper price.

You can find all its features here.

For more options, be sure to check out our Best Sex Machines guide.

Lovense Edge 2 is a Cowgirl for Anal Pleasure

lovense edge 2
Screenshot taken from

While the Cowgirl has attachments for P-spot and anal pleasure, it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg.

You can have incredible anal pleasure with interactive features at a fraction of the cost with the Edge 2 from Lovense.

Much like the Cowgirl, you’re able to control two different motors in the Edge 2 separately.

One of the motors is in the bulb that presses against the P-spot and the other is in the base.

You can have one motor on high intensity while the other is on low and vice versa.

You’re basically able to completely control your anal pleasure.

Another difference is its noise level.

The Edge 2 is a lot quieter than the Cowgirl.

If you want to rock yourself to orgasm without alerting the whole household, then the Edge 2 is a better option.

Finally, you don’t need to download two different apps to use long-distance features with the Edge 2.

Everything is on the Lovense app.

Whether it’s close-distance play, soloplay, or long-distance play, you only need the Lovense app.

With the Cowgirl, you need to download two different apps if you want to engage in close-distance and long-distance play.

Let’s see how the two toys compare.

Features Cowgirl Edge 2
Stimulation Type Rotation and Vibration Vibration
Power Supply Wired Power Battery Power
Battery Life N/A 1 Hour – 1.5 Hours
Interactive Features Close and Long-Distance App Control Close and Long-Distance App Control
Price $1,799.99 $199

While the Edge 2 is primarily for men, anyone with a love for anal will likely enjoy it.

Check out all its details here to see if this wild animal for your butt is what you need.

You can find more anal, and otherwise, options by checking out our Best Sex Machines guide here.

Lovense Sex Machine is the Next Step for Ultimate Penetrative Pleasure

lovense sex machine
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As I said before, the Cowgirl is great for beginners.

However, if you’re ready to level up your experience, then you may want to consider the Lovense sex machine.

It replaces rotational and vibrational pleasure with pure, thrusting, power.

If the idea of having someone pump between your legs without stopping turns you on, then you’re probably going to love this machine.

That’s because it can reach up to 300 strokes per minute.

That’s an insane amount of power all right between your legs.

It gets even better from there.

This machine is actually dual-thrusting.

Two people can use it at the same time.

If you have a threesome in mind or a special partner, then you can invite them in for some real fun.

Despite being able to run fast, the motor is actually quiet compared to other machines.

You might be able to get away with using this toy without alerting your neighbors.

That said, this toy is heavier and does require a bit more effort to set up than the Cowgirl.

With the Cowgirl, you just need to connect the attachment, and it’s ready to go.

With the Lovense sex machine, you’re going to need to put it together before using it.

The machine also comes with interactive features through the Lovense app.

It lets you, your live-in partner, and long-distance couples have a wild time.

There’s a lot to love about the Lovense sex machine, but let’s see how it compares to the Cowgirl.

Features Cowgirl Lovense Sex Machine
Stimulation Type Rotation and Vibration Thrusting
Power Supply Wired Power Wired Power
Interactive Features Close and Long-Distance App Control Close and Long-Distance App Control
Attachments Tons 2
Price $1,799.99 $1,399.99

When you’re ready to level up your pleasure, you should check out the Lovense sex machine.

Of course, this machine isn’t the only one to offer incredible power and orgasms.

Check out our Best Sex Machines guide here to find more choices.

Hold on Tight and Try Out the Cowgirl Now

cowgirl premium sex machine product box
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Thrusting sex machines aren’t for everyone.

Without certain features, they can also be pretty boring.

The Cowgirl proves that you can have a leg-shaking orgasm after a leg-shaking orgasm without deep penetration.

It uses the power of intense rotation and vibration to make you see stars.

It also makes soloplay far more enjoyable thanks to its interactive features.

Even your partner will have a fun time using the interactive features against you.

With so many different ways to use the Cowgirl, and many attachments to try, you’ll never want to get off your toy.

Try out the Cowgirl for yourself by checking it out here and see if you’re meant for the wild west.

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