Your Vacation Became a Whole Lot Sexier With the Premium, Travel-Friendly, Shockspot Sex Machine

Sex machines can provide some of the most intensely pleasurable experiences, but they tend to be large and heavy.

The adult machine from Shockspot lets you bring one of the best toys in the market with you on vacation due to its lightweight nature and compact size.

Let’s look at what makes the Shockspot sex machine your next travel buddy.

Men and Women Can Have Orgasms-on-the-Go

Here’s the problem with sex machines.

They’re large, heavy, and storing them in small closets or under the bed isn’t always possible.

Any dreams of bringing the toy with you on a plane aren’t viable.

The Shockspot makes it possible.

shockspot sex machine
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It’s a 23-pound, foldable, machine that comes with tons of attachments and adapters so both men and women can use it.

A lot of machines tend to be for women who enjoy vaginal and anal sex or men who enjoy anal sex.

The Shockspot allows you to attach a pocket pussy to one end, so even guys who love vaginal sex can have some extreme fun.

That makes the machine a great pick for men and women who are looking for something that is easy to store, move around, and even take with them on vacation.

Because it can fold, you can even fit it on an airplane with you.

If you’re interested in a high-powered machine that can rail you while on vacation, then you might want to consider the Shockspot.

Now, that said, the machine isn’t for everyone.

In particular, it comes at a high price.

Those who don’t have around two grand to spend on toys might need to look for a budget-friendly option.

One consideration is the Keon sex machine.

KIIROO’s Keon has some of the same traits as the Shockspot but at a much more affordable $299 compared to Shockspot’s $2,100.

Before you purchase either, however, it’s worth considering a few factors to ensure you’re making the right choice.

After all, a sex machine can be a worthy investment in your sex life.

Do You Have Enough Storage for a Large Sex Machine?

Having a machine set up in your bedroom when you have guests over might be a bit TMI.

Even the best of friends don’t need to know what you get up to in your bedroom.

If you have kids, then you might feel the need to hide your sex life even more.

Storage space is key to owning a machine.

A lot of machines are quite large.

While they typically allow you to disassemble them for storage, not everyone has the energy or motivation to do that.

That’s especially true if it’s a pain to put the machine together in the first place.

I don’t know about you, but for me, having to wrestle a machine just to put it together is a quick way to kill my mood.

If you have the storage space available to keep the machine while in its mostly-assembled form, then you’ll likely end up using it more often.

If you have to disassemble and assemble it every time you want to use it, then chances are, you’re not going to use it that often.

Besides storage space, it’s also important to know if you even have room to use the toy.

If you have a small bedroom, for example, then the machine might not even fit.

Or, at least, you might find yourself needing to sit in odd positions just to make room.

Be realistic about the space of your bedroom and your storage space to avoid buying a machine that you don’t even have room for.

Attachments Can Make Machines a Lot More Fun

In a lot of cases, the dildo or attachment that comes with a sex machine isn’t always ideal.

It may be too large or have too rough of an exterior.

It’s unpleasant to use.

That’s why it’s important to look at the different attachment options that the toy offers.

If it only has a few options, then you had better hope that you’re going to enjoy those options.

Otherwise, using the toy isn’t going to be that much fun.

A machine that offers a ton of attachments is going to be a better investment.

There’s a greater chance that you’re going to find a few attachments that you enjoy.

More attachments also mean that using the toy remains fun.

There’s always something new to try.

Take a look at how many attachments the toy offers before making your decision.

Know the Different Types of Machines and What You Want Out of It

There are tons of sex machines on the market.

You might be wondering which one is the right choice for you.

That all comes down to your preferences.

In particular, you need to know what really gets you off.

For example, if you love the pleasure you receive from thrusting stimulation, then a typical machine might serve you well.

However, if you need a bit of vibration, too, then you might need to look for a toy that also offers vibration stimulation.

Perhaps you don’t like thrusting or stroking stimulation at all.

You may just enjoy the vibration.

There are machines out there, too, that provide this type of stimulation.

There are also machines that offer single or even double penetration.

If you love DPing, then finding a machine that offers that sort of penetration is the best option.

Understanding what really gets you off can help you find a machine that will provide countless orgasms.

Online Interactivity and Long-Distance Needs

As the world of tech and sex toys become more intermingled, it’s more common for toys to have online interactivity.

This also goes for machines.

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, then buying a machine that comes with online interactivity could be a gamechanger.

At long last, you and your partner can engage in intimate, virtual, sexual encounters.

They can control what happens to your machine.

Or, as is the case with some toys, you can both stimulate each other at the same time.

Others may appreciate machines for the ability to send control of your machine to strangers.

Cam girls, OnlyFans models, or even just kinky individuals might enjoy having a stranger doing unspeakable things to them through the toy.

Having a machine that is capable of online interactivity can make using the toy a lot more fun.

Determine if Noise Level Is a Concern

If there’s one reputation that sex machines have it’s that they’re loud.

Most machines use a rotary motor which generates a lot of noise when in motion.

The faster the machine runs, the noisier it becomes.

That’s not a great feature for people who live in apartments or houses with family members in them.

No one wants to know you’re using a machine or getting off.

Using a machine tends to let the cat out of the bag.

That’s why it’s important to consider if the noise level is a major concern for you.

There are some machines that don’t generate a lot of noise and there are others that sound like a construction yard all on their own.

Know your noise limitations to make the right choice.

Meet the Shockspot – Your Next Lover Abroad

shockspot fuck machine
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The idea of a whirlwind romance found while traveling the world or on vacation is enticing.

The Shockspot gets you closer to that experience by becoming one of your must-haves for traveling.

It’s a compact machine that’s literally built for travel.

Despite its compact size, it doesn’t let down on thrusting power.

You also have tons of different attachment options, so no matter if you’re a man or woman, you’re always going to have something fun to try.

The Shockspot provides strong thrusting power for men and women all while remaining lightweight and easy to take with you.

When you purchase the machine, it also comes with a few other items.

They include:

  • Shockspot machine
  • Two adaptors
  • Remote power switch
  • Power cable
  • Power supply
  • Manual
  • CD Rom Software
  • One dildo attachment
  • Assembly tools

Keep in mind that if you don’t receive a CD to install the software on your PC, you can always download it off the Shockspot website.

Now, you might be wondering how this machine compares to the machine from Lovense.

Lovense is easily one of the biggest market leaders in the world of interactive sex machines.

Its machine looks similar to Shockspot, but they’re actually quite different.

They do share the same sort of interactive features online, however.

Other people can control your Lovense machine just like they can your Shockspot machine.

However, Lovense is able to do that at a much lower price than Shockspot.

It’s also capable of dual-thrusting, so it might be a better choice for people who want to use the machine at the same time.

That said, the Lovense is also a lot noisier and heavier than Shockspot.

It isn’t travel-friendly.

If you want to bring your toys with you on vacation, then Lovense isn’t the pick to make.

Additionally, you might want to opt for the Shockspot if you want variety.

Lovense doesn’t have a lot of attachments, so you’re basically stuck with what you receive.

There’s also a previous version of the Shockspot.

It has an eight-inch dildo attachment rather than a 12-inch dildo attachment.

It’s exactly the same as the machine otherwise, but if you prefer something a bit smaller, then the eight-inch Shockspot might be a better option.

The 12-inch Shockspot machine has a lot to offer, but it also has its share of problems.


  • Offers tons of different dildos and other attachments and adapters to ensure you never become bored.
  • V-Stroker technology lets you sync with a pocket pussy for synchronized virtual sex.
  • Folds into a compact machine for easy storage and travel.
  • Aluminum body makes the machine lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Provides heavy torque for hard, thrusting, power.


  • Sheer thrusting power may be too powerful for beginners.
  • Requires a bit of setup both for hardware and software.
  • Price can be prohibitive to beginners.

Travel-Friendly Features Allow You to Experience Orgasm After Orgasm No Matter Where You Are

The Shockspot sex machine is a travel-friendly toy that doesn’t let up on power or pleasure despite being lightweight and compact.

There’s a common myth that just because something is small, light, or compact, it isn’t going to be that powerful or effective.

This machine busts that myth.

It’s a premium machine that just so happens to be light and small enough that you can bring it with you on all your vacations.

Here are some of the features that make this machine an incredible lover outside and inside your home.

Adapters Allow You To Use Toys Outside the Shockspot Line

I love toys that don’t discriminate.

The Shockspot has a number of different adapters that unlock the ability to use other toys with it.

Some brands will make adapters specifically designed to only work with their own products.

From a business standpoint, that makes sense.

From a customer’s standpoint, it’s very annoying.

Shockspot gives people what they want.

They can use their favorite line of toys with the machine.

The secret is through their adapters.

They use Vac-u-Loc adapters and other types of adapters which many other toys are compatible with.

If you have a certain pocket pussy or dildo that you love that isn’t from Shockspot, then there’s a good chance that you can still attach it to your machine.

Using that toy just became even more fun.

Thanks to its universal adapters, you can keep using a bunch of different toys without ever becoming bored.

No Discrimination Between Men and Women Thanks To Its Attachments

Here’s the deal with sex machines.

They’re usually made for women.

The adapter usually only supports dildos.

Guys who don’t enjoy receiving anal end up left behind.

The Shockspot brings everyone into the fold.

Because you can use tons of different toys with the machine’s adapters, that means men can even use Fleshlights or other pocket pussies.

When you turn the machine on, the toy will move back and forth and do all the work for you.

You’re able to just lay back or sit back and let the toy do all the work.

It’s one of the best, and laziest, ways to receive orgasm after orgasm without doing a thing.

Women will enjoy the toy, too.

They’re able to choose their favorite toy, attach it to the machine, then do their best to survive the ride.

The machine delivers powerful orgasms for men and women.

Ability to Fold Makes it Great for Storage

Now, you might be wondering what really sets this machine apart from the others.

It can fold.

That makes storing the machine so much easier than a lot of other models.

You spend less time assembling and disassembling it and more time actually using it.

Folding the machine also means you don’t have to worry about storage space as much.

Because of its compact size, you can easily fit it inside most closets.

Depending on your bed’s height, the toy can even fit under most beds.

The machine is great for people who want to enjoy a premium sex machine but don’t have a lot of storage space.

The biggest problem you might run into is figuring out where you’re going to store all of its attachments, dildos, pocket pussies, and other toys.

Tons of Different Ways to Control the Machine Means Minute Control Over Your Orgasms

The Shockspot has both manual and online controls for your machine.

It has a powered controller that you can use to increase the speed of the machine or its vibration.

There’s also a remote control that your partner can use to control the toy.

It’s also possible to use the Shockspot software to contro it.

You’re able to control the stroke depth of the toy, its speed, and the intensity of the vibration.

Someone in a different room can control your toy while you’re using it.

Even someone several thousands of miles away could control it.

With so many different ways to control the machine, you can open up the door for some fun, new, experiences.

You might start dabbling into BDSM, for example.

At the very least, on your own, you have complete control over just how wild your ride becomes.

Safety Features Reduce the Risk of Heading to the ER

I think one of the major concerns people have with sex machines is their sheer power.

No one wants to go to the ER due to an injury caused during sex.

Because of their power, some people might have a few safety concerns over using machines.

Shockspot tries to alleviate those worries by providing some incredible safety features.

When you set the software up for the machine, one of the best features it provides is the ability to set the stroke depth.

There’s a meter you can set that basically keeps the toy from going beyond that stroke depth.

Even if you give the control to someone else, as long as that stroke depth safety feature remains where it is, the machine will not exceed that depth.

This ensures that the toy is never going too deep.

You have control over just how much penetration you receive.

You can also easily reduce power if it becomes too much.

Thanks to its safety features, the powerful toy can bring you peace of mind when using it.

V-Stroker Technology Allows You to Have Virtual Sex With Anyone

Whether you’re in a long-distance relationship or just want to have fun with strangers, the Shockspot machine makes it happen.

It uses V-Stroker technology to sync Fleshlights with the machine.

When someone using the machine, you’re feeling it with the Fleshlight.

When you’re stroking with the Fleshlight, the person using the sex machine is feeling it.

You’re literally able to have sex with someone despite being miles apart.

At long last, you can potentially have sex with your favorite cam girl or OnlyFans model.

Now, you don’t even need to leave the house to find a sexual partner.

Shockspot is changing how people can have sex thanks to its partnership with V-Stroker tech.

Quiet Noise Level Keeps You From Waking the Neighbors

The Shockspot doesn’t use a rotary motor like many other machines.

That enables it to operate quite softly.

It still generates some noise, but it’s far quieter compared to other machines.

Rotary machines tend to be loud because of the nature of how the motors operate.

It uses a lot of moving parts that tend to bang against each other, especially when the machine is at full power.

Because the Shockspot doesn’t use a rotary motor, it’s able to reduce how much noise it generates.

If you have thin walls or family members in the house, then its quiet nature may be exactly what you need.

High Thrusting Power Will Make it Difficult to Walk for Days

A problem some machines have is that they don’t have a lot of power.

They may run fast, but if they don’t have any power, then penetration is going to be difficult.

It will keep sliding out or won’t even penetrate at all.

Shockspot’s machine delivers high power.

When this machine thrusts, you’re going to feel it for a while.

It provides a satisfying encounter every time.

If you really want a machine that drives you up the wall, then you might want to consider trying this one out.

V-Stroker and Other Tech Keep Your Vacations Interesting

Sex machines, on their own, can be pretty fun.

Sex machines that include tech are in a class of their own.

The Shockspot utilizes different types of technology to make your next vacation unforgettable.

V-Stroker Technology Keeps Your Vacations Satisfying

A sexless vacation can quickly turn around when you use V-Stroker tech with your machine.

If you can’t find anyone interested or worth your time in person, then you just need to retreat to your hotel room for a bit of fun.

All you need is your machine and an online pool of men or women looking to have fun.

The tech basically syncs a Fleshlight with the machine.

Whenever someone increases the pace, both toys react.

You could end up having sex with tons of people on your vacation without ever leaving the hotel room.

V-Stroker technology is definitely something to keep an eye on in the future.

Touch and Feel Software Lets You Have Complete Control Over Your Machine

Shockspot gives you a few ways to control your machine.

One of its best is its Touch and Feel software.

Through the software, you can completely customize your settings.

You’re able to change stroke depth, vibrational intensity, machine speed, and a few other parameters.

More importantly, you’re able to create your own patterns, or programs, that the software sends to your machine.

You can create a slow pace, for example, to warm yourself up.

Then you can create a fast-paced, relentless, pattern to finish yourself off.

The software handles everything for you.

It’s almost like having sex with your PC for all those technophiles out there.

Pre-Configured Programs Take Control Out of Your Hands

Sometimes you don’t want to make the decisions.

You just want to lay back and have the machine do all the work.

Shockspot has the tech for this, too.

It uses pre-configured programs that you can select through the Tough and Feel software.

The programs lead you through a myriad of different patterns.

You can set it on a looping pattern, then just let the machine do everything for you.

Programs and software make using the toy so easy.

All you need to do is hold on for a great time.

Technophiles Rejoice Over a Sex Machine That Delivers Fantastic Performance While Being Travel-Friendly

Other men and women who have used the Shockspot recognize it as being a premium sex machine.

Its build quality is one of the aspects that they enjoy.

Not only is it strong, but since it’s made out of aluminum, it’s also light and easy to move around.

They also enjoyed how versatile it is.

The different attachments and adapters mean they never run out of ways to use the toy.

The power was also something they loved.

They actually felt like like they were having sex with the toy rather than just using the toy on themselves.

The one flaw that was common among them was the setup.

You need to set up both the machine, itself, and its software.

It takes a while to get everything going, and the process isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

For its price, however, they found the toy worth it in terms of quality, power, and effectiveness.

Being Travel-Friendly Doesn’t Have to Cost Tons of Money – Check Out These Alternatives

The Shockspot is an incredible, travel-friendly, machine.

With its high price, however, it isn’t attainable for everyone.

Not everyone is ready for the type of power it offers either.

Here are some alternatives for those looking for more budget-friendly options or beginner-friendly machines.

The Keon Sex Machine is Your Travel-Friendly Toy on a Budget

keon sex machine
Screenshot taken from

Now, just because something costs more doesn’t automatically mean it’s always better.

People have different preferences.

The Keon sex machine has a lot of the same benefits as the Shockspot but at a much cheaper price.

That said, it’s battery-powered rather than having a wired power supply.

It doesn’t have quite as much power as the Shockspot.

It also has fewer attachments than the Shockspot.

You only receive one dildo attachment, for example.

That said, the Keon has some incredible features, too.

It’s still capable of reaching up to 230 strokes per minute, for example.

It’s also lightweight and even smaller than the Shockspot.

You can clamp it down in place with some table clamps for a hands-free experience.

Perhaps one of its most exciting features is its online capabilities.

You can sync the Keon to other KIIROO-compatible devices for online play.

You’re also able to connect the toy to the FeelMe AI app.

The app enables you to sync your toy to online porn.

When something happens on the video, your toy synchronizes with it.

It can make masturbation a lot more exciting and immersive.

Here’s how the two compare to one another.

Features Shockspot Keon
Stimulation Type Vibration and Thrusting Vibration and Thrusting
Power Supply Wired Battery
Battery Life N/A 30 minutes – 2 hours
VR Sex-Enabled Yes Yes
Price $2,100 $299

You can find out more about the incredible online features of the budget-friendly Keon sex machine here.

For other immersive sex machines, be sure to check out our Best Sex Machines guide.

The Lovense Sex Machine Offers Double the Fun

lovense sex machine
Screenshot taken from

Here’s the deal with sex machines.

They typically only have one rod that thrusts in one direction.

The Lovense machine has a rod that thrusts in both directions.

It’s basically a dual-sided machine that two people can use at the same time.

This makes it quite different from Shockspot’s machine.

If you and your partner love using machines, then you might find the Lovense worth your while.

Another interesting feature is that you can sync your toy to the Lovense app.

You can give your code to other people who can then control the toy.

You’re also able to sync it to music.

When the rhythm starts to pick up, your machine’s speed does, too.

It’s an interesting way to listen to some of your favorite songs.

That said, the Lovense machine does have a few shortcomings compared to the Shockspot.

It’s very loud compared to Shockspot.

It also only has two dildos, so you’re basically stuck with what you get.

It’s also bigger and heavier, so it’s not made for traveling.

Clearly, the two have quite a few differences, so let’s see how they compare.

Features Shockspot Lovense
Stimulation Type Vibration and Thrusting Thrusting
Power Supply Wired Wired
Weight 23 Pounds 27 Pounds
VR Sex-Enabled Yes No
Price $2,100 $1,399

If you and your partner love using sex machines, then be sure to check out the Lovense toy here.

For other couple-focused machines, check out our Best Sex Machines guide.

The Cowgirl Riding Machine Provides Powerful Vibration Over Thrusting Power

cowgirl premium sex machine
Screenshot taken from

The Shockspot isn’t exactly for beginners thanks to its powerful thrusts.

If you want to experience a premium sex machine but you’re not ready for hard-thrusting power, then you might want to consider the Cowgirl instead.

It’s a high-powered vibration machine that comes with quite a few attachments.

You can have it focus on just vibration or add in a G-spot or P-spot toy for rotational pleasure, too.

The Cowgirl is also smaller than the Shockspot, so it can just as easily be your partner on vacation, too.

However, it’s also a lot louder.

Your neighbors will definitely hear you using this machine on its highest settings.

You also don’t need to download any software to use the online features of this toy.

Everything is on the Cowgirl 2.0 app.

Clearly, the Cowgirl might be an ideal vacation partner, but let’s see how it compares.

Features Shockspot Cowgirl
Stimulation Type Vibration and Thrusting Rotation and Thrusting
Power Supply Wired Wired
Weight 23 Pounds 28.5 Pounds
VR Sex-Enabled Yes No
Price $2,100 $1,750

If you’re new to the world of sex machines and not into thrusting or stroking, then you should check out the Cowgirl here for more information.

For other types of intense sex machines, check out our Best Sex Machines guide.

Book Your Vacation With Your New Favorite Sex Toy

Hiding your favorite sex machine isn’t always easy nor can you bring them with you on vacations or trips.

The Shockspot makes it possible to bring your favorite machine with you thanks to its lightweight nature and compact size.

The truth is the size and storage ability is so convenient even if you don’t travel at all. Don’t worry about storing this safely and easily in your home.

And you’ll never run out of options to use with the toy either due to its huge number of attachments and adapters.

With its V-Stroker tech, the toy is a great choice for both men and women looking for intense, body-shaking, orgasms.

Take a closer look at the Shockspot sex machine here and get ready for your next, unforgettable, vacation.

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