Hismith Sex Machine Review: Sexual Freedom and Creativity Are Yours

If you want to use a sex machine, then you typically need the right furniture to actually use it.

Hismith is making it easier than ever to use its machine due to its complete adjustability.

Let’s take a look at all that the Hismith 4.0 Premium Sex Machine has to offer to see if it’s the right toy for you.

Interested in Trying out a New Sex Position? This Sex Machine Can Actually Help

hismith premium sex machine 4.0
Screenshot taken from Hismith.com

Here’s the deal with sex machines.

Once you set them up, the process is so exhausting that you don’t want to mess with them again.

You end up needing to pull a table or chair over just to use it because the toy has a specific height and angle.

Some machines don’t even let you change that height or angle.

You’re stuck trying to contort yourself just to use it.

Hismith solves that problem by providing a machine that you can completely, and easily, adjust.

You can even switch out a rod and have the machine thrust upwards for even more position variations.

This toy doesn’t limit your sexual creativity.

As such, if you’re really into trying out new positions or have a particular position that you love, this machine is your best choice.

It can help you enjoy that position without causing a fuss.

Even those who have tried the Hismith premium machine before might appreciate this updated version.

It comes with interactive options that can make the toy even more exciting.

That said, the toy isn’t for everyone.

If you don’t want to open up your bedroom to virtual encounters, then the addition of the app might not be worth the extra cost.

The machine also delivers intense, thrusting, action, so it’s not ideal for beginners or those new to sex.

You don’t want to end up with a toy you don’t even use, so consider the following to ensure you’re making the right decision about buying a sex machine.

Adjustability Can Make Positions More Comfortable but Not Everyone Needs It

A standard machine doesn’t provide much customization.

You might be able to move it up and down the rods, but that’s about it.

That might make some sex positions possible, but not all of them, and certainly not everyone is going to be comfortable.

It’s important to consider the height of the furniture that you intend to use with the machine.

If it isn’t tall or short enough, then your machine needs to be adjustable.

Otherwise, you’re going to have a tough, and frustrating, time using it.

However, if the furniture happens to be the perfect height, then adjustability might not matter that much to you.

I tend to think that being able to adjust something, even if you don’t immediately need to adjust it, is better than not being able to adjust it.

It helps ensure that you’re prepared in the future in case the situation does arise.

Consider whether having a machine that is completely adjustable is important to you or not.

Know Your Storage Limitations

While the Hismith Premium machine isn’t the largest toy on the market, it is still quite sizable.

You’re going to need space to store it.

Take a moment and consider your storage limitations.

Do you have a large closet where it can fit?

Is your bed tall enough to fit it underneath it?

Perhaps you have an attic that is easily accessible.

Those who have a sex dungeon likely won’t have this problem.

You can just lock the door to keep certain people from accessing your toys.

For everyone else, storage size matters.

If you don’t have enough storage space, then you might need to reconsider buying a sex machine.

Or, at least, you might need to consider moving some things around or getting rid of some things to make space.

Having enough storage space is vital to owning an adult machine.

Understand Your Stimulation Preference To Avoid Disappointment

The Hismith provides incredible thrusting power.

If you’re not into thrusting or stroking stimulation, then this machine might not be for you.

It’s important to know what type of stimulation actually gets you off.

For example, if you need vibrational stimulation against your clit or the tip of your penis, then stroking stimulation may not be enough.

The last thing you want is to buy an expensive machine only to find it frustrating or even painful.

Sex machines are for those who love stroking stimulation.

Interactive Features Might Make Some Couples Uncomfortable

One of the upgrades of this particular Hismith machine is that it brings online, interactive, features.

You can use the app to connect to people thousands of miles away.

You’re even able to connect with strangers.

Obviously, not every couple is going to be comfortable with virtual sex.

That makes the Hismith great for long-distance partners since it enables them to have fun together.

However, for live-in couples with boundaries, being able to have virtual sex with strangers might open up a can of worms.

It’s worth talking with your partner to set boundaries or determine everyone’s comfort level with the interactive features.

Ability to Lift Heavy Objects

Sex machines are not light.

They pack a lot of parts and a heavy motor into them.

This particular machine also uses chromed steel.

Steel isn’t the lightest material on the market.

It’s going to take a bit of effort to lift this toy up and carry it around.

If you have a bad back, mobility problems, or just general weakness, then you might struggle to transport the toy.

You might need to rely on your partner to move it around.

Otherwise, if lifting heavy objects isn’t a problem for you, then moving the machine around shouldn’t be a big deal.

Want to Bend Over Backward for Unique Sexual Fun? This Machine Can Support Flexible Partners

hismith sex machine dimensions
hismith sex machine positions
Screenshots taken from Hismith.com

The Hismith Premium Sex Machine 4.0 is a toy that provides ultimate adjustability and online, interactive, features.

You have tons of different ways that you can use to change the machine’s height, angle, and even position.

For example, you can remove a rod and set the machine on the floor for upward thrusting power.

You can also angle each rod back and forth until it’s hitting the perfect spot.

With the Hismith app, you’re able to have long-distance fun with your lover and with strangers.

You can even switch out the dildo attachment with other attachments not made from Hismith.

Basically, you have a completely customizable sex machine at your fingertips.

When you purchase the toy, you receive the following items:

  • Hismith premium sex machine
  • Power supply
  • Wired controller
  • Remote controller
  • 1 dildo attachment
  • App connectivity

You might be wondering how the Hismith compares to another, popular, toy the Keon Sex Machine.

The Keon Sex Machine is quite similar to Hismith in that it also has online features.

You can connect your Keon to KIIROO’s app called FeelConnect and FeelMe AI.

FeelConnect allows you to share your toy with others online.

FeelMe AI allows you to sync your toy to porn on the internet.

As such, it supports both soloplay and long-distance play.

The Keon does have an advantage over the Hismith machine, however.

It’s lighter which means it’s easier to position.

It’s also smaller, so you can store it easier.

However, the Keon sex machine relies on a battery rather than a wired power source.

As such, you won’t be able to use it as long as the Hismith machine.

The Keon sex machine is a better choice for those looking for a non-fuss sex machine that still delivers great performances.

This is also the third iteration of the Hismith sex machine.

Its previous model lacked online features.

This particular machine, the 4.0, has a slightly slower stroke speed compared to the 3.0 machine.

The 3.0 version was capable of reaching 250 strokes per minute.

The 4.0 version is capable of reaching 240 strokes per minute.

However, the 4.0 version has an updated motor for better power.

Basically, it’s slower, but it packs a bigger punch.

Here are some great and not-so-great aspects of the Hismith 4.0 machine.


  • Complete adjustability for every position imaginable.
  • Chromed steel ensures long-lasting use.
  • Updated motor ensures strong, thrusting, action.
  • Connected remote makes using the machine easier during play.
  • App control brings more adventures into the bedroom.


  • Heavy weight can make it difficult to set up.
  • Thrusting power may be too much for beginners.
  • Custom adjustability can take a while to set up.

Build Your Own Orgasm-Pumping Machine with These Features

hismith sex machine easy set up display
Screenshot taken from Hismith.com

If there’s one thing that the Hismith 4.0 machine promises, its customization.

With the different features that it provides, you’re basically able to put together a machine that fits your needs perfectly.

Here are some of the incredible features you can look forward to trying.

240 Stroke Speed Keeps You Begging for More

If there’s one thing you can count on from a machine, then it’s speed.

The Hismith Premium 4.0 machine delivers on that speed.

It’s able to go from zero to 240 strokes per minute in record time.

That said, I do not recommend doing that to yourself.

You might end up in the ER.

That’s because the motor also delivers powerful, thrusting, action.

You’re going to feel this machine.

In fact, you might have some problems walking afterward.

With as much speed and strength as this toy has, you can be sure you’re going to be in for a wild ride.

Complete Adjustability Lets You Choose Your Sex Positions

Now, you might be wondering just how adjustable Hismith’s 4.0 version of its sex machine is.

Despite being a new model, the machine is more flexible than ever.

It comes with two rods that you attach the machine to and secure in place.

You can easily flip two secure points to move the machine up and down on the rods to control the height.

You’re then able to move the rods back and forth to adjust the angle of the machine.

It gets better from there.

If you’re on a sex swing or a tall bed, then you can even remove one of the rods and have the other rod act as a base.

The machine can then sit upright and thrust upwards.

As before, you can adjust the angle as needed to ensure it’s going where you need it.

This machine doesn’t limit your sexual creativity.

Do you want to try a new position?

Then this machine can support you.

Quiet Operation Keeps Your Play Discrete

A common problem with sex machines is that they’re so loud it can sound like you’re drilling in your bedroom.

The Hismith model, mercifully, is quieter than most machines.

While it’s still louder than most toys, in the world of machines, it’s quieter.

That makes it a great pick for couples who live in an apartment and need to be more discrete about their sex lives.

This toy lets you have a lot of fun without telling the whole world about it.

KlicLok Allows You To Use ALL the Attachments

Hismith uses a KlicLok system that makes it extremely easy to use different attachments with the machine.

The system also enables you to easily, and quickly, switch out one attachment for another without needing tools.

You’ll be able to make a quick switch and get back to playing in no time.

In particular, Hismith’s KlicLok adapters also allow you to use attachments outside of Hismith.

While the company provides plenty of fun dildo attachments and other attachments, it realizes that it doesn’t always have something for everyone.

You can find other attachments and attach them to the adapter for use with the machine.

Again, the ability to customize your sex machine is incredible.

Even guys can attach strokers to the machine for intense, stroking, action.

The KlicLok system opens up the door to tons of new ways to have fun.

Chromed Steel Ensures Your Machine Lasts for a Long Time

Considering how much power machines output, it’s important for them to have a durable body.

Otherwise, you can bet your expensive machine is going to break down quickly.

Hismith recognizes this which is why it made its supports out of chromed steel.

Steel is an incredibly tough material that’s difficult to break.

The addition of chrome helps protect it from moisture and other liquids.

No matter how often you have your machine running at full speed, you can be sure it will last a long time.

Wired Remote Makes Using the Machine Easy

When you’re strapped to a sex machine, fumbling with a difficult controller isn’t ideal.

It can be difficult to focus while trapped in an ongoing orgasm.

Hismith solves this problem by providing an easy-to-use remote controller.

It’s a simple speed dial that you can easily adjust without thinking too much about it.

It also allows your partner to have a more hands-on experience with you.

They can control the speed dial while you lay there and experience all the wickedly wonderful things they do to you.

The Hismith App Allows You to Never Masturbate Alone Again

Besides the incredible customization, it’s the app that really shines.

It offers tons of new ways to play.

For one, it lets long-distance couples play together.

A partner can have control over the other partner’s toy and increase or decrease its speed.

You never know what your partner has in store for you.

The app also comes with patterns that you can choose.

The toy will speed up or slow down based on the pattern.

You can even make your own and save them for use later.

Perhaps the most exciting feature is being able to join online groups through the app.

You can meet up with other people and have them control your toy, too.

You might just find a new, online, spark.

The app can make using your machine a whole lot more exciting.

Safety Features Provide Peace of Mind

Considering how powerful sex machines are, having safety features is never a bad thing.

Hismith provides plenty of safety checkpoints to ensure the toy is safe.

It has the following safety features:

  • Short circuit protection
  • Over current protection
  • Over voltage protection
  • Over temperature protection

It can be easy to become carried away while using a toy that feels amazing.

You may not even be aware that something is wrong until a fuse blows up or an electric fire starts.

Hismith provides more peace of mind when using its toy thanks to safety features.

Attachment Customization and App Control Make the Hismith Premium 4.0 Machine the Perfect Companion

Hismith app control banner
Screenshot taken from Hismith.com

Technology separates boring sex machines from machines that can change your sex life.

Hismith has two main technological feats making it an ideal companion for your bedroom.

Let’s dive into what makes this machine so special.

KlicLok Lets You Have Your Dream Partner in the Bedroom

Whether you’re single or not, there’s a very good chance that you have sexual fantasies.

In those fantasies, you likely have an imaginary, dream, partner.

Making that partner become a reality could be a dream come true–literally.

Hismith brings you one step closer to achieving that with its KlicLok system.

The KlicLok system enables you to use almost any dildo or stroker with your Hismith machine.

It uses an adapter that lets you slide the toy in place, then connect it to the machine.

At long last, you can have sex with a big, beefy, lover or even something a bit more fantasy-based.

The KlicLok hardware unlocks sexual creative freedom in the bedroom.

The Hismith App Opens Up New Opportunities for Incredible Sex

A lot of people prefer some sort of connection with someone else to have fun.

Their imagination isn’t quite enough to get the job done.

Using the Hismith app can offer that solution even if you’re all alone or single.

In the app, you can find communities and groups that you can join.

By giving someone your toy’s code, they can then control the toy.

A bit of heavy flirtation followed by a bit of fun with the toy can lead to some incredibly satisfying encounters.

Masturbation doesn’t have to be so lonely or so boring anymore.

Even without outside interaction, you can always use some of the patterns that the app provides.

These patterns can make your toy go through a series of quick pumps to slow teasing ones.

The app manages to pull this off by using Bluetooth and WIFI connectivity.

When someone controls your toy, a signal jumps from your phone to the machine.

It responds accordingly.

Playing alone has never been more enjoyable thanks to the Hismith app.

Cam Girls and Couples Love the Thrusting Power Behind This Machine

There’s no question that a lot of cam girls and couples love this sex machine.

In particular, they adore the real power behind its thrusts.

A problem some machines have is that the thrusting power becomes too weak.

It can be frustrating to use them.

They stated that this toy did not disappoint when it came to thrusting power.

They also appreciated the different positions they could use with the toy.

Although the machine is heavy, couples appreciated its weight because it helped keep the toy in place during use.

Finally, long-distance couples loved using the app.

They found it helped them become closer and supercharged their intimacy.

Clearly, the Hismith Premium 4.0 toy is a great pick for professional women, couples, and long-distance couples.

Thrusting Power Isn’t Everything – Consider These Sex Machine Alternatives

Now, while the Hismith sex machine has a lot to offer, it may still be lacking some features that you need.

For others, the price may be a bit too high.

Some may not want a sex machine that thrusts.

Luckily, I have quite a few alternatives that might catch your fancy instead.

The Keon Sex Machine Makes Soloplay Even More Fun

keon sex machine
Screenshot taken from Kiiroo.com

If you’re looking for something cheaper than the Hismith machine and with more features, then you might want to consider the Keon sex machine.

This machine uses the Keon which is a device that makes certain, inserted, toys interactive.

It comes with a few attachments, but its primary focus is its dildo attachment.

The Keon comes with two different apps that offer more features than the Hismith app.

The FeelConnect app enables you to connect the Keon to other devices.

When someone uses their toy, you’re able to feel it, too.

You can also use the app to give control of your toy to someone else.

Long-distance couples can find satisfaction with this toy.

The FeelMe AI app makes masturbation even more enjoyable.

You’re able to sync your toy to porn videos online.

When someone starts thrusting, your toy mimics their movements.

It makes those experiences far more immersive.

Of course, the Keon does have a drawback.

It uses battery power which means you can’t use it endlessly.

It also has a slightly slower stroke speed at 230 strokes per minute instead of 240 strokes per minute.

Let’s take a closer look at how the two compare.

Features Hismith Keon
Stimulation Type Thrusting Thrusting and Vibrating
Power Type Wired Power Battery Power
Battery Life N/A 30 minutes – 1 Hour
Stroke Speed 240/minute 230/minute
Price $599.99 $299.99

If you’re looking for a cheaper machine that offers more online content, then you should check out the Keon sex machine here.

For even more budget-friendly options, be sure to check out our Best Sex Machines guide.

Lovense Sex Machine is a Premium Toy at a Premium Price

lovense sex machine
Screenshot taken from Lovehoney.com

Indulging in sex toys can be a lot of fun.

The Lovense sex machine allows you to do just that with its expensive, high-powered, toy.

Both the Lovense toy and the Hismith toy do basically the same thing, so you might be wondering how they’re different.

The machine from Lovense offers dual-thrusting.

It allows you to stick a dildo on both ends and have two partners use it at the same time.

That’s a lot of fun for certain couples or certain situations.

It also has online interactivity.

You can have others across great distances use the toy on you.

You can also sync it to certain songs and have the rhythm of the song increase or decrease the speed of the toy.

While the machine doesn’t have quite as much adjustability as the Hismith machine, it does pack a lot of power.

It’s capable of reaching up to 300 strokes per minute as opposed to 240 strokes.

Now, the lack of customization is the toy’s downfall.

It only comes with two dildos and no variants.

You’re basically stuck with those two.

It can limit your sexual creativity.

With that in mind, let’s see how the two machines compare.

Features Hismith Lovense
Stimulation Type Thrusting Thrusting
Power Type Wired Power Wired Power
Stroke Speed 240/minute 300/minute
Attachments Tons 2
Price $599.99 $1,399

If you know that having dual-thrusting could bring a lot of fun in your bedroom, then you might want to consider upgrading to the Lovense sex machine.

You can find out more about its features here.

For more premium options, be sure to check out our Best Sex Machines guide.

The Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine Puts You in the Hot Seat

cowgirl premium sex machine
Screenshot taken from Lovehoney.com

Now, not everyone is exactly giddy over the idea of a machine pumping hard and fast between their legs.

Others prefer different types of stimulation.

One toy to keep an eye on is the Cowgirl Premium machine.

It replaces thrusting with vibration and rotation.

Depending on the attachment you’re using, the toy has a rotating motor in its head.

It also provides intense vibrational pleasure.

The Cowgirl doesn’t have quite as many attachments as the Hismith machine, but it does have something for everyone.

Switching them out is also just as easy.

The Cowgirl is also controllable through the Cowgirl 2.0 app which can open up the door to virtual sex.

Long-distance couples will have fun with it, too.

That said, you do need to use a different app, FeelConnect, to unlock long-distance play.

The real feature here, however, is the sheer strength of the vibrational power.

It’s capable of producing 1200 RPMs.

With the speed dial that lets you control both rotation and vibration separately, you can find the perfect setting that will have your eyes rolling back in no time.

The downside is that the Cowgirl is quite more expensive than the Hismith machine.

This is another premium option that’s more of an indulgent purchase.

The Cowgirl offers a new way to play, but let’s see how it compares to the Hismith machine.

Features Hismith Cowgirl
Stimulation Type Thrusting Rotation and Vibration
Power Type Wired Power Wired Power
Speed 240 Strokes/Minute 1200 RPMs
Attachments Tons Medium Selection
Price $599.99 $1,7500

The Cowgirl is a great choice for people who prefer vibration over thrusting.

You can check out all its features and determine if you’re up for the ride here.

For other types of machines, check out our Best Sex Machines guide to find more variations.

Unlock Your Sexual Creativity with This Customizable Sex Machine

Adult machines can often inhibit sexual freedom.

They’re fun to use, but that fun starts to wear off when you realize you can’t try out new positions.

The Hismith 4.0 model offers more customization options than ever.

Besides adjusting its height, angle, and even shape, you can switch out its attachment for something you’ve always wanted to try.

When that becomes boring, you can use the Hismith app to try out its online features.

Whether you want to play with your partner or join a group for kinky fun, you have tons of options.

With 230 strokes per minute, you’re going to be feeling your playtime for a long time afterward.

Check out the Hismith 4.0 sex machine here and open up your sexual creativity.

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