The Ultimate Guide to the Best Male Masturbators Across All Price Points: Affordable to Luxury

In the world of sex toys, getting off can sometimes come at a pretty expensive price.

But you don’t need to splurge if you don’t want to.

No matter what your budget may look like, I’ve put together a collection of budget-friendly to budget-indulgent male masturbators for you.

Don’t Let Your Orgasms Cost You Dollar Signs – Check Out These Toys for Every Budget

Take a quick look at the best of each budget category below.

To make deciding even easier, I’ve also spotlighted the toy’s best feature for you.

Start looking and see which one matches your needs and budget.

Best Cheap, Mid-Budget and Expensive Male Masturbators
TENGA Original Onacup Best for Adjustable Suction $14.99
Arcwave Ghost Silicone Stroker Best Travel-Size Masturbator $19.90
Tracey Cox Stamina Stroker Best Stamina Trainer $26.99
Classic Pink Lady from Fleshlight Best for Sensitive Guys $69.96
Vibro Lady from Fleshlight Best Textured Masturbator $89.95
Pulse Solo Best Hands-Free Masturbator $179.99
Onyx+ Best for Realistic Sex $219.99
Keon & Feel Stroker Best for Interactive Sex $279.00

All prices are shown at the time of publishing. Many toys go on sale so check the links to visit the official websites.

Budget Orgasms and Luxury Orgasms – We Have Them All!

Buyer’s remorse can really kill the mood.

You can avoid that feeling by choosing a toy that fits your budget.

The male masturbators below range from dirt cheap to prices that those looking to indulge themselves might afford.

Best Cheap Male Masturbators

Topping off the round-up is the best cheap masturbators.

These toys excel at helping you achieve orgasm without costing you an arm and a leg.

As with most cheap toys, you should expect some sacrifices.

If it still meets your needs, however, you’ll likely find great satisfaction with the following toys.

TENGA Original Vacuum Deep Throat Onacup – Best for Adjustable Suction

tenga onacup
Screenshot taken from

The TENGA Deep-Throat Onacup is often described as a one-off masturbator.

You can certainly reuse it if you don’t mind cleaning it thoroughly.

At a very cheap $14.99, you’re receiving a pretty effective toy at a fraction of the cost of other toys.

The TENGA has a lot to offer, too.

One of its best features is the valves that run through the toy.

They move while you stroke almost simulating the feeling of someone’s mouth.

It’s almost as if the toy is swallowing you.

The valves are primarily responsible for offering that feeling of someone deep-throating you.

You also don’t need to use your own lube for the toy.

It comes pre-lubricated and ready to go.

Granted, that also makes it a bit messy.

You’re also going to need to supply your own lube if you want to reuse the toy.

Inside the toy, you’ll find a series of large and small nubs.

These provide some pleasant friction that makes masturbating with this toy even more enjoyable.

Finally, it has an adjustable suction cup at the back that you can use to really simulate deep-throating.

TENGA offers a lot for such a cheap price, but it does have some drawbacks.


  • Valves can offer a deep-throat experience for oral-sex lovers.
  • Pre-lubricated means you don’t have to buy extra lube.
  • Large and small nubs provide pleasurable stimulation.


  • Pre-lubrication does make using the toy rather messy.
  • Meant for single use.
  • Nubs might not provide enough stimulation.

If you want a masturbator that still offers a unique experience at a cheap price, then check out the TENGA Original Deep-Throat Onacup.

Arcwave Ghost Silicone Reusable Reversible Textured Male Stroker – Best for Traveling

Arcwave Ghost Silicone Reusable Reversible Textured Male Stroker
Screenshot taken from

A slightly more expensive toy than the TENGA is the Arcwave Reversible Male Stroker.

Coming in at $19.90, it’s still a pretty cheap toy that features two-in-one use.

It’s a stretchy, silicone, toy that fits most men.

The stretchy material enables it to spread and grip your penis which provides a good amount of suction.

The real hallmark is the fact that it has two different textures on each side.

The interior has one texture and the exterior has another texture.

You can easily flip the toy inside out when you want to experience something different.

That makes using this toy a bit more fun since it’s almost like buying two different toys.

That also means this toy is great for traveling.

Its small size means you can literally carry it anywhere.

Put it in your pocket, your wallet, under your foot in your shoe, wherever!

When it’s time to use it, you can easily pull it out, switch it to the side you want to use, and then go to town.

Another reason it’s great for traveling is that it’s extremely easy to clean.

It uses CleanTech silicone which means it isn’t quite as absorbent as other toys.

You can wash it off with some soap and sanitizer and call the job done.

This is great for traveling because you don’t want to have to carry tools or special cleaners with you.

It’s just more to pack.

You need the bare minimum to keep this toy clean.

The Arcwave Reversible Male Stroker offers a lot despite its simple design, but it isn’t for everyone.


  • Two-in-one texture allows you to buy two toys at the price of one.
  • Stretchy material means it can fit most men.
  • Extremely lightweight and small makes it an ideal travel partner.


  • Thin material might lead to tearing.
  • Textures may not provide enough stimulation.
  • It may not stretch enough to accommodate larger men.

If you want a cheap toy that’s ideal for travel, then be sure to check out the Arcwave Reversible Male Stroker.

Tracey Cox EDGE Cup Stamina Stroker – Best Stamina Trainer

tracy cox stamina stroker
Screenshot taken from

If you need to train your stamina on a budget, then you might have an interest in the Tracey Cox EDGE Cup Stamina Stroker.

It’s a simple, but elegant, stroker designed to help you last longer in bed.

You’re able to receive two main outcomes from this toy.

The first is a pleasurable masturbation session.

It has a tight opening that stimulates right from the start.

Just past the tight opening is a ribbed canal that provides further, deeper, stimulation.

As a masturbator, it works well, particularly on that initial entry.

It’s also useful for guys who are looking to train their stamina.

While the ribs feel incredible, it is possible to hone your control and start building that stamina.

The toy further helps this training program by having an adjustable suction cup at the bottom.

You can ease the suction at the start to prepare yourself.

Then, when you’re ready to really increase your stamina, you can start increasing the suction.

That’s quite a lot of features and opportunities for a toy that only costs $26.99.

Whether you use it for pleasure or training, the EDGE Cup Stamina Stroker offers a lot.

Of course, it does have a few problems despite its great price and features.


  • Tight opening provides a good deal of initial stimulation.
  • Ribbed canal offers deeper pleasure.
  • Adjustable suction helps you train your stamina.


  • Requires a good deal of lube to make it comfortable.
  • Not the easiest toy to use, it does require some effort.
  • Tight opening can make cleaning the toy a bit difficult.

Whether you’re looking for pleasure or need a cheap toy to help train your stamina, you might want to consider the Tracey Cox EDGE Cup Stamina Stroker.

Best Mid-Budget Male Masturbators:

A lot of guys are typically comfortable buying toys in the mid-budget range.

These toys tend to offer more features and have slightly better build quality than cheap toys.

If you’re looking for something that will last a bit longer and has more effective stimulation, then you might want to consider the toys listed below.

Classic Pink Lady Original – Best for Sensitive Guys

classic pink lady fleshlight
Screenshot taken from

You might say that Fleshlight put its company on the board with its Classic Pink Lady.

It was one of the first toys that showcased just what the company could do.

It’s also why the toy remains as popular as it is today as it was when it first hit store shelves.

The Pinky Lady offers the very best of a typical Fleshlight.

It’s a pussy sleeve that seeks to mimic the real-life thing as closely as possible.

Part of its success comes from its SuperSkin material.

It’s a mineral-based material that actually warms from your touch.

The more that you use the toy, the warmer it feels.

You can also pre-warm it and add some lube to make it feel extremely close to the real thing.

You won’t find any textures inside the Pink Lady though.

It specializes in silky smooth tunnels.

This makes the toy an ideal choice for guys who want a realistic experience or for those who are sensitive.

Without the added textures, there isn’t any extra stimulation that might make you get off early.

That also means there isn’t anything to provide harmful friction.

A common problem sensitive guys have is that the texture might provide overstimulation.

It might actually be uncomfortable to use a toy with textures.

The smooth tunnel of the Pink Lady provides just enough stimulation to help you reach orgasmic bliss without making you uncomfortable.

Coming in at $69.96, the Pink Lady is an elegant choice for the guy who wants a realistic experience at an affordable price.

Of course, the Pink Lady doesn’t solve every problem.


  • SuperSkin interior creates a soft, realistic, experience.
  • Size fits most men without cramping.
  • Smooth interior makes it perfect for sensitive men or guys looking to train stamina.


  • Sleeve can sometimes slip out of the case.
  • Smooth interior may not provide enough stimulation to some guys.
  • Not the easiest toy to clean.

The Classic Pink Lady has satisfied men for years, so be sure to check it out and see if it’s right for you.

Vibro Lady – Best Textured Masturbator

fleshlight vibro lady
Screenshot taken from

On the slightly higher end of the mid-budget range is the Vibro Lady.

At $89.95, you’re looking at a slightly heightened experience compared to the Pink Lady.

In particular, this toy is perfect for the guy who loves textured interiors.

The Vibro keeps many similarities to the Pink Lady but then builds on top of an already successful toy.

It uses SuperSkin to provide that sense of realism.

Instead of a smooth interior, however, the Vibro has a textured one.

It features several nubs that line the interior that provides incredible stimulation with each stroke.

If that wasn’t enough, then it also vibrates.

It has three bullet vibrators that line the toy and make the textured interior feel even more amazing.

If you wished that the Pink Lady had texture and vibration, then the Vibro is exactly what you need.

While the Vibro satisfies a lot of needs, it does have its share of problems.


  • SuperSkin material provides an element of realism.
  • Textured canal adds extra stimulation to the toy.
  • Three vibrating bullets can put you into overdrive.


  • Strength of vibrating bullets may not be enough for you.
  • Doesn’t come with remote controlling which means you don’t have minute control over each vibrating bullet.
  • Batteries might become disconnected with aggressive use.

If you already love the Pink Lady and wish it did just a bit more, then you should check out the Vibro.

Best Expensive Male Masturbators:

Now, we come to the cream of the crop.

Those who have the money to spend will find some of the industry’s best toys here.

These toys offer tons of features, excellent build quality, and a lot of bang for your buck.

Pulse Solo Interactive – Best Hands-Free Masturbator

Pulse Solo Interactive
Screenshot taken from

You might be wondering how an expensive masturbator differs from a cheap one.

It all comes down to its features and capabilities.

The Pulse Solo Interactive is KIIROO’s updated version of a toy that has already won awards for being the best Guybrator. It’s in this category but it’s not crazy expensive.

It takes the hands-free masturbator and makes it interactive.

The Pulse Solo is already an incredible toy.

It has a fold that fits all sizes.

The vibration comes in from the bottom which is where a lot of guys have intense sensitivity.

Because the fold grips onto your penis, you don’t have to move it an inch.

You can just clasp it in place, then lay back and let it tease you right to orgasm.

If you want to get the most out of your Pulse Solo, however, then you need to try out its interactive features.

KIIROO has developed two apps that allow you to use the toy with your partner or even with online content.

The FeelConnect app lets you give someone else control of your toy.

They can set the intensity and play around with different vibrational patterns.

Basically, it lets you have sex with people across long distances.

The FeelMe AI app lets you sync your toy with online content.

The company has over 4,000 videos where the action on the screen causes your toy to behave in certain ways.

It basically replicates what’s happening in the video.

You can also use it to connect to VR partners, cam girls, and OnlyFans models.

The Pulse Solo Interactive lets you have a hands-free experience where porn stars or your long-distance lover can pleasure you for hours on end.

At $179.99, it is on the pricier end.

While the toy has some incredible features, its online features can make some things difficult.


  • Interactive features offer new ways to play.
  • Hands-free lets you sit back and enjoy the pleasure.
  • Vibration is exactly where you need it.
  • Fold makes it easy to fit any size.


  • Takes up to three hours to charge.
  • Charge may only last up to an hour on its highest setting.

The Pulse Solo Interactive can open the door to a whole new world of pleasurable opportunities, so be sure to check it out.

Onyx+ – Best for Realistic Sex

kiiroo onyx plus
Screenshot taken from

For a lot of guys, like myself, realism plays an integral part in masturbation.

If it feels like I’m having sex with a fish, then I’m not interested.

The Onyx+ delivers that realistic experience that I, and perhaps you, crave.

Its main feature is its ability to perform contractions.

It has quiet motors that move up and down, delivering this sensation.

The result is a deep-throating experience or, at least, the sensation you feel when a woman orgasms.

It’s incredible.

The Onyx+ is also capable of delivering up to 140 strokes per minute which is pretty insane.

It’s the most intense blowjob toy you’ll ever use.

That’s not bad for $219.99, but it gets even better from there.

It’s also interactive.

It’s able to connect to the FeelConnect and FeelMe AI apps as well.

That means you can have your partner sync to your device for long-distance fun.

You can also sync it to online videos and enjoy incredible pleasure at the hands of a VR star or your favorite porn actress.

The Onyx+ completely changes masturbation.

While it’s a powerful masturbator, it does have its problems, too.


  • Quiet motor lets you have fun without alarming the whole neighborhood.
  • Interactive features let you have realistic sex with almost anyone online.
  • Contraction technology offers realistic, intense, sensations.
  • 140 strokes/minute will send you flying in no time.


  • Sleeve can sometimes slip out of the case.
  • Connecting to apps can be difficult for the un-tech-savvy.

If you want realistic sex that blows actual sex out of the water, then you might want to check out the Onyx+.

Keon & Feel Stroker – Best for Long-Distance and VR Fun

kiiroo keon and stroker
Screenshot taken from

Coming in at the most expensive masturbator is the Keon & Feel Stroker.

At $279, you might think that this toy is beyond your needs.

However, what it offers can completely change how you masturbate moving forward.

The Keon is basically a unit that you use to insert strokers.

The Feel Stroker is then inserts the Keon, and the Keon makes it interactive.

The real secret is in the toy’s power.

It can reach up to 230 strokes per minute.

You’re going to have a very difficult time holding on with that sort of power.

When you connect the toy to the FeelMe AI or FeelConnect app, you’re also allowing other people, or online content, to have control of the toy.

They might just put you through your paces and leave you begging for more.

The Keon & Feel Stroker allows you to become even closer to your favorite porn actresses and models.

For long-distance couples, it unlocks the ability to actually be intimate with one another.

Even couples who live together can have a lot of fun with the toy.

Once you try out the toy, you might have a problem returning to the old way of masturbating.

The Keon & Feel Stroker is a powerful toy, but it isn’t perfect.


  • Interactive features ensure you never masturbate alone again.
  • FeelConnect allows long-distance couples to enjoy intimate experiences.
  • 230 strokes/minute will result in explosive finishes.


  • Connecting to the apps might pose a problem for some.
  • Takes up to four hours to charge.
  • Doesn’t last long on its highest setting.

You can grow closer to your partner, online crush, or VR star by trying out the Keon & Feel Stroker.

Investing in More Expensive Toys Unlocks Incredible Technological Feats That Make Orgasming More Intense

Technology is one of the factors that lead to higher prices.

However, technology is also responsible for a new generation of sex toys.

From hardware to software, these are the technological feats making your orgasms more powerful.

SuperSkin Mimics the Real-Life Warmth and Softness of Skin

Both the Pink Lady and the Vibro feature SuperSkin.

SuperSkin is a patented material created by Fleshlight for its toys.

It’s extremely soft and pliant which makes it mimic actual skin.

The fact that it also becomes warm from your touch also makes it more realistic.

This type of tech further blurs the line between toys and actual sex.

Bluetooth Syncing Lets Your Partner Take Control of Your Toy

Sophisticated toys like the Pulse Solo Interactive, Onyx+, and Keon & Feel Stroker benefit from Bluetooth syncing.

The device emits a signal that your phone recognizes through the FeelConnect app.

It enables your partner to use their phone to take control of your toy.

With just a few button presses and swipes, they can have you edging closer to orgasm.

Each direction they give uses Bluetooth to send signals to your toy, too.

In a matter of seconds, your partner can switch from teasing, slow, strokes to mind-numbing, orgasmic, bliss.

Bluetooth is making sex and masturbation a lot more interesting.

App Creation and Control Unlocks New Opportunities for Sex

KIIROO isn’t the only company that has started creating apps for interactivity.

As more sex toy companies turn to technology to make their toys more exciting, you can expect more apps.

Interactive apps allow you to have people in different cities, states, or even countries take charge of your toy.

It can make masturbating a whole lot more exciting when you have no idea what’s in store.

KIIROO, in particular, has also implemented AI.

The program syncs your toy with the action occurring in a porn video.

You’re able to become part of the action.

Apps could most certainly become a mainstream feature in the sex toy industry. Learn more about interactive toys here.

Don’t Bust Your Budget – Consider These Tips for Buying Toys That Will Help You Bust in Your Budget Range

Seeing a high price tag can be an easy way to quickly lose your erection.

Yet, some toys are worth the high price.

Knowing when to splurge and when to stay frugal can help you find the perfect toy for your needs.

Figure out Your Expectations for the Toy

Before you even start shopping, you should consider what your expectations are for what you want to get out of the toy.

Are you looking for something that just provides a lot of pleasure?

Then you may not be that picky when it comes to toys.

You’ll want to focus on basic features that promise the most pleasure.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to find that sort of toy.

However, if it’s important for you to have interactivity while you masturbate, then you may need to increase your budget.

Others who want to use their toys for stamina training or for purposes outside of pleasure should also consider additional features.

By knowing your expectations and how you want the toy to meet them, you can find toys within your budget.

Determine Your Discipline Level When It Comes to Cleaning

If you want your toy to last a long time, then you need to clean it.

Some toys require more maintenance than others.

If you know you’re not the type to clean your toys well, then you probably shouldn’t be buying expensive toys.

You’re going to ruin them and end up losing out on a lot of money.

Cheaper toys are likely the better option for you.

However, if you have a lot of discipline and don’t mind cleaning toys thoroughly, then you can probably handle more expensive toys that require a good amount of maintenance.

Knowing What Gets You Off Can Help Your Budget

One of the worst things that can happen is buying a toy that doesn’t actually get you off.

The last thing you want to do is spend a lot of money on a toy that fails to do so.

You might be wondering how you can avoid that situation.

First, you need to know what stimulation type actually helps you achieve orgasm.

Are you a guy who loves friction and stroking?

Then a pocket pussy is your best bet.

Are you a guy who loves suction?

Then a Fleshlight or a penis pump may be your preferred toy.

If you love vibration, then you need a masturbator that vibrates.

Once you know the type of stimulation that really works for you, you can start to dive into the toys.

You might find that the most effective toy isn’t the most expensive.

The opposite might also be true.

Knowing your preferred stimulation can help you avoid buying toys that don’t actually do anything for you and wasting your money in the process.

If you still need help, check out all our male sex toy guides here.

Splurge on This Toy to Transform How You Masturbate

You don’t need a super expensive toy to have some of the best orgasms of your life.

But they can help.

That’s why the clear winner of the best male masturbator is the Pulse Solo Interactive.

Pulse Solo Interactive product box
Screenshot taken from

At $179.99, it’s on the higher end of most budgets, but it’s still cheaper than some other selections on this list.

The Pulse Solo Interactive is an incredible, vibrational, masturbator that allows you to play alone or with other people.

It can be fun for couples to use or for guys to engage in some passionate online activity.

It’s also small enough to make it easy to travel around with.

If the toy isn’t in your budget yet, then you should consider saving up for it.

In most cases, it’s going to be one of the best gifts you can give yourself.

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