Naughty Yet Discreet: 6 Vibrators for Public Play That’ll Keep You on Your Toes

Fact: Public masturbation is frowned upon and against the law in many states. But the rush can tempt you to break the rules.

Solution: Supplement your masturbation with wearable hidden vibrators for public use.

When I discovered discreet play wearable vibrators I could hide under my clothes, my voyeuristic prayers came true.

If getting a big “O” with an audience is on your list of things to do, I’ve got some of the best vibrators to use in public that will curl your toes and keep your criminal record clean.

So, let’s get down and dirty with this sexy, smart public vibrator buying guide and product reviews.

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Lovense Lush 2

If I needed to only recommend one vibrator in this category, it would be the Lovense Lush 2. We recommend you shop at Lovehoney to find the best deals and discreet shipping.

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The Quickie List

If you prefer to skip the foreplay and get right to the action, here are my favs for the best public-use vibrators.

My Sexy Selections for the Best Vibrators to Use in Public

Did you know there are certain features you want when picking a vibrator for this category?

I look for certain factors, such as quiet operation, discreet size, and easy on/off when I shop for public play toys. Whether you want something to use solo, or to amp up the excitement with a partner, you’re sure to fall in love with the vibrators I’ve reviewed here.

If you need all the details and major foreplay before you can reach your climax, here are all the sexy arousing details of my favorite wearable vibrators to use in public.

Lovense Lush 2 – Best for Dual Stimulation

Lovense Lush 2
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The Lovense Lush 2 is a sleek, subtle beauty in hot pink body-safe waterproof silicone. I adore the U-shaped 8” design offering two bulbous eggs.

The 3.5” insertable side perfectly presses against that oh-so-sensitive G-spot. And the other end has a Bluetooth antenna allowing for remote or app control while stimulating the elusive clitoris.

And the gentle curve rests securely against my body, easily hiding beneath my clothes. So I get up to two hours of pleasure on one charge.

Most of all, the Lush 2 is perfect for solo or shared play. My partner can control my pleasure within 30 feet for unlimited speed and vibration patterns or sync it to time with the music.

And a unique feature is the closer the remote range, the stronger the intensity of the vibrations. Plus, downloading the Lovense app hides the obviousness of the remote while producing the same stomach-clenching effects.


  • Discreet fit.
  • Solo or partner play.
  • Whisper quiet operation.
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Dual stimulation.


  • Pricey.
  • Short range.
  • Minimal insert length.

We-Vibe Moxie – Best for Long-Distance Play

we vibe moxie
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The Moxie is a discreet powerful wearable clit vibrator to use in public. The small 3” size tucks perfectly into your panties without an imprint. A strong magnet keeps the toy in place, giving constant and perfect clit pressure as you twist and twirl.

I had a ton of fun playing with the ten discreet low-rumbling vibrations solo. But the magic hit even harder when I passed the remote to my partner.

The range of 3 meters allowed for great-distance play. And even better, with the Moxie app, we played together while we were apart. Plus, Moxie gives me two hours of charge play. And an advanced sleep feature means my toy is ready to go with the press of Start without draining my battery.


  • Slim size and circumference.
  • Ten vibration settings.
  • Work via remote or app.
  • Great for long distance.


  • Slightly loud operation.
  • No internal stimulation.
  • Remote and app can be challenging.

We-Vibe Chorus – Best for Use During Sex

we vibe chorus
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My motto is sex toys can be part of any sexual encounter, whether solo or partner play. The makers of the Chorus – my favorite couples massager – agree.

The We-Vibe Chorus is a top-of-the-line vibrator with dual adjustable heads in a U-shaped silicone body. The 2.5” long silicone head provides G-spot stim, with the other half resting deliciously against the clit.

But my favorite thing is keeping this toy on for foreplay and sex. The slim shape fits snugly and stimulates my partner’s cock.

You can toggle the pleasure through ten programmed modes of patterns and speeds with the remote, vibrator buttons or through the app from anywhere in the world. This yummy vibrator offers 90 minutes of pleasure time and discreetly charges in the unassuming storage case.


  • Wear for foreplay or intercourse.
  • Ten presets.
  • Controlled by remote or app.
  • Discreet storage case.
  • Touch-sense technology adjusts speed based on movements.


  • Short battery life.
  • Awkwardly placed buttons.
  • Short head may not stimulate all G-spots.

OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.Oh! – Best Clit Vibrator With Lingerie

OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.Oh!
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The Vibe 2.Oh will rock your world via a rigid wireless plastic vibrator that stores in a perfectly positioned pouch in the included sexy stylish black thong panties.

The flat, broad shape nestles against your clit with ideal pressure; but without the same flexible deliciousness that comes with silicone toys.

Control of the speed and activity of this pocket vibrator is done remotely by you or your partner within a 20-foot range. Or you can activate the vibration to noise to interact with music or your partner’s voice in the microphone built into the remote.

The small 4” length and 2” width are discreet and low-key while stimulating your clit. And you can choose between five vibration speeds for two hours of quiet playtime.


  • Noise activation vibration.
  • Vibrator stores in sexy panties.
  • Long operation time.
  • Built-in microphone.


  • Hard plastic.
  • No G-spot stimulation.
  • Slightly loud vibrations.

Lovense Hush 2 – Best for Anal Stimulation

lovense hush 2
Screenshot taken from

The Hush 2 is an amazing vibrator to add to your collection for a full-service sex experience with anal play. This slim, subtle silicone butt plug provides fun, discreet public eroticism.

And the flexible material with a gentle taper and a skinny neck provides significant comfort for beginners, even when wearing it for long-term play.

Bluetooth connectivity allows for connection and control of the 4” vibrator via the Lovense app from anywhere.


  • The T-shaped handle prevents over-insertion.
  • Slim size perfect for anal introduction.
  • The app allows custom settings.
  • Single or partner play.
  • Can sync to sounds or music.


  • No remote.
  • Vibrations can be loud in quiet areas.
  • It can be difficult to insert.

We-Vibe Bloom Vibrating Kegel Balls – Best for Kegel Practices

We-Vibe Bloom Vibrating Kegel Balls
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Kegel exercises are an excellent way to keep your vaginal muscles tightened, improving bladder control and increasing the intensity of your orgasms. In addition, Kegel balls strengthen your process and pleasure, making for great public play.

The Bloom vibrating kegel balls are of soft, squishy silicone, and it comes with three interchangeable pieces to accommodate additional weights – 10, 30, and 45 grams.

The 3.5” total insertable length of the kegel balls gives deep internal stimulation with a discreet antenna that sticks out for a total of a 7” size that allows for the easy retrieval of the balls.

This device also has ten speeds and patterns of rumbling vibrations, or you can make custom vibrations using the We-Vibe app. And like most app-controlled devices, your partner doesn’t have to be nearby to pleasure you.


  • Three interchangeable weights.
  • Built-in antenna allows for easy removal.
  • Multiple speeds.
  • Long-distance partner play.


  • No remote.
  • Antennae may be uncomfortable to hide.
  • It can be awkward to insert and remove.

Vibrators to Use in Public – Improving Orgasms One Technology Break at a Time

Vibrators have come a long way, with many top companies incorporating the latest technologies to make your erotic time extra powerful.

Remote controls and wireless operation were two of the first technological upgrades toy manufacturers used for vibrators. Unfortunately, newbies today have no idea how lucky they are not to have experienced the horrors of the pre-historic adult toys of the 80s and 90s.

Some experiences were enough to cast the idea of self-pleasure by sex toy into the “never again” box. If you have the trauma of an old session gone wrong, let me guide you back to the light.

Today’s toys can guarantee a good time with technological achievements like hands-free operation via a remote or an app.

And the ability to connect to Wi-Fi, BlueTooth, and other sex toys makes it easier to keep intimacy alive in a long-distance relationship by finding adult toys that work for you and your partner.

Finding the Facts for a Better F’ing “O” in Public

Getting your jollies off in public might be on your sex bucket list. Or you might be like me and do it often – solo and shared with a partner.

But there are certain features you’ll want in a vibrator you use in public if you want to avoid getting discovered while you get off.

Don’t Get Busted While Busting an Orgasm

Public pleasure requires discreetness if you don’t want to get caught playing with yourself (pun intended). So a wearable public vibrator should be discreet and rest flush against your body. And it should not be visible through your clothing as it moves.

Another crucial component of discreetness is sound. Being a seasoned lady in the early days of “self-love,” I remember the embarrassment of getting called out for playtime due to the obnoxious vibrations that jarred my teeth as much as my bed.

Today’s public use vibrators should be whisper quiet during operation. Whether your toy is for clit stim, hitting the G, or arousing the anus, your vib should not be louder than the buzz of your cell phone… So no wand vibrators are found here.

Be As Picky About Your Vibrator Materials as Your Sex Partners

So, the material of your vibrator may not have much to do with getting an “O” in public, but it’s too important of a factor to leave out!

During the early days of sex toys, there wasn’t much focus on safety protocols. Companies didn’t have to use safe ingredients or disclose what materials they used to make their toys.

Now that we’re more health conscious and less taboo about our pleasures, we have higher standards for our sex toys. You’re not scared to take your pleasure into your own hands. So, you also shouldn’t be afraid to get down and dirty on what you’re putting on your private parts. Know before you buy!

Silicone is a popular material used for the construction of sex toys. But did you know there are multiple kinds? Some silicone types are not for use in or on the body.

Be picky about only using body-safe silicone – non-porous, easy to clean, won’t trap bacteria, and won’t degrade and expose you to harmful emissions. Anything you choose should have a label of phthalate-free.

ABS plastic is another common material that is non-porous and easy to clean. But these toys are frequently more rigid and less likely to be suitable for discreet public play.

Debating Power Time Versus Play Time When Picking a Toy Preference

Before you buy your next sex toy, take some time to fantasize. Where will you be wearing your vibrator in public? How long do you plan to use your toy for each play session?

Your answers might affect which vibrator is best for your sessions, as vibrators have different power run times. You’ll also want to consider the power source of your vibrator – replaceable batteries or rechargeable ones.

Many modern sex toys charge via a USB, usually a C-plug or an Android port. I love not explaining why I have a weird charger by my bed. And the toys stored in a discreet case means not freaking out if you forget to put your toys away.

Consider How to Control Your Pleasure or Share It

The final thing I always consider before choosing any toy – let alone one I’ll be using in public – is how the device operates.

Because discreetness is a core factor for a toy you wear in public, I don’t want to awkwardly reach between my legs to change the speed or turn my buddy on or off.

The best vibrators have a remote control that allows you to operate the toy and change the settings, speeds, and functions. But new technologies have made it even easier to stay undetected while using a vibrator in public, like an app you can download on your cell phone.

And cell phone-controlled vibrators are saving long-distance relationships, one hot sex session at a time. No matter where your partner is, they can control your pleasure with the touch of their finger. It’s as close to the real thing as possible and shows trust in your relationship and your partner.

And I feel like the anticipation of knowing that I will get stimulated on my naughty parts but not knowing how or when makes the pleasure painfully erotic.

Without warning, my partner can put me on pins and needles or push me through a major “O” at any moment. Mundane tasks have never been so fun, from driving to doctor’s appointments to grocery shopping!

Getting Off in Public Without Being Caught Has Never Been So Easy

As an avid supporter of incorporating sex toys into every aspect of your sex life, it thrills me to have so many options for superb sex toys that I can use in public.

In addition, the erotic excitement of maintaining my composure while getting aroused by my personal vibration choices or by the random whim of my partner adds a level of fulfillment I’d been lacking for years.

Each of the sexy, powerful toys I’ve included in this review is suitable for public play.

Even better, every one of them serves a unique focus.

So, while the Lush 2 offers the most bang for your buck in terms of dual stimulation, I’d recommend grabbing every one of these wearable vibrators to give you a yummier diversity of pleasurable offerings.

To recap, my favorite public-use vibrators are:

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Vibrators at Lovehoney

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