Adult Friend Finder Review: Can This Website Help You Find the Hook-Up of Your Dreams?

Finding a trustworthy hook-up website is hard work.

But I’ve discovered one that’ll transform your sex life.

Your search for casual sex will become 10x easier if you create an Adult Friend Finder account.

Below, you’ll discover why Adult Friend Finder is rated so highly and the type of person most likely to enjoy it.

Adult Friend Finder is the Most Popular Hook-Up Website on the Internet Today

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A dating website is nothing without its users – and this is where Adult Friend Finder excels more than any other hook-up website. records some 55 million visits per month. Its active user base is huge. I’ve tested this website in a handful of different countries and never fell short of great women to talk to. I’m sure women find it even easier to attract male attention, as is always the case with online dating.

But these were real adult women talking to me. It becomes easy to separate humans from bots once you’ve tested as many dating websites as me – and I’ve swapped contact details with various AFF users.

This is important to mention because most hook-up websites struggle to attract real women and use bots to trick their male users into paying for a subscription.

You don’t need to worry about that when using AFF. This website has real women – and several useful tools to help you find someone great.

It’s also worth mentioning that Adult Friend Finder makes no qualms about being a hook-up website. Every aspect of their marketing makes it clear that this website is for casual sex.

This means the women you encounter will rarely pretend that they’re looking for friendship, a serious relationship or any of that deeper stuff.

If she’s on AFF, it’s clear to everyone she’s DTF. That’ll save you a lot of BS during the messaging phase.

While there are a lot of features to enjoy on this website, there’s every chance you’ll be meeting someone from it in the real world pretty fast.

If PornHub and Facebook Had a Baby, You’d Get Adult Friend Finder

You can create a free account on Adult Friend Finder and browse the profiles to your heart’s content.

A free account will set limits on the number of messages you can send and the type of content you can view. You’ll feel forced to upgrade if you’re serious about finding hook-ups, but there’s enough in the free account to make you realize that this website is legit.

You only need to enter an email address, username and password to sign up. Once you’ve done that, you’ll find a main dashboard similar to Facebook cerca 2008.

The ‘news feed’ will help you find people to follow and keep up with those you’re already following. The search option helps you find users in any city by demographic. Other features include live cam girls and an educational “sex academy”.

This website looks extremely dated. You will be confronted with hardcore nudity immediately, while the marketing to upsell you to a paid account is constant and aggressive. But if you can look past these flaws, there’s a lot of fun to be had on Adult Friend Finder.

Considering it’s a Hook-Up Website, AFF Places a Huge Emphasis on Personality

Unlike on most dating apps, AFF users can post updates to their profiles which other people can comment on. It’s possible to upload photo albums, videos, status updates and more. It’s eerily similar to Facebook in that sense. The major difference is that many users are uploading pornographic material here.

There are a lot more prompts to encourage you to create a detailed profile too, including some for your kinks, fetishes and the size of your intimate parts.

On top of that, Adult Friend Finder also has a personality test. Respond to 20 statements with your reaction from ‘strongly agree’ to ‘strongly disagree’ and you’ll be given a personality score. This can be shared on your profile and will even be used to help AFF find you more compatible partners.

Traditional Dating Apps Could Learn a lot From the Adult Friend Finder Algorithm

The algorithm can make or break a user’s experience on any dating app, social media service or hook-up website.

It’s funny how most websites keep the details of how they work under wraps.

AFF is no different, but I had no complaints about how well the website serves up content to my tastes.

The main dashboard would appear to mostly prioritise users you’ve recently interacted with, as it does on the likes of Facebook and Instagram.

But its search function deserves special praise, since there are so many options to filter your searches. If you want a tall brunette who’s into swinging, you can search for that on AFF. You’ll probably find plenty within driving distance such is the size of the user base. You’ll find all types of LGBTQ members too if that’s your taste.

On top of that, if you’ve completed the personality test, you’ll see a score showing how compatible you’re likely to be with other users.

Why don’t traditional dating apps have this? How ironic that the website that does the best job at matching personalities is the one that’s strictly for banging.

You Won’t Have to Worry About Being Catfished With the ConfirmID Feature

Most hook-up websites are crawling with catfishes, scammers and bots.

Adult FriendFinder introduced its ConfirmID feature to help its users overcome the fear of being fooled by such bogus accounts.

Sign up for these features and you’ll receive a huge badge on your profile confirming you are who you say you are.

It’s more complex than the verification schemes of other dating apps. You’ll have to submit your full name, address, gender, date of birth and a copy of an official ID.

Go through this hassle and AFF will give you two weeks’ worth of its paid membership for free.

The Lack of Smartphone Capability is a Real Confusion

There would appear to be no official Adult Friend Finder app for iOS or Android. The website itself isn’t so easy to navigate on a smartphone either.

This is a real head-scratcher in 2023. How could such a popular and profitable website have no mobile-friendly option?

But the truth is: the whole website looks like it was designed before the first iPhone was invented. There are bugs here and there – and an overwhelming amount of ads to boot.

But the bottom line is: Adult Friend Finder probably will get you laid if you persevere with it.

And there are enough functions to ensure it will be with someone you get on with.

Adult Friend Finder is Thrilling Users Across the World

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Other review websites are similarly bullish on Adult Friend Finder. Here are some notable takes I found online.

AFF is a perfect playground for those who want fun without holding back. praises it for its mix of varied matches and bold pictures. It's like a party for those wanting a good time. also commends the app. They say it's got lots of long-time users and a solid reputation, and it wouldn't be so well-known if it wasn't good. sheds light on how the app works. It's all about finding and talking to people who like the same kind of fun as you. It's normal for people to get straight to the point as soon as they join, making it easy to connect with others who think alike.

Alternatives to Adult Friend Finder

Here are some alternatives to AFF that you may consider.

  • This hook-up website is one of many owned by Adult Friend Finder’s parent company Various Inc. The format of the website is extremely similar; it’s just branded differently. There’s every chance that AFF’s sister websites share the same user base.
  • Another hook-up website owned by Various Inc, although this one is marketed towards those seeking affairs.
  • Another website from the AFF network advertising personal flings for passionate people.
  • Pure. A smartphone-based hook-up app which lets you send out a naughty personal ad to users within a certain proximity to you. The ads disappear within a certain timeframe allowing for more discretion.
  • Fetlife. A social networking website for people to celebrate all kinks and fetishes. There are similarities to AFF, although not everyone is looking to meet other users in the real world.

Adult Friend Finder is Great for Anyone Looking for Quick and Easy Casual Sex

If you decide to upgrade to a paid AFF account, there are three memberships to choose from:

  • Monthly: $27.95
  • Quarterly: $62.85 ($20.95 per month)
  • Annual: $179.40 ($14.95 per month)

These are all worth the money if you want more crazy casual sex experiences. It’ll unlock all content on the website and remove all limits on messaging. Paid members also receive priority in the news feed and search results, making it much easier to get some action.

The AFF user experience is far from perfect, but the HUGE sex-positive user base makes it a haven for those seeking quick hook-ups.

You won’t be thinking about the website’s small annoyances once you’re balls deep in a beautiful stranger.

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