5 Erotic Sex Chairs for Fun F’ing O’s: Enhance Your Sex Positions for Way More Kink and Comfort

Everyone knows sex is as fun – if not more exciting – when you add a little extra to your sessions.

So whether you want to incorporate fun sex toys or explore new sensations with kinky poses, there are unlimited ways to jazz up your sex life.

Today, I want to hook you up with all the juicy deets of adding a fun tool to your inventory of good time kinks – the impressive but largely unknown sex chair.

So, rev up your shopping finger, fill up your mind bank with your favorite fantasies, and get ready to blow your mind with the best Os’ of your life by adding my 5 best sex chairs to your sex toy inventory.

Start your journey with my quickie list, get all the dirty deets in my product review section, and get the best bang for your buck by knowing what features you want when shopping for sex seats.

My Quickie List

The Down and Dirty Facts About Sex Chairs

When you hear the term sex chair, the first image that comes to mind may be a torturous device often seen in kinky fetishes. Think 50 Shades. And while there are those pieces, I prefer a more refined, sleek look. So check out my five fav sex chair selections.

Black Label Esse Lounger – Best for Bondage

Black Label Esse Lounger
Screenshot taken from Liberator.com

The Esse Lounger is the ultimate sex sofa to explore all your naughty kinks – including many you may not know you have yet. And the ergonomic curves make a comfy seating that doubles as a chaise lounge when not used for the freaky deak.

This luxury chaise makes enjoying multiple Kama Sutra positions easy without straining your body. Plus, the heavyweight means it won’t come out from underneath while you and your partner are getting busy.

I love that a moisture-proof inner liner protects the cushioning while you can remove the soft, machine-washable cover for easy cleaning. And 24 connect points allow for versatile bondage hookups. You can also use the included headrest to add a 5” height and a mini-scoop hollow level out the Esse to remove the center dip or operate separately from the chaise.


  • 24 bondage connectors.
  • Removable, washable cover.
  • Ergonomic curves and shapes.
  • Includes 5” headrest and detachable Mini-Scoop.
  • Moisture-proof inners.


  • Large size.
  • Obvious appearance.

Esse Chaise Black Label – Best Compact Chaise

Esse Chaise Black Label
Screenshot taken from Liberator.com

The Esse Chaise gives you all the sexiness of the Black Lable Lounge but in a smaller footprint. In addition, this sex chaise has a lower height and a more narrow body, making it better for straddling. Plus, the inconspicuous curves add thrusting power and full body support.

And if you still want to get your kink going with bondage, this chaise has 12 built-in D-ring metal connectors on the non-slip base. In addition, durable wooden feet elevate the chaise for extra height and add a different stylish aesthetic.

The faux-leather cover removes for easy machine washing and protects the moisture-resistant liner inside. In addition, you can use the 5” headrest on either end of the chaise to add height for standing poses.


  • Short and curvaceous.
  • Built-in rings for bondage.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Moveable headrest.
  • Weighted base.


  • Not suitable for bigger people.
  • The dip is not deep.

Flip Stage – Best for Discreetness

Flip Stage
Screenshot taken from Liberator.com

The Flip Stage works as a multi-level, padded platform that lets you explore a host of off-the-bed sex positions. And it’s compatible with your Esse Lounger and Chaise.

I fell in lust with the versatile uses – add it to a sex couch for extra cushion, leave it flat for ample play space, or fold it in half for extra height. Add ramps, cushions, pillows, or other accessories to increase your sex position possibilities.

And the lush black velvet cover is easy to remove and machine wash. And it protects the inner liner made of a moisture-proof polyester/nylon blend.


  • Versatile uses.
  • Compatible with Esse sex sofas.
  • 8” non-slip high-density foam adds traction.
  • Discreet look.
  • Easy to care for.


  • Not very attractive looking.
  • It might be too squishy.

Fetish Fantasy Ultra Inflatable Position Master – Best Inflatable for Easy Storage and Travel

Fetish Fantasy Ultra Inflatable Position Master
Screenshot taken from Lovehoney.com

If having a large obstinacy sex seat isn’t in the cards, consider going with something temporary, like an inflatable sex chair.

This oversized slanted sex pillow can easily deflate and fold away for discreet storage or even travel for a fun weekend trip. An air seal valve allows for easy and quick inflating, and with simple squeezes, it deflates.

You can use this velvet-flocked-covered inflatable sex position seat to achieve nearly every sex position with the help of four handles for support. You even get a free blindfold for sensation play.


  • Built-in handles.
  • Packs away for storage and travel.
  • Flocked material prevents slipping off.
  • Oversized for extra pleasure.
  • Easily inflates and deflates.


  • Will need a pump for inflating.
  • Not stable for all positions.

Bondage Boutique Sex Position Enhancer Chair – Best for Visual Arousal

Bondage Boutique Sex Position Enhancer Chair
Screenshot taken from Lovehoney.com

This minimalistic discreet sex chair makes it simple and thrilling to try the most difficult positions without much work.

You can use the slim metal frame and elastic straps to support your weight, reducing the pains and aches in your knees, back, and thighs from strained muscles.

And the quadruple layers of sturdy silicone give you amazing bounce for enhanced fun. And it’s a fabulous prop for homemade movies where you want to see all the action.


  • Sturdy metal frame.
  • Easily stores away.
  • Latex-free.
  • Reduces strain on the body.
  • It can give a wide-open view.


  • It needs two people to assemble.
  • Not for over 330 pounds.

Flying Your Freak Flag Fearlessly – Why Use Sex Chairs?

Sex chaises, lounges, chairs, and pillows are excellent resources to add to your collection of accessories to enhance your sex life.

Furniture for sex is great for helping you achieve complicated sex positions without worrying that you lack the flexibility of younger years. Sex furniture can also help you prevent loss of stamina and reduce fatigue during longer intercourse sessions.

You don’t have to worry about muscle strains, injuries, or having to support your weight, making it great for everyone. Many furniture styles, like sex lounges or chaises, can also target specific sex positions.

Plus, many sex seats have buckles, hooks, rings, or other attachments that allow you to connect bondage pieces in various states of restraints and positions.

Think about it, honestly. You probably already use furniture to assist in your fuckings, whether it’s your bed, the sofa in your living room, the kitchen counter, pillows, the list continues. Sex chairs can improve your performance, pleasure, energy, and how long you can last. All while reducing the bad pains that can make a less fun sexual experience.

Sex Chair Education – How to Make Sure You Get a Good Purchase

When buying sex furniture, knowing what you want can improve your shopping experience and result in a better buy. I speak from experience – and not just for sex toys – that a bad purchase can make you reconsider – or forget – the exploration of use with a specific product.

Know What You Need – Getting the Right Materials

You should always care about what you put in and on your body, especially regarding sex play. It may shock some of you, but it should royally piss off everyone that self-pleasure is such a taboo subject that there are no safety regulations around sex toys.

Many companies keep costs low by using the cheapest materials possible. And because no one regulates these companies, they don’t have to adhere to safety rules. So, these materials can often be harmful and contain dangerous components like carcinogens.

In terms of sex furniture, you want to find a blend of hygiene and comfort. A frame made of wood or metal gives stability and non-emissions. The cover or upholstery should be polyester, PVC, vinyl, or faux (fake) leather.

You can also get several types of sex furniture made of high-density foam, like ramps, wedges, and benches. Foam can create a stable support for sex.

Keeping it Hygenic – Make Sure it’s Easy to Clean

Sex is fun and exciting, but it can also get messy. So it doesn’t matter if you’re having some neat, basic sex or getting nasty between the sheets; the main thing you want is easy clean-up.

Removable covers should be at the top of your must-have list. I love something I can take off and toss into a washing machine for easy cleaning.

If you can’t remove the material to wash it, you’ll want it to be as hygienic as possible. So I look for fabrics I can clean with a cloth and a chemical-free cleaning spray. Something that has waterproof functionality is also helpful in preventing damage to the inner contents of your piece of furniture.

In case you aren’t aware, there are plenty of items out there, like sex blankets, sex pillows, and sex pads, that allow you to enjoy your sexy time without worrying about messing up your traditional furniture or bedding.

A sex blanket is a great way to prep your surface to protect it from the contamination of bodily fluids if you can’t wash your exterior, like your mattress or the family couch.

Plan for Play – What Positions Do You Want to Achieve

The best thing about adding sex furniture to your playtime lineup is the ability to have sex like a porn star, no matter your level of flexibility.

These tools are great if you don’t have the youthful vitality to twist into those fun impossible positions in the sutra. These custom pieces use features like curves, height, and hollowed-out spaces to accommodate different sexual situations.

For bondage seats like the Black Label Esse, you can achieve positions like:

  • Pay Day
  • Down Boy
  • Sure-Fire
  • Taken II
  • No holds barred
  • Seize the Night
  • Secret Admirer
  • Rock-a-Bye Baby
  • Cat’s Meow

More compact sex chaise lounges can be great for positions like:

  • Going Steady
  • Miss Muffet
  • The Love Thief
  • X Marks the Spot
  • Headstart

Flat mats can work for solo use or combined with other sex sets. With a thin mat alone, a few fun sutra styles to try include:

  • Kinky Kneeler
  • Inverted Gowgirl
  • The Seated Helix
  • Lusty Level

But just because you have something like a sex chair doesn’t mean you have to get freaky kinky. Tools like sex pillows are great for oral sex, side-by-side, and missionary positions.

Picking the Place – How Much Space Do You Need?

The next thing you want to consider when picking your sex seat is where you’ll store it. You can find sex furniture in various sizes and shapes.

The most expected place for your sex gear is in the bedroom. So, consider your available space. Do you want something you can leave up permanently and use for other purposes, like regular seating, cuddles, or reading a book?

Or is it necessary to have something you can use and then put away for storage so it doesn’t take up your limited free space? Again, your available room and how much you’re okay with sacrificing should play a significant role in which piece of furniture for sex you choose.

Keeping It Low-Key – Do You Need to Closet Your Kink?

My final value for weighing any purchase I make regarding chairs for sex is discreetness. I advocate for the open proudness of taking control of your pleasure with whatever accessories hit your kink.

But as a mom, I totally get the need to keep things discreet and low-key. So if privacy and secrecy are important, you may want to avoid going with a piece that makes its uses and purpose obvious.

If your space is an open invitation to any and all, the best choice would be a seat you can store away under a bed or in a closet. Even if someone happens to see it, no one would be automatically aware of its purpose.

Enhancing Your Pleasure With a Sex Chair

Stop settling for unfulfilling sex when you can enhance your pleasure and expand your horizons by simply including some furniture in your routine from time to time.

The furniture you use during sex can help you explore exciting positions during foreplay and intercourse. As a result, you can relive your youth and improve your sex life without experiencing the aches and pains often associated with awkward situations.

Here are the best sex chairs again with their prices:

Chairs Best For Pricing
Black Label Esse Lounger Best for Bondage $650.00
Esse Chaise Black Label Best Compact Chaise $650.00
Flip Stage Best for Discreetness $240.00
Fetish Fantasy Position Master Best for Storage and Travel $79.99
Bondage Boutique Sex Position Enhancer Chair Best for Visual Arousal $99.99

Prices at the time of publishing. Check links for current prices.

FAQ About Adding Sex Chairs to Your Sex Routine

FAQ Answers
Who Can Use a Sex Chair? Sex chairs and other furniture for sex are ageless accessories. It doesn’t matter what age you are, your sexual experience level, your mobility abilities, or your preferred position. Sex chairs are superb for everyone.
Why Are Sex Chairs Beneficial to Your Sex Life? Introducing a sex seat into your routine can help reduce strain and physical exhaustion, aches and pains to muscles and joints, and bodily injuries.
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