Best Fleshlights for Men: Fulfilling Every Type of Fantasy

Unless you have a plastic fetish, there’s a very good chance that using a standard Fleshlight isn’t enjoyable for you.

High-quality, premium Fleshlights offer more realistic experiences that can simulate real sex.

Just like women, not every toy is the same, so I put together a list of the best Fleshlights for men based on pleasure, realism, features, price, and a few other factors.

Take a Peek at What the Girls from Fleshlight Have to Offer

Here’s the deal with these toys…

They may all look similar, but they’re widely different from each other once you get into the nitty-gritty details.

Because of that, here are the top picks for the best toys based on a few parameters.

Enjoy Having Sex With Real Porn Actresses With These Fiery Fleshlights

What makes a great Fleshlight?

There are a few factors I considered when determining the toys that really stood out.

Their ability to produce orgasms was at the top of the list, but a few other factors like how real they felt, how well they simulated real sex, and how easy they were to use and clean were also important. These factors go into all our sex toy guides and recommendations.

Putting all those features together, I think you’ll find the following toys necessary additions to your secret toy chest.

Perfect Fleshlight Starter Pack – Best for Beginners

Perfect Fleshlight Starter Pack
Screenshot taken from

Everyone has to start somewhere, and this particular kit from Fleshlight is great for beginners.

It’s really a no-fuss toy that offers so much for a great price.

Besides the toy, itself, the kit includes a tube of FleshLube water which works great as lube.

It’s also the company’s own lubricant, so you don’t have to worry about it ruining your toy.

You also receive a bottle of renewing powder.

Considering the material that the sleeve uses is mineral-based, it requires a bit of care.

The fact that this kit provides the renewing powder for you just makes it that much easier to care for your toy.

It also comes with Fleshwash which is the company’s own material-safe cleansing solution.

Besides the items used to keep the toy safe and sanitary, you also receive two add-ons.

It has a shower mount that you can use to stick to the wall of your shower or bedroom.

It allows you to go completely hands-free which can enhance your experience.

I certainly enjoy toys that I don’t have to apply much effort to just to get off.

It also has a sleeve warmer which can help warm the toy and make it feel even more real.

With all these items combined, you have an incredible kit for beginners.

Of course, even with all the great aspects of this kit, there are a few slight problems, too.


  • No-fuss toy that introduces the world of Fleshlights to beginners.
  • Comes with its own lubricant and washing solution for easy maintenance.
  • Shower mount allows hands-free use.
  • Warming stand offers more realistic experiences.


  • Shower mount loses suction after a few uses.
  • Can be difficult to clean for beginners.
  • Doesn’t do anything too exciting so not suitable for veterans.

The Perfect Fleshlight Starter Pack is a great choice for those looking to try out their very first toy.

Riley Reid Quickshot – Best Budget Fleshlight

Riley Reid Quickshot
Screenshot taken from

Sometimes the very best experiences you have are also some of the cheapest ones.

Take the Riley Reid Quickshot, for example.

It’s an extremely simple Fleshlight that is both cheap and powerful.

Based on the porn actress, Riley Reid, this toy has a ton to offer.

For one, it’s actually double-ended with both a vaginal and anal opening.

It gets better from there.

Both ends have a compact texture that offers intense stimulation no matter which side you use.

You can also use end caps to provide more suction, but it will cut down on stroke length.

It’s also a clear and transparent toy, so if you enjoy seeing what’s going on, then this might tickle your fancy.

Now, while the toy offers a lot for a little, it isn’t for everyone.

This is a tight toy. Although it’s not the tightest Fleshlight you can buy, it’s close.

If your girth is bigger than 5.5”, then you might have some trouble using it.

Tightness can feel great, but you don’t want to injure yourself.

This toy is also on the shorter end.

It’s great for stroking your head and the upper portion of your penis.

However, depending on your size, you may not be able to stroke your entire length.

The Quickshot is ideal for the guy who has a very sensitive tip.

While the toy is great for your budget, it does make a few sacrifices.


  • Offers both pussy and anal pleasure.
  • Double-ended feature makes the toy easy to clean.
  • Different textures on both ends make playing a lot of fun.


  • Tightness may not be ideal for girthier men.
  • More of a head stroker than a full-length stroker.
  • End caps have flimsy plastic hinges and don’t last long.

The perfect toy for you doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.

Check out the Riley Reid Quickshot to see if she matches your fantasies.

Esperanza Gomez – Best for Clit Lovers

Esperanza Gomez fleshlight
Screenshot taken from

For many men, the vagina is a work of art.

One prominent, and very important, part of a vagina is the clitoris.

Besides providing great pleasure to women, some guys might find it cute, sexy, or just fun to manipulate.

If you have a love for clits, then the Esperanza Gomez toy is for you.

These types of toys all tend to come with clits since they’re based on real women.

However, there’s something particularly special, and even artful, about the toy based on Esperanza Gomez.

Along with realistic labia, the clit is a work of art.

It has both the nub and the hood.

Besides toying with it during foreplay, the clit also rubs against you while you use the toy.

It adds an extra level of stimulation which can lead to some intense experiences.

You might even find the clit cute.

You might also find that it can provide some explosive orgasms.

Of course, while the clit is one of its best features, it isn’t the only feature that the toy offers.

Like the other toys, you’ll be able to experience a unique tunnel texture.

The texture actually changes the deeper you enter, too.

Each one is specifically designed to offer incredible stimulation to the point where you’ll have a hard time resisting your orgasm.

The toy is also based on Esperanza Gomez, a Colombian porn actress.

If you’ve seen her work and loved it, then this toy can offer a close experience of having sex with the real thing.

While this toy is great for what it offers, it does have a few drawbacks, too.


  • Realistic clitoral hood sculpting makes the experience feel great.
  • Unique 3-textured tunnel keeps the pleasure growing.
  • Tight orifice grips hard on your length.


  • Tight orifice can make it difficult to clean.
  • Tight canal can make it uncomfortable to use for larger men.

Clits deserve love, too, and if you happen to be a clit lover, then the Esperanza Gomez toy can scratch that itch.

Mia Malkova – Best for Anal Lovers

mia malkova fleshlight poster
Screenshot taken from

A quick look at the Fleshlight website will show you that many of the actresses have toys based on their pussies and their anuses.

If you love a good butt toy, then you might want to look at the Mia Malkova toy.

Its name is Boss Level and it’s pretty apt.

It’s as if someone who has actual experience in anal designed this toy.

That’s because it has a tunnel that undulates.

It weaves upwards and downwards which simulates the sensation of contractions.

Contraction is pretty common during anal sex due to the sensitive nerves around the anal opening.

The fact that this toy simulates that experience allows men to experience anal sex that is extremely close to the real thing.

It isn’t just the contraction sensations that make this toy great either.

It also comes with a unique texture that makes the experience even more thrilling.

Now, the texture is quite soft.

This is an important aspect because it means it’s great for sensitive guys.

It can help you last a bit longer since it doesn’t overstimulate you.

That said, it may not be ideal for guys who need harder nodules to feel the stimulation.

The Boss Level toy based on Mia Malkova can truly make you feel like a boss, but it does have some issues.


  • Realistic curves make the experience feel authentic.
  • Pleasurable spiral texture keeps the experience hot and intense.
  • Contracting sensations can satisfy most anal lovers.


  • Curves can make the toy difficult to clean.
  • Needs a good amount of lube to feel comfortable.
  • Some might find the texture too soft for real stimulation.

If you’re tired of level-one conquests, then it’s time to level up and take on the Boss Level based on Mia Malkova for real, anal, pleasure.

Brandi Love – Best for MILF Lovers

brandi love fleshlight poster
Screenshot taken from

Now, let’s be honest here.

A lady with a bit of experience under her belt can really turn up the heat in the bedroom.

If you’re a fan of MILFs, then you should look no further than the Brandi Love Fleshlight.

Based on the mature porn actress Brandi Love, you’re able to buy both a pussy and an anal version.

The pussy toy, called Hearthrob, has a unique spiraling pattern.

It has a tight opening that opens up into a spiraling pattern with soft nodules running through it.

You can think of the toy as a maternal partner who is slowly, tenderly, showing you the ropes.

When you’re ready to explore Brandi even further, you’ll want to try out her anal toy called Shameless.

It has three different textures that change the deeper you enter the toy.

Brandi doesn’t have anal sex often, so you can experience near-virginal intensity with her butt toy.

Loving this MILF toy can offer great experiences, but it does have a few drawbacks, too.


  • Based on a real MILF’s body for MILF-related fantasies.
  • Curves offer contracting sensations that can heighten experiences.
  • Gentle texture makes using the toy sweet and comfortable.


  • Very tight orifices can make it difficult to use for girthier men.
  • Soft interior might not provide enough stimulation for some guys.

Sometimes older women do provide better sex.

You can have a taste of that experience by checking out Brandi Love’s toy.

Madison Ivy – Best for Quickies

madison ivy fleshlight poster
Screenshot taken from

Here’s the thing.

You don’t always have a lot of time to get one out.

When you’re pressed for time, you need something that will work and get you off in a matter of minutes.

That’s where the toy based on Madison Ivy shines.

There’s a lot going on with this toy.

Madison Ivy is a porn actress who hails from Germany and is only 4’11” in height.

Due to her small height, the toys based on her are incredibly tight.

The orifices are tight and the channels, themselves, are tight.

That means they’re both going to hug your length snugly.

In addition to that, the toy based on her pussy has three different textures running through it.

It has both nodules and even an undulating chamber that mimics her orgasms.

Her anal toy has a unique honeycomb texture to it that has literally one purpose–to make you orgasm and orgasm quickly.

The unique textures combined with the tight cavities create an intense experience that will have your legs shaking in no time.

Using Madison Ivy’s toys can provide a lot of pleasure, but it isn’t meant for everyone.


  • Extra tight cavity is great for guys who love a tight squeeze.
  • Replicates her 4’11” size which makes it realistic to her.
  • Undulating chamber accurately replicates contractions for intense experiences.


  • Tight cavities and orifices can make the toy difficult to clean.
  • Hard nodules might make numb your sensitive nerves.

When you don’t have the time to waste, you should try out Madison Ivy’s Fleshlight for a quick and satisfying release.

Alexis Texas – Best Suction Fleshlight

alexis texas fleshlight poster
Screenshot taken from

Let’s be honest, not every guy is going to get off based solely on texture and stroking stimulation.

Some guys need a bit of suction to enhance the experience.

That’s exactly what the Alexis Texas’ toy can provide.

There are a few features that make this particular toy great at sucking.

For one, its unique tunneling texture seems to just suck your penis right into it.

It has a slightly wider orifice that makes sliding into the toy easy.

Things become a bit tighter from there, and the pussy toy even has a few other openings for you to push through.

It teases your tip all the way to the base and provides incredible stimulation.

Since it has different openings, it also means that it can feel as though the toy is gripping your penis as you’re using it.

The other secret ingredient is the size and shape of the toy’s labia.

It’s quite large, and it actually does a great job of hugging and gripping your length when you’re using the toy.

Besides making the experience feel more real, it also increases the suction that you feel.

Stimulation doubled with suction can make an intense, knee-shaking, experience.

However, Alexis Texas’ toy does have a few drawbacks.


  • Large lips provide authentic and pleasurable gripping action.
  • Cavity becomes deeper the more you plunge.
  • Wide entrance makes penetrating the toy comfortable and easy.


  • Wider lips do make it a bit messier to use with lube.
  • Tighter cavity might become uncomfortable for some men.
  • Requires a good amount of lube at the front of the toy to make it comfortable.

Whether you like stroking stimulation or suction, the Alexis Texas toy can do it all.

This Tech Lets You Experience Realistic Sex With Your Favorite Porn Star

While Fleshlights don’t have the latest gadgets in them, they do have feats of tech worth mentioning.

The technology that the toys use separates them from toys like standard strokers or masturbators.

Here are some of the main feats of tech that’s allowing you to get up close and personal with your favorite actress.

Each Toy Uses Unique Modeling After a Specific Actress

Now, here’s the thing with Fleshlight, the company.

It’s made a reputation for itself for providing realistic toys based on the actress’s pussies and butts. See our list of the most realistic Fleshlights here.

And it does so in a few different ways.

The color of the toy often matches the color of the actress’s skin.

This is vital for immersive play.

You don’t want your favorite Black star to have a white pussy, for example.

It completely breaks the immersion and makes the experience less satisfying.

The toy’s orifice is also specifically sculpted to resemble that of the actress.

You can feel what it’s like to actually penetrate them and have them grip your penis.

Finally, each toy has a signature on it that’s written by the actress in question.

You can think of it as their seal of approval.

Modeling the toy after a specific porn actress allows you to become closer to the real thing.

Tunnel Texture Modeling Provides Unique Experiences that Never Get Old

A key feature of the toys from Fleshlight is their unique tunnel texture.

Whether it’s a toy based on a pussy or for anal sex, each one has a completely different texture.

Providing texture makes using these toys far more pleasurable.

They help stimulate your penis by rubbing against sensitive areas you may not even have realized you have.

Because they’re all different, some may stimulate more than others.

That said, the technology that enables textured tunnels is what keeps the toy interesting.

Designers will come up with a unique texture, then model it.

They might use software or just old-fashioned tools to come up with different patterns.

After some testing, the texture receives the final seal of approval and ends up in one of the toys that fit its shape best.

Textures keep you coming back for more and more.

SuperSkin Material Provides Life-Life Touch and Warming Capabilities

When you touch one of Fleshlight’s products for the first time, you’ll immediately notice how life-like it feels.

That all has to do with its SuperSkin material.

It’s a patented material, but we know that it’s a mineral-based patented polymer and contains food-grade ingredients.

The material provides a few perks.

For one, it feels soft to the touch.

This makes it similar to skin and its pliancy.

It also becomes warm as you use it.

While using a warming tool can speed up the process, just using the toy can also make it warm and feel realistic.

These features combined offer an experience that simulates real sex as close as possible.

Add in the fact that these toys take inspiration from real women, and you have the closest encounter you can have with a real porn star.

Don’t Bring Home the Wrong Girl – Tips for Choosing the Right Fleshlight Girl

There are tons of porn actresses out there and it almost seems as though they all have their own toys.

Choosing the right one can ensure you have a satisfying experience that keeps you wanting more.

These tips can help you choose the best toy for your fantasies and needs.

Consider the Actress Carefully to See if She has the Right Spark

Each toy comes from a porn actress or model.

When you receive the box, you’ll see their picture on it.

The toy also bears their signature.

Because of this close tie to the actress, it’s vital that you enjoy the actress, too.

If the actress on the box doesn’t quite fit your preferences, then you’re going to find it difficult to immerse yourself in the toy.

These types of toys work best when you’re watching the actress perform and masturbating along with the content.

You’re going to have a difficult time getting off if the actress just isn’t doing it for you.

You might like the Dillion Harper girl next door look, or maybe the exotic Esperanza Gomez. Go through the wide selection and find the actress that intrigues you the most.

Know Your Pleasure Areas to Find the Best Texture

One of the best features that these toys have is their textured tunnels.

However, those textures aren’t going to matter much to you if they don’t even stimulate you where you like to have the stimulation.

This is where knowing yourself really helps.

If you know, for example, that you have a sensitive area near your tip, then you should look for toys that focus on head stimulation.

If you have a sensitive area somewhere in the middle of your length, then look for a texture that stimulates that area.

Knowing where it feels the best for you can help you find the tunnel textures that stimulate those areas the best.

When you use the toy, it’s going to stroke you right where you need it the most.

The orgasms will be explosive.

Most Toys Offer Vaginal or Anal Sex – Choose What You Like the Most

Most of the girls offer a toy based on their pussy or anus.

A few only do one or the either.

That means you’re going to need to decide which orifice you enjoy the most.

You can always buy both, but if you’re on a budget, then choosing one initially may be the best plan.

Most guys tend to know which orifice is their preferred choice.

If you’re still on the fence, then you should do a bit of reflecting.

Which makes you the most excited and eager to try?

Your first answer is likely the one you have a preference toward.

If you like both equally, then start with the orifice that looks the most interesting to you.

Choosing between the two is important because it can determine the type of experience that you have.

Measure Yourself to Avoid Uncomfortable Fits

A frequent problem guys have is that they buy a toy and then realize they don’t fit in it.

This can make buying sex toys frustrating because you end up spending money on something that isn’t comfortable to use.

You can avoid that situation by measuring yourself before you buy a toy.

You’ll want to measure both your length and girth when you’re fully erect.

Check those measurements against the measurements given by the toy.

If the toy’s measurements are smaller than yours, then it’s going to be very painful trying to fit into it.

By finding the toy that fits your size the best, you can enjoy using it.

It also helps you find toys that cater to your kinks.

If you like having sex with ultra-tight orifices, for example, then knowing your measurements can help you find the toy that’s going to provide that experience.

If you prefer a bit more wiggle room, then knowing your measurements still helps.

Don’t end up with swelling injuries by choosing the wrong toy.

Prepare Yourself for a Lot of Cleaning and Maintenance

Fleshlight uses a unique material called SuperSkin.

While it offers great benefits like warming sensations and soft skin, it also requires care.

It even requires a bit more care than toys made out of more popular materials.

You have to use refreshing powder on it, for example, to keep it soft and pliant.

You also need to use special cleaning solutions to keep the color just right and sanitize it without damaging the material.

Because of their textured tunnels, these toys aren’t the easiest to clean.

Gunk can collect in deep-seated nodes or become stuck in tightly-wedged areas.

You need the right cleaning tool to thoroughly clean them.

Since they require a bit more effort to keep clean and safe, not everyone has the right discipline level to care for them.

If you know you’re quite lazy and don’t want to deal with a fussy toy, then you might want to look past these toys.

For those who don’t mind a bit more effort in keeping their toys in great shape, then the challenge is yours to take.

Knowing your own discipline levels in keeping toys clean can help you decide if these toys are too much for you to handle.

Choose the Toy that Keeps Leveling Up Your Orgasms

Fleshlights let you bridge the gap between ordinary strokers and immersive, realistic, sex with a porn star.

All the toys listed above are great for their own purposes, but one of them tends to provide the best in everything.

That’s the toy based on Mia Malkova.

Here’s the deal with Mia.

Her toys offer incredible vaginal and anal sex.

The pussy toy has three interior tunnels that change with deeper penetration.

The anal toy provides realistic anal stimulation thanks to its curved pattern.

Both make you feel as though the toy is contracting around you.

Mia may be great for anal lovers with its Boss Level toy, but its pussy toy, called Lvl Up, will help you do just that.

It levels up the pleasure, experience, and satisfaction.

She’s a toy that you won’t mind grinding for hours with.

Take a look at what the Mia Malkova toy has to offer and see if it’s a game you’re interested in playing.

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