The Best Spanking Benches: Add the Pleasure of Spanking Into Your Sex Routine

Isn’t it funny how things we hated when young are things we covet once we’re older?

Think naps, nostalgic throwbacks, sentimental attachments, and spankings! Many of us take spankings as a serious part of our sexual arousal that we even lust after the perfect place to park our rears to receive whippings.

So let’s take you on a journey to explore spanking benches, the perfect platforms that promise ideal positioning for this intimate act.

Whether you prefer discreet designs or unapologetically bold pieces, this guide previews the top 5 spanking benches designed for all BDSM enthusiasts.

Ready to transform your bedroom into a tantalizing playground? We’ll dive into detailed reviews and a comprehensive buyer’s guide, promising a whirlwind adventure into the world of spanking benches.

My Quickie List

The 5 Best Spanking Benches

As you’ll see from my five favorite benches for spanking, these sex tools come in various styles, shapes, and materials.

From simple foam props that rest on the floor and add plenty of padding for support to elaborate metal frames with welded mounts for bondage gear, a bench model will give you the perfect pain meets pleasure.

Steed Spanking Bench – Best for Straddling

Steed Spanking Bench
Steed Spanking Bench with woman
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The design of the Steed makes the perfect sex accessory to add to your collection, with a few ways to customize the piece for a custom touch.

You can choose from charcoal or black faux leather for the color. And there is the option to add a cuff kit to make your Steed a fun accessory dedicated to bondage.

High-density foam makes this sculpted spanking bench comfortable for extended periods on your knee. While the raised centerpiece helps support your body weight and props you at the ideal elevated angle.

Twelve bondage attachments surround the bench, offering the convenience of sturdy connecting clips and metal rings for versatile compatibility with most bondage kits.

Potential positions you can do with the Steed include:

  • Mount and graze.
  • Palomino prisoner.
  • Flattered filly.
  • Ride harder.
  • Doggie style.


  • Easy to clean.
  • Built-in attachments for bondage play.
  • Elevated center for support.
  • It makes it easier for long sessions with bad knees.
  • Supports multiple positions.


  • Not discreet in look.
  • Large size can be difficult to store.

Obéir Spanking Bench – Best for Bondage Play

Obéir Spanking Bench
Obéir Spanking Bench with 2 models
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The Obéir only comes in one color and look, with two cuff kit accessory options. The graceful curve of the spanking bench offers a sexy sight, alone or with a person sprawled on top.

You get the advantage of four built-in D-rings that give you the ability to attach a range of cuff accessories for bondage play.

And the removable microfiber cover comes off for easy cleaning to guarantee sanitary conditions after every play session.

The varying curved sides allow this spanking bench to accommodate different sex positions:

  • Mount Pleasant
  • Spellbound
  • Forging the Frontier
  • Kitchen Table
  • Supreme Being
  • Rock Steady


  • Removable cover for easy cleaning.
  • Built-in bondage clips.
  • Suitable for multiple positions and foreplay.
  • The plush shelf supports knees or elbows and offers elevation.
  • Smaller size.


  • Not good for short people.
  • It might be easily identifiable as a sex accessory.

Black Label Prelude – Best for Discreetness

Black Label Prelude Sex Bench
Black Label Prelude Sex Bench with man and woman
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The Prelude is an unassuming, discreet package of pleasure wrapped in the discreetness of a slender bench design in your choice of black synthetic lambskin leather. You can choose from a king or queen size in black onyx.

Backless and elevated, this spanking bench creates the perfect platform for supporting full body weight while hidden restraint clips allow for connecting a range of bondage accessories. You get Esse/Chaise II cuff adapters included.

Then there is the extra option to choose from three accessory kits – Latigo leather for black minimalistic masculine cuffs, fluffy red padded cuffs with a matching blindfold, or a solid black microfiber set of four cuffs and blindfold.

The great thing about this bondage bench is that the discreet look and decorative maple wood feet mean you can leave it at the end of your bed or in your living room without anyone being the wiser. With the basic bench style, you can achieve positions like:

  • Capture his Flag
  • 68+70
  • Fancy Rider
  • Pump the Brakes


  • Moisture-resistant, antimicrobial synthetic leather.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Discreet decorative look.
  • Hidden built-in bondage clips.
  • 360-degree access with full-body support.


  • Straps dangling below the bench can be obvious.
  • Three cuff kit accessory options.

Metalbound Spanking Bench – Best Elevated Style

padded spanking bench
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This spanking bench gives a formidable look of metal and vinyl, with slanted knee rests wrapped in padded washable vinyl that extends to the wrapped base that supports your full body weight.

The entire design gives you more comfort for extended play sessions and reduces strain on your body and joints.

You get an impressive twenty attachment points on the sturdy polished steel frame that can be compatible with various bondage accessories, like chains, cuffs, rope, and straps.


  • Easy to clean.
  • Sturdy frame supports full body weight.
  • Knee rests angle for perfect spanking position.
  • 20 attachment points for bondage tools.
  • Comfy padding for extended playtime.


  • Very expensive.
  • Impossible to hide.

Padded Barrel Horse – Best for Sturdiness

bondage padded barrel horse bench
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This fun on-a-frame spanking bench offers the perfect placement for receiving erotic whippings and other bondage games. You benefit from 22 sturdy attachment points TIG-welded to the sturdy marine-grade aluminum frame.

These attachment points surround the frame with a ringed attachment on each end of the barrel base, wrapped in washable vinyl. So, no matter your position preference or bondage tool choice, this barrel bench design offers the perfect platform to play out all your fetish fantasies.

The 24″ diameter allows for perfect play, whether straddling or bent over, and is easy to put away if the company is coming over.


  • 22 welded attachment points.
  • Sturdy metal frame.
  • Rounded compact barrel bench.
  • Fun shape.
  • Easily stores away.


  • You can’t leave out without giving away what it is.
  • Only one height.

Features to Find for a Fantastic Spanking Bench

When shopping for spanking benches, you should use the same shopping savvy you would dedicate when purchasing safe sex toys or traditional everyday-use furniture.

A smart buy starts with armed knowledge of your shopping subject. Knowing what you need in your spanking bench increases the likelihood of having a passionate purchase.

Spanking Bench Size

No matter what everyone says, size does matter – especially for your sex furniture. The first thing to consider when shopping for a spanking stool is the size of the bench.

The size of the bench is important to be sure it supports your body weight and the addition of a partner. You want to consider the height, width, and length of the sex bench and whether you can adjust the size to accommodate shorter lovers.

The size of your bench for spanking can also affect how it’s stored. Larger pieces can become problematic to hide and require being left out in the open. If you’re trying to hide your freak, these models can be a snitch to your secret.

But due to the toy’s purpose, smaller benches are less functional for hardcore sex play. If you tend to jump around during your whippings, a small, minimal frame can injure or damage your person or your bench.

Materials of Spanking Stools

The materials are another major feature you’ll want to debate for your spanking bench. Because you’ll be using this piece of furniture in your sexapades, hygiene should be a crucial concern.

You want a bench that’s easy to clean, whether by removing the cover or wiping it down with a cloth and antibacterial cleaner.

But how it cleans is one of many important things. You also want to consider how the material will feel against your skin. Being bound to a stool can be uncomfortable if the surface is causing you irritation instead of pleasurable pain as desired.

The bench cover is crucial, but so is the frame of your bench. Because you’ll be putting your stool through rigorous use and heavy weight, you need a structure that is going to be sturdy and durable. Metal and wood frames provide the most secure support, while faux leather and vinyl upholstery are easiest to clean.

The Shape of the Sex Bench

Spanking benches come in multiple shapes and forms, with some resting on an elevated frame like a sitting bench or a table.

But other benches rest on the ground, offering an elevated height and lustful curves that put your bottom at the perfect position for receiving spankings, ease the difficulty of certain sexual poses, and provide better matchups of mismatched body shapes.

Some spanking benches have a defined shape with a raised center for straddling and a shelf or step on each side to support your legs. By keeping your legs bent at your sides, your rump has the perfect elevation and reduces joint discomfort.

Spanking Bench BDSM Abilities

An amazing feature of nearly every dedicated spanking bench is the ability to attach BDSM toys. These benches usually come with built-in clips or O-rings that allow the connection of various accessories for bondage, such as ropes, chains, and cuffs.

Some benches may come with various attachments that allow you to change out the pieces to accommodate different toys. And there are even options for adding on kits that enable you to get your bench with wrist and ankle cuffs, straps, and blindfolds.

Storage Potential of Sex Bench

How you’ll store your spanking bench can greatly affect your decision about which model is right for you. Most designs of benches for spanking and BDSM are bulky and big, making them awkward to store away.

And the shape of the bench can also play a part in how the tool will store away. You may have more trouble storing a sex bench with awkward shapes, like big frames, sharp curves, or a wide size.

You may also want your spanking tool to break down or separate for easy storage if you want to keep your bench up only some of the time. While there are fewer options for frames that adjust and fold, you can find models that easily disassemble.

Compatibility With Other Sex Accessories

Along with BDSM compatibility, you may prefer a model of a spanking bench that you can use with other sex furniture like sex ramps, pillows, or wedges.

Your spanking bench may also become useful for having fun with different sex toys, such as a vibrator, paddles, whips, anal toys, sensation play, and massagers.

Make sure your bench can also accommodate body massaging and kama sutra positions. You may prefer a design that aligns more with a bed or mattress.

Buy the Best Spanking Bench to Meet Your Pleasure

If you enjoy a good spank on the bottom, but your current conditions aren’t giving you what you need, you might be ready to up your sex game with a spanking bench. Designed to support your body and elevate your rump to the perfect placement to receive whippings, spank benches can be the ultimate accessory to round out your BDSM sex kit.

Start your adventure by exploring the five best spanking benches I’ve found offered by two of the best sex furniture brands in the biz – The Liberator and The Stockroom. As a recap, my five fav choices are:

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