The 7 Best Sex Pillows to Make Your Sex Life Way More Fun, Comfortable and Kinky

There are many ways to enhance the quality of your sex life, including adding props. A common accessory reached for in the midst of passion is a pillow.

Some of the best sex pillows provide the perfect prop for helping you achieve deeper inner penetration, G-spot – or prostate stimulation, and more comfortable oral sex delivery.

In addition, large sex cushions – like wedges and ramps – can help support body weight, align height differences, and reduce pain and discomfort.

Not only can adding a sex pillow to your sessions increase your stamina and thrills, but they can also help you hit kinky positions you might not have achieved in years.

Aging joints ain’t no joke!

So, jump aboard as I run down my 7 favorite sex pillows. I’ve also got all the freaky facts you need to know to get the best buyout of your sex cushion.

My Quickie List

Showing Off 7 Sex Pillow Styles for Your Intimacy

This dirty little section is for those of you who like a sexy story to get your motor running before you get down to the dirty deed.

Wedge Ramp Combo – Best Combination Pillow

wedge ramp sex pillow with man and woman being intimate
red wedge ramp combo pillow
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The Wedge Ramp Combo gives you two for the price of one – a ramp and a wedge. You can use the pieces connected for endless angles and positions for doggy style, missionary, or oral positions.

Or you can separate the two pieces to enjoy even more position opportunities. The high-density foam supports your body while lifting, giving the perfect stimulating angles.

And it gives you comfortable support for your back and knees while easing joints and reducing strain during sex or oral.


  • The liner adds moisture resistance.
  • Wedge and ramp interlock.
  • Enhances oral and physical sex comfort.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Reduces body strain.


  • Pricey.
  • It can take experimentation to get proper positioning.

Jaz Motion – Best for Traveling

jaz motion pillow with women laying on her back
jaz motion pillow with man and woman on bed
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Nothing makes a road trip more adventuresome than out-of-town sex. And you shouldn’t have to limit yourself to boring, vanilla sex just because you’re traveling. Introducing the answer to your needs – the small but mighty Jaz Motion.

The petite size makes it great for taking with you on every trip. And the discreet look won’t bust your secret kink if someone unwittingly glimpses your pillow.

I’m in love with the flat side that helps keep the pillow in place during rough work. While the curvy contoured side gives delicious rolls for assisted thrusts. It can also create neck support during oral sex thanks to the high-density foam and soft, luxurious machine-washable micro velvet cover.


  • Multiple exciting micro velvet color choices.
  • Dual-sided for versatile use.
  • The inner liner resists moisture.
  • Petite size for travel.
  • Easy to wash.


  • Zipper can be uncomfortable occasionally.
  • Petite size might not be suitable for larger people.

Humphrey Sex Toy Pillow – Best for Sex Toy Mount

Humphrey Sex Toy Pillow with woman using it
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The Humphrey pillow is a fantastic blend of a traditional shape and a supportive sex toy mount. Thanks to two toy pockets, you can add your favorite sex device for hands-free play.

A spacious, ergonomic shape makes the perfect base to grind or straddle. Plus, you can fit nearly any size and style of sex toy inside the main pocket – even wand massagers! And inside the small pocket, you can add your favorite bullet vibrator.

You can insert the sex pillow in standard king-sized pillowcases for discreet storage so you can leave your sex pillow on your bed all the time without giving away your secret.


  • Works as a pillow or sex toy mount.
  • Can discreetly hide in pillowcases.
  • You can add two toys at once for dual stimulation.
  • Ergonomic shape.
  • Great for solo or partner play.


  • Large size might stand out against your pillows.
  • It can be too firm for some.

Whirl – Most Discreet Look

Whirl pillow with man and woman using it
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The Whirl sex pillow is an amazing accessory to keep on your bed for easy access whenever the mood hits. Choose from five colors of removable, machine-washable cover in soft micro velvet.

I love that the long cylindrical form offers a rolling motion that enhances stimulation during oral sex and the doggy position. And two built-in clip adapters allow you to add D-rings for connecting D-rings for bondage pieces.

The high-density foam keeps your body buoyant instead of sinking into the mattress. While it also enhances your thrusts when placed as a pivot point for your ankles and knees. You can do a bunch of different positions, including a Jellyroll ride, long corkscrew, submarine plunger, daring mare, and the sidewinder.


  • Discreet look.
  • Built-in D-rings for bondage play.
  • Works for various positions.
  • Microfiber material can match any interior design.
  • Bolster shape can work for sexual or nonsexual comfort.


  • Zipper can be challenging to use.
  • It doesn’t come with cuffs.

Black Label Hipster – Best for Bondage

Black Label Hipster with woman and bondage straps
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The Black Label Hipster customizes your sex pillow, from picking various sizes to cuff kit accessory add-ons – furry red, microfiber black, or wrist and ankle kit.

This sensually curvaceous sex cushion has a flat base that creates stability on all surfaces with a high-density insert for firm comfort. The lower angled end is great for creating a comfortable oral-giving experience. While the high-angle side is for better anal activities.

You can use this toy with other Black Label gear to enhance your BDSM experience. The curves on the sex positioning wedge are bondage inspired with cuff connection points that create fun, playful restraint during sexy time.


  • Curvy, sloped shape for oral, anal, or vag penetration.
  • Built-in cuff connector points.
  • Compatible with other Black Label products.
  • High-density foam insert.
  • Soft, easy-to-clean exterior.


  • The sloped design might not be comfortable for all.
  • Large size isn’t easy to store.

Wedge Ramp Threesome – Best for Position Exploration

Wedge Ramp Threesome being used by a man and woman
red Wedge Ramp Threesome pillow
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The Wedge Ramp Threesome combines three sex pillow shapes for a sex playground for floor play or on an elevated surface like a bed or sofa.

This piece is excellent for group sex and couples’ play, allowing unlimited deeper penetration to the G-spot or P-spot. In addition, a spacious firm wedge gives you better comfort during oral sex and better thrusting power.

And the two ramps – one full and one short – give you full body support during behind positions. A patented fabric interlock keeps the pieces together, even during the hardest actions.


  • Three pieces to use together or solo.
  • Ramps and wedge.
  • Increases depth of penetration.
  • Targets G-spot and prostate.
  • Pieces stay together during hard use.


  • Too large to hide.
  • Not discreet.

Heart Wedge – Best for G-Spot Stimulation

Heart Wedge Sex Pillow with woman
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This Heart Wedge sex pillow has a luscious soft micro velvet cover in five colors that accent the romantic pronounced heart shape and hide the moisture-proof liner.

The deeply contoured curves create the perfect lifted angle of the booty for deep penetration while showing off your sexy silhouette with a good view from any position.

Not only do I like that the unassuming heart shape makes it look like a simple piece of decor if I leave it on my bed with the rest of my throw pillows. But it also creates delicious tilting for access to the G-spot during sex or penetration.


  • Unassuming heart shape.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Removable, washable cover.
  • Multiple color options.
  • Petite size.


  • It might be difficult to grasp during the use.
  • Too firm for some.

Picking the Right Sex Pillow From the Start

You can invest – or waste – a lot of money on sex furniture to incorporate into your sex life. But, if you don’t do your research and prepare for your shopping excursion, you can end up with a dissatisfactory purchase.

There are a few functionalities to desire when picking a superb pillow for your sex life activities. Weigh these shopping features to find the sex pillow for your wildest fantasies.

Select the Appropriate Size for Your Sensuality

You can find a range of sex pillows in different shapes and sizes. As with all sex toys, size is important for your shopping criteria.

Sex pillows can come in small sizes that you can discreetly leave on your bed or couch all the time without giving your secret away.

Or they can be larger pieces like wedges, ramps, or bolster pillows that you can use on surfaces or the floor. These options are great for combination orientations that can expand how many sex positions you can achieve.

But they can be harder to hide and aren’t as discreet, so you might not find these suitable if you have a shared space or want to keep your sex life private. And if they’re large, it can be difficult to store these pillow forms away.

Suitable Shape for Your Sensual Sex Pillow

Another qualification for the ideal sex pillow is its shape. As my favorites show, you can get sex cushions in different shapes and forms.

There are pillows for sex with basic shapes like squares or round, elongated shapes that make the perfect layout for grinding and humping.

Sex cushions can also have novelty shapes that resemble a decorative accent, like hearts, lips, and circles. These styles are better for discreetness but often have a smaller size.

Larger dedicated sex pillows like ramps or wedges provide full body support. As a result, you can experience less fatigue and bodily injury during intense sex sessions. And it can help sustain an active sex life, despite physical limitations (like 90s’ knees and backs, oy).

Kind of Cover That Keeps Your Surface Clean

When shopping for sex pillows, the feel of the material may not come to mind immediately. But texture can play a significant role in your overall pleasure level.

Most pillows have a soft, supple feel like micro velvet or faux velvet material. Polyester is another common material used to cover cushions for sex due to its easy cleaning. But it can be rougher to the touch. Finally, you might find a few pieces wrapped in fake leather. But real leather should never be used as a surface for sex due to easy staining.

You can also get sex pillows that can slip inside standard pillowcases for discreet storage. I love this option for pillows I want to leave out and ready to go at a moment’s notice. They can add a matching look or create a touch of design contrast.

Regardless of the material you select for your pillow cover, ensure it will be easy to clean. I appreciate a body I can unzip and remove to toss into the washing machine. No muss, no fuss. I also enjoy a surface that I can wipe clean with a wet cloth and a safe hygiene cleaner without worrying about damage to the materials.

Which Sex Pillow Style is Your Fav?

Liberator understands that people have different sexual preferences and needs, including their experience level with using pillows as part of your sex game. Sure, you could keep using the pillows you’ve already got. But how hygienic is that?

Buying a dedicated sexual pillow can improve all aspects of your sex life, from solo play to single or multiple partner sessions. Choose pillows with unassuming discreet looks or large full-body support shapes. There are even models with built-in bondage and toy holders! Get your kink kissed with any of these 7 top rated sex pillows for this year.

Here are the prices at the time of publishing. Some items might be on sale so check the links for updates.

Pillow Best For Pricing
Wedge Ramp Combo Best Combination Pillow $279.00
Jaz Motion Best for Traveling $79.00
Whirl Most Discreet Look $180.00
Black Label Hipster Best for Bondage $225.00
Humphrey Sex Toy Pillow Best for Sex Toy Mount $159.00
Wedge Ramp Threesome Best for Position Exploration $473.50
Heart Wedge Sex Pillow Best for G-Spot Stimulation $105.00

FAQ – What to Know About Shopping for Sex Pillows

FAQ Answers
How Do Sex Pillows Help Your Sex Life? Sex pillows help elevate your body for better angling to access those hard-to-reach places like the G-spot or P-spot. They can also help you achieve different positions that you might not be able to do on your own.
Why Shouldn’t You Use a Regular Pillow for Sex? Pillows are tried and true sex accessories used for various purposes throughout history. But using your standard cushion for sex can be unsanitary. Even if you wash your pillow after use, there can still be bacteria and microorganisms that trap inside. Over time, it can lead to bad odors. And having to wash your regular pillows frequently can cause faster degradation, meaning you’ll need to replace the pillows more regularly. Another reason that regular pillows aren’t as good as sex pillows is their firmness. Most bed and sofa pillows are too soft to hold up the weight of your body.
What to Look for in a Sex Pillow? The first decision is inside – do you want durable and firm foam that can be hard to travel with or store away? Or would an inflatable air pillow do better? These pieces are easier to store, making them great for spatial-challenged areas and traveling. Also, consider the shape and size of your sex position pillow. Do you need attachments like toy mounts or bondage clips? The most common form for sex position pillows is a wedge, which props up the butt or hips. Ramps and wedges – or combos – can support your whole body but can be too much for discreetness or small spaces. You can also find shapes like bullets, cylinders, and domes.
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