The Best Sex Swing Recommendations: Best for Storage, Travel, Small Spaces and More

Have you heard all the exciting gossip about one of the best ways to get great suspended sex?

I’m talking about sex swings, baby!

Once you’ve seasoned a bit in age, you can start to notice problems with your body that may interfere with the sex positions you can achieve. I’m the first to admit the 90s were not good on my knees and hips.

Instead of dealing with the strain of supporting my body weight or cramps and grinding my bones during the freaky-deeky, a sex swing can do it for me. Swings for sex are a great way to add excitement to your sex life and expand the position possibilities.

Check out my five top picks for the best sex swings. And then check out my buyer’s guide below to ensure you get the best purchase from your sex sling.

My Quickie List

5 Best Sex Swings for Every Situation

Buying a sex swing doesn’t have to be a scary event. When you’re armed with knowledge, you have everything you need to get the best purchase. There are numerous sex swings out there, and all are not created equal.

The first way to make sure you get a good buy is to shop with the right supplier. Everything I’ve recommended comes from Lovehoney and The Stockroom.

Sportsheets Door Jam Kit – Best for Easy Storage

Sportsheets Sex Swing Door Jam Kit
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The Sportsheets Door Jam sex swing gives you the best ability to have your toy out to play for sex time and then easily break down to store away with zero evidence left behind of your fun time.

Strong nylon straps can support up to 325 pounds, with sturdy neoprene stirrups and handles for comfort. Acrylic barbells give you support when hung over closed doors.

The padded swing seat cradles your backside and supports your body weight. At the same time, both sides of the double-suspended straps are fully adjustable to give you a variety of semi-suspended positions.


  • Padded seat.
  • Barbells for use on any door.
  • Easily packs away.
  • Adjustable straps.
  • Supports 325 pounds.


  • Stirrups may be uncomfortable.
  • Handles aren’t padded.

Bondage Boutique Over-the-Door Sex Swing – Best for Small Spaces

Bondage Boutique Soft Over-The-Door Sex Swing
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This over-the-door sex swing has adjustable nylon straps that accommodate 41” to 71” in length for the perfect height for standing sex.

Acrylic barbells hold the swing in sturdy placement over any household door – when closed – and don’t leave behind any damage to your paint.

This sex swing also has cushioned thigh straps that hold your weight while the handles on the straps allow you to achieve better leverage and balance.


  • Easy to use.
  • Padded leg straps.
  • Adjustable for different heights.
  • Secures to any closed house door.
  • Removes for easy storage.


  • It can be hard to tighten straps while in use.
  • It can be difficult to get out of.

DOMINIX Deluxe Fantasy Bondage Swing – Best for Bondage

DOMINIX Deluxe Fantasy Bondage Swing
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This deluxe bondage swing has all the kink you need for a fun vertical session. Along with a sex swing that rotates 360 degrees to allow you to achieve challenging positions, this sexy sling also comes with an eye mask and wrist and ankle cuffs that detach for bondage fun off the swing.

There are also built-in padded stirrups and support straps that help you achieve a massive range of positions with full-body support.

And even better, you can position the leg stirrups to go under your butt, back, legs, or neck to try different positions without difficulty for up to 330 pounds.


  • 360-degree rotation.
  • Super-strong supportive material construction.
  • Padded straps and stirrups.
  • Stirrups can be used in different positions.
  • Includes accessories.


  • Bands aren’t very wide.
  • Stirrups aren’t very wide.

Stockroom Travel Sling/Stirrup Combo – Best for Travel

travel sex swing
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This bondage sling is the perfect accessory to take along on naughty weekend getaways without getting caught. During times when you can’t strap up a swing to your door, this combo can make a perfect alternative.

The heavy-weight garment leather has a ½” dense foam padded neck rest that gives you great and firm head support that attaches to leads for the thighs and ankles.

You can adjust the latigo leather and heavy-weight garment leads and cuffs to ensure a secure fit, while chrome leads and nickel-plated hardware add sturdy stability. The thigh leads change from 9” to 12” long with an inner circumference of 10.5” to 24.5”, while the ankle circumference can adjust from 7” to 11” with a 24” to 29” lead.


  • High quality material
  • Great for bondage
  • Small size ideal for traveling


  • A little expensive
  • Not a traditional swing

Web Style Hammock Sling – Best for Looks

leather sex swing
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This hammock sex sling has 3” wide black leather straps woven into a leather hammock seat with nickel-plated rivets securing the pieces together.

The trapezoidal shape tapers from a 22.5” width down to a 16” base with a 37” length. A leather pillow and leather stirrups are included for extra support and comfort.


  • The wide seat accommodates most body sizes.
  • The pillow provides neck comfort.
  • Looks great as a sex room centerpiece.
  • Nickel-plated rivets.
  • Hammock style swing.


  • It doesn’t come with changes.
  • Rivets may become uncomfortable with extended use.

How to Shop for the Perfect Sex Swing

The main function of a sex swing is to suspend one partner in the air while the other partner can stand on the ground. Once suspended, you can achieve fun vertical positions that you might not otherwise be able to achieve.


The first thing to consider when picking a sex swing is the safety of use. Traditional styles of sex swings would mount into your ceiling or in a frame. But the risks of these are that they could pull out of the structure and crash down with you in it.

Another type of sex swing suspends over your door. This style is great for temporary use or to take along when you travel. But you have to be sure your door can support your body weight. Testing the door frame and hinges before each use is important.

How Much Weight it Supports

Before you try using any swing for sex, you’ll want to ensure it can accommodate your body weight. Most swings can support upwards of 300 pounds.

Ignoring the weight recommendations on your sex swing can result in product failure. The straps may fail or rip, resulting in injury.

Included Accessories

Because sex swings work by suspending a person in the air with the support of their full weight, they often come with accessories for helping hold your limbs.

Your sex swing may come with cuffs, straps, or stirrups for your ankles that you can also use for other areas like your thighs or butt. There can also be handles or straps to help you keep your balance and ease your weight.

Other items that you may get with your sex swing can be pillows, blindfolds, removable leather bondage cuffs, and other BDSM accessories. Find our full guide on sex furniture here.

Ability to Adjust

When comparing sex swings, take note of if the swing is adjustable. The best designs allow you to adjust the straps to accommodate different heights.

Adjustable straps can also help you achieve different sex positions by accommodating fewer flexibility abilities.

Type of Sex Swing

There are a few different types of sex swings, starting with a traditional design that has two main straps with stirrups. Additional accessories include handles and headrests. These styles can install via free-standing frames, ceiling hooks, or against the walls of a hallway. You get the most variety of sex position possibilities with this model.

Another model we talked about is door sex swings. This style installs over a door and secures over a door frame. Some models secure the person in the air from a strap under their butt. Others use the thighs as a base. Additional items include arm and leg straps, stirrups, or handles. You get less range of motion but an easy install that’s often temporary and easy to dismantle to store.

Sex slings look similar to a hammock and can have a free-standing base to support the swing. Other styles can give you the functionality of a sex swing without suspending you in the air. You get fewer positions at a high price. But you can be more comfortable.

Rounding Out the Best Sex Swings

Sex swings can be a great addition to your collection of sex accessories. Whether you use a permanent setup for your sex dungeon or create a temporary structure for a night of fun exploration, a sex swing is a great way to spice up your sex life. Start your quest for swings for sex with my five favorite picks. Got one that you love that I didn’t include? Drop us a line and clue us in.

As a roundup, here are the five best sex swings:

FAQ for Sex Swing Fun

Check out these additional questions about sex swings.

FAQ Answers
What are Sex Swings? Sex swings support a person’s body weight to achieve different vertical positions without the strain of either partner having to support body weight. These swings suspend from ceilings, doors, or walls.
What Do Sex Swings Do? The purpose of sex swings is to put a person in a suspended position for better access to sex positions that require you or your partner to support your full body weight without your feet on the ground.
What Materials are Best for Sex Swings? Sex swings come in a few material choices – nylon, fabric, chains, fiber, leather, or rope.
What is Included With a Sex Swing? Sex swings can come in a few different styles, including handles, foot straps, cushions, body pillows, stirrups, blindfolds, and removable cuffs. Sex swings can be great for BDSM.
What are the Parts of a Sex Swing? Sex swings include a frame, straps (hopefully adjustable), cushions for comfort, hand or footrests, and a seat.
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