Kiiroo Titan: A Powerful Vibrator That Does More Than Just Tickle Your Balls

Toy makers need to stop putting vibrators at the base of the toy.

Kiiroo’s TITAN is a toy actually designed for men thanks to its nine bullet vibrators placed throughout the shaft.

Add in some interactivity, and you’ll see what I mean when I say that the TITAN is one of the best sex toys for long-distance couples and men looking for realistic, ultimate, pleasurable experiences.

See for yourself in my review of Kiiroo’s indomitable TITAN.

The TITAN Dominates All But is it Right for Your Bedroom?

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The TITAN is the answer to the long-asked question: How do we make a pleasurable male vibrator?

For decades before the TITAN, most vibrators for men placed their vibrators at the base of the toy.

It meant a lot of stimulation at the base of a penis, but this isn’t exactly the center where most pleasurable spots exist.

TITAN changes the game by having nine, powerful, bullet vibrators that run throughout the shaft.

They’re also on both sides.

This ensures that, as you use the toy, you’re feeling that vibrating stimulation everywhere.

It’s an experience unlike anything else.

Because of its interactivity, the TITAN is primarily ideal for long-distance couples, couples who live apart, and men looking to interact with online cam girls.

As someone in a long-distance relationship myself, the TITAN has completely changed the intimacy levels between my partner and me.

Even if you’re not in a relationship, you’ll probably enjoy the TITAN’s intense experience by syncing it up with Kiiroo’s interactive apps.

FeelMe AI, in particular, lets you sync the TITAN up to any video on the platform.

It matches what occurs on the screen and offers memorable experiences.

That said, interactivity might not be your thing after all.

You can use the TITAN as a regular masturbator without syncing it to videos or other people’s devices.

However, because of the high price, it’s really ideal to use all the features that the TITAN offers.

Those who don’t want interaction might find themselves better suited with a typical stroker or vibrator.

One of Kiiroo’s many Feel Strokers is a great choice.

Those who want to unleash all that the TITAN can offer, however, will change both long-distance experiences and solo play forever.

The TITAN Finally Gives Men What They Need: Vibrators Everywhere All at Once

You might be wondering what this indomitable TITAN is all about.

The TITAN is an interactive vibrator that comes with a realistic sleeve and nine bullet vibrators for exceptional pleasure.

It gets better from there.

Kiiroo has a particular interest in ensuring its products are as easy to use as possible.

It’s a company that understands that fighting your toy and trying to get it to work is the last thing you want to do.

As such, the company uses intuitive controls that are touch-sensitive.

This means you just need to lightly touch the TITAN’s controls to change its settings.

That makes using it easier for you or anyone close to you who is using it on you.

With the TITAN, you can experience realistic, exceptional, pleasure and introduce yourself to new experiences through its interactive functions.

There are quite a few things that the TITAN comes with, too.

When you open up your box from Kiiroo, you’ll find the following in a sleek-looking box:

  • USB Pin Charging Cable
  • Warranty Card
  • Quick Setup Manual

Essentially, Kiiroo gives you everything you need to get started with the TITAN later that day.

Now, the TITAN isn’t the only vibrator that seeks to break the norm.

Another leading product is the Max 2 from Lovense.

The Max 2 has a few features that the TITAN doesn’t offer.

For one, it doesn’t just vibrate, it also contracts.

It uses an air pump to mimic the contractions of the vaginal wall during orgasm.

The Max 2 is also interactive.

You can use the Lovense app to sync it to other Lovense toys.

It’s another great toy for long-distance couples looking for a fierce, realistic, experience with each other.

However, the Max 2 does have its faults.

It only has one main bullet vibrator that’s responsible for stimulation.

As you might have guessed, it’s near the base of the toy.

That’s not going to do much for a lot of men.

In this case, the TITAN is still superior since it has nine vibrators throughout the shaft.

However, if you’re a guy that loves contracting sensations, then you might appreciate the Max 2.

Here’s a quick and dirty look at what makes the TITAN an overpowering force and what it lacks.


  • 9 bullet vibrators offer tons of stimulation.
  • Intuitive controls allow you to easily increase or decrease intensity levels.
  • Interact with online content in VR or in 2D formats for more intimate experiences.
  • Sync with your partner’s device for long-distance fun.


  • Doesn’t offer contracting stimulation, just vibrational and stroking.
  • Only up to 40 minutes of playtime which may not be enough.
  • Almost 4 hours of charging despite only having up to 40 minutes of play.

These Powerful Features Make the TITAN the Conqueror in Any Masturbatory Session

Most male vibrators and strokers only have a few features.

The TITAN has several.

There are a ton of features that the TITAN has that make it my go-to choice for an interactive, male, vibrator.

Let’s dig into them.

9 Bullet Vibrators Tease and Pleasure You From Base to Tip

The real hero of the TITAN is its 9 bullet vibrators.

Not even many female vibrators can boast 9 areas of stimulating sensation throughout the toy.

Besides the number of bullet vibrators, it’s their placement that makes the TITAN the real king of male masturbators.

The TITAN lines its bullet vibrators up on each side from the base of the toy all the way to the tip.

Whenever you increase the intensity level of the toy, you’re going to feel those vibrations all around your shaft.

It’s something like you’ve never felt before.

And here’s the deal with guys.

You might think that vibration doesn’t do much for you.

That’s likely because you’ve been using a vibrator that just has the vibration occur at the base of the toy.

There are very few stimuli there.

Most of the stimulation you’re going to receive is on the underside of your shaft and around the tip of the penis.

That’s exactly where the TITAN focuses its vibration.

You haven’t used a real vibrator until you’ve tried the TITAN.

Realistic Sleeve Ensures the Pleasure Remains Grounded and Intimate

Here’s the deal with most sleeves in standard vibrators.

They’re boring and feel nothing like the real deal.

Most of them are just smooth without any sort of texture at all.

That doesn’t do much for stimulation.

The TITAN takes this into account and has a realistic sleeve included in the vibrator.

The sleeve has a unique pattern that aims for realism but also couples it with interesting textures.

It’s literally designed to feel so good that you don’t want to stop using it.

Kiiroo knows that using the same toy over and over again can start to feel underwhelming.

That’s why also made their realistic sleeve replaceable.

You can pull it out, then exchange it for another.

The new pattern and textures can offer new experiences that make using the toy memorable.

Part of the success of the sleeve is in its material.

Kiiroo uses TPE, or thermoplastic elastomer, which is a rubber-like material.

However, it’s still soft and pliant enough that it feels as close to the real thing as possible.

It also warms as you use it which makes the experience feel more real.

All you need to do is add some lube, and you’re basically as close to actually having sex as you can.

The sleeve of a toy can really make or break it, and the TITAN ensures that its sleeve matches the powerhouse that it is for masturbation.

Connect to the FeelMe AI App for Online Play

While the vibrators are the real story behind the TITAN’s success, it has one more treat for its users.

You can connect the toy to the FeelMe AI app.

This is an app that Kiiroo uses to sync the TITAN up to thousands of videos online.

Once the toy syncs, you’re able to feel exactly what’s going on in the video.

If it’s slow and romantic, then your toy matches the intensity.

If it’s fast-paced and passionate, then your TITAN will match it stroke for stroke.

The FeelMe AI app allows you to have a more intimate experience with your favorite porn videos.

All you need to do is hold onto the toy while it puts you through your paces.

It’s one thing to use your hand and match what you see on the screen.

It’s a whole different experience to have the toy literally having sex with you on its own.

Connecting the toy to the FeelMe AI app is easy.

All you need to do is make an account, then go to the syncing settings.

Once you press the necessary buttons, your toy will sync, and you’re able to start exploring videos.

Kiiroo does its best to make syncing to its content easy.

Within just a few minutes, you can use your TITAN to enter a new world of masturbation.

Long-Distance Couples Can Experience Orgasmic Delight Thanks to the TITAN’s Syncing Abilities

Here’s the deal with the TITAN.

While it works great as a solo toy, it really shines when using it with another Kiiroo device.

The TITAN can pair with a number of other sex toys that Kiiroo offers.

Once paired, you and your partner can tease each other to mind-blowing finishes.

You connect through the FeelConnect app.

The app also allows you to chat and voice call on it.

Even if your partner is miles away from you, you can still use the toy to bring them to orgasm.

They’re able to do the same for you.

You basically use the app to control their toy.

Some toys also sync with one another in such a way that when they’re using it, you’re feeling how they’re using it.

At long last, there’s a way for long-distance couples, or even just couples living apart, to have intimate experiences together.

Distance is no longer an excuse to have a sexless relationship.

Even if you’re not in a relationship, you can also use the FeelConnect app to sync with VR partners and webcam girls who give their codes away.

The TITAN offers a way to experience more intimacy in online relationships or flings.

Touch-Sensitive Controls Make Using the TITAN a No-Brainer

Let’s be honest here.

When you’re horny, you don’t have a lot of brain power.

Your mind is a little busy focusing on something else.

As such, if a toy requires a lot of thought just to get it working, then it’s probably going to become too frustrating to use.

At least, that’s how it is with me and toys.

If I have to keep referring to the manual to learn how to use the toy, then it’s going to sit in my closet for a long time.

The TITAN, mercifully, makes using it extremely simple.

It all comes down to its touch-sensitive controls.

There are three, main, buttons on the toy that help you control it.

All you need to do is pass your finger over the button to make a change.

You don’t need to press, flick anything, or hold your finger there for a certain number of seconds.

The ease of use is vital here because you don’t want to be fumbling with buttons when you’re right there on the edge.

There’s also something sleek and smart about the TITAN’s touch-sensitive buttons.

It feels satisfying to use them.

The user interface is important in sex toy design, and the TITAN knocks it out of the park.

Lightweight Design Makes Holding the TITAN Simple

Despite its appearance, the TITAN is actually very light.

You might think that’s not the case with its bulk and vibrators, but it barely weighs more than a few pounds.

Why does this matter to you?

If you’ve ever used a heavy sex toy, then you know how difficult it is to keep it in place for an extended period of time.

It’s certainly one way to work out your arms, but it can detract from the overall experience.

Thanks to how lightweight the TITAN is, you can easily position it anywhere and keep it exactly where you want it without straining a muscle.

Its lightweight nature just makes using the toy easier and more enjoyable.

Easy to Clean Ensures Your TITAN Lasts Forever

Nothing is more devastating than when you have to throw out a great toy because it became moldy.

That’s a reality that can happen to any sex toy that isn’t easy to clean.

The TITAN, thankfully, doesn’t have this problem.

It’s easy to clean the case, but it’s the removable sleeve that really makes the TITAN great.

You can simply pull out the sleeve, clean it, then insert it back into the TITAN once it’s dry.

Since the sleeve is removable and not a part of the TITAN, it ensures that the TITAN, itself, stays clean.

Even if the sleeve does start to become moldy or breaks, you can easily replace it with another.

The TITAN, itself, continues to last.

Not only does this save you money, but it saves on the whole “ick” factor, too.

Stroking Motions Doubled With Vibrations Leads to Incredible Experiences

The TITAN’s vibrators are certainly its main focus, but it isn’t the only type of sensation you’ll feel.

The TITAN is also capable of stroking motions.

Double stroking with vibration, and you’re going to find it very difficult to last.

It’s this one-two punch that gives the TITAN its name.

You might be able to last from just the stroking motions or just the vibrations, but together?

That’s a battle you don’t want to win.

The TITAN uses all its features to unleash unrelenting pleasure.

Behind the TITAN’s Prowess Rests Powerful Technology

The reason behind the TITAN’s ability to make you orgasm like nothing else is its technology.

There are several feats of tech that make the TITAN stand out from its competitors.

Here’s a look at what makes the TITAN an unyielding force of pleasure.

Bluetooth Syncing Allows Long-Distance Couples Intimate Experiences

The reason that the TITAN is the go-to solution for long-distance couples is its Bluetooth syncing capabilities.

It’s able to take the signals generated from one device and send them to the other device.

As a result, you and your partner are able to react to each other in real-time.

It also unlocks the ability to have more intimate experiences with VR girls and cam girls.

All it takes is a code from them, and Bluetooth takes care of the rest.

Remote-Controlled Bullet Vibrators Provide Fine-Adjustment for Ultimate Pleasure

It’s one thing to have bullet vibrators and another thing entirely to have remote-controlled bullet vibrators.

Basic bullet vibrators simply turn on and off.

Remote-controlled bullet vibrators allow you to control their intensity levels.

This is what the TITAN offers.

You’re able to adjust each vibrator until you find the exact setting that drives you crazy.

Kiiroo uses basic remote control technology to offer this feature.

The technology may not be new, but Kiiroo uses it in a brand-new way.

FeelMe Apps Allow Syncing to Online Porn in More Intimate Ways

Kiiroo also designed its own app to allow you to interact with online porn.

Using Bluetooth here as well, you can sync your TITAN to the videos that you’re watching.

You basically become part of the porn yourself.

Not only does the TITAN offer the best vibrator yet for guys, but it also makes interacting with online videos more satisfying and memorable.

All it takes is a quick sign-up for the app.

TPE Sleeve

Kiiroo also uses thermoplastic elastomer to make its realistic sleeve for the TITAN.

TPE is far different from the standard silicone that most toy companies use.

Its unique texture and give make it simulate real skin.

It’s also able to become warmer when it comes into contact with your own skin.

That only adds to the realistic experience.

If you’re put off by the synthetic feeling of most toys, then the tech in Kiiroo’s sleeves might be what you need.

Single Men and Couples Find the TITAN Worth Dominating Their Playtime

You might be wondering what other users are saying about the TITAN.

The bulk of them find that the TITAN offers an incredible experience.

Over and over again, they found that it solves many of the problems that vibrators for men typically have.

For one, they thought it had great vibration.

Its nine bullet vibrators throughout the shaft really made a difference.

They also loved how easy it was to sync to their partner’s devices.

Long-distance couples, in particular, found the toy extremely satisfying.

Even those without a partner found the TITAN’s ability to connect to VR and porn content to be pleasing.

They were able to have more sex than they ever were before.

Some users did have a few problems with the TITAN, however.

The main issue they had is that the TITAN isn’t compatible with the Keon.

The Keon is another Kiiroo product that enhances sex and masturbation even further.

Some wish that it was compatible with the Keon.

Otherwise, the general consensus is that the TITAN makes it easy to reach orgasm quickly and leads to more satisfying results for couples.

Think This Toy Might be too Much? Try These Similar Products Instead

There’s no question that the TITAN can offer a zealous experience both alone and with a partner.

However, its price can be prohibitive for some people, and not everyone wants to interact with online girls.

As such, here are some similar products to the TITAN that might better suit your needs.

Lovehoney’s Hot Octopuss PULSE III Offers Longer Playtime

A problem you might find with the TITAN is that it doesn’t last long.

If you’re someone who likes to edge for a long time, then the Pulse III might be a better choice.

The Pulse III has many of the same features as the TITAN.

You can sync it to other devices, although not necessarily to online videos.

It’s also a powerful vibrator that stimulates certain parts of your shaft.

Because of its design, it’s also extremely easy to clean.

However, it does lack the ability to connect to online videos.

It’s also not something that encompasses your entire shaft like the TITAN.

Finally, it only has a handful of bullet vibrators as opposed to the TITAN’s nine bullet vibrators.

Here’s a quick comparison to see the differences between the two.

Feature Pulse III TITAN
Stimulation Type Vibration Vibration And Stroke
Battery Life 60 Minutes 40 Minutes
Sleeve Material Silicone TPE
Waterproof Yes No
Price $149.99 $149

Since the Pulse III is the same price as the TITAN, it makes a great substitute for someone looking for long-distance play with their partner and not online content.

Check out all the features that the Pulse III has to offer to see if it’s the right pick for you.

Fleshlight’s Classic Pink Lady

Not everyone needs vibration to feel good.

Some guys just need a good toy that they can use to stroke themselves.

That’s where Fleshlight’s Classic Pink Lady shines.

This toy is a simple stroker but it focuses on realistic experiences.

This simulates the same sort of realism you can expect from the TITAN but without any extra features.

The Classic Lady is also waterproof, so you can enjoy it while in the bath.

The TITAN isn’t waterproof, so it limits where you can use the toy.

Take a look at how the two compare to see discover which is the right one for you.

Feature Classic Pink Lady TITAN
Stimulation Type Stroke Vibration And Stroke
Battery Life N/A 40 Minutes
Sleeve Material Mineral-Based Patented Polymer TPE
Waterproof Yes No
Price $69.96 $149

The Classic Pink Lady is a great choice for the type of guy who just wants a realistic masturbator without much technology in it.

You can see if the Classic Pink Lady is right for you by checking it out here.

Kiiroo’s FeelSkyler Stroker

Kiiroo also has its own line of masturbator strokers.

Most of its strokers come from actual actresses you can find online.

Each one offers a unique tunnel or pattern to simulate sex with the featured actress.

The FeelSkyler stroker is a toy designed to mimic sex with Skyler Lo.

This toy makes a great choice for those who may be open to playing with interactive features but haven’t made that decision yet.

That’s because you can couple the stroker with Kiiroo’s Keon device.

Now, you might be wondering what the Keon is all about.

The Keon basically enables you to take traditional strokers and turn them into interactive sleeves.

The Keon is also able to introduce vibration and other stimulation types.

On its own, the stroker also provides the same sort of realism that you might be looking for in the TITAN.

Here’s a quick rundown of the similarities and differences between the two toys.

Feature FeelSkyler TITAN
Stimulation Type Stroke Vibration And Stroke
Battery Life N/A 40 Minutes
Sleeve Material TPE TPE
Waterproof Yes No
Price $79 $149

The FeelSkyler stroker offers some of the best stimulation and realistic sex that you can receive from Kiiroo.

It also offers the ability to upgrade to interactive experiences when you feel ready to take the leap.

You can find out more about the FeelSkyler stroker and see if it’s right for you here.

Experience What a Real Vibrator Should Feel Like

It’s time to stop fruitlessly stimulating the base of your shaft.

The TITAN offers the chance to use a real vibrator designed for men who like to stroke.

With its nine bullet vibrators encased throughout the toy, you’ll finally experience what using a real man-focused vibrator is all about.

Couple this with the TITAN’s realistic sleeve and the ability to interact online with models, and you have a vibrator that is ready to knock off your socks.

Try out actual vibrational play yourself by checking out the TITAN here.

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