DateYou Review: Is This Dating Website a Hidden Gem or a Complete Scam?

Online dating is a rough ride for average men these days.

When a man doesn’t get success on the likes of Tinder, Bumble or Hinge, it’s natural that he’ll consider some left-field dating websites.

And there are some ‘alternative’ dating websites out there that’ll bring regular guys great success! Some will even allow an average Joe to seal a hook-up within a handful of messages.

The problem is: many more unknown dating websites are massive scams.

This review reveals whether will get you laid or waste your money. Read on to learn exactly how this website works and whether we recommend it.

There are Several Telltale Signs of Scam Dating Websites… DateYou Has Most of Them

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It can be difficult to flat-out label a dating website as a scam.

That can cause legal complications.

So, in this review, I’ll reveal the telltale signs of a scam dating website and whether DateYou has them.

Then, you can decide for yourself whether to invest money into this website.

DateYou Tells You All Need to Know in the Small Print of its Website

Let’s cut to the chase.

The DateYou home page features step-by-step instructions explaining how to use the website and find a *chat partner.

Scroll to the footer of the homepage and you’ll see another asterisk next to the following message in small print.

“Chat partners are virtual profiles moderated by exciting real people. Real meetings with them are not possible.”

It’s there in black and white. These are fake profiles operated by DateYou employees.

You’re not chatting with that cute blonde with the freckles. It could very well be a middle-aged dude.

This detail should arguably be included in giant letters at the top of the website.

Indeed, I only spotted it after completing my test.

But that’s a decision for the authorities…

The bottom line is: if you’re hoping to meet or just enjoy online chats with real women, DateYou isn’t the website for you.

DateYou Will Charge You for Every Message You Send on its Platform

You’ll spend 50 Coins for every message you send on DateYou.

The website grants new users 100 Coins. If you want to send more than two messages, you’ll need to pay up.

Coins are bought in packages, which vary in price depending on your country.

The best deal I found when testing the website in Europe translated to 4,500 Coins for around $62. That’s roughly $2 for every three messages.

Unless you’re excited about sending messages to fake profiles, I wouldn’t recommend investing in any Coins packages.

As a general rule, I’d advise you to avoid any dating website that requires you to pay per message you send. The majority of these websites are scams. Even the legit ones will bleed your wallet dry.

I Was Convinced That Bots Were Messaging Me

Whenever testing online dating websites, I always leave my profile blank for 24 hours.

This is to test whether the website uses bots to encourage guys to spend money.

It’s common for new users on scam websites to be bombarded with messages that they have to pay to respond to. And if it’s a blank profile being bombarded, that’s a surefire sign of chatbots sending the messages. Genuine hotties wouldn’t bother messaging anonymous profiles.

However, after 24 hours, my inbox remained empty.

So, I purchased some Coins and sent basic online dating openers to 50 female DateYou profiles.

And here’s why I was convinced that bots were responding to me.

Almost every account replied to me within a couple of minutes!

Plus, their responses were almost always nonsensical and littered with grammatical errors.

I could understand if one profile was that irrational. But all 50 were like this! And all within a matter of minutes of receiving my messages.

Surely only bots could be that consistently random and off-topic?

Either way, whenever I tried to exchange contact details to chat away from this expensive platform, I’d receive a message explaining why they weren’t comfortable doing that yet.

They’d never break the fourth wall and admit to being a fake profile. The goal of this website is to keep users paying for messages for as long as possible.

There’s No Impressive Technology at Play Here

The DateYou website looks modern enough. You’ll see a list of profiles on the main dashboard. You can filter your search by age, gender and location only.

The depth of fake profiles is impressive. There’s a seemingly endless supply of women to message, no matter what city you search.

But the website is otherwise fairly run-of-the-mill.

You can send Likes, kisses, virtual gifts and GIFs to any profile. Some of these options won’t even cost you Coins.

But since the profiles are all objectively fake, I wouldn’t recommend wasting your time.

Most Mainstream Reviews of DateYou are Positive?!

Upon searching for other reviews of DateYou, I was shocked to notice that most of them are positive!

DateYou mentions on its homepage that the profiles are fake, but many reviews fail to mention this. So, be careful what websites you use to get your information on dating websites.

Thankfully, there are some other legitimate warnings out there.

Exploring the online dating landscape can often lead to encounters with profiles that don't seem quite authentic. On platforms like, some users have reported interactions with what appear to be fictitious accounts, whose messages tend to be quite generic and encourage increased engagement.

Transparency about moderation on these sites can sometimes be lacking, which could contribute to the presence of these suspicious profiles. For instance, a simple notification about the existence of 'entertainment profiles' may be tucked away inconspicuously at the bottom of the homepage, and it might not be sufficient to warn unsuspecting users. It is important to tread carefully on such platforms, as there is a possibility of a scarcity of genuine users. Always remember to exercise caution and protect your personal information during your online dating journey.

Here’s a Highly- Recommended Alternative Dating Website…

If you’re not getting any luck on mainstream dating apps like Tinder or Bumble, I can safely say that DateYou is not the answer.

Instead, I’d suggest you take a look at Adult Friend Finder.

The first thing to mention is: this is not a website to find serious relationships. It’s quite the opposite.

Adult Friend Finder is the world’s biggest hook-up website. It has tens of millions of sex-positive users and is the best online platform I’ve tested for meeting horny women in the real world.

Adult friend finder banner
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The design of the website isn’t as modern as DateYou. But the majority of users are real. Most of them are sharing X-rated content on their profile.

You can find someone to your tastes using AFF’s powerful search function, which includes filters for age, gender, body types, kinks, fetishes and more.

You won’t get a 100% reply rate to your DMs (because these are real people), but those who reply are generally down to meet you quickly if you’re local to them.

I’ve tested this website in several parts of the world and can confirm that you’ll have a lot of fun with it.

It’s also currently running a free trial, so there’s no better time to see for yourself what all the fuss is about.

There are Several Carbon Copies of DateYou

Once a scam dating website is created, it can be copied and pasted onto different URLs with slightly different marketing. Indeed, there are several other dating websites with an identical design and business model as DateYou.

MyDates, IDates, MDates and MoreDates are four that I’ve tested. Avoid these for the same reasons as DateYou.

The sad reality is: a lot of men lose money on these websites without realizing what they’re paying for. There are many reports from such men online.

Perhaps you could protect your friends and colleagues from such a fate by sharing this article with your network. If we all do our bit, we can stop websites like this from getting away with this shady profiteering.

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