Chat Avenue: Surfing the Waves of Web-Based Chats

All millennials will remember the joy of internet chat rooms. Many older people too, I’m sure.

You could troll people, make new friends and even engage in some dirty talk (if you were so inclined). This was peak entertainment for a teenage boy during the early days of the internet.

Chat Avenue is a website from the early 2000s which is still online and allows you to do all of that. In fact, there is an 18+ chat room designed for explicit chatting and sharing adult content.

But is this website still going strong? And how does it compare to other platforms offering similar services?

This review reveals how Chat Avenue holds up in the modern day, with a special focus on how well it can satisfy your sexual desires.

Chat Avenue Users Love Roleplay, BDSM and Porn

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Chat Avenue remains exceptionally popular, especially its ‘Adult Chat’ room.

Whenever I tested this website, there were over 1,000 people in this room. Its forums attract plenty of new posts per day as well.

Having read the profiles and sparked conversations with many users in the ‘Adult Chat’ rooms, there would appear to be three main reasons why people enjoy it.

  • Roleplay. Many people log onto Chat Avenue to act out specific sexual scenarios.
  • BDSM. A lot of users expressed a specific desire to talk about dominant/submissive sex, or even to find a partner for that.
  • Porn. Several profiles mentioned that they only log on to appreciate the pornographic GIFs that are spammed in the chat.

If any of these three activities interest you, Chat Avenue could easily become a website you’d enjoy!

There are 20 Chat Rooms to Enjoy, But ‘Adult Chat’ is Most Popular

It’s easy to get started with Chat Avenue.

To create an account, you only need to choose a username and password, then list your age, gender and email address.

But, if that’s too much effort, you can log on as a Guest instead. Simply choose a throwaway username and away you go!

Guest accounts make it difficult to develop long-term connections – and they provide more opportunities for catfish and scammers. But many casual users appreciate the time saved from not having to create an account.

Either way, you’ll have 20 chat rooms to choose from.

These are:

  • College chat
  • Adult chat
  • Singles chat
  • Dating chat
  • General chat
  • Teen chat
  • Kids chat (13-17 years)
  • Gay chat
  • Girls chat
  • Live chat
  • Video chat
  • Sports chat
  • Music chat
  • Lesbian chat
  • Video games chat
  • Boys chat

The Adult Chat has separate rules allowing for more explicit content. During my tests, it appeared to always be the most popular chat room.

The main chat room is as frantic and dirty as you’d expect. Any attempt at conversation is constantly interrupted by links and pornographic gifs.

You’ll find plenty of action in the DMs though. I got a far better response rate sending DMs in this website’s ‘Adult Chat’ than on traditional dating apps.

Most of the users mention in their profiles that they’re up for dirty talk. You can expect to find a partner for this – or maybe something more – pretty easily.

Video Chat is Available on Chat Avenue

I mention “something more” because video chat is available in certain chat rooms and all direct messages.

Moderators are on hand to make sure videos don’t get too explicit in the public rooms, but you can get as frisky as you wish in the DMs.

And that’s what a lot of ‘Adult Chat’ participants are here for. So, fill your boots!

There are no eye-catching features associated with the Chat Avenue video chat, but it’s a welcome addition to the platform either way.

Chat Avenue is Free to Use, But You Can Subscribe for Extra Features

A premium Chat Avenue account offers you the ability to:

  • Upload images or voice memos into any chat room.
  • Change your username.
  • Create and admin your own room.
  • View your chat history.
  • Add a neon username or neon chat text.
  • Appear at the top of user lists with a diamond icon.
  • Use an animated image as your profile cover photo.
  • Disable in-text adverts.

None of these are mind-blowing features that require modern internet technology to implement, but the membership is exceptionally cheap. It’ll cost you $5 for three months, $7 for a year or $10 for a lifetime membership.

With that said, I’m sure Chat Avenue users would prefer the platform to add some basic functionalities to the core product. Currently, it’s not possible to expand a chat window, so users have to make do with a small tab at the bottom of the screen for their DMs. What’s more, there’s no way to open two direct message tabs at the same time. If you open a new conversation, your existing one will disappear.

A function to send messages to online users would surely be welcomed as well. This would make it much easier to build deeper connections on Chat Avenue. Currently, two members can only communicate if they’re both logged in to the website at the same time.

The profiles are as basic as it gets. They’ll show a user’s age, gender, country, joining date and the current room they’re in. It’s also possible to set a ‘mood’ as a temporary status. You can only upload one photo to your profile, although regular users of the ‘Adult Chat’ tend to add a lot of detail about what they’re looking for in the ‘About Me’ section of their profiles.

There is no official Chat Avenue iOS or Android app either. The website itself works fine on mobile devices, but a DM tab will take up half of your smartphone screen, blocking most of the regular chat.

Security is an Issue With Chat Avenue

Many other Chat Avenue reviews were quick to point out the security issues that come with the ease of logging into the website.

In the world of online chat rooms, one faces a constant challenge of verifying the authenticity of the individual on the other side of the screen. Sites like Chat Avenue acknowledge this reality, alerting users that people may not always be who they claim to be. This ease of access, while convenient, also brings about concerns related to security, due to the option of entering as a guest. While a level of monitoring exists in the form of IP address tracking, as revealed by a moderator, there still exists an element of risk.

Furthermore, it is vital to keep in mind that the person you're conversing with could have malicious intentions. This global platform allows anyone to join, emphasizing that your safety is primarily your own responsibility. Hence, it is always advisable to exercise caution by keeping personal information out of such conversations. It is clear that while these platforms offer a space for interaction, they also highlight the need for individual vigilance and digital literacy.

These problems take on a new level of seriousness when you remember that Chat Avenue has rooms designed specifically for minors. Indeed, if you search ‘Chat Avenue review’ on YouTube, you’ll find a number of private investigations into pedophilia on the website.

Monitoring and policing criminal activity has always been one of the major challenges of hosting chat room websites – and it appears Chat Avenue is still struggling with this. Even after 20+ years.

Adult Friend Finder Makes for a Great High-End Alternative to Chat Avenue

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It is possible to enjoy some dirty talk – and maybe more – on Chat Avenue.

But the website’s limitations mean this is unlikely to be a top-tier experience. The search for a willing partner will frustrate you at times.

If you’re serious about enjoying top-drawer dirty talk, I’d recommend you check out Adult Friend Finder instead.

AFF is essentially a social media website packed with tens of millions of sex-positive users from around the world.

You can add countless photos, videos and status updates to your profile for other users to comment on. You can crawl the website for new users to befriend using the website’s detailed search tool, comment on their content and send them DMs. Video chats are available too.

It’s easier to find someone to share your filthy thoughts with on this platform. The website makes it easy for you to enjoy long-term online connections or even find someone to meet in the real world.

That’s because the AFF search function allows you to find users in your local area. You can also filter people based on their age, gender, body type, kinks, fetishes and more.

While there’s no live group chat per se, there is a huge live cam model feature. Each live stream comes with a chat room, where you can shoot the breeze with the model and other viewers. You can arrange a steamy one-on-one with the model too, but that’ll cost you.

Adult Friend Finder is currently running a free trial, so there is no better time to check it out. Once you do, it’ll be tough to go back to getting your kicks on Chat Avenue.

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