Click and Flirt Review: Could This Unknown Dating Website Help You Find a Partner?

The temptation of discovering a brand-new dating website can be alluring.

On one hand, you’re aware that it could be useless. But, if you’re getting no luck on mainstream apps like Tinder or OKCupid, you’re probably also wondering whether this website can save your dating life.

There are alternative dating apps out there, where average guys tend to do a lot better than normal. Indeed, some lesser-known ‘hook-up websites’ can deliver you the sex life you’ve always dreamed of.

But is Click And Flirt one of them? This review will reveal all you need to know about this dating website, including how likely you’ll be to find a hot date using it.

Click and Flirt Has All the Warning Signs of a Dating Scam

Having tested dozens of dating websites over the years, I’ve encountered my fair share of scam websites, and it has become easy for me to spot the warning signs.

Click and Flirt has most of these red flags and that’s why I couldn’t possibly recommend it to anyone.

click and flirt homepage
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Whenever I test a new dating website, I always leave my profile blank for 24 hours. This is a reliable way to check if the platform uses bots to entice its male users. No genuine hotties would waste time sending messages to a blank profile, right?

Well, once I created an account on Click and Flirt, I was bombarded with messages from female profiles within SECONDS. Within an hour, I had twenty messages and they kept arriving at a consistent rate.

The first few messages I received were pretty direct.

“You’re bored aren’t you? Join me in chat.”

“Hi, I need you on the chat. OK? 😛”

“Can I ask you a question? Are you still single?”

But, after that, I could no longer read the messages I was receiving. They were replaced with an alert and a clock counting down from one hour saying:

You have a new message. It will be deleted if you show no interest. Upgrade to read!

Yes, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid account if you want to read your messages. You’ll also need to upgrade to reply to them. New members are given five free messages to open new conversations, but they’ll have to pay to write more.

As a general rule, a man should run for the hills if his profile is flooded with messages within seconds. And especially if he has to pay to even read what these messages say. It’s nearly always bots sending these messages to cover up for the lack of real women on the website.

And so it proved with Click to Flirt.

I upgraded to a paid account and sent messages to 50 women. Half were replies to the messages I received and half were opening new conversations.

I attracted ZERO messages back. Even from the accounts offering sentiments like “I need you”.

I use the same photos and messages for all of my tests. The profile attracts plenty of attention on other apps.

But ZERO here.

While I can’t prove there are no real women using this website, all signs point to that.

The bots, hidden messages and countdown timers tempt you to upgrade to a paid membership. But it’s a ghost town once you’re inside.

Mainstream Dating Websites Should Take Note of the Web Design

For one moment, let’s forget the lack of action you’ll get on

Because the design of this website is slick!

The main dashboard is packed with profiles. Below each profile is a large ‘Chat’ and ‘Like’ button. The dashboard also doubles up as the search function. That appears in the header of the website. You can filter profiles by age, gender, location, sexual orientation, ethnicity, body type, hair color, eye color, piercings and tattoos.

You can also sort the profiles by age, distance, last activity and popularity. I like the idea of the most popular profiles appearing at the top of the page. In fact, I think mainstream dating apps could improve by adding a lot of these features.

It’s possible to purchase a paid add-on that will grant you extra features including read receipts, HTTPS encryption, auto history cleaning, incognito browsing and appearing higher in search results.

There’s also a ‘Flirtcast’ feature where you can broadcast a message to many people at once. It’s not clear how this feature works, but it’s another unique idea that mainstream apps could take note of.

Most Reviewers are Issuing the Same Warning

There aren’t many reviews of Click and Flirt since it’s such a niche website. The reviewers who did test it weren’t pleased with the results either. Here’s a summary:

Navigating the dating site may require you to tread carefully due to a considerable number of seemingly fake profiles. These profiles, potentially run by automated systems or site personnel, seem to primarily serve one function: inundating your inbox with spam messages. Such actions seem aimed at enticing new male users to remain on the site or to purchase a premium membership.

Upon joining, users report receiving an immediate influx of messages. However, the authenticity of these interactions can be questionable, as they often appear random and seem designed to further draw users into the site's ecosystem.

Moreover, the site's ability to craft a seemingly believable user experience can be disconcerting. The extent of their convincing facade can often leave users feeling uneasy, as they recognize the strategic efforts employed to keep them engaged on the platform. Always remember to exercise caution and discernment when interacting on online dating platforms.

If You’re Looking for Casual Online Connections, Try Adult Friend Finder

If you’re looking to click, flirt and actually meet women in the real world, I’d recommend you try Adult Friend Finder.

This is the best website I’ve tested for regular guys to find success with beautiful women.

Adult Friend Finder is not for people seeking serious relationships. In fact, it’s the world’s most popular hook-up website, boasting tens of millions of members from around the world. If casual encounters are what you’re looking for, there’s no better place on the internet.

AFF is set up like a dirty social media website.

You can:

  • Post photos, videos and status updates to your profiles for other members to view and comment on.
  • Search for like-minded members using the website’s search function and add them as a friend.
  • Send DMs to as many members as you wish and engage in fun, sexually-charged chats.

Your response rate will be infinitely better on Adult Friend Finder than on Click and Flirt. These are real people with real profiles.

adult friend finder homepage
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Since the website’s marketing is completely focused on casual sex, none of the women you engage with will be embarrassed to admit that’s what they want.

The search function lets you find members with the same kinks and fetishes as you, so you can find someone on the same page as you sexually.

Adult Friend Finder is currently running a free trial, so there’s been no better time to test it out for yourself.

There are Click and Flirt Clones All Over the Internet

The company that owns Click and Flirt is called Blue Vision. It would appear to have cloned Click and Flirt and made copycat websites all over the internet.

There’s Get Naughty, Moms Get Naughty, Sex In Touch, I Want Asian, Flirty Desires and Locals Go Wild. These websites all have the same design and business model as Click and Flirt. I’m sure there are several more out there too.

All of these websites require a premium subscription before you can send messages. They’ll all disappoint you.

If you’re hellbent on proving that for yourself, there are five different memberships on offer.

  • 1 day – $1.05
  • 3 days – $3.38
  • 1 month – $18.55
  • 3 months – $29.83 ($9.94 per month)
  • 6 months – $42.62 ($7.10 per month)

These prices are converted from Euros into dollars. They’ll vary depending on what country you’re in.

But I wouldn’t recommend you even purchase the 1-day trial.

Save your time and find some real women on a legitimate dating website.

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