CasualX Review: How Effective is This Dating App for Casual Sex?

Can you imagine if there was a dating app like Tinder but only for people seeking casual sex? No-one looking for romantic dates, serious relationships or aimless chatting. That would be awesome, right?

Well, the app does exist. It’s called CasualX.

This review will reveal whether Casualx is any good and if you can really use it to line up quick and easy sexual encounters.

There aren’t Enough Women Using CasualX, and That’s a Big Problem

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Most hook-up apps that seem to promise you horny sluts on demand are scams.

But not CasualX.

This app doesn’t try to steal your money with false promises. In fact, you can send unlimited messages to your matches within the free edition of the app.

And it would certainly appear as if these are real people who created these profiles.

But, unfortunately CasualX suffers from another problem. There simply aren’t enough people using this app to have any significant impact on your dating life.

I have tested a lot of dating websites in the United States, using the same photos and bio. When using legitimate websites, I can send messages to 50 women and receive replies.

But with CasualX, I liked 100 women, sent messages to another 50 and received ZERO likes or messages in return. Just one person viewed my profile throughout my test.

Just to clarify, the exact same profile attracts matches on legitimate dating apps…

So, what could be happening here?

My suspicion is that the CasualX algorithm still promotes inactive profiles where users haven’t logged in for years.

I’ve heard that other dating websites do this when their active user base isn’t large enough.

An alternative explanation is that CasualX staff create fake profiles to create the illusion of a larger user base. But I don’t think that’s the case. I’ve tested a lot of scam websites over the years and the CasualX profiles feel more real. The photos are imperfect, the words on the bios have a human touch – and that’s not the case on scam websites.

There’s no point speculating too deeply, as the end result will be the same either way. If you’re a male user, you’re going to struggle to find women to speak to on CasualX.

CasualX is a Simple App That Fits the Purpose

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CasualX is available on iOS and Android, but there’s no desktop version.

Its format is similar to Tinder. You’ll see a pack of profiles and swipe on them one-by-one. You’ll swipe left to reject them and right to try and match. If two people swipe right on each other, they’re permitted to message each other.

The simplicity is perfect for a hook-up app. After all, those looking for casual sex aren’t too fussed about detailed profiles or clever technology to help them find their soulmate. They just want fast sex with someone hot (or even not). The fast and furious swiping game is a good tool to help them try and find that.

With the free version of the app, you can swipe right on 25 people per day. The paid version grants you unlimited swipes and the ability to message someone before you match with them. Both should be enough to make plenty of connections if the active user base was large enough.

You Can Earn a Free Premium Membership if You’re Willing to Market CasualX to Your Social Media Followers

If you promote CasualX on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page, CasualX will upgrade you to a premium membership. You’ll get one free day for every 10 followers you have.

You can also write a blog post and a CasualX staff member will judge how many free days to give you based on your website’s traffic. To claim a free membership, you only have to email a screenshot of your promotion to the app’s customer service team.

The main flaw behind this idea is that few people are comfortable admitting to all their social media followers that they’re using a casual sex app. I’ve never seen anyone promote this app online. If this scheme was the main CasualX marketing ploy, it would explain why its user base remains so small.

Some CasualX Features Would Work Well With Mainstream Dating Apps

CasualX offers users a random match every day. This is essentially a random profile they can message without either party swiping right. This is a nice idea which would surely keep male users more engaged on apps like Tinder, especially those who struggle to attract matches organically. The problem is: there’s no guarantee your free match will message you back. No-one did during my tests.

Another notable feature is private photo albums, which other users can only lock if they’re granted by the owner to do so. Many hook-up apps use this feature so their users feel more empowered to upload saucy photos without exposing them to the whole world. The technology needed to introduce this feature is far from mind-blowing so it makes sense that CasualX would include it, especially since it markets itself as a hook-up app. With that said, CasualX doesn’t allow nudity in its private or public photos.

CasualX also allows you to verify your profile to prove that you are the person in your photos. This is particularly desirable in hook-up apps, which tend to be rife with scams and shady people. The technology for this feature isn’t particularly advanced either. You simply upload a photo of a government-issued ID and it’s verified manually by a CasualX staff member.

Most Reviewers Have the Same Criticisms of CasualX

If you read more external articles about CasualX, you’ll notice reviewers saying the same thing.

While CasualX has certain positive features, it also presents some drawbacks. Users often express difficulty in determining the number of active female users in their area. You can look at plenty of female profiles, but it's unclear how recently these members have used the app or whether they are still engaged.

The search functionality of CasualX also has room for enhancement. Though it allows sorting by last online, it doesn't provide clarity on how recent that activity was.

This app aims to be an alternative to Craigslist, but it seems to fall short in certain areas. Despite its efforts, CasualX doesn't have the same reputation, credibility, or size of user base as this widely recognized platform for casual encounters.

You Don’t Need CasualX When You Have Adult Friend Finder

There are some hook-up websites that are the real deal, none more so than Adult Friend Finder.

AFF has a different format to CasualX, but the results I enjoyed after testing both websites are like night and day.

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There are tens of millions of users from all around the world enjoying Adult Friend Finder. I have tested it in several locations and never found it difficult to connect with a wide range of sex-hungry women.

AFF’s marketing makes it clear that it’s for people who want to share sexual content and seek hook-ups with other users. So, the women on this website aren’t shy to admit that’s what they’re looking for.

The website is set up somewhat like a social media app. You can create a profile, follow other users and upload content for them to view in chronological order. The main dashboard features a timeline of the latest updates from people you follow. You can search for new people to follow using the website’s detailed search function. You can view their profile to see if they have been active recently.

Adult Friend Finder is a website that’s fun to use and it can bring you great results if you’re looking for quick and easy hook-ups. Plus, it’s currently running a free trial! So, there’s no reason to waste your time with the ghost town that is CasualX.

Check out Adult Friend Finder here.

CasualX Offers No Value For Money

It’s possible to match and message with people using the free edition of CasualX. Maybe you’ll have more luck than me.

The premium edition removes all limits on who you can Like and message.

It costs:

  • $15.99 for one month;
  • $36.99 for three months ($12.33 per month)
  • $55.99 for six months. ($9.33 per month)

But, before you go searching for your credit card, remember only one person even viewed my profile when I bought CasualX. No-one Liked or messaged me.

I was excited about the idea of CasualX when I found out about it. But it’s all sizzle and no steak.

This isn’t a scam website, but it is a massive letdown.

You’re better off trying to fulfill your casual sex ambitions elsewhere.

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