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As a proud Xennial, Sara Trimble has one foot in the glory days of the past and one foot in the excitement of the future. In touch with her inner siren, Sara is a firm believer that sex-positivity is crucial for your mental and physical health. It has become her mission to erase the stigma behind sexuality and encourage safe and fun sexual exploration armed with expert knowledge and advice.


Sara is a true Renaissance lady with a wealth of expertise in various domains. Her accomplishments include:

Home Decor and Home Improvement: Lending her creative touch to make living spaces cozy and elegant.

Pets, Childcare, and Parenting: Drawing from personal experience to offer valuable insights.

Plants and Gardening: Skillfully nurturing green spaces and bringing nature's beauty to life.

Relationships, Psychology, and Mindfulness: Offering thoughtful guidance based on her understanding of human connections.

Cooking and Culinary Exploration: Exploring the art of food and flavors with culinary prowess.

Crafting and Artistic Expressions: Embracing various creative outlets and expressions.

Fashion and Design: Staying up-to-date with fashion trends and interior aesthetics.

Freelancing: Accumulating valuable expertise across diverse fields as a versatile professional.

Working from Home: Balancing productivity and comfort as an experienced remote worker.

Planning and Hosting Events: Enthusiastically creating unforgettable parties and gatherings.

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